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Shougen the spider. WIP

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Shougen the spider. WIP

Post by Michael Cromwyll on March 14th 2018, 00:37

General Information

Name: Shougen
Epithet: the beast, the human spider. the monster in the woods
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthplace: grand line
Species: halfblood longarm/longleg. 
Orientation: ambidexterious

Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: he kinda is guilty of murder but since it was on bandits that where wanted he dont seem to have gotten a bounty for their deaths.
Allegiance: himself

To survive.
To find nakama.
to maybe one day find his parents.

Character Information
"people always judge thoose that are diffrent
and im more diffrent then most"



Shougen has a unique appearance. with a hunchback, over-sized hands and feet and long gangly limbs. He also has a long tongue, which sticks through the gaps where his front teeth should be. His black hair is short and messy, framing the entire outside of his face. His eyes are a blood red color. He has six red dots on his head along with what appears to be a scar. His nose is also rather flat. He wears a sleeveless black vest with a red spider imprinted on the back, a belt, black wristbands and black knee-length hakama. He wears traditional sandals and ties black fabric round his ankles.

Shougen is a very odd person very quiet and a bit introvert preferring to be on his own rather then around people, this have 2 reasons first one being that he did pretty much grow up in the woods on his own and secondly that the little contact he had with civilization was kick and punches and people throwing things at him to chase him away.
as mentioned he grew up in the wilds which taught him one thing. patience. the impatient hunter will go to bed hungry.  he also been in fight or die situations his entire life and does not hesitate to attack if he feels threatened. He is also fiercely loyal towards those that become his friends. although so far in his life he only had one. 

he is also kind of like a child when it comes to alot of things this is due to his very isolated upbringing yet he can sometimes prove himself extremely intelligent and insightful to peoples surprise.

Character History

Shougens life story is quite sad alas it starts as a romantic tale of forbidden love. between his mother from the long leg tribe and his father from the long arm tribe. Despite all the hostility between the tribes they meet each-other and feel in love, which lead to secret meetings.. that got more and more.. intimate, until shougens mother got pregnant. At first they hid it but they realized they would have to come forth with the truth sooner or later so they both went to their parents and after some very heated arguments. they managed to convince them that  this was a good thing a chance for the two clans to make peace. Reluctantly they agreed and then 9 months later.. Shougen was born. It was already at shougens birth evident that even for a half-breed he was different his long deformed limbs and his torso...  At first the families just brushed it of. such as that his body would need some time. to catch up to the size of his limbs. at the age of 5 it became evident that this would not happen and the clans begun to say the child was a bad omen a cursed child. and that he was proof that long arm and long legs should not be intimate and was destined to be enemies.

This caused shougens family to have to flee as a mob where mobilizing to come take shougen away from them and kill him. Shougens father was killed giving the baby and the mother time to get away. They managed to find a boat and row to a small island to small for it to have any effect on a log pose however she succumbed shortly after from a wound from a stray arrow. 

now lets jump forward more in time. Somehow Shougen managed to survive and it was in this time he also consumed a devil fruit a mythical one non the less model chimera spider. and it was probably due to it and the changes it had on his body that he managed to remain alive..  until the day he was captured by a small group of pirates that stopped on the island to refill their supply found him. They captured him realizing they could make some money from selling him as a slave, although it did cost them a few men before they realized the boy had consumed a zoan fruit. The journey out of the grand line took a few months and during this time one of the crew members tried to learn more about the boy wich lead to him trying to teach him how to read, and.. speak. although if he succeeded where at this time unknown as he where one of the first to be killed during shougens 2nd attempt to escape 

another timeskip he was sold to the slavers after a long journey he did however not remain a slave for long. he escaped to a island where he hid in the forest the slavers realizing it would cost more then it was worth simply let him be. It was there he made his first friend. a young girl chased by some bandits. He was himself not sure why but he decided to help the female and killed the bandits and a unlikely friendship blossomed between the two, and for the first time in his life shougen felt. happiness and he also learned a little about the world sadly the happiness wouldn't last as she succumbed to a disease and alas once again he was alone in the woods. wich leads us to the present day. 


• Survivor: he survived for dozen of years on a island alone so its safe to say he knows how to survive in the wilds.
• Tracker/hunter: Shougen is a excellent tracker and hunter although some would probably not agree with his methods
• Archer: shougen have excellent aim and usually hits his target. and the fact that he can grow 6 extra eyes also helps.



Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities

Weapon History

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:


Michael Cromwylls character list:

coming soon
Michael Cromwyll

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