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Whirlpool Marines

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Approved Whirlpool Marines

Post by Deviant on March 4th 2018, 12:11

Whirlpool Marines
"Marine Battalion 82"

Crew Name: Whirlpools: Marine Battalion 82

Crew Motto: "Gettin' the job done the right way"

Crew Theme Song:

Crew Roster
"Crew Quarters"

Rear Admiral

Arken Jones
"Black Bastard"
(ブラック・バスタード / Burakku basutādo)
• Extraordinary Strength
• Vast Criminal Knowledge
• Experienced Swordsman

Bounty Collected:97,000,000

Chief Petty Officer |

Kaito Saiyuka
"White Eyed Beast"
(ホワイトアイドビースト / Howaitoaidobīsuto)
• Gura Gura no Mi
• Ittoryu
• Iron Stomach
• Beasts Hunger
• Blind Man Senses

Bounty Collected:0

Seaman Recruit

Seff Mistletoe
(N / A)
• Following Orders
• Impressive Resilience
• Ocean Drop Combat

Bounty Collected:0

Seaman Recruit

Colton Ryker
"The Lazy Dragon"
(レイジードラゴン / Reijīdoragon)
• Hai Hai no Mi
• Musical Virtuoso
• Eidetic Memory
• Strategist

Bounty Collected:0

Seaman Recruit

Akiko Fawn
"Forest Spirit"
(フォレストスピリット / Foresutosupiritto)
• Archery
• Musical Prowess

Bounty Collected:0
Total Crew Bounty Collected : 119,000,000

Crew Goals
"We Each Have Our Own Paths"

Arken Jones's Goals

• Arken Jones wishes to bring about a swift justice unto the world and bring an end to the notorious pirates who roam the seas ending the life of such treachery and deceit that comes at the hands of an unlawful person who runs from their past only to dive head first into new mistakes of which they'll run from.

Kaito Saiyuka's Goals

• Kaito has numerous goals he wishes to accomplish such as gaining his sight back so he can see the picture of his wife he carries around with him. He wishes to find himself able to have full control over the devil fruit and his beast. Kaito has many struggles of which he wishes to overcome which include avenging his father's death and proving his weakness doesn't make him weak. Kaito seeks to recover the twin of the Sakabatō that was stolen from his family. A man with allot of pressure on his shoulders, he finds himself always fighting hard every day to be the best that he can be.

Seff Mistletoe's Goals

• Seff Mistletoe wishes to seek out revenge on the pirates who started his journey by taking him hostage. He has the dreams of not just defeating them but arresting them as well. Each night he dreams this as merely a single stepping stone to not just a greater life but his final dream realised as an admiral in the Navy.

Colton Ryker's Goals

• Colton Ryker is a marine whose effort is very minimal but despite this lack of energy his powers grant him more than enough ability to reach his goals of cleansing the world and becoming an admiral. However his prime priority seems to far too often take over which is to relax.

Akiko Fawn's Goals

• Ambitious and possibly a little naive too Akiko has many dreams she wishes to accomplish including those of a skillful nature to those of a curious nature such as finding others like herself, seeing the world and finding her care taker. She also wishes to play all the instruments, become the world's best archer and would like to increase her proficiency with archery to the point of sniping an apple from their heads.

Thread History
"These Are The Marks Of Victory, Not Wounds Of War"

Saga I

"We'll Call On You"

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Approved Re: Whirlpool Marines

Post by Scarecrow on March 12th 2018, 23:01

Unless Stated Otherwise


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