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Mae Populi

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Approved Mae Populi

Post by Scarecrow on October 21st 2017, 23:40

General Information
"The Tangerine Talon"

Name: Mae Populi
Epithet: "Tangerine Talon"
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: Dog Ear Pirates
Ship: The Playful Griffin
Occupation: Navigator
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Traverse the Grand Line & New World
• Scale some of the world's greatest vantage points

Character Information
"Shit Happens"

Trditional Dog Ear Jolly Roger:

Mae Populi's Traditional Appearance:

Mae is a 19 year old girl with a fashion sense as peculiar as she is. Mae has long bright orange hair that cascades down her body nearly reaching her bottom with a fringe covering her forehead just above her glasses which she needs to see. Her eyes are brown and rounded that sit atop her small an perky nose. Her jaw draws to a point before her torso begins below which is similar to a boys chest as she has very little in the breast area. Often covered up by a very skinny black tank top beneath a white top that hangs from her arms instead of her shoulders. Otherwise she wears a long sleeve stripped shirt under a black t-shirt. In cold weather she will wear the coat as seen in the picture, other wise she loses it. With little to nothing covering her legs she wears a pair of tight black hot pants and leaves her legs exposed minus the large black boots and socks which reach up just past her knees. Either side of her head she wears a pair of headphones given to her in her youth crafted from two devices her father bought from a market stall. The headphones are made from two tone dials encased in a plastic shell which makes them look like headphones.


Oddball, awkward & hermit are words that can best describe Mae as a person due to her very peculiar behavior that she often exhibits that her father pushed her to allow to roam freely. She has a very silly side to her as well as an awkwardness that sometimes crops up when she feels out of comfort or control. When things tend to go wrong she panics and the awkwardness comes crashing down.

However she buries herself in her work so much sometimes she becomes quite the hermit unable to draw herself back from it and  just continues working pushing everything and one away without even realizing it. But as a person she is fun to be around and loves to spend time with friends and people she cares about strongly.

Her father was her hero who brought her over to navigation, but it was her determination to please him that shone through and since those days she has forever been stuck in the mind set of a pathological people pleaser. Except for when her work takes over and that suddenly becomes the priority.

Character History
"Taken From The Nest"

Born in Orange town in the East blue, Mae Populi moved around allot as she was daughter to Sakura Populi a traveler. Spending much time aboard boats she never one knew a home on land. She loved the open sea, the way it brushed through her hair and the smells which rose up from it. In the mornings Mae would be awoken by the sounds of seagulls and rushing waves, but during the days she would watch as island faded into the distance and new ones grew in size. It was always so exciting meeting new people and discovering new worlds.

Her mother had left when she was born, not happy with the life that she was lumbered with. Despite destroying Mae's father's heart, he took it on board and let her leave without Mae like she'd wanted as she had an undying will to leave behind the life she thought she wanted for something she actually wanted.

She just wasn't ready to be a mother.

When Mae was 16 it was explained to her about her mother and like her father she too accepted it and put the past behind her where it belongs.

With the two of them pushing forward on their journeys through the sea it was already clear to Mae from the man years with him that her father knew how to navigate and wanting so eagerly to follow in his footsteps she took a leaf out of his book and many books from his shelves.

Sooner than she knew it, Maw was learning from the man himself and he was eagerly teaching her the craft so she could take over in the future which was fast approaching.

Upon arrival on each island the two would find the highest point and hitch hike or climb to them in the hopes of getting a good look at the layout. The two became very close on these expeditions to the highest points and her father spoke often about how much he wanted to traverse the world seeing the world from all of these spots and taking in it's beauty. Each time they reached another summit he would tell another story about the Grand Line.

By the time she was 18 Mae had become obsessed with these stories and couldn't wait to make some of her own.

During the return from an expedition however she witnessed her father being beaten down by a series of marines in his older days. The argument had begun from a simple accident of trespassing where Mae's father accidentally parked his boat on Naval grounds.

Instead of being given the option of moving it, he was beaten badly and left for dead whilst the ship had its anchor removed and was left to drift out to sea.

This infuriated Mae, but she knew there was little she could do and resolved by seeing him off into the next life as the beatings were far too severe.

As painful as it was, Mae quickly came to terms with what she knew she had to and started to look for someone who could knock the Marines down just a couple of pegs showing them their place. She'd already seen how Pirate & revolutionaries were enough of a problem for he Navy and figured when she came across one of the groups she'd join them. That way she would feel a sense of rebellion against those who took from her the one person who'd been there for her.


Navigational Prowess Mae became a skilled navigator whilst on the boat with her father and picked up allot of skills from him which she now can put to good use to help the team she sides with to find their way.

Weather Prediction This is just another useful tool she picked up from her father who was smart enough to figure out how the weather patterns would often change from one extreme to the other by small signs given of in the appearance of the clouds or the weather of previous days.

Adept Climber Spending allot of time seeking out vantage points with her father, Mae adopted his love for it and became quite the skilled little climber. Now with him gone, she just wants to see the world from all points like her father once wanted. Like father, like daughter.

"Toys Of The Abandoned"

Weapon: Koneko Tsume

Weapon Description: The Koneko Tsume is a black tactical baton which reaches two feet in length once extended. There is a small black strap which the user can wrap around their wrist or even connect on to their clothing through belt loops to hang from their clothing. On the tip there is a small silver claw which can be used like a hook. This tip can be removed to reveal a 15 foot retractable steel thread inside allowing the baton to be used similar to a whip when the tip is removed.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Koneko Stretch
The Koneko Tsume has a whip like feature allowing the weapon to extend its reach and be used to even aid in swinging from platform to platform or climbing up walls. The whip like feature is a 15 foot steel thread that is retractable and resides inside the rest of the tactical baton, mainly in the hilt at the bottom coiled up like a snake due to the fact that it is quite long and rather thick.

Steel Thread
Crafted with a steel thread the Koneko Tsume is a very resilient device which has warrior capability to it as the thread cannot just be used to extend one's reach but also for the purposes of combat be it through strangling an opponent to tripping them up without worry of the thread every snapping.

Fitted into the bottom of her baton is a small device which allows her to fire out the claw on the end at will with a kick of 100 Horsepower. The device works via a small section on the bottom which has a little handle that folds into the bottom. As the handle is quickly spun around and done so with incredible ease it tightens a coil so when the bottom is pressed in like a button the coil unfurls at such great speed until it hits the bottom of the claw to fire it out.

Interchangeable Heads
The Koneko Tsume has interchangeable heads allowing it to be used for different purposes. One of the heads is the kitten claw from the original design whilst a second head is a titanium arrow head with pointed tips which point backwards. This allows for catching fish or even impaling opponents | objects.

Weapon History: The inventor had once been friends with a revolutionary inventor who went by the name Vixon Vox. She had been a delightful friend to her and the two had spent so much time together via travels. When the time came that Vixon was to be sent on a mission to perhaps her death she wanted her friend to have something to remember her by and handed her the Koneko Tsume telling her that she could use it to remember her and even to keep her safe on the wide open blue as they'd often spoke about traversing the sea one day. The Koneko Tsume was lost during the travels of the friend who took it and as the Koneko Tsume was lost. Things often wind up found once again. This weapon was found by Mae Populi who discovered it poking out of a rabbit hole shortly after her father's death.

Combat Information
"Tear Them Apart"

Weapon Based Combat:

Koneko: Kitten Jab
Snapping her tactical baton out to its full length Mae jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards her opponent.

Koneko: Kitten Fury
Snapping her tactical baton out to its full length Mae jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards her opponent numerous times.

Koneko: Kitten Cuffs
Releasing the steel thread Mae cracks the whip towards her opponent attempting to wrap the thread around her opponent's limb. As soon as it has been wrapped around a limb, Mae dashes to another side of her opponent attempting to drag the steel thread around another limb or part of their body and continues to do so until her opponent is restrained.

Koneko: Long Kitty Claw
Using the whip to allow range Mae launches the claw at the end of the Koneko towards her opponent attempting to scratch them.

Koneko: Kitten Cuddle
Launching the thread around her opponent's leg Mae tugs on the whip attempting to pull her opponent's legs free from under her.

Koneko: Hidden Kitty Playtime
Launching her whip towards an object behind or near her opponent Mae intentionally misses the opponent and withdraws the whip along with the object towards her opponent to surprise attack them.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty
Launching the claw on to something strong which the claw an either hold on to or having it wrapped around Mae quickly moves around the area allowing the steel wire to be held behind obstructions. The steel wire acts as a bigger obstruction to the opponent.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty: Black Hammer
Letting go of the baton itself Mae watches as the baton shoots back towards the claw hitting anything along the way including the opponent or Mae herself.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty: Bullet Claw
Sending a wave down the steel wire this flicks the claw free and it shoots back towards the baton. Much like Black Hammer it will impact anything it touches along the way. However due to it being a razor sharp claw it will slice through flesh with ease.

Koneko: Kitten's Desire
Using the whip like capabilities Mae launches the whip around her opponent's weapon and drags them from their grip.

Koneko: Kitten's Desire: Reversal
Using the whip like capabilities Mae launches the whip around her opponent's weapon and drags them from their grip. Mae tries to attack her opponent with their own weapon whilst she has control of it via her Koneko Tsume.

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Approved Re: Mae Populi

Post by Deviant on October 22nd 2017, 09:52

Unless stated otherwise

Nice to see you actually did take my offer with the Koneko Tsume and the moves.


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