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Fumeiyona: Hantā

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Fumeiyona: Hantā

Post by Deviant on July 23rd 2018, 21:29

Weapon: Graded Firearms: Fumeiyona: Hantā
Link or Weapon Sheet:

Weapon Name: Fumeiyona: Hantā
Description: The Fumeiyona: Hantā is a grey crossbow which has a wooden looking texture to it. The crossbow holds seven arrows at a time including one ready to fire. The Fumeiyona: Hantā has a black leather strap hanging from the butt perfect for holding over the torso. Lightweight making it capable of opening fire with a single hand the crossbow also has a sight equipped on top allowing more accurate shots. The Fumeiyona: Hantā has an impact dial fitted to the butt of the rifle wired up to the propulsion unit within the crossbow itself allowing the range to be increased from 80 yards to 300 yards.
Weapon History: The Fumeiyona: Hantā was a crossbow crafted by the barbaric craftsman Norr Hisolaugg. A master blacksmith he designed the range of Fumeiyona firearms for a small mercenary team. The Fumeiyona: Hantā was created for the youngest brother Michael Sole. A quick and agile member of the team.

The Fumeiyona: Hantā granted him with great precision and force on the battlefield able to use the weapon with such proficiency he quickly earned himself a name among those who stood against him. The Mute. Silent and deadly. Each arrow quickly brought about death or decapitation. Spending a good long 5 years in the hands of The Mute he'd gained a name for himself and when was finally revealed it would be his down fall.

This left him exposed and unable to hide from any of his enemies from the world over. It was just a matter of time before he was discovered in a bar just trying to unwind and one of his former enemies recognised him and was able to get the jump on him. Despite the good fight against him Michael Sole met his end taking his attacker with him. Both hit the ground, one with a knife dug into his neck and the other their neck gripped so tightly everything between spine and adams apple was no more but a mush crushed to pieces.

This is where the Fumeiyona: Hantā went missing. During the fight it had been lifted by another and by the looks of it sold on as the Fumeiyona: Hantā now sits upon the mantle on the shop floor awaiting a worthy warrior with the just right bit of pocket.

Special Weapon Abilities:
Impact Dial: This weapon has the impact dial wired in to the actual weapon itself allowing the user to increase the strength behind the arrows being fired.

Devil Fruit: N/A

Dials: Impact Dial

Special Ability: Impact Dial: This weapon has the impact dial wired in to the actual weapon itself allowing the user to increase the strength behind the arrows being fired.

Asking Price: 15,000,000


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