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Phiola may

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Approved Phiola may

Post by Munchfin on August 4th 2018, 01:55

General Information

"Wonderful Places? Outside? Are you sure?"

Name:  Phiola May
Epithet:"Pitch Perfect Phiola"
Gender: Female
Birthplace:Grand Line
Theme Tune: Spirit Of Freedom
Crew:Dog Ear Pirates
Ship: Playful Griffin
Occupation:  Musician
Bounty: Phiola may 0mvFA 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Phiola wants to see more off the world
• Wishes for Roderick to be well and be with her forever
• Wants people to enjoy the music she composes
• Wants to see the All Blue, Skypiea & various other beautiful locations she has read about in books
• Wants to sketch the places she sees so she can show others their beauty

Character Information

"And we could run away before the light of day"

Dog Ears Jolly Roger:

Phiola may SrgNbuw

Phiola May's Traditional Appearance:

Phiola may ZxNupIu

Phiola is a small and skinny girl, that's a bit smaller,and weighs less then the average girl off her age. She is 4.3 foot tall, and weighs 64 pounds. her greenish eyes make her pale skin stand out a little bit. Her long brown hair hangs freely down her face, covering the sides off her face, on the back her hair goes to somewhere beneath the shoulders, ending in a small curl. At times, Phiola uses a wooden hairband to keep her hair from falling into her face.

Her small and tiny body is mostly covered with warm clothes, with lots of warm wool, The colour off her favorite coat with wool is gray, and the wool is whitish, with a slightly gray tone in it, Under this warm vest she wears a shirt, the colours off choice for these shirts are either lime green or pink. She also wears long black stockings, Under a set of warm and well fitting pants, at few occasions she wears dresses, she likes them but finds them really cold, the dress she took with her in her suitcase is a black dress that falls to a bit under her knees, she will wear a vest over it and have stockings under it. Her favorite type off shoeing are warm boots, or warm slippers, she uses those inside.

Phiola wears a little bit off jewelry, On her right hand she wears a bracelet, Phiola is almost always seen wearing gloves, except for when she is playing her harp, or piano she doesn't wear them, even if she is really cold she might try to play piano with them on.


Phiola is what some people would call a hermit, someone who almost never has been outside of her house. Due to this she knows very little people and very little off the normal life. The only knowledge she has about a normal life is that by hearing from others or reading it in a book, making her sound really insecure when meeting new people.

Phiola is also a virtuoso, she is a great musician, and has been practicing allmost her entire life, whenever she picks up an instrument she can learn to play the basics in a few days. Phiola has an absolute pitch, meaning she understand music when she hears it, and is able to replay it after hearing it, if she has the skill in the instrument that the song is played on that is.

Except from playing music, Phiola loves to read, to escape the world, to be on an adventure and to experience lots and lots of fun things, sometimes she is found reading till late in the night, resulting in a scolding. Phiola also likes to draw, she likes drawing new people she meets, or drawing how she thinks places look like, she has her wall full with her painting off great locations in the world she wants to visit.

Phiola is a day dreamer, sometimes she can just float away to the realm off dreams, thinking of a lot of things but not off the situation, when playing music she starts improvising or suddenly stops playing since she is lost in thoughts, because in her life she hasn't seen many people, she has no idea that this might iritate others, or any idea on how to stop this from happening.

Phiola is a caring girl, who doesn't like for others to do things for her, or wants to help them when they are hurt, she doesn't like to be dependant on others but know she is. She doesn't like it when hearing about wars or violence, but knows that at some points it cant be avoided.

Phiola isn't the most brave or talkative person in the world, she would most likely sit back in a conversation or discusion without stating her opinion or at least not saying much, this is one off the reasons why she likes Roderick so much, since he will allways stand up for her to make sure that she is alright. 

Phiola is a chilly person and feels cold a lot off the times, even though she tries to wear warm clothes there aren't many situations in where she feels warm. She is also used to an luxury live, Her parents pampered her a lot, giving her a lot of toys instruments, making her have not much of an idea off what money is worth.

Phiola has the wil to see more off the world, and escape the life where she is just at home and can't leave it, she can't wait for the day when Roderick will fulfill his promise and leave with him to see the world, together, or maybe even make more friends, she wants to entertain people with her music and see if she is really as good as the few who told her say she is.

Since Phiola has little knowledge about the outside world, she believes what other says really quickly, and is thus very manipulateable, though roderick tries to convince phiola shes not doing right when others try to take advantage off her.

A thing that phiola won't tell others, but roderick knows and takes adventage off is that she is really ticklish, she doesn't like being tickled, well she wants people to stop when they are doing it.

Character History

"There's a place I dream about where the sky's a deep blue. Roderick, will you take me there?"


Everyone in her home town looked up to the May family, who owned a giant mansion on the edge off town, the giant building and its plot was surounded by high walls, and the gates were guarded by multiple people wearing black suits.

The May family consisting out of marian and Gerald, where rich and prosperous and noble people, working hard and had earned their money by creating many sucesfull bussineses. They had tried to gain a daughter for many years and when Marian was finally pregnant, they felt really happy and great.

Gerald and Marian became father and mother of the tiny and fragile Phiola May, a young girl with already lots of hair for a little baby, which was of a brown colour. Her parents where intensly happy when they got their daughter. But where they prepared for raising a kid? They didn't had much time since they were both working a lot, on journeys a lot, and couldn't suddenly stop working.

The first months went quite well, since Marian still needed to restore from giving birth, but as soon as she could go back to work, her parents weren't as much at home as they had hoped for, Both being away for months the care of Phiola was put in the hands of the head maid of the May family, a somehwat older woman who had been working for the family, when her parents her parents had created their company, and ofcourse phiola would be their sucessor. Great plans were layed out for a girl, that couldn't even talk or walk yet, still didn't have her parents around a lot.

When Phiola grew up, she was around many maids and was teached a lot, still she always when in their living room was distracted by a big piano, the maid saw no harm in it, and started teaching the three year old girl, simple things she could do, when the maid played something, very quickly she knew how to play it as well, in years surpassing the maid, who wasn't a good piano player. the young Phiola was always making music, if it was drumming on the table, singing, or what ever she could. no one couldn't stop her from making music when she started on doing this.

Many things interested Phiola, those where all things that her parents didn't like, she loved the storys the maids read her, about the world, and about everything and all the great locations she could see, yet she wasn't allowed outside, her parents told her, that she wasnt safe, many people wanted to have the may family's riches, and at times their manor would be attacked, whenever that happened Phiola was brought to her room, with many of the maids, and guards, she didn't like this. She wanted to be alone and save, reading books, reading about adventures, and the wonderfull places in life it was so great in the story books there were told of a legend island in the sky called skypiea and people there were believed to have wings. She alsp read about an ocean more beautyfull then any other. She read those books so much that everyday she started to long more into going there. All she wished for was to play music and to experience the world.

The young girl hadn't been outside once, she longed to this, whenever she was in her room, she would open the window, and watch there garden, see cats walking around and birds fly, this was a great sight for her, she wondered if she ever could go outside, the maids were ordered to not leave her out at any cost, because the outside world held such a danger. To make up for not allowing her to go outside her parents bought her many gifts, one of them was a hand harp, a harp she could hold while playing, nice songs, she used to practice and sing in her room, with the window open which were great moments for her.

Her life consisted out of doing just a few things, playing music and singing, reading books, studying and painting, she longed to be outside every day, but her parents didnt trust this, they knew many people were after their money and letting the girl outside would only cause trouble, they didn't want this, and even if they really did feel very sorry for her they couldn't let her out, till she had a great personal guard and would be able to defend her self aswell. But trainings for that wouldn't start till she was sixteen, since they believed kids shouldn't come in contact with violence.

The older phiola became, the more she longed to be outside, her days werent too bad but they werent as fun as they could be, she wanted others to enjoy her music, not being one of the only to hear it. Yes their were maids, but they were working all the time aswell. The only times she could be herself were when an old lady would come over to teach her more piano, and a man to teach her more about the hand harp she had gotten, she loved those times since she could let others hear what she could do, she always felt so happy when others told her how good she was or enjoyed her playing.

when the young girl aged 9 something changed in her life, for her birthday a giant cart full of presents were brought in, a cart with a blanket on top stood in the hall and she was told to remove it and see what was inside, happily she opend it up and looked around, she saw so many toys and expensive things, and a plushie, the plushie looked so cute but was not wrapped, happily she looked at the plushie and picked it up, not paying much atention to all the other presents, she looked through all of them while the plushie was placed on a stair when she was placing all the new toys and items in her room she couldn't stop smiling when she saw the plushie.

Hello I am roderick, I waited sooo long to see youuu!

When phiola heard a voice she let out a little scream and fell on her bum, a maid rushed upstairs to see what was wrong, '' Lady Phiola, is something wrong'' She said in a formal way and Phiola shaked her head, soon after this the Maid left her.

You don't have to be scared Phiola, I won't hurt you, I heard about you, that you never been outside and I am going to keeep you company, a lot of it, Oh my name is roderick, I am sooo happy to meet you. Roderick said as he jumped up from the chair and walked around to shake Phiolas hand.

H-hello Rod-derick Phiola stuttered a bit shy and a bit suprised from the whole situation, she saw that the plushie put out his hand and she gently shaked it. 

I heard you were a greeaaat musician, and you can plaay really really well, Won't you play something for me Phiolaaa? Roderick said on a friendly but slightly begging tone.

Kinda suprised the young girl nodded and smiled a bit, O-okay roderick I will she said on her usualy shy and soft tone, as she walked to the piano and started playing her song, she sang and played and was really happy, she had now someone who was interested in her playing, she could sing and play for, she forgot he was a plushie, to her he felt like a human or a brother or a great friend, she was just really happy.

After the song roderick clapped and cheered a bit, Which made phiola smile a lot. Phiola do you want to become friends, and stay together forever and longer?, but we can't tell anyone else about me okay? 

She nodded happily and smiled '' Y-yes Roderick, that would make me soo happy'' she said really enthousiasticly and picked him up and cuddled him. This was one of the best days in her life, she never found someone that was this interested in her and cared so much about her.

After this the two would talk a lot, at the evening phiola would tell roderick about her dreams, and roderick would tell her about his adventures on sea. they quickly became great friends. and promised each other to never leave eachother. They became great friends and phiola couldn't imagine a life without roderick, couldn't imagine a life without her human plushie.

Months later When talking about locations Phiola wanted to see, and skypiea and all blue came in the conversation and roderick stood up, Phiola one day I will show you the world, I will show you all blue and skypiea and many beautyfull places. you are someone who won't abbandon me, someone who respects me and doesn't fear me and I am going to protect you. One day we will laeve your stupid house and Go and enjoy our lives, I am going to cook you the greatest meals and you play us the best music, and I will make sure lots of people will enjoy your music okay? Phiola got suprised, tears form happyness streamed out of her eyes and she cuddled roderick again. How are we ever going to escape roderick, and are you sure its safe, mom and dad wont even let me outside in the garden. Roderick then put his hand on her mouth. Phiola as long as I am with you, you will be safe, I will do everything to keep you safe. I promise

In the following months the two spent lots of time in the house continueing the everyday routine but also trying to think up the ideal escape plan. 

months later, Phiola met with rudy, who somehow was barging into her house joining a gang in attempt of robbery, though rudy only got mashed up they managed to escape, and then left continueing their journey.


Phiola is a virtuoso, she is a great musician, and has been practicing almost her entire life, whenever she picks up an instrument she can learn to play the basics in a few days. 

Absolute Pitch.
Phiola has an absolute pitch, meaning she understand music when she hears it, and is able to replay it after hearing it, if she has the skill in the instrument that the song is played on that is.


"As Long as I have my music with me I'll be happy"

Hand Held Harp

Weapon Description:
Roderick - Roderick is a beige colored plushie, which resembles a bunny. His long ears and little button nose, complete this resemblance. On his arm is and on his ear are a yellow star patch, and on his leg is a pink one, the little star above his eye is of a blue colour.  These patches are places that he has been injured, and would be like a scar to him, but Phiola thought that patches would be cuter. Roderick has a little bit of  brown hair on his head, that's grows in a bit of a spiky way. his plushie body is very furry and soft. On his arms and legs there are seems that show where he was stitched, Roderick wears a long brown jacket that covers him till his his hips, beneath this he wears a black pair of pants that were sewed for him by Phiola. On the back he has a little fluffy tail.

Handheld Harp - This is a simple musical instrument. A black U shaped instrument with a number of strings made for plucking to release its lyrical sound. The strings are almost transparent with a hint of white to them which gives of a nice small difference in colour to the colour of the main body of the harp.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Roderick - Hito Hito no Mi User

Hand Held Harp - N/A

Weapon History:
Roderick's History:
Roderick A plushie resembling a bunny, his long ears and fluffy body are loved by children, and so it was loved by Professor Eric Lan's daughter, the 6 year old Masey, who got the plushie for her birthday, the young girl happily talked to Roderick daily, every day she would tell him about school about what she liked and what she disliked, of course at this point he had no idea about that yet, but soon this began to chance, how older she grew the less interested she became, even though she hadn't much friends because she lived far from others she spent most time with her new pet dog, bought for her by her father.

Her father was a researcher and a professor, in his lab he did various tests regarding devil fruits and adding these on weapons, or items to see what the consequences would be, himself he didn't want a devils curse and so he tested, at one night looking for something well enough to test on he found the plushie his daughter had named Roderick, lying in a corner being dusty and all, thinking she wouldn't mind he placed the plushie in a box, after tis he put the fruit in a blender, turning it into mere juice, after pouring the juice over Roderick, slowly the plushie began absorbing it.

The plushie came to live and started walking around slowly. Roderick discovered many things, and the professor in secret taught Roderick many things, from human speech to manners and to fight as well, but the most important thing in his opinion that he had learned, was how to cook, he wanted someone for his daughter who could cook and be a servant and a friend, he taught him basic things, and let him read many cook books, he couldn't make the best dishes, but he could make really tasty things, he could only eat in his human or hybrid form but he didn't care about that, it was something special for him to cook, he loved to cook and to smell all those herbs and spices, he likes to cook spicy things, and to make pies and pastry. the professor had intended for him to be the guard of his daughter, that's why he was trained to fight, fighting using his forms and his fists, learning how to do a bit of karate and martial arts he got quick and could fight quite well, nothing too strong he was trained to be a guardian of the professors daughter, but when after a few months Roderick was shown to the daughter she became scared of him, seeing him talk, the professor had hoped for her to like the plushie again but this was not the case, feeling rejected Roderick wanted to go out, and find someone who would like him, someone who he could help and protect, at night he crept out of the lab and left.

After months of walking around, seeing various places, and lifting on ships as a plushie of daughters of rich merchants, he got to see the world, when the parents would be around he would say nothing, but when he was alone with kids, he would talk, sometimes scaring kids, sometimes making them happy, he never stood somewhere long enough, because he was lost interest in and so the search for a perfect friend continued.

Stumbling up on an island he heard many rumors of a girl, who was never able to leave a house, the house was like a castle and there were many guards, everyone in town was talking about the little girl, who seemed to be a great musician as well, some stated she was sad others stated she was sick, nothing was known and so rumors were found, Roderick now knew who his perfect friend would be, he would look for the girl and show her the world he had seen so far, he wanted to make someone happy with his presence and he hoped that this girl would be perfect for that.

For months he tried to enter the building, for months he tried to see the girl, he climbed in trees and saw her playing piano on the room, eaves dropping to hear her great playing every day he would hear her , he soon got  an idea, when the guards would switch shifts, when goods were brought in and when her birthday was, lots of things were shipped in, including a wagon full of presents, this was the perfect chance, the bunny plushie secretly crept in and waited for the wagon to be brought inside.

As all the presents were lead into the marvelous big house and the blanket was removed, he for the first time saw Phiola up close, the first thing Phiola saw was the plushie as well, her parents were displeased with this , there were giant presents costing tons more then the plushie, she took a liking to, did they even order it, they weren't sure but as long as she was happy with it, it was okay.

When on her room it all began, he was placed on the piano and she was playing, and singing for him she had no idea he was alive, till he began clapping at first she was afraid but soon after she became happy to have a new friend, hiding this from her parents they always were together, she showed him the books, and the great places they wanted to see, the island in the sky: Skypiea, the most beautiful ocean with the nicest fish and corals: All Blue, and many more beautiful places, he wanted to take her along and make her happy, he was happy as well finding the best friend in the world, his duty wouldn't be fulfilled till he had made the young girl happy, and he would always protect her. He knew she was even less acquainted with humans then he was and found it sad, this girl, who was so nice deserved to be outside deserved better then this, he was going to make her happy, and promised this to her.

Hand Held Harp - The hand held harp for Phiola came from her many years playing music in her life she was given the harp as one of the many musical instruments she always enjoyed playing and learned to only get better with time among the various other instruments she had with her. This however was the easiest one to take with her on the night she left her manor home for a life of adventure among the seas with Roderick at her side.

Combat Information

"Music can be just as dangerous as a blade"

Weapon Based Combat:

Verse I - The Touch of a Tamer:
Phiola plucks the strings on her harp in such a precise rhythmic way the tune she plays is one that allows her to charm animals and put them at ease. Once she has done that, depending on how she plays next depends on what mood she sends the creature into. Such as playing aggressively will make the creature angry & ferocious, whilst sad tunes will make the creature much more lethargic. But due to Phiola being the source of music she will not be the target of the beast. 

Verse II -Lullaby off the dreamer:
Phiola plays a song on her harp which can send people to sleep or make them incredibly drowsy. 

Verse III - Song off sorrow:
Phiola plays a song which has a special effect on all who hear it as it tends to generate a numb feeling in their body allowing them a form of anesthetic via music.

Verse IV - A ballad off hope:
Phiola plays an up tempo song, which grants those who hear it a huge adrenaline rush.

Verse VI - Specter Solo:
Using her modified harp, Phiola plays a somber tune which utilizes the powers of vibration constantly rushing through the harp itself and focuses them into one isolated part attached to the harp before she aims them at a specific object and flicks a switch on the side releasing the vibrations into a specific direction to either impact a small tremor, blunt attack upon someone | something or uses it to move objects via the vibrations.

Verse VII - Sound of silence:
Using the attachments on the harp once more Phiola strikes the harp once quickly with such ferocity that all who hear the ghastly sound it makes will be deafened for a short period of time. It is loud enough to shatter glass instantly and sends agony to all whom in the vicinity and stuns them momentarily almost like a flash bang grenade.

Verse VIII - Melody of Monsters:
Using another additional attachment to the harp this ability stores the vibrations as kinetic energy thanks to a piece of new technology. It takes a while to store up but depending on how many posts it has been storing up depends on the devastating force that can be unleashed. 
(1 post = simple blunt impact)
(5 posts = hit by a large wave)
(10 posts = cannon ball strike)
(20 posts = Tremor | Tsunami)
(50 Buster Call!)

Hito Hito

Hito Hito: Throw Of Hope
Phiola throws Roderick who lands on the enemy in his heavy form or in his human form with his arms to hit on someone's head.

Hito Hito:Bunny Bowling
Bowling the balled up plushie Roderick he rolls like a bowling ball growing into a much bigger form by the time he hits his target.


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