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Deviant's Dossier

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Deviant's Dossier

Post by Deviant on February 25th 2018, 23:18

Deviant's Dossier
"Crew & Character Index"

The Dog Ears Pirates
Josh Wynter
"Dog Eared Wynter"
(犬耳ウィンター / Inu mimi u~intā)
• Life Return
• Resilience
• Yose Combat
Bounty: 0
The Dog Ear Pirates
Lyceum Tate
"Doctor Dope"
(ドクタードープ / Dokutādōpu)
• Dexterity
• Narcotics Knowledge
• Surgery Style
• Ieti
Bounty: 0
The Dog Ear Pirates
Scout | Saboteur
"Terrorist Tetsu"
(テロリスト達 / Terorisuto-tachi)
• Explosives Expert
• Koneko Tsume
• Climbing | Parkour Expert
Bounty: 0
The Dog Ear Pirates
Lucille Juxtapuzo
"Mad Monkey"
(マッドモンキー / Maddomonkī)
• Dexterity
• Experienced Sailor
• Ship Repair & Maintenance
• Cyborg Arm
Bounty: 0
The Dog Ear Pirates
Rudy Michaels
"Screaming Shooter"
(叫ぶシューター / Sakebu shūtā)
• Kōjō Kōjō no Mi
• Marksmanship
Bounty: 0
The Dog Ear Pirates
Deep Sea Diver
Lyon Tsubio
"Tsunami Tsubio"
(津波 / Tsunami Tsubio)
• Fishman Karate
• Fishman Anatomy
Bounty: 0
F.I. Bounty: 37,000,000
The Dog Ear Pirates
Helmsman |
Sterling Sage
"Savage Sage"
(サベージセージ / Sabējisēji)
• Experienced Helmsman
• Marksmanship Prowess
• Hyena | Minkman Biology
• The Outcast
Bounty: 0
The Clockwork Pirates
Captain |
Wilfred Cyckes
"Mad Cog"
(マッドコ / Maddokogu)
• Orobas Onslaught
• Surgery Style
• Acrobatics
• Strategist
Bounty: 0
The Clockwork Pirates
Genzo Noroi
"Arctic Demon"
(北極の悪魔 / Hokkyoku no akuma)
• Stealth
• Ittoryu  | Nitoryu | Santoryu
Bounty: 0
The Clockwork Pirates
Navigator | Thief
Maka Risin
(利尿薬 / Rinyō kusuri)
• Navigational Prowess
• Proficient Thief
Bounty: 0

Heartly Hayes
"Hell hound Hayes"
(ヘルハウンドヘイズ / Heruhaundoheizu)
• Inu Inu no Mi: Model: Hell Hound | Black Dog
• Eagle Eye Accuracy
• Survivalist
• Deduction
• Heartstopper
Bounty Collcted: 15,000,000
Seaman Recruit |
Colton Ryker
"The Lazy Dragon"
(レイジードラゴン / Reijīdoragon)
• Hai Hai no Mi
• Musical Virtuoso
• Eidetic Memory
• Strategist
Bounty Collcted: 0
Seaman Recruit
Seff Mistletoe
(N / A)
• Following Orders
• Resilience
• Ocean Drop Combat
Bounty Collected: 0

Bounty Hunter |
Former Sheriff
Wilkes L. Sparrow
"Widower Wilkes"
(ウィドウウィルクス / U~idouu~irukusu)
• Sparrow Shot/Suzumeshotto
• Eagle Eye Accuracy
• Annie & Ellie
• Dexterity
• Dials
Bounty Collected: 0


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