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Character Rules

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Character Rules Empty Character Rules

Post by Deviant on June 30th 2016, 09:54

Character Rules

With your very own character ideas swirling around in that grand ocean you call a brain we will happily allow most ideas given they have legitimate reasoning behind them and do not contain any cannon characters sporting a staring role in your backstory like Roger gave you his almighty cutlass before he died. Make what you want to because they are your character and when a mod grades your character just take what they say on board as they are trying to help you create a character that is passable, good and fun to role play with.

Just remember each character is different, has different strengths, weaknesses, personalities and even skills. It's good to have a variety.

Species we allow:

  • Human
  • Cyborg
  • Fishmen | Mermaids
  • Minkmen
  • Giants | Half Giants
  • Yetis
  • Artificial Animals - As long as there is good reasoning.
  • Animals
  • Skypieans
  • Dwarf
  • Long Arm
  • Long Leg

Characters may begin with a bounty with a minimum of 0 up to a total of 30,000,000 after creation if they earn the bounty it can be whatever warrants the crimes and it will be decided by the moderators and approved by them if agreed. There must be something in the backstory detailing what the character got their bounty for if they start off with one. If you happen to write how they have accomplished some amazing daring feat such as punching a celestial dragon and are not happy with having only 30,000,000 as a starting bounty then do not put that they have committed such a huge crime before their journey has even begun. Build up to it.

This is a site without stats of any kind. If after a thread you feel that your character deserves to be leveled up then post the upgrades on the character sheet and wait for a mod to grade them. Remember that different species have different strength, speed etc etc . . .

As it was stated in the basic role playing rules, please use logic when role playing and do not be unfair by simply dodging every attack just because, no one is capable of that, especially if they don't know it's coming.

No characters are allowed to start off with Haki unless it is purchased from the Black Market.

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