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Caine Delacroix

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Approved Caine Delacroix

Post by Michael Cromwyll on January 30th 2018, 02:48

General Information

Name: Caine Delacroix
Age: 20
Gender: male
Species: human (though some speculate theres wotan blood in his veins)
Orientation: right handed, can use his left as well due to alot of training but not really ambidextrous. 

Crew: none
Occupation: Martial artist/bounty hunter occasionally goes for a bounty to earn money for food and shelter
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: while he have gotten into bar fights and broken furniture and such this have not earned him a bounty.
Allegiance: The brotherhood (former)
• to find the tattooed man
• to find his parents if they are still alive

Character Information

Flag: none


((id like to point out he does not have thoose metal things on his fingers that u see in the picture))

Standing at 7'2 feet with a weight of approximately around  308 lbs mostly muscle there is no suprise people think he have wotan blood in his veins. suprisingly however its not his size or the fact hes built like an ox with muscles that mostly makes him standout its his red hair and the tattoos covering his body. When it comes to clothing he does not wear anything covering his upper body mostly because he dont care and it allows him to utalize his devil fruits powers much more easier. the pants he wear is baggy so he can utalize his  df powers even on his lower body without risk of ruining his clothes.  What looks like a pair of boots are actually more aking to sandals. the metallic frame adding more power to his kicks and can be easily taken off once he wish to utilize his devil fruit power.

in colder climates he don a white bear fur coat with the head still attached. allthough more then once he have actually been misstaken for the actual bear wich lead to some akward situations.

Personality: Caine is quite a simple personality or so it is what he want people to think, usually using his size and almost intimdating thoose he want information from. However below the rather harsh surface he is quite intelligent. and analyzing so while he seemingly try to intimidate people with his big size he analyze them to gather as much information as possible
Ruthlessness is another characteristic attributed to him. He is willing to use whatever means necessary to complete his objective without any regard to moral ethics. Although he does not take any pleasure from his actions he will kill as necessary, even those who were supposedly allies or superiors. He will cut them down without hesitation, but only if it is necessary. He is determined, dedicated, and willing to go through great lengths to complete whatever objective he has.

Character History
"a past filled with sadness and loss"

Caines parents was both well known assassins/bounty hunters in the west blue. They meet during a job and after some attempts to kill each other they ended up spending the night together and feel in love. the result of that love was Caine. Once his mother found out she was pregnant they withdrew from the bounty hunting and settled to a small peaceful island in the west blue. His father got appointed peace keeper. A few months after that happened Caine was born and all was well they where happy with their new life.

Cainehad a very happy childhood to a beginning with a lot of friends. This all changed however the day he turned 6. A group of extremely powerful pirates had heard that a huge treasure was hidden on the island where Caine and his parents lived. And as a extra bonus for the captain the bounty hunter duo that had costed him so many men was the peace keeper of the island. So after a quick vote the crew decided to head over to the island. And Caines life would change forever

The slaughter:
it was close to midnight with a horrible storm raging when the pirates attacked no one expected it. Why would  pirates attack them they had no treasures or anything other of real value besides they was from such a distance from other islands to make it worth to even travel there. It was a blood bath it took the inhabitants a while to realize but when they did they took up arms to drive the pirates back Caines father leading them, the streets was running red with blood put in the end the people on the island had no chance to win and was brutally slaughtered or captured to be sold as slaves. Caine and his mother was among those people and it was on the ship that would take them to the slave traders he first set his eyes upon the tattooed man

the tattooed man:
They where pushed down under deck along with the other slaves cramped together in a small space like sardines,  he could feel the ship moving and he gladly ate the food they came with confused why his mother just sat in her corner not eating not drinking just sitting there staring blindly out in the distance, The ship traveled to another island and it was when the ship was docked at that island Caine first set his eyes on the tattooed man. They brought him down in chains beaten he was naked besides a simple loin cloth covering his private parts his dark skinned body and face covered in tattoos. When first seeing the black man covered in tattoos Caine was horrified, his mother on the other hand seemed distant seemingly having lost the will to live after her husband die. When she set her eyes on the man however she got a different glint in her eye Caine didn't understand at that time why they moved their hands so quickly or why his mother did what she did next. She leaped from her corner surprising the man that guarded the black man with two swift strokes she killed the man not however until he managed to call for help desperately searching for the keys she found them throwing them to the black man and then pushed Caine at him while she herself grabbed the killed guards sword and charged up the stairs. After that kenshin only remember a big hand some pain and then darkness.

The hellish years:
When he woke up he was in a small room the only furniture was two small beds. The tattooed man sat next to him waiting for him to get up before slowly starting to explain where he was. As it turned out his mother had been a part of a brotherhood of assassins and the tattooed man had followed his mothers last wish and saved him to train him as she gave her life for him. A few days after that he was introduced to a group of other kids, that would also be a part of the training program they also explained that there would be a special price for the one finishing top of their class. From that day forward he trained everyday the lessons could be anything from simple reading to herbal-ism to how to best kill a man. this training continued for many years. a class that Caine took special interest in however was the martial art ones and ones requiring physical strength areas in wich he quickly excelled.

Top of his class the reward:
After many hears of harsh training the faithful day came when it was time to decide who was the best of the group and earned the Secret price. To his big surprise it turned out that he had won. After being showed and told what it was a devil fruit. He accepted and ate the fruit. After winning the price moved to a special group with others who had came out top of their classes each one given a devil fruit as a price. Thoose who have made it this far did not only get to learn how to master their devil fruit power but where also introduced to the art of life return being taught 3 skills that would help them in their survival. However the training for this where not easy as they only taught the basics then you where sent to a island to try survive and master the technique, there where 2 causalities from this. But caine somehow managed to survive. He was also taught a special technique one that his master said had been learned from cp0 called, paper martial art drawing body  this technique would allow him to control his body slimming down his muscles to instead of brute strength gain more agility and speed. He trained for many years to learn his fruits powers until the age of 19 where the guild said he had finished his training and that they had fulfilled their promise to his mother.

The goodbye exploring the big wide world:
After saying goodbye to everyone at the guild and receiving gifts he then left to explore the world promising not to forget what they had taught him and that where the saga begins..


  • he can read, speak and write
  • knows math not at an advanced level but the basic one so to speak.
  • he have basic knowledge of various areas such as cooking herbal ism carpentry sailing. a good assassin can blend in so they where taught basics.
  • strategist: people tend to judge him based on physical appearance thinking hes just another muscled brute but hes infact quite a skilled strategist.

"one does not need much to survive"

something looking like a sailors duffle bag wich contains 
1 his wite bear fur coat
2 money 
3 food. 
4 basic cooking kit (including knifes)

Devil Fruit Information
"my very bones are a deadly weapon"

Devil Fruit Name: Hone Hone no mi (bone bone fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities: the ability to grow and manipulate ones bones.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Seastone. i would like to clear something out here just becasue someone is touched with seastone dont mean their powers are instantly negated (as seen in the one piece movie where luffy pulls someone in while holding on to seastone). So to specify let say someone using a seastone weapon against me hitting the bones with said weapon repeatedly would have the effect of the bones for each hit slowly reverting to its natural hardness. and that they begin to retract back. constantly holding a seastone weapon against me would force me to drop or revert the bones back eventually making me unable to use my powers at all and weaken me. 
 Sea water. ill add if i can think of something else.

Devil fruit gears: 

MAstery rank 3
gains 2nd gear allowing the user to grow bone like wings granting the user flight being one of the few fruits to do such. between the bone the user can grow cartilage that will allow them to fly. or he simply grows more bone (thing angel from x-men metal wings) to use as makeshift shield if doing this the flight speed are reduced in ½. up to 4 wings can be created.

Combat Information

Life return: To further help his combat prowess he have learned the art of life return or well atleast a few specific skills of it. almost all wich have no combat use 

Life return: body temperature, learned to increase or lower his body heat to survive in extreme conditions.
life return: meditation, can put himself in a meditation state to for example slow down his heartbeats and blood flow, while speeding up other things such as the bodies natural healing.
Life return: energy storage, having mastered  this he can gain the most out of his body and devil fruit. capable of surviving days without food or water storing energy in his own body.

Life return: paper martial art drawing body his one combat oriented life return slimming down his body becoming smaller and much more agile and speedy used in conjunction with his smaller agile skeletal beast gear mostly but can be used out of it as well.
Life return cancellation: a technique that simply cancels other life returns or a specific one.

Unarmed Combat:
His style of combat is extremly variated and when he dont use his df to grow bones, his fighting style consists of a unique style he made himself from boxing kickboxing and taekwando.  (work in progress here will develop during rp so to speak)

Weapon Based Combat:
swords whips and ranged attack with bullets or bonespears are his weapon based combat style made out of bone (work in progress here will develop during rp so to speak)

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Approved Re: Caine Delacroix

Post by Deviant on January 30th 2018, 23:39

• Caine learned Life Return from the Brotherhood? It is not mentioned in the bio at all. So if so could you please explain a little more in depth about it, same goes for other skills not mentioned within the bio and highlight it so the approval can go much quicker

• What level is the devil fruit mastery at?


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Approved Re: Caine Delacroix

Post by Michael Cromwyll on January 30th 2018, 23:50

there we go added a story part that the ones making it to top of their class was introduced to life return techniques and the special one caine got to learn himself from his master
also added a level of mastery for my fruit

Michael Cromwylls character list:

coming soon
Michael Cromwyll

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Approved Re: Caine Delacroix

Post by Deviant on January 31st 2018, 00:01

Unless Stated Otherwise


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Approved Re: Caine Delacroix

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