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Jack Kazama

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Approved Jack Kazama

Post by DreadFate on September 5th 2016, 09:08

General Information

"You know about me, hm?"

Name: Jack Kazama
Epithet: "Mystical Swordsman", "Masked Mystic"
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue - Ilusia Kingdom
Species: Human
Orientation: Right-handed

(Crew won't be introduced until later on.)
Crew: Mystic Pirates
Occupation: Swordsman.
Rank: Captain
Bounty: 12,000,000
Crimes Committed: Killing marines, terrorism of a village, attempted attack on marine base, theft, association with pirate criminals.
Allegiance: Pirate
• To become powerful, to keep what's precious to him.
• To master his devil fruit.

Character Information

"Why are you so interested?"


A masked man stands before you, standing at 5'9" tall with sharp eyes and a red cape, which extends to a hoodie covering the masked mans hair, his top is mostly covered by his red cape, but from what can be seen through the front of his body is iron armor. This armor can also be seen on his arm extending to his hands, and down from his legs to his feet, on the top of his body a red jewelry with red stones can be seen.

On his back, he appears to have a sword that is placed into a sheath, from what you can tell of the hilt it is somewhat well decorated, crafted beautifully in a way.

Under the mask, is a pale, dark-haired male but he dons the mask because of his history.
Jack is interested in events that usually don't happen, he likes big events that happen or things out of the ordinary. A devil fruit would be an example. He is an explorer, likes to uncover and figure out situations. He was respectful when needed but he was sheltered, he grew up in a noble family living a life with privilege he didn't have much experience. But he liked the littlest things such as being home on his own, walking around town on his own without his parents worrying, to feel excitement basically. But this changed when he consumed a Devil Fruit.

After eating the devil fruit, he started to use it to manipulate objects around his "Room", however he didn't feel satisfied, that this wasn't the full potential of this power... he started to imagine the power he could have with such a fruit, this changed him into an arrogant person, now believing that he has a power similar to a God, believing with this power nobody could stop him, that he'll get what he wants, if he wants it.

He isn't too mean however, he usually minds his own business and does what he needs to do without anyone getting in his way. But if you piss him off or take something from him, he'll hold a grudge against you.

Character History

"My past is none of your concern."

He was born in Ilusia Kingdom, in West Blue. Jack grew to a life of privilege to a noble family, he was very sheltered and shy as a young kid, but growing up near a marine base he saw posters that inspired him to be something great, he at first wanted to be some form of hero, thinking it was what he wanted but growing up that ideal changed, he wanted to be a cut above the rest and not just some mindless noble with money. He grew up with a decent education but with the ideal of being strong, with his parents permission he started to hire swordsmen to train him in proficiently using a sword. He has shown good potential to using a sword, considered of the possibly that Jack may grow up to be a great swordsman.

However, Jack's parents locked this idea out, as they wanted something better for his son then to be some unrecognized foot soldier for the marines. Jack despised his parents for doing so and decided to get powerful through other means. Instead he asked his parents if they could buy him a Devil Fruit, in Jack's studies he read about devil fruits in a book, fruits that gave unimaginable power and he wanted one, his parents believing that they weren't real and wanted to satisfy Jack for their previous attempt of locking away his dream, thought it would be a nice thing to do.

Several weeks later the parents finally came to surprise Jack with a devil fruit, they claim that they bought it off a man who just wanted it gone, off his hands. Jack quickly ate it but he didn't feel anything. He was disappointed but his parents re-assured him, that it was at least worth trying, thinking this was the end of any ideals of him going to battle when he grows up... instead, in the next couple of days he's shown to create a weird sphere, a small blue see-able room. His parents were shocked and couldn't believe that devil fruits actually existed.

Jack's parents immediately tried to find solutions to this problem, even contacting the nearby marine base for help, the sad news was given to them however, is that a devil fruit user stays a devil fruit user for life. Jack wasn't panicking about this however, he was having fun with his new power, he even showed it to his friends and they were amazed. But his parents scolded him for not taking the situation seriously, they didn't want him to grow up with such a weird power.

He was restricted from using his power, but in secret when it was bedtime, over the years he trained with it. Over the years the sphere grew bigger and bigger, he was having fun until one day... he accidentally swapped the door with the chair, trying to lie that he busted down the door by accident when his parents saw it was gone, they questioned how it was perfectly removed from the sides without a sign of force or at least one chip of the door, they came to the conclusion that he in-fact used his power. They offered Jack a new deal, that he can go sword-training on the condition that he never uses the power for any reason, and with this he was granted a personal sword from his family, the best money can buy. A well-made stylized sword, this deal lasted for years until Jack became 18 years old, now proficient in his power and definitely in swordsmanship, he wanted to test it... with the power of his devil fruit and his sword, his ideals started to twist, he no longer liked the idea to be a hero or marine of some sort, but to just have power. He wanted to see what else he could do with his fruit, he wanted to test his powers with real people but not to actually hurt them, so he thought it would be a good idea to attack an outside village but not with the intention of actually hurting them.

He asked his parents for a mask and red robes for a costume party, which he actually used to disguise himself to attack the village on the island, he sneaked out at night and with the sphere, he flew around smaller objects everywhere near the town, throwing it around and practising his sword against houses and set-up targets which were small objects he kept up in the air with his devil fruit.

Soon after, news of a masked troublemaker spread fast, a man with a weird power of moving objects around. Jack's parents immediately knew who the culprit was. They finally decided to dis-own him as they thought of him as too much trouble. 

Jack was kicked out, thrown along with his costume and sword. After being the one reported for attacking the town the other day, everyone started to treat Jack like dirt, he attempted to sell his sword and costume to the merchants but none of them would buy it because of what he did. After he was starving, fully knocked out on the ground but later on he was actually restored back to health by an anonymous stranger, Jack looked around his surroundings to find that he was actually in some underground place.

It turns out it was a local pirate crew, who were interested in his case. Jack talked to the crewman about why he rescued Jack, he stated that the captain was interested, usually they would've just taken his sword to sell it but they heard that Jack had a weird power, one where he can switch objects around. He was offered a place to stay, food, in return he would join the crew and become a weapon for the captain to use, being told that Jack would be worth helping with the power he has, Jack accepted this deal, seeing as it's either that or going back to die on the streets.

Over the course of 2 years, he performed a few jobs here and there for the crew, usually involves stealing or damaging something in his hometown, but as he started to get out more and more in his costume performing these jobs, people started to remember who he was, the guy who attacked the town 2 years ago and immediately informed the nearby marine base of his involvement in the recent crimes. When Jack returned back to his hideout with his pirate crew he was now friendly with, going for a sleep he woke up to the sounds of screams and swords clashing. He put on his costume and wielded his sword to check what was going on, and it was marines killing his crewmates, Jack didn't want to get involved until they finally went, thinking all pirates were killed... Jack was pissed off, Jack kept losing things he liked and he was powerless to stop it... out of rage, he attacks the marine base but to very little avail, only killing about three or four, Jack easily got outnumbered and decided to run away, using his devil fruit along the way to try and distract the marines. 

He vowed to get stronger from that point, to not depend on others ever again. He wanted to gain power that would let him never lose anything precious to him again, because of his nature at this point he became arrogant, paranoid and questioning many things, he successfully fled the island and is currently sailing on the seas, he knows at this point if he truly wishes to best others, he needs to master his devil fruit, that's the only potential for such a dream, he doesn't despise his parents however for what they did, as he would like to return to them one day to thank them for giving Jack his weapon.


Swordsman: Training with hired swordsmen for many years, Jack has gotten some tips of using his blade, learning later on how to use it in combination with his fruit, his style in swordsmanship involves being quick, actually getting the hits in before the enemy has time to retaliate. 


"This? this is a proud blade."

Weapon: Evoca

Weapon Description:
A sword crafted with special care, meant to represent Jack's families symbol, with a yellow part at the bottom, with a red and gold spheres running across the hilt, on the crossguard is a bent metal to the sides, despite how it looks the hilt is meant to be comfortable to use, the blade has dark metal with a red stone near the hilt.

Weapon History: Jack's parents bought this sword, requesting it to be personally made with extra care, and to represent their family, it was bought and crafted expecting to be the best that the town had to offer. It was believed to be crafted with special steel but it's unknown or specified what type of steel it actually is.

Jack used this sword in his training years as a swordsman, Jack takes great pride in such a weapon because it was a precious gift from his parents to him, they saw that Jack actually wanted to be some form of fighter and even though they only allowed it to quell him on his use of his Devil fruit, he is very thankful to them for buying it for him.

Devil Fruit Information

"A magnificent power, is it not?"

Devil Fruit Name: Ope-Ope no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1
No matter the level, it'll take one post to start up the room and a second post to use it's power on somebody.
He can only do most of these abilities in his "Room"
1: Can make a 10 metre room, only capable of lifting small objects and swapping objects around in the Room.
2: Can make a 20 metre room, now capable of lifting medium-sized objects around the room and can now swap with people.
3: Can make a 30 metre room, now capable of lifting higher-sized objects around the room and can cut people's limbs off without actually hurting them, and a new ability to randomly fly around objects in his room to confuse the enemy.
4: Can make a 40 metre room, now capable of lifting large-sized objects around the room, and can now teleport in his room without switching with another object or person.
5: Can make a 50 metre room, can now push people's hearts out of their chest without actually killing them, and stamina is less used for generating the Room.
Devil Fruit Abilities
The major thing the user has to do before performing any of his abilities is to generate a "sphere" nicknamed as Room, this is the major point as to how he can perform his abilities, as it requires objects or people to be in his room for his power to be efficient.

In his Room, the user can switch objects with other objects or people with other people, or objects with people, switching their exact locations and at a higher level he can teleport himself anywhere in his Room without the use of an object or person, he can also lift the objects in his room, this can be used to throw objects at great force towards an enemy.

At higher levels, he can also cut off limbs in his Room without actually hurting the person themselves, and then shuffling random objects in his room to confuse an enemy.

If the user were to cut off the limb somehow of a Logia devil fruit user, that limb won't carry the devil fruits defense, meaning it can be harmed, however the logia users full body without that cut off limb will still be in full devil fruit defense.

So in other words, his Room gives him total control over everything as long as it's in his sphere.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses

The user can only use it's powers on people who are in Jack's Room, so if they are outside the Room they are unaffected by Jack's devil fruit powers.

Room depletes the users stamina if used too much, especially if going to the range limit of the Room.

The user is weak to Seastone, if an opponent were to have haki they have better resistance to Ope's power, also Logia's are immune to Ope's powers directly.

Standard Devil Fruit Weakness's

Combat Information

"Resistance is futile."

Unarmed Combat: If by some chance Jack were to be separated from his sword, he would still be able to use his Devil Fruit to distract the opponent with his powers until he can retrieve it back. Other then this he would simply throw punches at the enemy as he isn't very well trained when it comes to unarmed combat.

Weapon Based Combat: With Evoca, Jack's sword for swordsmanship, outside the use of his devil fruit. He is shown to be a quick, agility type swordsman, making sure his hits get in.

Dashing Slash: Makes a quick step towards the enemy, bringing his sword on either the right or left depending on where the opponent is, then slashing them.

Destructive Slash: Jack begins to start rotating his blade until it starts to get extremely fast, then re-directing the force of the speed onto the enemy with the blade.

Uppercut: Standing in-front of his opponent, he jumps off the ground with his blade in-front of him, jumping high in the air, this ability is useful if an enemy is in the air for some reason.

Fierce Slashes: Doing a fast 4-hit combo in-front of him, this is meant to hit fast and not give the enemy any time to react.


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Approved Re: Jack Kazama

Post by Deviant on September 5th 2016, 23:24

• Jack's goals: 
• To become powerful, to break any limits to his power.
• Gain a position of power that is recognized worldwide.
• Explore the mysteries of the world. 

What is the reason behind these? 

Please explain in the history of your character.

• Occupation: 
Jack has nothing mentioned in his history about being an archaeologist.

For what reason did Jack choose to suddenly attack the village when he was so inspired by Marine posters.

• Weapon: 
Special abilities for weapons are things such as being made of sea stone, having dials placed within them etc... being a weapon used whilst in conjuncture with a devil fruit power doesn't make the weapon special.

Weapon history needs to be longer. It is the sword's history. Where has it come from what has it been used for etc...

•Devil Fruit: 

Devil Fruit abilities are where you write what the fruit is capable of doing not the techniques.

For devil fruit weaknesses you missed out Haki & Sea Stone as well.

• Combat: 
This is where you list and detail the techniques.

Please do not copy & paste techniques, descriptions & names, come up with your own.

Also for someone who has been trained as a proficient swordsman I would except them to be able to know a few sword techniques. So far it only appears that Jack is heavily reliant on his devil fruit power.


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Approved Re: Jack Kazama

Post by DreadFate on September 6th 2016, 10:32

I've removed the Archaeologist occupation, as it makes no sense for Jack as a character, sorry about that.

I also fixed up the story a bit, adding a more clear purpose as to why he has the dreams he do have now, which I updated as well, I edited the dreams.

The weapon has more of a backstory now which I hope is good enough.

I fixed up the devil fruit section as I explain on a more better scale as to what the devil fruit can do, instead of just specific moves explaining what it will do.

Is there anything else that needs to be edited right or is everything okay?

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Approved Re: Jack Kazama

Post by Deviant on September 6th 2016, 23:18

Unless stated otherwise

However a devil fruit weakness isn't to use a high level of busoshoku Haki. It's haki of any level.

Also this is approvable for a first character.


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Approved Re: Jack Kazama

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