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Kaito Saiyuka

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Approved Kaito Saiyuka

Post by Sweet Dreams on February 3rd 2018, 04:25

General Information

Name: Kaito Saiyuka
Epithet: White Eyed Beast
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left-Handed

Occupation: Swordsman-Chief Petty Officer
Bounty Collected: Kaito Saiyuka 0mvFA0
Allegiance: Marine

  •  Gain his eyesight for a day so he can see the picture of his dead wife he keeps in a locket around his neck.
  • Master his devil fruit
  • Take down his father's killer
  • Get control over his "Beast"
  • Show the world that just because he is blind doesn't make him weak
  • Get back the twin of the Sakabatō that was stolen from his family.

Character Information

Kaito Saiyuka Marine10

Kaito Saiyuka Boy10112

Standing at 6'11 and weighing 300 pounds pretty normal looking, the most noticeable thing about Kaito when you would see when first meeting him would be his eyes, white only a few shades different from the white of his eyes, no pupil to be seen at all. This is because he was born blind, but he often keeps his eyes closed or wears sunglasses to hide them. His hair is a dark blue that is his natural color and has a messy slightly spiky look to it.

The next strange thing you would notice about him is the outfit, he is always seen wearing a dark army green colored coat with a thick fur insulated hood and brown winter leather gloves, this is because unless in dessert level heat Kaito is always cold.The coat has many secret pockets that are often full of sweets or bread in case he gets hungry.Under the coat, he wears a short sleeved button up shirt and a pair of faded jeans On his feet he wears sandals or often goes barefoot, but will wear thick insulated combat boots on snowy days.

Under his clothing Kaito has a very well toned body from the years he spent training in the marines and the training in his childhood. He has a deep burn scar on his back in an X shape going from his left shoulder to right hip and right shoulder to left hip he earned the day his wife died.

Around his neck, he wears a heart-shaped locket the front made to look like angel wings that when opened shows a picture of his dead wife. He also wears a wedding ring on the same chain with the name "Angel" written in braille on it. Kaito often can be seen with a pair of white headphones, on his head or around his neck, a gift from a friend from the past.

A strange katana tied around his waist, the younger of twin swords belonging to his family, but unknown to many he hides the second sword in his cane that he carries around.
As he has picked up the habit of smoking in the last few years he often can be seen with a cigarette in his mouth or on his person and has a silver lighter with the engraving "Love is blind" on it.When in his "Beast Mode" Kaito's hair takes on an even wilder and spiky appearance, the smile he always has disappears and his eyes get a cold wild look to them.

Personality: Personality: A smiling fool most people would call Kaito, rather energetic and tries to get along with many people as he can.He could also be called extremely clumsy, always tripping over chairs or running into walls at sudden times.But this clumsiness is mostly really just an act....a really good one at that.He finds that many don't take him seriously so he wants to surprise them all that the clumsy fool they see may not be such a fool after all.There could even be a time or two when you might catch Kaito trip suddenly only to have it save his life from a bullet or a falling object.

If there was one thing that could be said about Kaito it would be that he is an extremely hard worker,and often will try and go above and beyond any job he is tasked with, if he were ordered to wash the longest hallway of the base you might just find him later not only finished in his task but also halfway through washing all the other hallways in the base.

Due to having a very high metabolism and the use of his devil fruit, Kaito needs to eat a large amount of food every day, otherwise, he starts to become like an untamed beast attacking all and anyone around him until he can find food. As such he treasures food greatly and is willing to eat just about anything to stop from losing control, often even comically crying when people offer to buy or give him food. There is many a time you could see Kaito reach into one of his many pockets for something only to pull out a bun or sweet and start to eat it at the strangest times, mainly whenever his life seems to be in danger.

When it comes to the scar on his back Kaito is very sensitive about it and tries to avoid talking about as much as he can as he feels it is his greatest shame, the proof of how he failed to protect the ones he loves the most burned into his skin.

As he has been surrounded by death for much of his entire life he will often try and avoid killing or even fighting in general, sometimes even offer to share his food and talk it out, but when he really must fight, he voices beforehand how he didn't want it to come it.

There is a very strong reason why Kaito isn't a navigator and that is because he has a very bad sense of direction,in fact it would be best just to go the opposite way of Kaito is going if one were to wish to reach their destination.The worst thing is that he doesn't even realize he gets lost until it is too late.

But under all that Kaito is really a normal guy who will happily sit down after a hard days work to drink some tea and read a book (braille of course). It is actually rather common to see him like this in his free time.

Character History

They say with every life brought into this world another life ends, but what they forget to tell you is that it isn't always a random stranger...Kaito was born to a noble family but the fates were not kind to him as not only did his mother die during childbirth he was born blind, his mother didn't even have a chance to name him before she bleeds out. Then when the midwife took baby Kaito out to meet his father and tell him of the bittersweet news. But the man just stared down at the crying child with hatred, first, his wife died for this child and that then it was a blind child at that? How was he supposed to raise a blind child to become the next head of the family?! 

They would become a laughingstock, so he did what he felt he had to do, with no emotion in his eyes he spoke to the midwife "Get it out of my sight! Drown it in the river, toss it off a cliff! Do what you want with it, just take it away!" and sent her out into the night.But unknown to this man the midwife could not kill such a pure innocent child, so she took him home, as she had never been able to give her husband a son, six daughters? Yes But a son? Not a single one.

So Kaito grew never knowing of his true family, but it did not matter to him, he was loved and happy even if they were poor and he was blind. He grew up being teased and bullied by many of the children due to his blindness until finally one day he grew tired of it "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I'm weak!" He would yell at the bullies "Yeah it does! I bet you can't even spend the night in the forest!" Spending the night in the local forest, a right of passage for many, where the boys became men (or at least they like to think so) the brave separated from the cowards.  If you could spend the night in the forest, it was the coolest bravest thing a kid could do. So there was only one thing Kaito could say in return "Just you watch! I can and will spend the night in the forest, then no one will ever call me weak again!"

So later that night after the lights went out many kids met up on the outskirts of town and after a 30-minute wait for Kaito to show up, he refused to admit he had gotten lost on the way. They watched him enter the forest alone, many placed bets on how long he would stay before running out, the longest time being only an hour.

But he never came out that night, and they all went home to sleep. Morning came and all the kids went to school many ready to congratulation Kaito on braving the dark forest. But Kaito's desk stayed empty that day. Then the next day when the teacher came in with a grave face they knew something was wrong. It turned out Kaito hadn't come out of the forest the morning before and was missing. The children looked at each other worried before turning to the leader of the bullies a boy named Kumar,but all he did was avoid their eyes and put his white headphones over his ears.

The kids decided then that they should tell someone, that person ended up being Kaito's father. Many things were left out but his father had a sort of idea what had happened. He had been a child once upon a time, he had spent the night in that forest many years ago to prove his bravery. He wasted no time gathering a group of men they searched the forest, but it was much too large even if they had the entire village looking.

A week, they gave up after a week all but Kaito's father.He kept looking not want to think his son could be gone forever.

It wouldn't be two weeks later that the news spread throughout the town that Kaito had been found passed out and badly injured at the forest edge. When Kumar heard he quickly made his way to Kaito's home. He charged into the Saiyuki home and ran past the other members of the family and busted open the door to what he assumed was Kaito's room. Kaito looked very thin like he hadn't eaten much in the two weeks which could very much the truth. Much of his body was covered in fresh bandages and he held a loaf of bread in his hand his mouth stuffed full of food and a pile of empty dishes by his bedside. It seems he was in the middle of a rather large meal. The surprised look on his face clear as he swallowed the food in his mouth. But still, Kumar dropped to his knees and bowed his head until he touched the floor before he spoke. 

"I'm sorry!" Kaito hadn't known who had suddenly charged into his room, but Kumar had been the last one on the list. But still, Kaito smiled and laughed "I didn't think anyone would visit me..." Kumar couldn't help but stare in shock at this kid, in a way it was his fault Kaito had to go into the forest in the first place. "Are you an idiot or something?" But this only made him laugh even more.

It was then that Kaito told him of what had happened after he had gone into the forest. He had found a tree to spend the night in, to avoid any possible predators. It was when on the way back the next morning that things had gone south. Everyone knew that Kaito had a terrible sense of direction, so it wasn't that shocking when James learned he had taken a few wrong turns...Okay, maybe more than a few..But in the end, he ended up deeper into the forest, much deeper than any kid ever dared go. A day went by, then two then before he knew it a week had gone by and he was starving, he had no way to find something to eat, and only his nose to help him find something to eat. 

He had collapsed and was ready to give up when he caught the scent, it smelt like a fruit, at the thought of food Kaito had scrambled towards the smell. It didn't take much time for him to find it and stuff into his mouth. Then suddenly he had frozen, he did not move for a good minute or two, before he chewed it up each bite sending shivers and shocks throughout his body, The taste...It tasted, It tasted terrible! Kaito's sensitive taste was overwhelmed by the terrible rotten taste of this fruit but still, he ate every last bite, his hunger would not let him spit it out. But it was thanks to this fruit he had the energy to keep going and would later end up in a clearing with an apple tree. "So...you just ate apples for a whole week?" Kumar asked in surprise. To think that a blind kid could serve on his own for two whole weeks by himself..."Here...This way we are even..or something.." He said before dropping something into Kaito's lap "Headphones..?" He asked as his hands took in the shape and feel of the object. "Yeah...If you are gonna hang out with me you gotta look cool!"

That was how Kaito gained his first friend, after that day no one dared tease him in school again, after all, he was the first kid ever on the Island who spent not one night, but two whole WEEKS in the forest. Even today you can hear a child or two talking about it like it was a great legend because to them it was.

But Kaito hadn't been telling the whole truth of what had happened between the time he had found the apple tree and when he had been found collapsed.Wolves can be dangerous, especially in packs, so when one came across Kaito the night before he had been found and it seemed they thought Kaito looked like a good meal....But it was one they never got to eat because as they went in for the kill, something suddenly happened.As Kaito tries to run he suddenly trips and his hands land on the ground. To his surprise he could feel the vibrations in the earth, in his mind's eye he could see...a four-legged shape rushing towards him. 

Reacting quickly Kaito rolled out of the way as it lunged at him. It barely missed him, he could feel its hot breath hit him as he had rolled. Quickly he felt the ground for a rock or a weapon and wrapped his hands around a large stick.Behind him, a growl could be heard before he felt a heavy weight on his back and a pain like hot knives ripping down his left shoulder. With a scream of pain, he tried to hit the beast on his back with the stick only to scream louder as its claws ripped into him more. This couldn't be the end of him....He couldn't give up! Even as the pain torn at his consciousness and his blood dripped onto the forest floor he wouldn't die here! With a cry of anger, he used the last of his strength to slam his hands on the ground in an attempt to push himself up.

 "GET OFF ME!!" He screams out but something happened then that he had not expected. When he slammed his hands into the ground it sends a tremor through the ground. He could see in a way as the ground cracked and could feel it shaking under his hands...He wasn't sure how he did it, but in the end, it worked, the wolves were scared off and Kaito was found after he had collapsed from the injuries and exhaustion.

A few months later once all his injuries healed he father pulled him aside one night after dinner and spoke with him. It seems that he had decided to train him just in case he ever got lost in the wilderness again. How he could survive on his own, what was safe to eat and what wasn't how and where the best places to find shelter.But most of all he was taught how to use a sword. 

But he was taught to use a Sakabatō a special katana that had its blade on the opposite side than normal, it was a blade for protecting people not killing. So the years went by Kaito grew, he got used to the hard training and his strange new power. Then one day on his 18th birthday those peaceful times ended. A Group of pirates arrived at his village and started causing problems, but no one was brave enough to stand up to them...no one but his father.

 One man with an entire crew of pirates not very good odds, Kaito was forced along with his mother and all six of his sisters to watch as they beat him to death. Kaito could hear every bone break, hear the blood splatter on the ground. He hated himself for thinking it but for the first time in his life, Kaito was actually happy he was blind, even as the tears spilled from his eyes and the screams of his family filled his ears he thanked God he couldn't see the site in front of him. To add insult to injury the captain decided to take his fathers Sakabatō the twin of the one Kaito owned. It was only after all this that the Marines got involved.But even though they freed the town much of the crew and its captain got away. So Kaito set it upon himself to bring the captain and crew to justice. He had a blade forged for himself and placed it inside his a cane, promising only to use it only when his life was in danger.

He applied in the Marines and was accepted after many months of training once they found out about his power they had to have him, better to have him on their side than against them, but even though he was accepted into the Marines, he couldn't say the same for many of the other recruits and superiors. Many saw him useless without his sight or were jealous at how easy he had gotten into the marines, many didn't know about his power and rumors floated around how he might be related to a higher up that pulled some strings.

It was one day like this when Kaito was busy scrubbing a rarely used hallway by himself as many of the others had left him to do it alone.Even with all of his energy and hard work he couldn't do much by himself. Soon the sun was dipping low into the sky but still, Kaito was working hard alone.

Then just as the sun was setting he finished. He groaned as he stood my his back and legs sore from all the hard work and his hands were raw from all the hard scrubbing he did.It was then that his stomach decides to remind him that he needed food, sending a loud growl echoing down the long hallway. He leans on the wall holding his stomach "Kitchens probably closed now.." He says before starting to make his way to his awaiting bed planning to eat much more than normal the next morning.

He had only taken a few steps when a familiar scent filled his sensitive nose starting to make him drool like a starving animal. His eyes took on a slightly wild look to them, and his slightly spiked hair took on an even spikier appearance as he took his first step towards the smell, before taking off in a full out run down the hall.

It wasn't long before he could feel another person presence ahead of him, their footsteps echoing down the hall. Kaito launched himself at the person snatching the food from their arms knocking then to the floor as Kaito stuffed the slightly stale bread into his mouth crunching and chewing on it like a starving animal. It was only until his had finished the last bite that he heard a soft voice behind him. "I'm sorry it isn't more...but you really should drink some water.."

Kaito turns and quickly grips the speaker's hand and with comical tears streaming down his face spoke "Are you an Angel? You must be!" It turned out the speaker was a nurse how had heard that he had been cleaning the hallway by himself and brought him some food and water in case he was still working. Her name was ironically Angel and unknown to the both of them they were each others soul mate. 

They started out as friends and that quickly bloomed into something more. Kaito would often spend his free time with her whenever he could, eating lunch with her or just talking. It was only a year later that they were married, giving each other rings with their names written in braille on them. 

Then it was only 6 months after that when Kaito learned she was with child, Kaito determined to provide for his soon to be growing family worked hard often coming home exhausted and would eat dinner only to often fall asleep at the table. Angel would often voice her concerns about him overworking himself "You are going to work yourself to death!" But Kaito would simply laugh it off kiss her head and say "Not while I have you looking out for me, my angel."

Then just days before the baby was due Kaito was running home,he had finally gotten the promotion he had worked so hard to get,and he couldn't wait to tell Angel  she didn't have to work such long hours anymore when he smelt smoke in the air, at first thought it was nothing, but as he got closer to his home Kaito realized why there were so many people on his street. His home was ablaze he could feel the heat from where he stood. The first thing he did was a search for Angel, calling out for her worried not only for her but the baby that was only days from being due. It was after a few moments that he heard it, a scream from inside the burning building. "Angel!" 

He screamed out as he ran into the building. For the first time in a long time, Kaito had to throw off his coat as he neared the flames, it was hotter than anything he ever felt before. As he searched blindly inside calling her name over and over between the coughing as he breathed in the black smoke, he could tell he was nearing closer to where his wife was.But as he neared the door to their bedroom, the roof collapsed sending him falling to the floor as a cross beam of wood landed on him burning on his back making him scream out in pain. But still even as his from the pain he reached his hand up to the door trying to open it. Then suddenly with a sharp crack, the floor below him gave away dropping him down back on the main floor of their home.

Kaito wouldn't wake up until days later to learn he had failed in saving his wife and unborn child nearly dying himself in the process. He would later find that the beam that had burned his back so bad he would later end up with a deep X shaped scar on his back.The reason for the fire was suspected to be a gas leak of some sort and the only reason he has survived was that of his old friend Kumar, who grew up to become a firefighter, who risked his life to save his old childhood friend.

Over the next few weeks, Kaito was only seen when work called for him, he was a broken man with no purpose. Then one day he appeared and it seemed like he was back to his normal self, if a bit more clumsy. He found a reason to keep going again, he would find a way to get his eyesight for a day to look at the picture of his wife.


•Iron Stomach: Over the years Kaito has come to appreciate food and has even been known to stomach bad or spoiled food, seeing that if it won't kill him he should be able to eat it.

Blind Mans Senses: Due to a lifetime of blindness Kaito's other senses have grown stronger to compensate. His sense of touch, taste, hearing, and smell are much stronger than a normal human.

Beast's Hunger: Thanks to the constant use of his devil fruit and his high metabolism Kaito needs a large amount of food to keep himself going through the day.

Acting the fool: Thanks to Kaito's acting of clumsiness and always laughing and smiling it can be rather shocking when he takes a more serious approach.

Duty: Kaito is a very hard worker often going above and beyond to complete tasks assigned to him and won't rest until that task is complete.

Fools Path: Due to his terrible sense of direction Kaito often gets lost but this often causes him often end up having a more adventurous day than others.


  • Winter Coat
  • Winter Gloves
  • Cane Blade
  • Headphones
  • Locket
  • Sakabatō katana
  • Small loafs of bread and sweets
  • Pack of cigarettes and lighter
  • Sunglasses

Weapon: Cold Revenge

Weapon Description: A cane with a blade hidden inside. The cane is made of old dark polished wood, that when the handle is pulled up a shining steel blade that looks like it was never used.

Weapon Special Abilities: None

Weapon History: After his father's death Kaito took his fathers old cane and commissioned the local blacksmith to put a blade inside it. Unlike Kaito's Sakabatō this blade was like a normal Katana blade. It was made to provide Kaito better protection for himself.

Weapon: Honor's Call

Weapon Description: A simple Katana with its blade forged on the opposite side then normal making it very difficult if not impossible for killing.The hilt guard circular rested on top a black colored hilt with diamond shaped silver designs on it. Though very old the blade shined brightly like new.

Weapon Special Abilities: Its blade forged on the opposite side then normal making it very difficult if not impossible for killing.

Weapon History: The younger sister of a pair of twin Sakabatō that were carried by Kaito's family for many generations the elder of the two going to the father and the younger to the eldest son.Once the father died whether of natural causes or in battle their sword would join its younger with the eldest son.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Gura Gura No Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:1
Devil Fruit Abilities: This fruit allows the user to become a tremor human. The Gura Gura no Mi is a Devil Fruit which allows the user to create vibrations. The fruit creates shock waves and vibrations of virtually any size that can travel through virtually any medium including the ground, seafloor, and even the air.

Level 1 - The user is able to create and feel the vibrations up to 5 meters around them, in addition to being capable to focus the power into a single limb for greater power, this concentrated power is even capable of a small explosion of pressure. This power also allows the user to see the outline and shape of buildings and people up to the distance limit.The user is also capable to send quakes into the ground
which allows the user to create vibrations.

Level 2 - along with the aforementioned powers the user is capable of now increasing the distance to 10 meters and now has the capability to focus their power on two limbs.The user can also now focus their power into a weapon with effort

Level 3 - The user is able to now increase the distance to 50 meters and now has the ability to focus the power into three limbs if they wish. The user is now also able to grip onto the air like it was a solid substance now being able to send strong shock waves through the air but is still very difficult to control.The user can now easily focus their power into a weapon with ease.

Level 4 - The user can now completely control their devil fruit the distance now capable of going over 100 meters focusing their power into any part of the body and can now create shock waves and earthquakes strong enough to destroy entire towns, cities and even islands with enough effort. They can also grip and bend the air around them to create shock waves this is both a great offensive and defensive. With enough effort and focusing enough power into a single point can also shatter most materials.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Devil Fruit Combat:: Level 1: Quake Bubble: The user creates a concentrated "Quake Bubble" around a part of his body, usually his hand or foot. This bubble makes a concentrated explosion like attack when it makes contact with an opponent. But some other uses for this are.

Quake Bubble: Tremble: Focusing the power into his hand before using it the user is able to punch the ground sending a large tremble into the ground.

Blind Mans Sight: The user is able to sense vibrations and create their own tiny vibrations to be able to sense their surroundings in the set radius for the level. It has an added bonus of giving Kaito a sight of sorts much like a bat with echolocation.

Unarmed Combat: Stumble-Kaito would often act out a stumble and wave his arms around as if to get back his balance often hitting the opponent in several places often the legs stomach or the head.

Tumble- Kaito charging towards an enemy as if to attack them only to suddenly trip and be sent tumbling forward, often to the shock of his enemies, before jumping up at the last moment to punch the enemy in the jaw with an uppercut.

Trap- When the enemy would try to attack Kaito he would dodge clumsily back making the enemy to shift their weight and then Kaito would swing out his leg out and trip up the enemy and would bring his fist up to meet the enemy's face as they fell down.

Besides these moves, Kaito would often fight with normal kicks and punches.

Weapon Based Combat: Sakabatō Style: One Ton Dragon-Kaito would rush towards the enemy pulling out his sword at the last moment slashing the enemy from shoulder to hip. Kaito would slide to a stop and slowly lower his blade 

Sakabatō Style: Two Ton Dragon: It is a similar move to the One Ton Dragon but instead of a single slash it is two from shoulder to hip creating an X shape on their chest.

Sakabatō Style: Phoenix Dance: Taking his sword tightly in his hand and raising it horizontally to his chest as he rushes at the enemy before spinning as he makes contact cutting into the enemy as he does so. 

Sakabatō Style: Dark Swan: Taking his blade he would hold it vertically in front of himself before swing it downwards towards the enemy sending a crescent cut through the air flying towards them.

Cold Revenge: Howling Wind: Kaito taking out his hidden blade with such speed and force it sends a large wind blade towards them.

Cold Revenge: Black Phoenix Dance: A much deadlier version of his Sakabatō Style: Phoenix Dance that will often leave deep gashes in the opponent leading to quick bloodloss.

Haki: None

Kaito Saiyuka Y8KT0Cs

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