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Fumeiyona: Renjā

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Fumeiyona: Renjā

Post by Deviant on July 25th 2018, 18:15

Weapon: Graded Firearms: Fumeiyona: Renjā
Link or Weapon Sheet:

Weapon Name: Fumeiyona: Renjā
Description: The Fumeiyona: Renjā weapons is that of a rifle. The Renjā has a beautifully crafted wooden base which has masterfully sculpted rope pattens all along the reach of it with a black steel barrel and trigger. The Renjā is a multi purpose rifle coming with a leather belt which the owner would wear which holds shotgun shells & ordinary rifle ammunition, extra barrels which could be switched to alter the rifle from a long distance rifle perfect for those in the distance, a shotgun barrel shot with a bit more explosive firepower and close up range and the last add on is a bayonet which can be slotted in either on the underside of the barrel horizontally or vertically allowing for the rifle to be used as a scythe as well.

Weapon History: The Fumeiyona: Renjā rifle was crafted by Norr for a small mercenary team. Crafted specially for Howard Jagger the Renjā rifle brought him many many kills and far more victories than he could even count. ABle to use it with such ease he could command his team and slay those who stood in his way with such professionalism and ease that his wars became a thing of ease. He was able to gain himself a serious bit of notoriety as the Reaper with his rifle of death.

During his long run as the team's leader the Renjā never left his side and despite what happened to his comrades Howard knew when enough was enough. He had tried to talk Kane out of the Nyplock war only to let him meet his demise, during a nice long much needed break for the team after Kane's passing he heard about Michael's passing and realised that his team's end was nearing and instead of heading back out into the wilderness to find themselves struggling with clients expecting more than he could deliver it was best he hang his rifle up.

Choosing to retreat to a quiet town nearing the beginning of the Grand Line, Howard set up a small farm where he decided to hold on to the rifle just for safe keeping as a sign of pride from his long career and to keep him happy in the knowledge that the very beautiful thing that had been crafted specially for him remained under his own hands.

Special Weapon Abilities:
Extra Barrels: The Fumeiyona: Renjā has two barrels which can be fitted on to the rifle with ease which can alter it from a shotgun to that of an actual rifle with the ammunition as well allowing for close range to long distance.

Bayonet Attachment: The Fumeiyona: Renjā has an attachment built into both barrels towards the tip on the underside where the owner is capable of using the bayonet to stab at someone on the receiving end of his barrel or even tilt it vertically and use the rifle as a scythe to an extent.

Devil Fruit: N/A

Dials: N/A

Asking Price: 15,000,000


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