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Roleplaying Code Of Conduct

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Roleplaying Code Of Conduct Empty Roleplaying Code Of Conduct

Post by Deviant on June 30th 2016, 09:19

Role Playing Rules

Role playing is done by numerous people all over the world and some do it in many different ways. This is the part where we explain how role playing is done here.

First off some rules on what isn't allowed:

  • Godmodding - Calling hits on characters you do not control.
  • Auto Dodging | Teleporting - Magically avoiding every attack just because.
  • Meta Gaming - Don't use information that your character has no way of knowing just because you as a role player know it.
  • Logic - Please use it.
  • Language Barriers - This is an English role playing website & the majority of users here speak English, we don't expect perfect English & Grammar but please try your best if English isn't your first language.

We try to maintain a level of continuity here on this site to avoid strange things happening with characters as we want your characters to feel like they are building and growing and not just having a series of adventures which are all mish mash scrambled like a time traveler.

  • If you are in one thread already your character cannot be in another thread except for SITE EVENTS.
  • If your character gains any injuries please take them into account and do not disregard them. Injuries will make some things such as fighting harder.
  • With things such as Haki | Sea Stone etc. Please take into account that not everyone and their mothers has them both.
  • Please try to avoid holding up threads if you are able to post please do.

With the serious stuff out of the way now it's on to explaining the type of threads that can be created by you the users of this site.

OPEN If you post OPEN in the thread title of your role playing adventure then this is an indication that the thread is open to anyone and everyone to enter as they wish.

SERIOUS When putting SERIOUS in the title it means that only people who have been invited to this thread may join or that it is a specific story thread which is not to be interfered with unless of course the Justice Perk is initiated.

RUMBLE Placing RUMBLE in the title means that this is a thread which is not cannon and anything which happens in the fight has no affect on the characters in terms of their actual journey. It is just a fight between two characters for bragging rights which should be posted in the Battle Arena.

SOLO This means that the thread is a solo thread for a user who wishes to write up their own thread for their own character. Much like writing a story they have the choice to move at their own pace without having to wait for other people to post.

SITE EVENTS Posting SITE EVENT in the title usually means anyone can enter the thread given they are able to join and not caught up on the other side of the planet an their arrival is out of place. Moderators & Admin only can create site events but given a good reason for your character or crew to have one you may pass the message on to a mod and ask them about it and mostly if there is good reasoning behind it we will allow them the moderator will throw up the first post to set the scene after receiving details about it from the user who wishes to have a site event.

JUSTICE PERK This is a perk which allows specific characters to jump into specific threads. When a thread is underway and all the people who are allowed to be in it are none others should be int he thread, however if a crime has been committed by one of the PC (Playable Characters) another user's character may join the thread via a Justice Perk. The character however must be of one of the following occupations: Marine, Bounty Hunter, Cipher Pol Agent. If they are a criminal then they may not. Upholders of justice do not request permission to arrest you, they just do it and now so can you with the Justice Perk!

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