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Spike Avery

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Approved Spike Avery

Post by Deviant on February 9th 2018, 23:42

General Information
"Lets Do This"

Name: Spike Avery
Epithet: "Menace"
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Long Arm
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: Dead Man's Gun
Crew: Inglorious Pirates
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Captain | Marksman
Bounty: 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Become the pirate king
• Become a notorious criminal
• Live the pirate life his father once had

Character Information
"Playing It Safe Is Overated"

Jolly Roger:

Spike's Traditional Appearance:

Spike is a member of the Long Arm race. With two joints in his arms they hang down slightly lower than an average human. Spike wears no clothing over his torso and has a series of tattoos scattered over his torso & arms from crosses to tribal symbols and skulls. He doesn't have an overly muscular body, but he is very skinny. Spike wears a black hat as well with playing cards poking out of the black ribbon around it. The hat has a few small buttons around the front as well which have crucifixes on them. From the waist down Spike wears skinny black jeans and a set of grey boots over his feet which cover up the bottom of his jeans.

Beneath his hat Spike has rather long spiked and messy hair along with a set of ear rings which are black and have a white evil smiley face on them. Over his chin he has a few bits of facial hair, but nothing too much that it detracts from his other features which are fairly narrow whilst his eyes are dark.


Spike the Captain
As the Captain of the Inglorious Pirates Spike is a rather quiet guy who doesn't say allot, but he often comes across as intimidating and very capable. Spike doesn't like to have people stand in his way or show him up, but he likes to think of himself as a pretty important person. When it comes to his crew, Spike keeps his eyes on them to make sure they're ready to go. He always does his best to utilise them to the best of their abilities and wants them to feel like they make a difference in not just his own life but the entire crew's lives.

Spike the Gunman
Capable with firearms he is an experienced gunman having spent many years of his life around weapons of all kinds. He is trained to such degree that he is capable of reloading weapons in a matter of seconds and emptying clips just a fast too. He knows the uses of each and every weapon and what's best to use which is why he carries three with him as he feels that way he can be ready for anything which comes his way.

Spike the Menace
Destructive in nature, Spike always seems to have a smile on his face when he's destroying something or causing problems for the world government and the navy. Using his weapons to destroy everything around him Spike often is seen as some form of a nightmare for those who oppose him and get in his way or the marines & government.

Character History
"I'm A Man Of Fortune, Time To Seek It"


The Gun Shop
Born in the South Blue to the long arm parents of a gun shop Spike's life was constantly on the move and he very often found himself even helping out with the store as it was. His father had picked up a fair few skills throughout his life in terms of weaponry from smithing to marksman ship and dismantling. Spike spent many years with his parents learning from them and as his father mastered his skills. By the age of thirteen Spike was running the shop on his own often whilst his parents were outback of their little stall putting new weaponry back together to make more effective weapons or stronger weapons. Allot of the time it was about replacing parts. Due to their business being illegal Spike's family were on the run allot.

During the escapades each member of the family suffered from wounds from bullet shots to lacerations and this was yet another skill picked up by members of the family as wounds needed treating. Growing up in this life provided an interesting life for Spike of which he enjoyed as well as created a sense of his mind of freedom. He watched as the Navy were placed in their direct path understanding that even though they may have been in the right, they seemed to beg for control over everything from serious crimes to the simple act of trying to stay alive via working as a merchant. Even if that merchant sold weaponry.

The First Shot

Whilst working on the gun shop the owners needed to know which weapons were best suited to which situations as well as how to use them. Growing older still working on the shop Spike got the chance to be hands on with them and even took them out for test drives. At the point where he came of age Spike had the chance to get his hands dirty and even salvage some weapons from crime scenes like shoot outs gone wrong. Pulling the weapons apart and re-building them he was quickly turning into his dad which he didn't see as a bad thing.

Spike lost his mother when he was twenty one and this only plunged him further into the family business where he took up the mantle of being the getaway driver. The duo had amassed a rather large following of customers of who they were happy to oblige given they had the money, but they just needed to make sure they weren't visible by the navy.

As Spike spent the next two years working as a main partner of the shop things grew worse when the marines were able to maintain a track of the shop. This made their business very difficult to ply their trade and the team had to start being smart where one of the two would drop the shipment of weaponry off and the other would be on move. However during the one stop off they needed to make because of a broken wheel.

Fixing up the cart Spike took up one of the weapons from the shop to protect the two of them hoping that he wouldn't have to open fire as he'd never fired at someone with intention of doing them harm, but for the purpose of showing off the weaponry and making sure it worked. As things would have it though, things turned out to be worse than expected. The navy were able to surround the two of them. Doing what he could to keep the two of them safe Spike opened fire shooting to try and deter the navy who only took advantage of the purposeful missed shots and closed the gaps. Spike knew that he would need to start making hits and when he did that first shot changed him.

The Beserker

It wasn't that Spike enjoyed unleashing devastation unto the human form or even enjoyed the act of killing people, but from the moment he first opened fire on a person and took their life and did some serious damage he watched as the soldier bleed relentlessly. He saw how easy it was and grasped how serious things were becoming. Looking back to his father he had to make a decision then and there, risk his life protecting his father or run. Unable to chose, Spike started to run narrowly avoiding gunfire. As he reached just beyond the ambush he turned and begun to gun down those soldiers who dared move much closer to the cart.

It was a hard shootout for Spike as he couldn't quite see how his father was dealing with the assault, but he pushed on doing his best to protect him. Realising that he was coming down to the last few rounds of ammunition Spike very quickly made a snap decision to aim for knee caps to bring the soldiers down but not kill them to save for his guilt. Having practised so much he made quick work of the remaining few and before long he was clear to head in to inspect his father.

The battlefield was coated in blood and so was Spike. As it turned out he'd taken a bit of damage he hadn't noticed due to the adrenaline. Two bullets had skimmed his shoulder and one had pierced his abdomen on the left. Feeling the surge of pain as he approached his father Spike allowed the gun he had in his hands to knock unconscious some of the remaining conscious soldiers around him.

Arriving at his father's side he could see that he was his last legs with five bullet wounds over his body. Two in his right thigh, one in his chest and left shoulder lastly one which had torn off his right ear. Blood was everywhere and Spike's heart was breaking in two. Kneeling beside him Spike wanted to try and save him.

"Spike, you've got to get out of here." "but I can save you . . . " "It's not worth it. Other's will be coming and i've not got long left." "I'll carry you, we'll . . . " "No. Listen to me, they. They're going to come. A large ambush like this. The navy are bound to know about this and us." "Then I'll kill them.
I'll kill them all!
"You'll do no such thing! You're going to get out of here. Escape with your life." "I don't even have anywhere to go!" "Back at Crookshank Caverns . . . Hidden deep inside . . . you'll see it . . . " "See what?"

Repeating his question Spike was given no response. He couldn't bring himself to accept that his father was gone. Grabbing hold of him and hoisting his father over his shoulder Spike packed on some ammunition and three guns from the shop as well as his father. Struggling he carried the lot from the massacre and headed where his father had said. Head to Crookshank Caverns. Along the journey he spoke to his father trying to get something out of him and when he wouldn't respond he stuck to the ideal that his father was just resting. He needed his strength.

The marines were closing in able to follow his trail from the massacre and as time went on Spike started coming to terms that his father really wasn't in the land of the living anymore. Leaving his body resting up against the cavern entrance Spike headed into the cavern deep as his father had mentioned to him. Pushing past the years and years of destruction that had come about from the changes that had happened within the cavern Spike found it.

Standing before him was a large pirate ship with a jolly roger atop that was the one he now uses for his own crew. Snatching the jolly roger from up top he understood what his father had meant. Not escape on the island, but escape to sea. Inspecting the ship Spike only found holes scattered throughout the ship and he started to realise there was no way he could use this ship to escape. But he could use one of the life boats!

Pushing it into the waters below Spike set out on to the open blue ready to bring about a new life for himself as a pirate. To follow in his father's old footsteps. As he was sailing out into the open sea Spike spent his days aboard the little boat reading through his father's diary as a pirate. He learned of his adventures and dreams he had and started to want the same things. He wanted to live his father's life but better. Reach his goals and do him proud. He was already a crook so sailing the seas wouldn't be such a bad thing.


Marksman Experience
Spending years in the company of guns Spike has learned a thing or two about using them to the best of his ability. He knows allot about how guns work alongside what the best weapons are for specific situations. Alongside this he has become very dexterous when it comes to guns thus he is very quick with them when reloading or even taking aim.

Experienced Mechanics
Spending day in and day out making sure guns worked and fixing them Spike learned a couple of things from his father about how firearms work and ways he can integrate various different mechanics to various other devices and weapons. He has a knack for it and wants to continue expanding his knowledge with it increasing his fire power and destructive capabilities.

"Carry That Weight"

Weapon The Magnum Bolt

Weapon Description
Magnum Bolt:

Weapon Special Abilities:
Magnum Bolt Ammunition
The ammunition for the Magnum Bolt can be used in two ways. Each round of ammunition is a round ball like a small cannon ball. However the Magnum Bolt has two switches on the gun in which it can allow the ammunition to be fired out like an ordinary bullet as a fully formed smaller cannon ball which breaks apart into shrapnel easily or little pieces of ammunition from the broken down cannon ball however this is fired out in  spray like a shotgun.
Magnum Bolt Explosive Ammunition
This is ammunition crafted by Spike Avery for the Magnum bolt in which the are explosives built into the cannon balls so upon contact the explode.
Magnum Bolt Shooting Star Ammunition
These are small pieces of ammunition which are long rows of ninja stars that spread once being launched out of the end of the gun

Weapon History:
This is a weapon that has been constructed through the years from various other weapons in the shop Spike and his father ran. It was one of the few weapons spike thought was a good idea to take with him due to its capabilities and it's light weight. The ammunition is the only thing which can be quite weighty and will tend to slow him down.

Weapon The Little Boy

Weapon Description
Little Boy:

Weapon Special Abilities:
This is an automatic firearm which continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed or held down.

Box Ammo
One of the perks to this weapon is that its ammo is supplied in large boxes allowing the weapon to deal out a high number of shots via each box used and can be used like a turret.

Toxic Tipped Bullets
The tips of these bullets are dipped in a toxin made to paralyse his opponents. This toxin takes effect after 2 rounds of posting and the toxin lasts for 5 rounds of posting.

Needle Bullets
These needle like bullets are incredibly thin and longer than average bullets. Their light weight makes them much easier to be fired further than regular bullets allowing greater pressure especially when they come into contact with humans and other fleshy creatures. They have a much higher chance of puncturing the intended target and tearing out through the back of the intended target.

Weapon History:
This is a weapon that has been constructed through the years from various other weapons in the shop Spike and his father ran. It was one of the few weapons spike thought was a good idea to take with him due to its capabilities.

Weapon The Cheshire x2

Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities:
The Cheshire is a flintlock type pistol of which can hold up to nine bullets per gun.

Weapon History:
This is a weapon that has been constructed through the years from various other weapons in the shop Spike and his father ran. It was one of the few weapons spike thought was a good idea to take with him due to its capabilities.

Combat Information
"Love The Kinda Woman That Can Kick My Ass"

Weapon Based Combat:

Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: Crack
Slamming the butt of the flintlocks into his opponent Spike unleashes a powerful blunt impact unto his opponent.

Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: 18
Using the Cheshire Spike unloads all eighteen bullets at once towards his intended target bombarding them with a wall of lead

Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: Tilt
Squeezing the trigger on his Cheshire(s) Spike draws his gun moving it from left to right, right to left, up to down etc etc in order to cause the bullet to tilt and to an extent curve the bullet's projection due to clipping the back of the bullet as he opens fire causing the bullet to propel itself free from the barrel but the clipping on the back of the bullet to alter it's direction causing the bullet to be fired out at a curve.

Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: Blood Bag
Jamming the barrel of one of his guns Spike opens fire blasting a bullet straight through their body causing slightly more damage due to the close range of the shot.
Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: Blood Bag: Meat Shield
Due to being so close to an opponent Spike grips the body tightly and forces his way forward using the body as a meat shield to take the bullets and oncoming attacks whilst he opens with with his gun which has already blasted a hole through the body.

Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: Cinder
These are bullets coated in a flammable substance so as the ammunition is fired down the length of the gun it bursts into flames increasing in heat.
Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire: Cinder: Tilt
These are bullets coated in a flammable substance so as the ammunition is fired down the length of the gun it bursts into flames increasing in heat. Spike draws his gun moving it from left to right, right to left, up to down etc etc in order to cause the bullet to tilt and to an extent curve the bullet's projection due to clipping the back of the bullet as he opens fire causing the bullet to propel itself free from the barrel but the clipping on the back of the bullet to alter it's direction causing the bullet to be fired out at a curve.

Blitz Bombardment: Cheshire:

Blitz Bombardment: Magnum Bolt: Boulder
Using the Magnum Bolt Spike launches out the smaller cannon ball towards his intended target before dropping to his knees and unleashing a spray of shrapnel towards his opponents from lower down hoping to hit them both high and low.

Blitz Bombardment: Magnum Bolt: Spray
Opening fire with a spray burst to the face Spike watches the spray of shrapnel tear into the upper body | face of his opponent
Blitz Bombardment: Magnum Bolt: Spray: Knees
After spraying shrapnel into the face of his opponent Spike launches the large cannon type ball into the knees of his opponent dealing a much larger round in the hopes it'll shatter his opponent's knee caps.

Blitz Bombardment: Little Boy: Burst
Using the Little Boy Spike fires out numerous quick sharp short bursts of gun fire.


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