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Jonathan Edwards Vertz

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Approved Jonathan Edwards Vertz

Post by MrShadowblademaster on October 26th 2017, 05:51

General Information


Name: Jonathan Edward Vertz
Epithet N/A
Age 22
Gender Male
Birthplace West Blue
Species Birkian
Orientation Right Hand

Crew Marines
Ship: N/A
Occupation Ensign // Marksman
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Marines
• Create a legacy that can match his ancestors
• Gain acclaim throughout the four blues for his skills
• Bring glory to the Vertigo name

Character Information




A birkan by blood but a gentleman by attire. This is how Jonathan likes to portray himself among the masses. Like most of his brethren he is proud of his heritage and displays his wings prominently through the holes of his marine uniform. This 5'10" birkan tends to during his duty wear the proper attire. Those who take a closer look at the birkan will find that not only is his uniform always neat and tidy but there is not a single thing out of place on his dress. His cap is placed comfortably on top of his head and his shoes almost glisten in the light.

When he is off duty the birkan tends to dress in suits mostly. Taking great care to have a jacket on his person though whether or not he wears it depends on the weather. Most of the time he can be seen wearing a beige suit with a brown fedora with a green trim. His eyes are covered with tacky sunglasses and a single earring can be detected on his left ear. His shoes are always shined and tend to match whatever suit he chooses. Finally to complete his look is a black cane, the end of it is engraved with a V signifying the Vertz family.

Now enough about his clothing, Jonathan is like most of his family. He has caramel skin and brown eyes. His hair is long and reaches to the back of his ear. Though it is naturally curly Jonathan makes it a point to have it straightened out. Jonathan may stand at the above average height of 5'10" but his body is nothing of the sort. He has a mesomorph build but he is neither muscular or fat. Though the marine regiment that they have him on has kept him from gaining weight he has yet to gain the beneficial muscle that the marines have become known for.


hen one first meets Jonathan, seems arrogant, overbearing, selfish, and prone to make fun of his own comrades. He strives to be the best and looked down on those who do not share his desire to improve themselves, heavily reprimanding their weakness and even resolving to hurt them whenever they stepped in his path. Due to his outlook, he tends to care very reluctant in helping his comrades when they put themselves in shitty situations. He usually suggests that they had to give him something in order to acquire his help. Namely something they have that interest him or for a 'favor'. The only things he appeared to truly care about are the reputation of his group/team/crew and his own goals. He becomes furious every time someone made fun of it. When furious his methods can be considered to be sadistic and excessive.

Though around people who earn his respect, He comes off far more light-hearted. He lets off a few jokes and even shows a slight lecherous side to him. He can be a pretty uptight person and he is a bit OCD when it comes to the appearance things around him. "A Vertigo must always be presentable whether helping a town or burning it." He is very perceptive when it comes to things being out of place. He hates dirty and unkempt things which makes it hard for him to get along with others especially if they have a naturally unappealing appearance. He has habit of pointing out even the smallest flaw in one's appearance. Though once you get past that, he is a person who is always willing to give his opinion on a subject.

Jonathan though he is a member of the prestigious Vertz family, he is not a fighter. He is more of a schemer. Preferring to use his superior intellect and deftness to defeat opponents than brute strength. This has culminated into him being seen as a coward by many of his comrades. Mostly because he has no issue in retreating when things go bad and will almost never go into an all-out brawl with an opponent if he can avoid it.

Character History


The Vertz family is not an ancient family nor is it a family with a lot of influence or money. In fact the family hadn't existed 50 years ago. The Vertz family began as an off shoot to the Vertigo clan wanting to break away from the pirate life. The parent's clan whose claim to fame were the two pirates that gifted them their name and influence, Taiko Vertigo and Rai Vertigo. The former a man of love and pleasure the latter a being of terror and destruction. Due to the infamy that the two pirates had granted the clan many of their descendants began to split and break away from the clan to pursue their interest. Some became revolutionaries. Others became civil servants. The Vertz family had heard the call to justice. The Vertz family first began when Dojima Vertigo (current patriarch) had decided that he had no interest in taking over the seas. He instead found himself enthralled with the gospel of justice that many of the marines preached. In order to avoid persecution (as discrimination against the scion of a criminal was and still is a common occurrence.)

Though enough about the family politics. Jonathan had grown up in a military family. His father was a marine, his mother was a marine, and even his siblings are or would become marines. As such growing up he idolized the men who wore the blue. The only problem was that when it came to his siblings he was the runt of the litter. He wasn't blessed with the marine physique nor was he blessed with the tenacity or overwhelming sense of justice. Instead he was blessed with something else, a clever mind and an incredibly lazy one. With it, though he couldn't out perform his siblings in feats of strength and speed. In his younger years these caused him to have an inferiority complex and caused him to develop the dream of self perfection. In time he would not only be able to compete with them but even defeat them in battles of stamina and face their mighty strength with tactics and thought.

With these things in tow he won the respect and admiration of those around him. So much so that his parents suggested that he become a marine and use his skills to become a man of the sea. Jonathan seeing this option as viable decided that he would do as they suggested. He enlisted in the marines.


• Impressive Marksman
In order to make up for his lack of strength Jon focused on his skills as a marksman. While he has not reached the level of expert nor has he reached the point of being able to brag about his skills for one who has not recieved formal training it is impressive.

•Light Feet
A stride that does not cause sound and a presence that can barely be felt.
Jon doesn't have that big of a presence in fact he is hard to notice if one isn't looking for him. Many say he just blends in with the crowd or that he doesn't stand out much.

• Blade Mastery
Where Jon shines is his skill at using a blade. Though not with the long cutlass that many marines and pirates like to wield but rather the knife that common thugs frequent. With one in his hands he is capable of pulling off feats many would dream of.



Weapon: Throwing Knives

Weapon Description: These knives come in multiple shapes and sizes most of them are made for throwing but can be used for close combat if needed. 

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A  

Weapon History: Bought from the local weapon shop 

Devil Fruit Information


Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information


Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

  • Fell Stinger
    Jon shifts two knives into his hands and stabs both of them into the opponent. This technique is usually used on an unsuspecting opponent but can be done from any angle.

  • Javalin
    Jon once again shifts two knives into the palm of his hands but this time he throws them both simultaneously at the enemy.

  • Cross Slash
    Jon using a blade in both hands slashes at the opponent or object in an X-Shape

  • Slice and Dice
    Jon holds the knife upside down and rushes at the opponent. At the last second the user will either duck down lower or jump up to deliver the first slice to the opponent. Then while the enemy is disorientated or recovering from blocking the first slash the user will quickly change direction using the ball of their feat and cut into the opponent going the opposite way to cut into the opponent. (so if they had cut top they would cut bottom and vice versa.)



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Approved Re: Jonathan Edwards Vertz

Post by MrShadowblademaster on October 30th 2017, 20:06

A pretty simple app but done


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Approved Re: Jonathan Edwards Vertz

Post by Deviant on October 31st 2017, 22:19

Unless Stated Otherwise


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Approved Re: Jonathan Edwards Vertz

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