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Dagon Megaladon fishman

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Approved Dagon Megaladon fishman

Post by Michael Cromwyll on February 14th 2018, 02:56

General Information

Name: Dagon
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: megaladon fishman
Orientation: right handed 

Occupation: (he is trained as a navigator)
Bounty: 30 000 000
Crimes Committed: mass murder destruction of goverment and marine property.
Allegiance: non other then to himself. (for now)
• to master the combat arts of fishman
• to draw a perfect world map.

Character Information


[ltr]Dagon is a very muscular fishman, with the kind of body that is made for building muscles. Those muscles are denser than normal, allowing him to out lift or out power people who have larger muscles. Dagon has very little fat on his body this is probally part due to the harsh life he had and the training he went through. dagon's large frame comes from his powerful bone structure. His large bones seem slightly more durable than that of a normal human. Despite his height already at 10 feet, his frame suggests that he still has more growing to do. Thanks to his large size and muscle mass, dagon weighs a little over 650 pounds. The skin on dagons chest, up to his chin and down to his midsection is a pasty white. His back and the rest of his body that wasn't mentioned before is a lighter grey color. dagon has a large fin on his back; the fine is around three feet long and two feet wide.

His head is a round shape, and pointed much like the species of shark he is. Dagon has a large half-moon shaped mouth with two rows of razor sharp teeth. His mouth sits under his bullet pointed nose; the nostrils sit on the tip of the bullet point. Dagon's eyes sit on the upper part of either side of his head giving him nearly a 360 degree view of his surroundings. His eyes are a deep black round pebble looking objects and are somewhat sunken back into his head. His ears sit back on his head, around the area of his neck. The ears are little more than holes with a flap over them to protect them from debris.

Being a fishman dagon has a few extra details that most average humans don't. He has three feet tall by two feet wide fin sticking up from his back. Other than his fin, he has gills on either side of his neck that allows him to breath underwater. As for clothing when he is on land he usually carries a simple grey or black robe with a slot in the back of the row to allow his fin to stick through. Around his waist he carries a robe and a small waterproof sack he keeps his possessions in such as the robe when hes in the water.[/ltr]

Dagon can come off as rather hostile and is very mistrusting towards people, this because of his childhood where everyday was a fight to survive and then living on his own when he got older, but once you get to know him he is really a caring and gentle person although one should not forget that he is a killer by nature. This really shows in combat where his natural instinct sometimes take over and he becomes a coldblooded killer slaughtering his enemies in the most bloodied and brutal manner possible. 

Character History

Dagons background is not a happy one. his mother died giving birth to him, leaving him to grow up with his father a megaladon like himself.  It was a tough life food was scarse and everyday was a fight to survive but for dagon there where happy times as well such as when his father taught him fishman karate and told him to be proud over his heritage and species. Alas at the age of 10 things would become even more harsh for dagon. Humans slavers came capturing or killing the fishman in the village his father being one of those that was killed, he sacrificed himself so dagon could get away. He swam for many nights until he found sanctuary in a underwater cave in what he sooner would learn was south blue, and there he made his first human friend. An old man from karate island that had built a house on the small harsh cliff, curious as to why the fish had suddenly dissipeard he dived into the cave where Dagon had made his home. a fight broke out between dagon and the tiny human, that he to his suprise could not beat, not only did the old man seem to know fishman karate but he used.. to dagon weird moves he had never seen or heard of before. as the fight ended and the old man made his escape dagon curiously followed, making sure to not be seen.. Everyday this happened until the old man one day noticed him and invited him for dinner. Surprised dagon accepted his offer and thats how their friendship begun

now lets skip around 7 years later a friendship have developed between dagon and the old man who dagon now had learned was named Tom. Tom had taught him many things like reading and writing and drawing. this was what eventually lead to dagon being interested in navigation. A interest who peaked more when tom told dagon his dream of drawing a perfect world map and how he as a fishman was the perfect person to help him.

 tom also took up where dagons father left off teaching him everything he knew about fishman karate. alas the happiness wouldn't last. When dagon was 18 tom died from age. unsure what to do the young fishman buried him, and have ever since then sunken any ships getting close to the island having been told about pirates from the old man. And hes still there the island and the close vicinity having become his territory.


• Fishman Karate: having been taught both by his father and Tom Dagon is quite proficient in fishman karate wich is his main style of combat along with fishman jujitsu
• navigator: Due to being a fishman and as such being able to accuratly messure depth and with the training Tom gave him he is quite an extraordinary navigator able to read the seas and the weather. 
• Teeth Regeneration able to regrow his teeth if they break or somehow fall out. Every-time the users teeth are replaced they become stronger.
• Shark Senses: can smell small traces of blood or organic material from far way. Its range depends on how large the source is, generally the sense can be measured in miles. The user is able to sense his way and direction by sensing the Earth's magnetic field, as well as a sense that reacts to electrical stimuli such as natural electromagnetic fields of various animals. While this ability is most common in marine animals it is possible on land. 
• brawler/bodybuilder: due to having lived alone almost his entire life and trained the martial arts of the fishman, along with his species natural size and muscle his strenght are slightly above the normal fishman just like a octopus would have more flexibility then him for example
• fishman biology being born a fishman Dagon has acsess or rather certain abilities like fishman karate comes easier to him. along with greater physical attributes wich in his case is further improved on being waht many would call a ancient fishman species.


dagon dont have many items if you dont count all the treasures he salvaged from the sunken ships.
what he really have that he call his own is 

1 a grey coat
2 a waterproof bag
3 the rope thats his belt
4 a steel knife (not of much use to him he just keeps it as a memento of Tom
and ofc a sheath for the knife..

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Fishman karate techniques: mastery 1
he knows the basics such as all the kicks and punches not involving water. The techniques i post here are the more advanced ones that he do know that might require pools of water nearby.

Uchimizu (撃水 Uchimizu "Water Shot") a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by his immense fishman strength. this can be formed from the water moisture in the air.
Uchimizu shotgun: literally what it sounds like instead of a single drop of water he forms several (5) that he then hurls at his opponent as each shot formed at his fingertip depending on how spread his fingers are he can have the shot be more compressed or spread.

Yarinami (槍波 Yarinami "Spear Wave") requires a body of water a technique where he literally heaves water at his opponent that forms into a piercing cyclone like spear of water. is based on users strenght but is generally strong enough to punch holes in buildings.

fishman jujutsu techniques: mastery 1

Mizugokoro (水心 Mizugokoro?, literally meaning "Water Heart: the sole and heart of all jujutsu techniques be forming what looks like small orbs of water around his hands Dagon is then able to physically grab the water and redirec it. (to be noted need large schools of water or be underwater to be most effective)

Sea current lifter: an underwater technique where he lifts the water in streams/pillars of water, for example to get aboard a ship or to knock people off ship and the like.

Great shark drill: a technique invented by himself he wraps his body in spinning water with a drill like head and then dashes forward to hit his target, this is how he sunk all the ships getting close to Toms island.


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Approved Re: Dagon Megaladon fishman

Post by Vaetric on February 16th 2018, 00:23


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