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The Anti-Perogative

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The Anti-Perogative

Post by Vaetric on May 28th 2018, 11:48

The Anti-Perogative

Captain: Karris Danavi
Allegiance: Revolutionaries.
Crew Motto: “Pure Justice”
Theme Tune: Link your crew's theme tune here.
Territory Owned: None Yet.
Allies: None yet.
Cause: To rid the World Government and Marines of corruption, as well as depose the Celestial Dragons.

Crew Roaster
Name: Karris Danavi
Epithet: "Stripe Eyes"
Devil Fruit: Dino Dino No Mi: Ankylosaurus
• Longleg Ancestry: Being struck by a longleg has been described as being hit by a steel whip. Despite not being a full one, she is still rather tall, and thus has a lot of momentum to build with each kick. Despite being somewhat of an armchair general, she isn’t afraid to enter battle and user her legs. Due to her tallness, she can also run faster and jump heigher than most average humans in comparison.

• Tactical Expertise: Karris prefers the long game than simply battles, but she is still capable of leading a group of many people, even if they aren’t quite the quality troops she’d like.

• Siegebreaker: Due to her devil fruit and longleg heritage, Karris can do devastating damage to structures such as gates. Regular quality wooden walls tend to fall rather quickly before her will.

Bounty: None yet.
Bounty Collected: N/A
Total Bounty (Collected):

Crew's Dreams:

• To remove corruption in the Marines, and World Government.

Rules and Uniforms may be established during roleplay.

Anyone loyal to the cause.

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Re: The Anti-Perogative

Post by Vaetric on June 13th 2018, 09:24

Finished, finally.

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