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Getting Started

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Getting Started Empty Getting Started

Post by Deviant on June 30th 2016, 09:02

Starting Your Journey

The first things in your journey to become top dog since it's what we're all here to do is to learn the first few important things.

You are a user have a default setting of 500 RF Points which is basically currency like Beli which you'll need to spend if you want to purchase specific things such as specific devil fruits, ships, weaponry or even characters if you're into that sort of thing. You can make more RF Points by doing jobs for others, taking part in competitions or even placing bets on fights in the arena. It's worth a shot!

One: Create your character in the character creation section be it Pirate, Marine or Bounty Hunter and once you've finished throw them up for grading.

Two: If you wish to have any devil fruits apply for them in the devil fruit request form and a moderator will roll the dice to see if you are indeed successful or unsuccessful. Or you can create your own fruit which you will not have to roll for. Just make sure it's not a blatant copy of another cannon fruit.

Three: If your character fights with weapons get down to the weapon section and create it unless there is nothing special about it and it's just an ordinary sword or pistol with a specific design then write it in the weapon part of the character sheet.

Four: Decide what you're character's going to do. Join a crew? Lead a crew? Or just go solo like the badass they are. To join or create a crew look in the create a crew section and get busy.

Five: Find yourself a thread to roleplay in and have fun. Just make sure you have permission to join the thread, unless it's through use of a justice perk then get down on it and catch the Navy some scoundrels.

Six: Have a great time!

Getting Started XfYcfd1

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