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Approved Kumatetsu

Post by Deviant on January 2nd 2018, 02:40

General Information
"Best to live fast, because at my rate I might not live to see tomrrow"

Name: Kumatetsu
Epithet: "Terrorist Tetsu"
Age: 29
Gender:  Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left-Handed
Theme Tune: Explosion
Crew: Dog Ear Pirates
Ship:  Playful Griffin
Occupation:  Scout | Saboteur
Bounty: Kumatetsu 0mvFA 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Break Maximus free
• Explore the world

Character Information
"These are the days of our lives right?"

Dog Ears Jolly Roger:

Kumatetsu SrgNbuw

Kumatetsu's Traditional Appearance:

Kumatetsu Image

Kumatetsu is not the biggest built person, but he has a hell of an explosive look with red hot orange hair small fang like teeth which are on display when he opens his thin lipped mouth and skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. Or at least it looks that way. He has a set of blue eyes one of which is covered up by an eye patch due to an accident when he was younger. his other eye isn't disfigured, just he can't see out of it and the eye looks sore. He has very pale skin with a set of hoop ear rings hanging from each ear and brown leather head band with bears over it. Across his torso he wears a turquoise t-shirt under a black jacket with red trims and a large collar. He has a scarf which reaches around his neck and torso which is a burgundy colour. Over his hands Kumatetsu wears materials wrapped around his palms and wrists to provide protection as well as a cool look. Around his waist Kumatetsu wears a thick brown leather belt which hangs lowly on one side with a large golden belt buckle. His trousers are the same as his jacket black with red trims and he wear a set of large militant but stylish looking black boots which has a steel toe cap although on the tip there is a set of red flames seen billowing back down towards the rest of the boot. Hanging from his left leg on the side is a peculiar looking satchel straps to his waist | leg instead of a strap over his shoulder in which he keeps his tricks of the trade of being a saboteur and a scout.

New World Appearance:
Kumatetsu's appearance has changed vastly from what he previous wore. Ditching most of the old outfit except for the eye patch Kumatetsu now wears a set of loose fitting charcoal boots which sit over the top of the bottom of his skinny black jeans. These jeans have a white symbol over the left leg leading up just over the knee. The symbol is a series of clockwork cogs however each cog has a skull in the middle of it. Around the waist he has a small brown custom made satchel for his Koneko Tsume. Kumatetsu wears a burgandy t-shirt with a bandoleer | saddle bag which hangs over his torso. Over his right pectoral muscle is the saddle bag which holds his explosive devices. Around his neck he wears a black neckerchief which when he pulls it up over the bottom of his face reveals the bottom half of a bright red skull. Kumatetsu no longer wears the large hoop ear rings and hair is now slightly longer. He still wears the same the same brown leather head band.


Kumatetsu is a hot headed rebel who hates being told how to live his life. He lives life on a whim and is always open to new experiences. A real danger to have as part of a plan unless it accounts for his rebelliousness. Loyal as can be he tends to put his bonds with people ahead of everything else, however the second a figure of authority steps in front he will do everything he can to avoid acknowledging them and to piss them off.

Strong minded and determined he will always push forward with his best foot, but never takes enough time to think things through properly unless it is to do with his speciality. His speciality is explosives. Never one to make a wrong miscalculation with them he always comes out on the other side looking good and skilled, it's just a shame that he's unable to pick up anything else as quickly. A real master of destruction it's as if he was physically crafted for the job.

It's just a shame he has no idea how to stick to or even come up with his own plans. Kumtetsu was born in a world of fire and destruction which has been burned into his mind and soul.

Character History
"Everyday I inhale in the embers of the present as it burns and exhale ashes of my past"


Kumatetsu was born into a world of destruction, fire and constant war. Born in the middle of a battle on an island that was tearing itself in two Kumatetsu quickly grew to learn how to look after himself and defend himself against anyone who would take what they could from him. At an early age he was unfortunate enough to lose his parents due to the simple fact that the constant war was quick to snatch lives away from all who dare stand up for themselves.

They were snatched from Kumatetsu as he reached the age of nine. But in a war torn world it was hard to salvage a living which is what led to Kumatetsu's eye being damaged. He would often spend days searching ruins and bodies for whatever he could use and as time would go on he would spend days hungry unable to find food. He did his best to keep himself out of harm but when food is so scarce you have to make hard decisions and the choice that was eventually made was that to steal from bigger camps.

Attempting such a feat, Kumatetsu knew that he risked being hurt or worse killed and upon his attempt to get his hands on some food from a camp Kumatetsu was unfortunately discovered. Refusing to back down though, Kumatetsu charged angrily with little to no care for his own self worth and this is where he made his first mistake that he would learn from.


The fight was over quickly and it ended with Kumatetsu being jabbed in the eye which very quickly severed connections to his eye rendering it useless.

Being left for dead in tears outside the camp Kumatetsu was sent on his way hungry, injured and nearing death's door and suffice to say he didn't make it very far either. The naval soldier's camp continued prepping their forces and making their plans as the young boy who'd attempted to steal their food made his way towards their enemies.

The Shadow Claw Revolutionaries.

Before long Kumatetsu passed out during his search and was discovered by revolutionaries who were members of the Shadow Claws. Taking the young one in and providing the right treatment, Kumtetsu survived, his eye was treated and bandaged up, he was fed and finally he was given a few days to rest his aching body. Spending his days being looked after by the revolutionaries he quickly formed a bond with the doctors and the guy who found him, Maximus. Kumatetsu was told that as a child it wasn't right for him to spend his days in this war torn country and that he should be somewhere safe.

As much as he agreed Kumatetsu decided that if he hurt himself he could stay and went out of his way to start injuring himself. From broken legs to fractured collar bones as soon as he got better he would find a ledge and leap from it to injure himself again. He quickly became renowned as a nightmare patient who continuously injured himself. Maximus questioned why Kumatetsu kept injuring himself and after a few attempts to get it out of him Kumatetsu finally gave in explaining that as soon as he healed and had to leave that then Kumatetsu wouldn't be able to spend time with him anymore.

Laughing it off Maximus said that the two of them should make the most of their time whilst he had it then and Maximus started spending his time hanging out with Kumatetsu whilst he healed, but to avoid just wasting time he would bring with him things to do that would aid his role in the revolution.

Over the course of months Kumatetsu started watching how Maximus would build his bombs and listen to his war stories which made him smile. Without even knowing it though he started to pick things up from Maximus and even started thinking about fighting in the revolutionary war when he was old enough. But with the time that Kumatetsu spent with Maximus he'd forgotten all about injuring himself and healed up.

He was told he would have to leave and that a pirate crew had been called in to take Kumatetsu and deliver him somewhere safe.

Understanding Kumatetsu unwillingly boarded the ship saying goodbye to Maximus and wishing him luck. As a promise to Kumatetsu due to their friendship Maximus promised to Kumatetsu that when the war was over he'd come find him and the two would hang out as friends. Taking this to heart Kumatetsu couldn't wait for the war to be over.

Aboard the hip Kumatetsu quickly became friendly with the pirates and one who took him under his wing decided to show him what it was he did aboard the ship. Kumatetsu would often be found in the crow's nest with the telescope looking all around at the large open blue and beautiful sights. The pirate who'd shown him this also taught him how to climb and said how in his family when something big was accomplished such as his son graduating they would fire off fireworks and it was a tradition that had been carried with him aboard the ship.

Kumatetsu explained to the pirate what had happened on the island and what he'd learned from Maximus, he was told that he shouldn't know things such as that, but never to forget it because if time came he might one day need it. Smiling he asked why they became pirates and Kumatetsu loved the answer so much he took this to heart too. 'I do as I please and not as others demand.'

Arriving at the island that Kumatetsu was to be left on at the orphanage the pirate who had become friends with Kumatetsu set off a celebration of fireworks. The celebration was for a farewell to Kumatetsu.

Refusing to leave he took the words that came from his friend's mouth to heart and stood before the ship's edge as the fireworks soared into the air. Grabbing one of the rockets and pointing it at the crew with a match in hand, Kumatetsu shouted at the top of his lungs.


Laughing at his words the crew agreed and took Kumatetsu on board as their comrade of whom would work as their scout. Avoiding being caught committing crimes and being seen as a threat Kumatetsu spent his next few years aboard the ship. On his 20th he discovered that Maximus had been captured by the marines and thrown into prison.

Still holding on to the promise that he would come see him one day Kumatetsu took this as a sign for him to leave the crew. He'd enjoyed himself and felt a valued member of the crew, but now he had his own dreams to accomplish and one of those was rescuing Maximus from the prison he'd been locked up in.


Explosives Expert
Kumatetsu learned how to craft explosives from Maximus the revolutionary who would spend time with him and as he told him stories Kumatetsu would watch him put together bombs and started learning how to do it himself. He even attempted it a couple of times and eventually perfected it to the point that he could use it as a proper skill aboard the pirate ship he'd been a crew member of.

Adept Climber | Parkour
Spending time aboard a pirate ship Kumtetsu became friends with the scout who taught him his trade. Kumatetsu enjoyed the climbing as much as the reward of what he could see when he reached the top and each time he found himself in a new part of the blue, Kumatetsu sped up the mast to look around. The wonders of the world were really beginning to fascinate him, more so he could wait to climb various other vantage points and see the reward they had to offer.

"These are my tools of destruction"

Weapon Koneko Tsume

Weapon Description: The Koneko Tsume is a black tactical baton which reaches two feet in length once extended. There is a small black strap which the user can wrap around their wrist or even connect on to their clothing through belt loops to hang from their clothing. On the tip there is a small silver claw which can be used like a hook. This tip can be removed to reveal a 15 foot retractable steel thread inside allowing the baton to be used similar to a whip when the tip is removed.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Koneko Stretch
The Koneko Tsume has a whip like feature allowing the weapon to extend its reach and be used to even aid in swinging from platform to platform or climbing up walls. The whip like feature is a 15 foot steel thread that is retractable and resides inside the rest of the tactical baton, mainly in the hilt at the bottom coiled up like a snake due to the fact that it is quite long and rather thick.

Steel Thread
Crafted with a steel thread the Koneko Tsume is a very resilient device which has warrior capability to it as the thread cannot just be used to extend one's reach but also for the purposes of combat be it through strangling an opponent to tripping them up without worry of the thread every snapping.

Fitted into the bottom of the baton is a small device which allows the user to fire out the claw on the end at will with a kick of 100 Horsepower. The device works via a small section on the bottom which has a little handle that folds into the bottom. As the handle is quickly spun around and done so with incredible ease it tightens a coil so when the bottom is pressed in like a button the coil unfurls at such great speed until it hits the bottom of the claw to fire it out.

Interchangeable Heads
The Koneko Tsume has interchangeable heads allowing it to be used for different purposes. One of the heads is the kitten claw from the original design whilst a second head is a titanium arrow head with pointed tips which point backwards. This allows for catching fish or even impaling opponents | objects.

Weapon History:
The inventor had once been friends with a revolutionary inventor who went by the name Vixon Vox. She had been a delightful friend to her and the two had spent so much time together via travels. When the time came that Vixon was to be sent on a mission to perhaps her death she wanted her friend to have something to remember her by and handed her the Koneko Tsume telling her that she could use it to remember her and even to keep her safe on the wide open blue as they'd often spoke about traversing the sea one day. The Koneko Tsume was eventually found by Maximus who left it behind one day after visiting Kumatetsu and said it was his to use if he were ever in danger as his protection was important.

Weapon: Bomb Sack

Weapon Description: This is a small black sack with a purple string to tighten it. The sack is one that carries around a series of bombs crafted by Kumatetsu that he has crafted over the years.

Smoke Bombs - These are small round balls which are black in colour and have a latch on top with a pin which can be pulled out. Once the pin is pulled out the smoke bomb can be broken otherwise it cannot.

Debris Destroyer - This is a small ball that is transparent, inside the transparent ball is a selection of loose debris from nails, scraps of metal etc and a latch atop with a pin which when removed allows the bomb to be blown to pieces once the latch is let go of.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History:
These are a series of bombs that Kumatetsu crafted and has learned to craft over the years so he can deal out just the right amount of damage to his opponents.

Combat Information
"The destructive forces that come from these hands"

Weapon Based Combat:


Boom!: Debris
Using one of his Debris destroyer bombs Kumatetsu launches one of his Debris destroyer bombs towards his opponents

Boom!: Smoke Snatching up his smoke bombs Kumtetsu throws smoke bombs towards his intended target to obscure vision

Koneko Tsume

Koneko: Predator Jab
Snapping his tactical baton out to its full length Kumatetsu jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards his opponent.

Koneko: Predator Fury
Snapping his tactical baton out to its full length Kumtetsu jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards his opponent numerous times.

Koneko: Predator Cage
Releasing the steel thread Kumtetsu cracks the whip towards his opponent attempting to wrap the thread around his opponent's limb. As soon as it has been wrapped around a limb, Kumtetsu dashes to another side of her opponent attempting to drag the steel thread around another limb or part of their body and continues to do so until his opponent is restrained.

Koneko: Long Cat Predator Claw
Using the whip to allow range Kumtetsu launches the claw at the end of the Koneko towards his opponent attempting to scratch them.

Koneko: Predator Sweep
Launching the thread around his opponent's leg Kumatetsu tugs on the whip attempting to pull his opponent's legs free from under them.

Koneko: Hidden Predator Playtime
Launching his whip towards an object behind or near his opponent Kumatetsu intentionally misses the opponent and withdraws the whip along with the object towards his opponent to surprise attack them.

Koneko: Elastic Predator
Launching the claw on to something strong which the claw an either hold on to or having it wrapped around Kumatetsu quickly moves around the area allowing the steel wire to be held behind obstructions. The steel wire acts as a bigger obstruction to the opponent.

Koneko: Elastic Predator: Black Hammer
Letting go of the baton itself Kumatetsu watches as the baton shoots back towards the claw hitting anything along the way including the opponent or Kumatetsu himself.

Koneko: Elastic Predator: Bullet Claw
Sending a wave down the steel wire this flicks the claw free and it shoots back towards the baton. Much like Black Hammer it will impact anything it touches along the way. However due to it being a razor sharp claw it will slice through flesh with ease.

Koneko: Archer: Lance
With the arrow shaped head on the Koneko Tsume the baton now acts like more of a lance perfect for long range incisions.

Koneko: Archer: Serpent Lance
Using the Koneko Tsume like a whip the arrow shaped head launches itself towards it's opponent ready to impale them.

Koneko: Archer: Serpent Slasher
With the thread fully extended Kumatetsu uses the koneko tsume like an actual whip only with a bladed tip which is capable of recking lots of damage.

Koneko: Archer: Ram
Using the pump embedded in the baton Kumatetsu cracks it up quickly before unleashing the powerful blast sending the tip towards his intended target impaling them as if head butted by a ram.

Koneko: Archer: Ram Retract
Using the pump embedded in the baton Kumatetsu cracks it up quickly before unleashing the powerful blast sending the tip towards his intended target impaling them as if head butted by a ram. Hitting the retract button the tip is retracted but can also drag back the target at such speed that just putting forward a fist can deal out a crushing blow.

Koneko: Archer: Ram Rise
Using the pump embedded in the baton Kumatetsu cracks it up quickly before unleashing the powerful blast sending the tip towards his intended target impaling them as if head butted by a ram. Hitting the retract button the tip is retracted but can also drag back the target at such speed that cracking the whip will send the opponent overhead and flying in the opposite direction.

Kumatetsu NZXBr44
Koneko Tsume: Chimera

Koneko: Chimera
Holding the thread of the koneko tsume so the tip only just skims the ground, Kumatetsu spins the whip around fast enough and enough times that friction creates a searing hot tip. When the whip is launched off this ignites the rest of it giving off the impression of a flaming tongue with claws & horns.

Koneko: Chimera: Constrictor Chomp
Launching out the whip with the Koneko Tsume, kumatetsu watches the flaming whip wrap around his opponent tightly before digging the tip into the opponent painfully burning them. This restricts them as well.
Koneko: Chimera: Constrictor Chomp: Pendulum
With his opponent tied up Kumatetsu drags them in his direction and leaps into the air as they shot beneath him. As they reach behind him he then drags on the koneko tsume pulling them up and round slamming them into the ground where the koneko tsume begin to unravel and the tip removes itself.

Koneko: Chimera: Underhorn
Pulling himself towards his intended target with his koneko tsume Kumatetsu performs a back flip whilst shooting towards his opponent so when he arrives he delivers a powerful two footed kick to the opponent which has the added force the propulsion.

Koneko: Chimera :Fire Shot
Holding the thread of the koneko tsume so the tip only just skims the ground, Kumatetsu spins the whip around fast enough and enough times that friction creates a searing hot tip. When the tip is launched towards a target the rest of the thread ignites. When it impacts an opponent the tip & thread are in flames.

Koneko: Chimera: Flight Of The Beast
Using the koneko tsume Kumatetsu pulls himself high into the sky allowing him to perform ariel attacks
Koneko: Chimera Calling:Flight Of The Beast: Sun Drop
Whipping the koneko tsume around in fast circles directly beneath himself Kumatetsu creates a large blast of flames which he then launches the tip of the koneko tsume down through towards a specific target which he uses to drag himself down through the flames towards a specific target like a fireball.

Koneko: Chimera: Toxic Bonfire
Wrapping the thread around his body Kumatetsu winds up with the tip in his right hand poking out from between his fingers and the baton is seen on the left arm wrapped around held on to with his left hand. This is perfect for close range fighting as his body is engulfed in flames from the burning whip and he has a blunt weapon in hand for blocking or blunt attacks and a shape weapon in the other hand.


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