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Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Kamakiri (WIP)

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Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Kamakiri (WIP)

Post by Vaetric on February 21st 2018, 23:09

Devil Fruit Name: Mushi Mushi no Mi, Model: Kamakiri
Translation: Insect Insect Fruit, Model: Preying Mantis
Appearance of the Fruit: A green papaya with triangular patterns all across it.
Type: Zoan
Abilities of the fruit: This fruit allows the user to turn into a preying mantis or human mantis hybrid. This is a carnivorous zoan, and is thus more predatory and bloodthirsty than others by nature. As such, the user's mindset becomes more like a Preying Mantis' when in hybrid or full form, up to preferring living food.
Preying Mantis have a great sense of vision. Their vision is three-dimensional and their eyes have a fovae, which gives them enhanced focusing and tracking in a concentrated area. Furthermore, they have three spare eyes located between their normal ones. Their vision is akin to stereo. Furthermore, they are adept at locating those who use echolocation. What's more, a preying Mantis can turn their heads 180 degrees, achievable in most forms.
The user is able to jump with extreme precision, and is able to contort their body in mid air to land on a specific target. Mixed with their powerful legs and general juping ability, the user is able to jump vast distances with pinpoint accuracy at higher levels. Furthermore, their legs are practically skewers, thus, even landing could be used as a deadly weapon, as one could simply jump onto their prey through the throat or heart, then jump away.
Preying Mantis are also naturally gifted at camouflage, as such a Mantis user may be able to molt in higher levels at will to change their colour, from green to black to pink.
Standard devil fruit weaknesses.
Mastery levels
1st Level: The Preying Mantis character may have three basic forms. The human form, which is their natural state, the (Original species)-beast form, which is a hybrid. Or the beast-form, which is fully transformed.
2nd Level: The user of this fruit gains two extra forms, up to a limit of five.
3rd Level: The user of this fruit may now have gains three more extra forms, up to a limit of eight. The eighth form may be a monstrous version of a Preying Mantis. The user cannot have an Awakened Zoan form or a Monstrous Form, the user must have one or the other. When the Monstrous form has run its course, the user is unable to move due to exhaustion.
Awakening: Either choose an awakened zoan form, or an intelligent monster form.

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