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WIP Selena Casto

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WIP Selena Casto

Post by Sweet Dreams on September 14th 2016, 05:26

General Information
"Lovely to meet you"

Name: Selena Casto
ThemeThe Moon's Warmth
Epithet: The Corpse Bride/The Scorned Lover/The Rose Reaper
Age: 25 (20 when Alive)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human

Crew: Screaming Banshee (Former)
Ship:The Laughing Demon (Former)
Bounty: 31,000,000
Crimes Committed
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Get Revenge on the ones who betrayed her.

Character Information
"With this hand, I will lift your sorrows."


Selena Casto:
Selena has long blue hair, pale white almost blue skin, and wide circular baby blue eyes. There is a hole in her left cheek that shows that her skin is deteriorating and reveals her teeth. Under her left arm is some exposed muscle, although her actual left arm is only bone. On her right hand she still has a nails, her right ribs are showing due to the hole in her wedding dress. Selena's right leg is almost completely bone except for the skin that still covers her foot and her ankle The bone of this leg also has a slight crack in it as if it had started to break. As such it is weaker and if or when she falls it often pops off. Selena's right foot and ankle is covered with a white sock. Selena's only colorful features are her pink lips.When surprised or shock her right eye often pops out.

{Attire} Selena wears a strapless dirt stained wedding dress that contours her chest. The dress itself has a form fitting bodice that ends at a V and a long flowing skirt with a slit up the middle showing either of her legs with light blue filigree on the bottom of the skirt and veil. Selena has pearls on the bottom of the bodice and the top of the bodice she also wears a dirt-stained tattered veil attached to a rose crown made of blue roses. Emily also wears armlets that end to her elbows though her right armlet appears to be hanging on her wrist. She wears white pumps to match her wedding dress.

Personality: For a half rotten corpse Selena is very lively always singing with her angelic voice or playing her violin,but this is really to hide her broken heart something she longs to fix,to find true love and to be loved in return. When it comes to others she cares about she is willing to give her whole heart (rather literally) to those she cares for, and would even sacrifice her own happiness for them if needed.

But when needed she casts away her liveliness for a cold calm demeanor when in battle looking for her opponents weak spots and then attacking with ruthless precision. This cold collected was of killing and the fact she leaves behind a beautiful blue rose with all that she kills had earned her the name of the "Rose Reaper". 

But angry her and you will bring with it the wrath of hell itself,while she isn't quick to anger she is slow to forgive and forget.

Character History
"Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine"

Selena Elizabeath Casto was born on a stormy day in the East Blue to a noble and ancient family,unlike other families of nobility they were a long line of warriors. Selena was no different as she was trained from the day she could hold her weapon of choice,a scythe the weapon of death itself,fitting as the family was often seen as decedents of the dark winged angel. But unlike the others of her line,Selena had another love besides the art of battle,a secret love..Music. When she was not learning the art of killing she would sneak away to an old tree outside her family's grounds where she hid her secret,an old violin,the wood dull and the strings worn but still played a beautiful tune,one that years later that Selena swore had been the best she had ever played. 

But as the years passed Selena grew restless,wishing to see the world beyond her home feeling like a bird in a cage,able to see the unreachable but never being able to fly free. So on the night of her eighteenth birthday she left and with her she took two of the family's greatest treasures. A strange fruit that was said to be given to her ancestors by Death itself. The second is the scythe she still carries something she had a connection to ever since she was a child. For a year she traveled gaining a new violin and busking to get money to pay for food and bed at inns,she was doing this very thing the day she met her captain and future husband,he threw her a few coins and watched her play the entire day.

As she packed up for the day he approached her,complimented her on her talent and looks before asking her outright if she would join his crew. Selena at first refused but every day he was waiting for her and every day he asked if she would join,finally after a week she gave in,after all this dark haired man had a certain charm she had never seen before. She learned his name was James and he was the captain of the Screaming Banshees pirate crew. For a year she sailed with him and the others of his crew having grand adventures and along the way she fell in love. She asked him her be hers one night in his quarters after finally working up the courage and felt her heart soar as she heard him say yes. A month later they had stopped at a small Island for the ceremony and as Selena looked at herself in the mirror admiring her beautiful wedding dress,when she decided to break tradition and see her groom before the ceremony. She mad her way from her dressing room to his,she didn't knock as she opened the door "Darling I know I should but I could wait to see you,and-..." The rest of her words fell from her lips at the sight before her. James her groom was wrapped in a passionate embrace with her maid of honor and best friend Lilly,another one of her crew members,and from the looks of the state of their undress kissing hadn't been their only plans.

 She broke out of her shock any only to start to tear up,ignoring the pleas for her to wait and that they could explain she ran,she ran from the church and from the town,she ignored the tearing of her dress as she ran from the forest and she only stopped once she reached a large dead tree on the edge of a cliff. Here she fell to her knees and sobbed her heart broken,after all he had been her first love. Soon she heard footsteps and when she looked up she saw James had followed her. Panting from all the running he did he gasps out "S-Selena,Love I can explain I-" What ever he was going to say it fell on deaf ears as rage overtook Selena.

She had loved him she had been faithful to him over the year she had known him but seeing him with another women,her best friend no less had broken her heart. She yelled and cried at him telling him the wedding was off and she was leaving the crew for good,she called him many nasty thing many of witch he deserved. If this had been another man Selena's story might of ended differently,she might still be alive. But alas that was not meant to be,as James also known as "Red Eye" Was so called because when angered he saw red and became more dangerous and deadly. Before she could react he moved forward causing her to back up and struggle against his grasp. She pushed him away freeing herself only to cry out as she felt herself falling back. But what scared her more then the idea of falling to her death was the coldness in his eyes. 

     • Angel of Music: After years of self teaching,her skill with the violin and her voice are often described as belonging to a holy being.

"With this candle, I will light your way in darkness"


Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities

Weapon History

Devil Fruit Information
"Another chance not just with Life But Love too"

Devil Fruit Name: Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive Revive Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:Level 1 : Revival after death. The soul returns to the body from the netherworld, unless the users body is a. submerged in the ocean or b. completely destroyed. 
Level 2 : Soul Projection. The user is able to let their soul leave their body, usually through the mouth. They are surrounded by spectral flames, and appear almost gaseous in form. This form can pass through solid objects without issue, but can not interact with the world, other than speaking to and seeing things. The users body, however, falls limp and can not be used until the soul returns to the body.
level 3 : Power of the Underworld. The user now has a full understanding of the life they have, and what keeps them there. They can utilize the power of the underworld, bringing forth the chill of death into objects or others, as well as feel the souls of others, and with that, the user can manipulate NPCs and PCs with song and dance if given permission.
Devil Fruit Abilities
Unlife : No matter what happens to the body tissue that still remains on the person, their five senses will remain as sharp as they were in life, even if the eyes are removed, or some other maiming occurs, so long as the bones remain in tact.

Dead Nerves : The user can still feel pain, but hot and cold don't seem to register with the individual as much as a true living person would feel them.

Broken Organs : The user has died at some point, and the body no longer functions on its own, however because of the devil fruits power, the user still stands, talks, walks, and doe living things, except for eating, sleeping, drinking, or even breathing. The users organs no longer work, and the user doesn't require sustenance to continue living.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Sea Water : Sea water, the bane of all devil fruit users. immobilizes the user, and negates their powers. Yomi Yomi no Mi users do not die again, but just grow weak and cant move

Sea Stone

Combat Information
"With this ring, I ask you to be mine"

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

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