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A Tale of Metal and Bone

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Re: A Tale of Metal and Bone

Post by Sweet Dreams on March 22nd 2018, 12:53

The little girl that stood before him seemed content on just drinking what appeared to be a juice box, the straw was made of cloudy white plastic so sadly it was near impossible to see what it was that she was drinking. But at his question she seemed to nearly choking on her drink, an error flashing in her mind of the fact the oil needed to go to her energy converter, her version of a stomach and a reminder to drink carefully. She turned back towards him blinking a confused look on her face before she spoke, already the slur in her voice becoming less pronounced as the converter inside her set silently to work.

"A cyborg....me?" She acted but in her mind, she couldn't help but feel like jumping for joy, for her to be a cyborg he must think she was human....that had to be one of the sweetest this anyone had ever said to her! "No, I'm not" The straw went back to her lips where she finished her drink tossed it into the trash once done and opened another her strange green eyes staring at him, unblinking.

Meanwhile, something stirred in another part of the tunnels, claws scraping the earth and metal as it moved breathing in the scent that had woken it, a scent familiar to it but it hadn't had in some time. Human flesh. Slowly it started to move through the darkened tunnels, following the distant smell that told it there was food somewhere out in the darkness.

Sweet Dreams

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Re: A Tale of Metal and Bone

Post by Michael Cromwyll on April 23rd 2018, 15:55

hmm so she was not a cyborg. and she was definitely not human. could she be? he had read about the pacifistas that existed way back could she be one or something similar? as the thoughts flashed through his head he dident even notice how she seemed to choke on what she was drinking, he did snap out of it noticing the confused look on her face however and the fact her slur suddenly dissapear did not pass him by.
"i hope you do not take offense this statment and question miss but if your not a cyborg then what are you? you are clearly not a normal human. and do you know a way of this island? if so i would happily take you with me if you want"
Michael Cromwyll

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