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Michael Cromwyll

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Approved Michael Cromwyll

Post by Michael Cromwyll on March 13th 2018, 05:46

General Information

Name: Michael Cromwyll
family motto:scientia potentia est (knowledge is power)
Age: 25
Gender: male
Birthplace: North blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Occupation: scientist/doctor marine
Rank: ensign (letter of recommendation from his mother and his father bought him a comission)
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed:
Allegiance: world goverment. Marines. His family

• to follow in his parents and grandfathers footsteps.  
• To gather as much knowledge as possible.
• to perfect his Shujutsu style, and the Bojutsu style his grandfather passed down to him.

Character Information

Flag:The cromwyll family flag is silver with a golden scale.. the left scale have a book on wich the family motto is engraved.
and the right a sack of coins.


Raised as the scion of the Cromwyll family, Michael is versed in all manner of business relations, politics and leadership. As a child he was subjected to brutal, even harsh training regiments and was demanded to exceed them for his grandfather expected no less. While his father journeyed far and wide around the world on buisness and his mother on jobs for the marines., the grandfather would shoulder the burden of rearing his grandson into a proper and productive member of society,

Despite the hardships, Michael not only rose to the challenge but thrived in it. He possesses a rare thirst for knowledge that is insatiable, taking to his instruction with a zeal that left even his grandfather inwardly amazed. He studied everything he could get his hands on; the sciences, biology, engineering, and the creative arts of self expression such as music, poetry and philosophy. He absorbed all that he could find and more.

Michael posess a natural charisma. People look to him because he is confident, they respect his authority because he is commanding and decisive, and they value his opinion for he displays a rare intellect.

His reasons for fighting, for pushing beyond the limits be it himself or the sciences he studies are difficult to ascertain. At first glance the answer appears simple; pride. Pride would demand nothing less than his best, and that he put to use the skills he was graced with. The other reason is that he enjoys pushing himself to the limits and beyond

never once will he turn his back to those too weak to defend themselves against the strong. He is few of friends, but protects and guards those around him fiercely, exacting retribution upon those who sought to harm them. He can be relentless, and uncompromising in his ideals, but shows a profound level of empathy for those he protects and fights against, grasping their ideology like a fellow brother. Even when he cuts them down with his words and and shatters their pride with his weapons and abilities., there is no hatred, but understanding.

Character History


Michael is from quite a well known and rich noble merchant family. His father owning the company and his mother being a marine doctor. With both of them gone it fell upon his grandfather a retired marine to raise Michael. His training begun at a very young age being taught how to read and write, mathematics politics business.. Everything a nobleman would have to know and beyond. His days where tough and they only got tougher the older he got. Alas to his grandfathers and parents surprise Michael did not complain or cry even once in fact he seemed to enjoy it thrive in the challenges thrown at him always willing to learn more.

At the age of 10 his grandfather begun to train him in more physical aspects not really martial arts but styles and techniques to help one strengthen their body, And once he felt Michael was ready in the art of bojutsu he started to tutor his grandson in that as a way for him to defend himself.  It was also around this time his mom got injured on a marine mission and lost a leg, in a raid against a pirate ship, after that accident she retired she became more of a secretary aiding her husband with his business and keeping track of the finances, and on her spare time she begun creating a garden where she grew medical plants. Michael helped her on his spare time and asked a lot of questions that she patiently asked and as such his studies in medicine begun.

It was a happy time in Michael life  from morning to noon he trained with his grandfather. from noon to bedtime he spent time with his mother who taught him about medicine, This quickly became daily routine for Michael and it went on for years. His mother also told him stories about her times in the marines. at the age of 18 it was decided that he would begun following his fathers on the business trips to learn more about the family business and being a merchant.  Although when doing his first business deal he got horribly scammed. his father calmly watched and told his son  that reading about things in a book is one thing but actually putting it into practice is another and that what just happened was a lesson he would have to learn.

When he was not on trips with his father learning about business building a network, he continued his training with his grandfather and his mother kept training him to become a doctor. at the age of 25 he decided to join the marines, something his father at first was reluctant to until his grandfather pointed out it would be good practice and discipline for michael. and well now hes here.

• Perfect Memory: the ability to memorize anything the user participates in, concentrates on, or takes attention to. this is great part in
• Medical Knowledge: , Michael spent considerable energy studying anatomy, biology, medicine and chemistry  Michael can assess sicknesses, ably practice field-medicine, and diagnose injuries with incredible accuracy. His studies are primarily focused on humans although lately he have begun to try study the physiology of other races as well, for example fishmen.
• Strategist & Tactician; Michael is well versed in strategy and tactics  This also allows him to think many steps ahead His prowess in analyzing things is incredible and accurate and he is able to quickly understand the situation for what it is and to quickly comprehend the nature behind his opponent's techniques and powers. His strategies have been described to be very complex, and organized.
• Agilie/acrobatic Michael has developed a high level of agility, dexterity and flexibility, allowing him to perform great acrobatic feats, as well makes sharp turns and spins without disturbing his sense of balance. His balance sense is amazing, as his medical knowledge permits him to understand how the organ of balance works, allowing him not to drop his stance or get dizzy often. He’s also ambidextrous meaning he’s as good with his left hand as with his right.

• Acupuncture: The core foundation to Shujutsu along with medical knowledge. By hitting the vital or pressure points across ones body, Michael can limit the individual's strength, speed, and even incapacitate limbs. depending on where he strikes. One can naturally overcome the first couple strikes depending on the conditioning of the body; however, eventually with enough rapid strikes to a vital or pressure point, ones performance would eventually falter.
However with that said it can also be used for good during his medical work as for example to remove pain during a surgery and the like. It also have some buffing properties such as like that by using acupuncture on his own or someone else body he can remove certain limiters or even make himself unable to feel pain, increasing their physical attributes by stimulate certain nerves and even buff his senses. this come at a price however and should not be used casually.

• Shujutsu (Surgery):
An incredibly precise and delicate fighting style, Shujutsu is a style that Michael developed based on his medical knowledge, for the times he have to fight and can be used with or without weapons. in a way it can be called  a style-less style due to the fact that besides aiming for certain points of the body it dont follow a rhythm or set pattern.
Its is a style that relies upon the user’s intimate knowledge of biology. By striking at organs, pressure-points, and joints, Michael is able to manipulate the anatomy of his opponents. He can incapacitate entire limbs by cutting off the signals from the brain, compounding damage upon nerve clusters. By striking the flesh above certain organs in various ways, he can cause extreme nausea, liver failure, and countless other detrimental effects, although this style have great killing potential he almost exclusively use it to defeat his opponent without killing them.
footnote: this style is 90% theoretical besides the slight pratice of accupuncture on some patients, he havent really had a chance to test this out on enemies.



Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
The surgfery style will be developed in rp (see footnote for more info)

Weapon Based Combat:


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Michael Cromwylls character list:

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Michael Cromwyll

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Post by Vaetric on March 20th 2018, 14:40


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