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"No face" Jin wip

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"No face" Jin wip Empty "No face" Jin wip

Post by Sweet Dreams on March 29th 2018, 12:11

General Information

Name: Jin
Theme:Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Epithet: No Face
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Mink-White Rabbit
Orientation: Ambidextrous 

Bounty: "No face" Jin wip 0mvFA500,000
Crimes Committed: Murder
Resisting arrest 
Attempted murder
Get a puppy
Find out what he is and where he comes from
Find people he can trust

Character Information


Jin's Outfit:
"No face" Jin wip Kageta10
"No Face" Jin is a very appropriate name for this man, as no one has ever seen his face and lived. His face is covered with a smiling mask but it is possible to see his eyes if your close enough, though they look like gaping black holes more then eyes. They are completely black not even any white can be seen in them like looking into dark pits.

Standing at a towering 7'2 Jin had always found it hard to find clothes that fit him well, but now a days he is often seen wearing a long sleeved button up shirt under a red tailcoat.The jacket's collars are flipped, giving view to a plant-like design on the inside, His pants a pair of dark purple pinstriped pants, on his upper thighs he has leather holsters that hold his weapon of choice, Throwing cards. 

He often wears dark brown dress shoes finding them comfortable, he wears a pair of white gloves. He often is seen wearing a black bow tie that has a red ruby skull in the center. On top of his head, he wears a dark purple  magician's hat with a red ribbon surrounding it and with light hot pink arrows warping around a part of the brims underside and down from the opposite side from the top of the hat to the start of the brim. Under this hat his wears his black hair slicked back.

Now under all this fancy clothing, one would be surprised to see more of a beast then a man Jin as it were is actually a Rabbit Minkman, his body covered in fur as soft as clouds and as pure as freshly fallen snow. Long rabbit ears are often hidden under or sticking out of holes in his hat's brim, He even had a fluffy cotton tail that you could catch a glimpse of between his coattails. 

Personality: Many find that Jin's silence and tall stature can be off-putting and others might call him distant and emotionless but really you just have to look closer the way his body reacts, how he moves, you just need to stop and really look and it will become clear to you.

Character History





Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities

Weapon History

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Doa Doa no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:1
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Haki: N/A

"No face" Jin wip Y8KT0Cs

"No face" Jin wip 7WxbFQW "No face" Jin wip HMQaOHv "No face" Jin wip 51XtC2B "No face" Jin wip 7se3GxF "No face" Jin wip QDaU7X8

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