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Post by Deviant on March 12th 2018, 13:36

East Blue, Orange Town:::.
Morning, 4:29::.

SHANG! 0mvFA 19,000,000

With the beginning of a new day and the sky above breaking into a new light citizens would wake, shops would open breakfast would be well on the way and it's sweet scents litter the streets as couriers would make their deliveries and beli would exchange hands. The seagulls above swooped in and out of the skies searching for food and the rats in the streets would be doing more of the same.

Currently on patrol in the streets of Orange town were the navy who sought out any crimes to stop and citizens to protect as it was their sworn duty and the best way to earn a promotion should they be successful. Scattered throughout the town notice boards held the latest information for not just current events in the town, but news for bounty hunters and marines alike.


The small crappy raft crafted from a figure head of a sunken ship was currently arriving at the docks to Orange town after hours stuck at sea. As the figurehead gently knocked into the wooden boards which made up the docks the leader of this band of misfits Josh Wynter was jolted awake. Feeling groggy and uncomfortable due to the peculiar shape of their make shift boat Wynter picked himself up stretching.

As each individual bone cracked it felt painful and good at the same time. Since the fight they'd been part of before hand which led them to this scenario Wynter had been mentioned by name as a captain of a crew. As much as he'd wanted exactly that he hadn't yet asked Lyceum or Eran about becoming members of his pirate crew. They'd been far too busy sorting out wounds & navigation which were two things he was pretty sure he'd need.

Climbing up and out of the figurehead which was on it's way out and not an ideal form of transport Wynter looked at Lyceum who looked much worse for wear as he'd been up all night steering their little boat.

Lyceum nudged Eran trying to wake her to inform her it was time for them to climb out. It was nice to finally be somewhere they could stretch their legs and get something to eat.

"It'll be nice to stretch our legs here. God knows I could do with it."

Reaching for a pain killer Lyceum launched two into his mouth and quickly swallowed as his back was killing him from the cramped conditions. He offered Eran his hand to help her from the raft as he had made his way to the floor boards of the dock.

"Hey guys, I'd never really thought about this before now, well, I did back when Maria mentioned it to me, but. You guys seem to be able to handle yourselves pretty damn well."

"You don't."

"Thanks. But anyway, I was wondering. Would you guys, fancy joining my pirate crew?"

"The crews just you right?"

"At the moment yea. But what do you say? Fancy turning the world upside down with me? Traversing the mighty blues? Conquering the world that's laid out before us? I could use a doctor and a navigator."

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Post by Sweet Dreams on March 15th 2018, 00:49

Eran groaned as she set up for their makeshift gratefully taking the offered hand Lyceum handed offered her with a tired but grateful smile. It had taken ages for the feathers on her wing to dry, the salt sticking to them made them itch and weighted down. Shed need a good bath and at least a good hour of preening to feel comfortable again. While on the raft she had been a bit too shy to do it in front of them, it was an act she had been raised to view as very intimate. So out of both pride and shyness, she went for a few more hours of uncomfortable half awake sleep.

She was pulled out her thoughts by the conversation Wynter and Lyceum were having about...joining his crew?

"Wait...So you are wanting us to join your crew when just hours before your rushing head into danger without a second thought almost gotten us eaten by a sea king? Or the fact I almost drowned? I saw the fucking light, Wynter!" She says in anger before taking a deep breath and sighed "Not to mention you don't even have a ship"



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Post by Deviant on March 15th 2018, 01:13


Eagerly awaiting a response from both Lyceum & Eran to his question about joining his crew as the sun bore down over the trio Wynter held a hopeful grin on his face that the two would say yes and something good would come of this. But when a few more seconds went by and no response came about Wynter's smile shrunk a little. Until of course when Eran seemed to snap out of her daze and open her mouth.

Wynter was just about ready to jump for joy when the tone came pounding down like a lightning bolt and the words came out with such ferocity he was wishing he'd not asked and just let the two of them wander off to where ever they wanted in this town to end his misery.

Eran made a few good points on the things she was saying especially the ship thing, which Wynter took to heart, dipping his head and looking slightly towards Lyceum he could sense the feeling was mutual. Nodding understandingly Wynter stepped aside and gestured towards the town which lay beyond the docks they'd landed at with the make shift ship that was no more.

"Those are, some pretty fair points."

"I think you just need to figure out some things first Wynter." Lyceum replied before he looked at Eran and removed one of his bottles of medication. Popping the cap off he handed her two pain killers as she looked to be in a little pain or discomfort.

"Okay, I'll take that on board. The town should be just up ahead guys, I'm probably just gonna wait here and think some stuff over."

Nodding Lyceum understood and patted Wynter on the shoulder before heading up the wooden planks into the town. He figured that the first thing he could do with was some proper food, despite not having any money he figured he might be able to snatch some from a stall.

"It's been nice knowing you guys and don't give up on your dreams." Lyceum said as he made his exit from Eran & Wynter.

Sitting on the edge of the docks and hanging his feet over the edge Wynter realised he couldn't act like the child he constantly kept acting like. He'd need to take some control over not just his own life but the lives of those around him as well.


Pick up the package and head to the address. That's all he said to do. I can handle that.

Walking down the path parallel to the docks the man with an eyepatch leather clothing and orange hair known as Kumatetsu was trying to get by. It wasn't often he took on jobs like this, but this time the job was easy and he was a little suspicious. Jobs were never this easy. Especially when they came from Colt Kuu.

He'd known him for going on 5 months now and he'd been a nice enough guy if not a little under handed, but he always gave Kumtetsu jobs of the recon type only to return and sabotage things. This time it was a little too simple. But he wasn't about to turn up his nose at it. The job was one that paid at least 5 times better than the last three jobs.

Holding the package in both hands before him he rattled it a little wondering what it might be. Shrugging his shoulders he continued down the path till he reached the notice board where it appeared there were a bunch of new notices up. Placing the crate on the ground he turned to look at the notices. Little did he know though the package hadn't been sealed properly. The side of the box fell open and it's contents rolled out.

A peculiar light grey looking banana. Due to it's shape it didn't roll very far but far enough to be snatched up without anyone noticing should they have the right skills.

Being the idiot he was Kumatetsu hadn't noticed this and continued looking over the notices. It appeared that Shang's still remained on the board from before Kumatetsu had arrived here and he was shocked that the guy had amassed such a big bounty and still hadn't been apprehended. Clearly he was something serious.

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Post by Sweet Dreams on March 19th 2018, 13:37

Orange town, like most other towns, had wares to sell, cloth form traders said to be from distant lands, tools, and metals, but like any town, theres was always merchants and storekeepers selling food. Ann-marie was one of these, or she would be once the little girl was older and took over for her father. That is if she could manage to be on time for once, but today wasn't going to be the day and as she raced towards her fathers stall her arms full of fruit when she tripped as she passed the notice board sending the fruit to the ground, and in her panic to pick up what she had dropped didn't notice the strange fruit she had picked up nor the banana that had rolled away just enough to roll into a nearby crate. It only took a few moments but as the little girl ran to her fathers stall she would never realize that little trip had set the hands of fate into motion. 

Back at the docks, Eran sighed as she saw the depression she had forced the boy into. She rubbed the back of her neck cursing herself and her bleeding heart for what she was about to do, poping the pills Lyceum had given her before she spoke "Look...despite the whole near-death thing...the last little while being around you has been, well an adventure and more excitement then I've had in a while,so...if you promise to start using that brain of yours more and get us a ship...I'll join your crew" She says patting his shoulder "I'll be sticking around town a while so..think on it"

Lyceum was next on her list and so turning on her heel she took off after the older man "Lyceum wait up!" She called out racing to catch up with him moving in front of him and shushed him once he attempted to speak "Just...let me talk" She says taking a moment to catch her breath before she spoke again "I know you are a doctor,I know people say it is your job to help people, you showed me kindness and helped me when I needed it, you helped Maria despite the fact she pulled a gun on you and planned on feeding us to a Sea king, for that I see a good man in you and in a world like this, people like you are in short supply.."

She sighs rubbing the back of her neck not sure if she was getting her point across "What I'm trying to say is...I never really thanked you for everything so...here" She grabbed his lab coat suddenly pulling him in, her lips meeting his. It only lasts a few moments but it was still a kiss none the less. As she broke the kiss she pats his cheek "See you around" She says with a smirk and with a spin of her heel was already on her way.



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Post by Deviant on March 19th 2018, 15:34


Wynter understood what Lyceum meant when he said he needed to figure things out and although he didn't like it, he understood why he took his leave. The same with Eran. She'd at least given him a little hope too which was nice. But he knew that he wouldn't be ready to be a captain if he couldn't sort himself out. He had been reckless and even more so he'd endangered them. He appreciated what Eran had said to him but the bottom line was if he couldn't be a proper captain, he didn't deserve a crew. 

Spending a good few minutes at the docks Wynter felt his stomach rumbling and decided it was time to leave. Getting up he turned looking towards the town with a slightly broken heart as he'd really hoped they'd join. Heading to the right of the town Wynter figured he might be able to grab himself a bite to eat. The right of Orange Town was where a few stalls were and if he were lucky enough he might be able to get a nice little five finger discount. Making his way past a notice board and a couple of Marines who seemed to be rushing through the town for whatever reason Wynter ignored them. 

Following his nose he could smell something exotic which he couldn't wait to sink his teeth into. Picking up the pace Wynter found himself overcome with a number of wonderful scents each fighting one another to be first to his nostrils. The result was something magical. There were so many stalls in the small square beneath a bridge. Moving between each stall Wynter stood at the edge of each stall inspecting the fruits with one hand whilst his other hand would pocket one from the bottom of the stall. 

"This good for adding flavour?" he would ask about the fruits in his hands before placing them back down and moving to the next stall. After the first three in which he was successful Wynter could feel a bulge in his pocket which was very noticeable. Holding his hand over the bulge it appeared that not just Wynter knew about the fruit he'd been stealing. The next few vendors he made his way to crossed their arms and kept a close eye on him. One even removed a baseball bat from beneath the stall and placed it on the counter. 

Nodding to some of the vendors Wynter, realised now was probably the ideal time he made for the exit. Turning before he even finished visiting all the stalls Wynter caught sight of two people approaching. He glanced over his shoulder behind him to see that two stall owners were approaching him and quickened his pace. 

As Wynter reached the arch way of the bridge he felt a hand on his shoulder from behind. Gulping Wynter turned to see one of the vendors with a pair of brass knuckles and the face of genuine anger. 


Holding up the brass knuckles the vendor was ready to deliver a world of hurt unto Wynter. He drew his fist back. 

"Guys, I'm sorry, here have them back!"

Reaching into his pocket and removing the fruits Wynter was willing to return them when the vendor's face changed in a matter of seconds. From genuine anger to horrified fear. It was like watched a steel beam turn to wet spaghetti. 

What the hell? 


Feeling bad at Leaving Wynter disappointed Lyceum knew that he couldn't follow Wynter if he was going to risk everyone's lives all the time or be so reckless. As harsh as it sounded. He felt that since he'd met the kid he'd just brought trouble his way every time and wasn't ready for that. He brought enough trouble to himself everywhere he went and that was more than enough for him. Reaching into his pocket to find some beli Lyceum pulled out a single note. It would be enough for a meal which was good enough for him.

But he'd need more money and at least he had a skill he could ply. Thinking about what his next step might be Lyceum heard a familiar voice which tore him from his train of thought. Turning he spotted the source very quickly and now understood why he recognised it. By the looks of it Eran had taken a leaf out of his book. It only seemed that things were getting worse for Wynter. 

Opening his mouth to speak Lyceum was quickly shushed by Eran which he took on board allowing her to speak as she clearly had something to get off her chest. Hoping it would be her clothing Lyceum was quickly disappointed when instead she just thanked him for looking after her the entire time. She spoke about how he was kind and people like him were in short supply. 

These words hit Lyceum hard but he knew that these words were simply a lie. He only helped people as much as he did to try and get away from the idea that he was cursed and damned to live a life in hell should his sudden comeuppance arrive. But he appreciated the sentiment. When Eran gripped his lab coat and leaned in to kiss him he appreciated it even more. Fighting back against the strongest of desires to slip his tongue in it was over before the thought was even complete. 

As Eran pulled away Lyceum smiled. Eran patted him on the cheek and turned leaving him behind. Moving his hands to cover up how much he'd enjoyed the kiss Lyceum watched her go and had a thought to himself. 

She totally wants me

Caught in a momentary daze of what to do next Lyceum looked down at the beli in hand and heard his belly rumble. As much as he liked Eran and wanted to pursue more, Lyceum was hungry and he couldn't perform on an empty stomach. Making his way to the town square which was up ahead or so the signs read. Lyceum took a street to the left where he found a cafe. 

Finding a seat he quickly browsed over the menu and started calculating what he could afford with his single note. Placing his order for a cup of tea, sandwich & cake, Lyceum was now out of money, but he felt that this had been the right way to spend his money. Scoffing down the food like a man who'd been at sea for days. Well he had been at sea for days, Lyceum left empty plates so clean they looked like they didn't need a proper clean. 

"You're a doctor right?" a voice said near by which caught Lyceum's ear. Turning to find the voice he saw that a woman towards the entrance was asking an older man with a balding head and round spectacles. This was his chance to to earn some more money. 

"I'm a doctor!" Lyceum said raising his hand as he was too full to stand.


With the fruit on it's way to it's final destination Ann-Marie rushed in frantically towards her father's stall. She couldn't believe that she'd been turning up late to her father's stall and only thought about how much of an idiot he must've looked compared to all of the other stall owners in the centre of town. Some of those stalls were huge, they had rows upon rows of fruits and when she'd left the stall last night it had barely any. Her father must look like a moron right now. 

Stupid Stupid Stupid she thought to herself embarrassed and upset with herself she tried her hardest to sprint to her father's stall. Bumping into a few people on the way she apologised with each new bump. A few voices called after her angrily for stepping on their toes or even knocking them out of the way, but this wasn't her concern right now. It was helping her father. 

In a matter of minutes she arrived at the stall and became very apologetic towards her father as she started placing all of the food on to the stall as quickly as she could manage. 

"I'm so sorry. So so so so sorry father. I didn't mean to, I just forgot to. I know you want me to take over this stall one day. I really want to to. But I understand. I'm so sorry father." 

Looking at his daughter who worked so hard and cried even harder at disappointing him Harvey reached down and patted his daughter on the head gently. 

"It's fine dear. Don't worry. You'll be early next time. You're here now and that's all that matters."

Grabbing the fruit with her the two of them begun stacking it neatly ready to be purchased and to make their living. Gesturing behind the stall to Ann-Marie the two of them headed behind whilst among the stack of fruits on the stall was a mystical fruit like no other. A very light grey almost silver coloured banana with a slightly different shape to it. Thick black swirls all over it this fruit wasn't quite what it seemed.

The stall was now open and Harvey opened his mouth and lungs to draw in a crowd. He had to let people know of the great deals some way whilst his daughter Ann-Marie bagged up and took the money.


The sound of crashing snapped Kumatetsu from the notice board and into reality where he saw that a young girl had dropped lots of fruit. Shaking his head with a cheeky grin he crouched down to help out when he noticed that the crate was open. A little panicked as he understood what would happen if he lost the package he flipped the crate on to it's bottom so he could pear in through the top. A sigh of relief left his mouth as he saw a banana in the crate.

Really? A banana? he thought to himself. It was a little bit strange, but he figured there must be a reason for it. Not even a bunch of bananas. Just the one.

Shrugging his shoulders Kumatetsu closed up the crate and turned to help the young girl with her fruits to see she was gone like the wind. A little surprised at her speed Kumatetsu quickly forgot about her and placed the package beneath his arm. It was time he dropped this thing off. Making his way down the street he passed a man in a blue waistcoat who looked like a butler. He looked down trodden, but that was none of his business. He did hear his belly rumbling though and thought about giving him the banana, but it wasn't his to give away.

Heading down the street towards the town centre Kumtetsu recognised two faces from Shang's hideout and nodded to them. They ignored him. He clearly wasn't important enough and as much as it irritated him he knew that he couldn't draw his koneko tsume. Ignoring this he continued down towards Shang's hideout. Making his way past Sam's cafe where he recognised Myra at the entrance he decided not to bother acknowledging her at the risk of being ignored again.

Kumatetsu pushed past the large crowds in the town centre till he the entrance to the local park. Looking around to make sure he hadn't been followed Kumtetsu headed towards a set of spiral stairs beside the entrance blocked off by a large black metallic gate. Hopping the gate Kumatetsu headed down. Here he would find a large set of doors. Knocking on the door with his free hand Kumatetsu waited for a response.

After a minute of waiting with no response he sighed and banged again this time much harder.

"HOLD YER FREAKIN' HORSES!" a voice called out booming through the door.

"I just knocked a minute ago and no one answered, c'mon I've got stuff to do today." Kumatetsu responded as the door opened and stood before him was another member of Shang's crew.

SHANG! 0mvFA 7,000,000

"What you got?"

"You tell me, it's a package for Shang from Colt."

Realising who had sent the package Jack's eyes quickly widened before shrinking again. He grabbed Kumatetsu and pulled him in slamming the door shut quickly. Turning he placed the crate on the table. Their hideout wasn't a bad place. A large stone floor and walls with a fire place and chimney leading up into the park. Which reached out into what could be described as a castle's basement. Moving around the corner into the larger lounge like room Kumatetsu could see why they didn't mind hiding beneath the ground.

Jack had carried the crate around the corner and placed it in the middle of the floor for Shang when he was ready.

"Shang, Colt has sent it over."

Looking around trying to locate Shang in the lounge area Kumatetsu was lost. He couldn't find him till he revealed himself as lying on one of the large wooden support beams above holding up the ceiling. Shang rolled from the beam landing on the ground with a loud thud. Landing on his feet in a crouching position Kumatetsu was impressed. It was quite a height.

Looking at Kumatetsu through his glasses with a sinister look then at Jack Shang opened the crate.

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Post by Sweet Dreams on March 21st 2018, 09:08

Eran hummed as she walked down the street sticking her hands into the pocket of the jacket she wore seeing what she might find since she hadn't checked it since she stole it and sighed as she pulled out a few coins. She needed food but there wasn't much in the way of a room with the little she had. So money in hand she made her way towards the marketplace her stomach letting off loud growls of hunger on the way. Stall after stalls she was turned away for the little coin she had wasn't enough, it was only when she reached a fruit stall did she stop and start looking over the produce. She was ready to move on when something caught her eye, silver banana? Eran picked it up and looked it over her one eye sparkling bright with curiosity. "How much?" She asked the man behind the stall but the little girl in charge of the money. It took Eran quite a while to get that job when she had been traveling with a merchant, so she must be learning and one rule she learned was to think on your feet.



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Post by Deviant on March 22nd 2018, 01:24


"Look we don't have it, all we need is a couple more days."

"What the-" Wynter questioned in his head as he pulled a face looking at the stall owner with fear stretched across his face. The stall owner backed away holding his hands up in front of him a little worried.

"What are you-?"

"If you're short then we just goin' to take whats owed to us. You know the drill. So step aside."

"No! no no no no, please. I promise I can get the money!" the stall owner begun shouting as he rushed for his stall. The two figures who'd been walking towards the stall we the ones behind Wynter conversing with the stall owner and as their conversation went on the other owners appeared to be petrified and were quickly counting money to hand on over.

The two figured marched past Wynter paying little to no attention to him.

"Guys, leave the stall alone" Wynter wasn't one to hold the moral high ground, especially since he'd just stolen some fruit from the stalls, but he didn't agree with this. What these guys were doing was just plain wrong.

Pausing momentarily both of the figures turned to face Wynter.

"I'm sorry, but what did you just say?"

"Leave the stalls alone. Who do you think you are that you have the right to demand money from them?"

These two were members of the Shang Pirates. Not that this meant anything to Wynter. All he saw were two pirates who had nothing better to do and were taking hard earned money from someone who actually deserved it.

Kyuta 'KNUCKLES' Bones
SHANG! 0mvFA 1,000,000
Kiera 'SAUCE' Tiara
SHANG! 0mvFA 1,500,000
"Get lost kid!" Kyuta replied with as he turned back around to the stalls and headed over towards the first one with a sack full of money.

"Yea, you're hardly holding the moral high ground having stolen their food yourself."

The sad thing was she wasn't wrong. He had taken the food and that didn't really make him all that much better than then.

"Yea, I took a couple bits, but I'm a pirate. I don't look at this as a crime, I see this as survival."

"Well that's exactly what we're doing here too."

Watching as Kyuta held the sack open and dozens of stacks of beli were thrown into the sack Wynter knew this was a lie.

"Funny, cause I don't believe you."

"Shame, but you ain't going to stop us either."

"Wanna bet?"

Removing one of her two flintlock pistols and pointing it at Wynter with the barrel pressed against his forehead Sauce smirked with a glint in her eye. She seemed to get off on all of this potential violence.

"Go ahead. Make my day!"

Feeling the heat of the barrel on his forehead Wynter was able to tell this gun had been fired recently and she wouldn't be against opening fire again. Gritting his teeth Wynter agreed he wouldn't go out of his way to stop these crooks in their extortion. But that didn't mean he wouldn't let them get away with the money.

"That's what I thought" Sauce said as she watched Wynter do nothing.

"Been a pleasure doin' business with you lot. Just remember, keep up with the payments and you'll avoid our wrath for another week." Kyuta spoke up as he made his way over towards Sauce. "C'mon honey buns."

"Don't call me that!" Sauce muttered angrily as she took the lead marching off ahead of Kyuta. Turning and looking at the two as they marched off Wynter could feel frustration running through his body. Using his life return powers he increased the temperature on his hand and placed it on the sack. Quickly burning a hole in the sack the money begun to leak out. Grinning as the money lay on the ground Wynter picked it up and turned back towards the stalls.

Walking towards the middle stall Wynter could sense the market place was full of sorrow from the situation that had just transpired. Placing the stolen fruits on the stall in the middle followed by the beli that had just been taken in stacks Wynter looked around and gave a small announcement to the stall vendors.

"I want to apologise for my actions. Here's the fruit I stole and I managed to get back your money too. I just hope you guys can forgive me."

Turning from the stalls Wynter headed from market place with his gut rumbling.

"Excuse me sir."

Turning to glance over his shoulder Wynter caught sight of one of the vendors who'd been ready to beat the living shit out of him moments before.


The vendor nodded and stepped closer towards Wynter with a small plastic bag in hand.

"Yea, you forgot your food."

"But I didn't-" Wynter started replying till he caught sight of the vendors behind him who were overly grateful for his kindness. Understanding Wynter gratefully accepted the bag.

"Thank you."

Heading from the market stalls Wynter reached into his plastic bag of fruit and took a bite from a large red apple. It tasted fantastic.


The sound of the words ""I'm a doctor!" echoed in the ears of the lady who'd been looking for one in the cafe. Turning to face the source of the voice she caught sight of Lyceum's hand raised in the air and made her way past customers towards him. Shuffling past tables and chairs the lady finally reached his table where Lyceum was seen with a few empty plates on his table and a grin on his face.

Hana 'Reaper' Coco
SHANG! 0mvFA 12,000,000

"You're the doctor are you?"

"Well I don't mean to brag, but for you I could be." Lyceum replied winking at her. She seemed to be into him as the lady sat down with a grin on her face. Leaning on the table and inwards closer towards Lyceum.

"Oh I do hope so."

"What is it you need? A physical examination cause I would be more than happy to provide my services."

"I've got this friend who needs patching up."

"And by any chance is this friend of yours you?"

"It might be, did you want to find out?"

"Love to."

Getting up from the table Hana gestured to Lyceum to follow her.

"Follow me and we'll find out together."

Lyceum was loving this and as the lady gestured towards him, like a love sick puppy he quickly complied. The two left the cafe and were well on their way. Pushing past the numerous customers and making their way back into the streets the lady known as Hana Coco the Reaper, needed someone to patch up her husband. The right hand man of the Shang pirates who'd suffered such a devastating defeat at the hands of marines.

It was time to bring him back to his original state so the Shang pirates could once again take Orange town and bring about a new rule.

Unfortunately for Lyceum he was far too caught up in a potential conquest in Hana.


The stall had picked up a good amount of business. Ann-Marie and her father had currently picked up allot of money and the fruits were flying off the stall into bags. It was good feeling to know that people wanted your stock even if you weren't the most successful of stalls. But as bananas were bought the silver one quickly came into view which by the looks of it had caught someone's attention.

As Eran had asked Ann how much the fruit was she saw the banana and pulled a face for a second a little confused, but this was a the perfect chance to make a little more money. Grinning as she looked at the banana, Ann Marine looked to her father who was still so busy with customers he couldn't taken notice of what was going on with his daughter as of the moment.

"That one is a special fruit. It's special cause it's silver, so it's really hard to get hold of these. But they are imported from far away lands. Normally they would go for quite a high price, but because this is the last one, I'll let you have it for fifteen beli."

Hoping her story was good enough to convince the lady Ann-Marie waited eagerly for the money to meet her hand. She might even be able to pocket the extra money as her father wouldn't know any better.


Looking at Shang who had the crate before him Kumtetsu wondered what was so special about this fruit. He watched as Shang removed it from the crate and raised an eyebrow.

"So the devil fruit arrived" Jack mentioned as he watched his captain hold it in his hands. Shang nodded as he inspected the fruit. Looking over it he seemed to be very intent on trying to figure out what the fruit was or authenticate it. As for Kumatetsu he didn't even know what a devil fruit was. So this was all new to him.

"What's a devil fruit?"

"Devil fruits are cursed fruits possessed by demons other another world. These demons grant those who dare eat the cursed fruit with rare and unique abilities. These abilities can grant anything from wielding flames to flight and beyond. And now I own one of these fruits in which I will be able to rule over Orange town and maybe even the East blue with these powers." Shang finished this little speech holding the fruit up before him with a grin on his face.

"I thought devil fruits were supposed to have swirls over them" Jack mentioned looking at it curiously.

"Perhaps they are, but out of the billion scattered across this world how can we even be sure that all of them do?"

"You're not wrong captain."

Gripping the skin of the banana Shang unpeeled it and took his first bite. Hoping he would be able to feel the powers coursing through his body Shang grinned.

"Give the kid his money, he did good and delivered as promised." Shang spoke as he turned from Jack & Kumatetsu.

Nodding to Shang, Jack revealed an envelope which he handed to Kumatetsu.

"Here's the pay check. It's time you leave."

"Cheers Jackie"

"Don't call me Jackie"

"You need to lighten up"

"You need to leave"

"I'll just let myself out shall I?"

"You're here enough, you may as well."

Nodding Kumtetsu headed to the door and exited. The door locked upon exiting so someone always needed to in. As he climbed the stairs he thought about what kind of powers Kumatetsu would gain from that devil fruit. He was a little jealous but, he couldn't exactly do much. He just wished he had the chance to eat it before he handed it over.

If only he'd known previously.

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Eran eyed the fruit, while it was true she had never seen a silver banana before she knew she wasn't going to drop fifteen beli on such a thing, not that she had it to begin with. "fifteen eh..? hmmm.." Reaching into her pocket she pulled out the money she had "I'm sure I could find someone else who might be willing to sell me one for a cheaper price, rare or not." She goes to put it down only to stop for a moment "But then again...if you were to say sell it to me for about eight beli..I'd let people know you were a stand with fair prices you'd easily make up for the loss, everyone loves a fair price. What do you say?"



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Post by Deviant on April 5th 2018, 04:29


With a bagful of fruit in hand Wynter was stuffing his face. He'd already eaten his way through three apples and was currently finding his way through a bunch of bananas. Tossing the peels behind him Wynter was just happy to have found himself something to eat. It had been too long. He'd had an interesting few days though. He'd met some cool people and had a fun little adventure which was only a beginning as far as he knew it.

It was just a shame that Lyceum & Eran weren't excited to join him. But none of that mattered. If he couldn't find a crew in them, maybe he could find one in Orange Town. It was a big town full of exciting people and from what He'd already witnessed it had a pirate life going on around here too. He thought about how maybe he could find the pirates of this town and recruit all of them beneath him.

It'd give him a huge head start which would be nice and he would have someone to lead and command to do his bidding, but that wasn't what he wanted. Wynter wasn't the kind to desire underlings. Just people who help him reach his goal in the same way he'd help them reach theirs. Looking at the pirates he'd already encountered Wynter realised even if he was able to convince the current pirates of Orange Town to be his crew mates this wasn't the kind of things he was looking for in a crew.

He had to admit that he wasn't a fantastic person and had even stole some fruit before hand, but that didn't mean he was a bad person right? It was survival.

Shrugging his shoulders and pushing the experience behind him Wynter heard a sound behind him.


The loud sound of a thud was heard behind Wynter as the banana peel which he'd launched behind him met the foot of a courier with an eyepatch and a pocket full of beli. Kumatetsu lay on the ground with a sudden striking pain in his back. Grunting as he picked himself up Kumatetsu looked at Wynter seeing him as the one who had thrown the banana behind him. It was a guess, but at least an educated one. There was a bag of fruit beside the guy in the blue waistcoat.


Turning his head to peer over his shoulder Wynter looked at Kumatetsu and pointed to himself.

"Yea you jackass! What's the big idea!?"

Was this just the attitude of people in Orange Town? Were they all just rude? Wynter thought to himself.

"You not gonna say anything?" Kumatetsu replied as he reached for his baton. He was pissed about the banana peel and more so about the fact that this turd was responsible.

"How'd you get the eyepatch?" Wynter asked curiously as that was where his interest went realising this guy was talking to him.

Kumatetsu was caught a little off guard and paused in place pulling a slightly confused face.

"What? Are you- I'm on about the freakin' banana peel you turd blossom!"

"Oh yea, that was mine."

"No shit! I know that much! What the hell was it doin' on the floor?"

"I guess it was just waiting for you."

"What does that even mean?"

Growing more enraged by the stupid answers from Wynter, Kumatetsu was becoming slightly more animated with each comment which found its way from Wynter's mouth.

"Well I believe that everything which happens, happens for a reason."

"Yea you throw a banana peel on the floor someone is bound to slip on it!"

"Nah, I just think we were destined to meet."

"And what purpose could us meeting provide me with?!"

Wynter shrugged as he reached into the bag removing an apple from it. He offered it towards Kumatetsu thinking it was the least he could do.

"You don't perchance wish to join a pirate crew do you?" he asked thinking maybe this guy could become his first official crew mate.

"You mean like travelling all over the world?"

Nodding Wynter watched as Kumatetsu seemed to be backing down in terms of his aggression and defence a little. He took the apple seeming to have come to some kind of agreement with Wynter.

"Yea, that's one of the things pirates do."

"You asked about my eye patch right?"

"Oh yea! How'd it happen?"

Placing his baton back in place Kumatetsu sat down beside Wynter with the apple in hand and took a bite. Even though this encounter had been weird it seemed that things had quickly calmed down and the two were becoming some weird kind of friends. But who really cared. Weird was good and a friend was a friend.

"Name's Kumatetsu" Kumatetsu said offering his free hand to Wynter.

"Wynter, so about your eye?"


Attempting to place his arm around Hana as the two made their way through the streets of Orange Town Lyceum could never find the right moment as she kept turning around to peer over her shoulder. This wouldn't work without the element of surprise. Hanna led Lyceum down a narrow alley gripping his hand Lyceum's heart skipped a beat and if it were biologically possible his eyes would be love hearts. His nose had already begun bleeding a little down to sheer excitement.

"Much further my love?" Lyceum asked smitten as could be.

Choosing to ignore the my love part of Lyceum's question Hanna gave him a sweet reply "Not at all, it's just up these stairs and we can get down to it."

With the grin on Lyceum's face widening he was ready to get his old man groove on. Today wasn't just a day of firsts for him, but a day of such gloriousness with Eran's kiss and now this stranger's body upon his own. Reaching a green wooden door Hana removed a key she used to unlock the door. Pulling Lyceum in after her she let go of his hand and turned to lock the door. In this time Lyceum took it upon himself to prepare for her.

Gripping his jacket and shirt he quickly removed them both and allowed them to drift towards the floor. Leaning against a pillar directly opposite the door Lyceum grinned looking dead at Hana who seemed to have taken on a much different demeanour when the door shut.

"Well now that we're alone-" Hana raised her hand with a single finger indicating for him to be silent as she marched from the hallway into a room to the left.

"Shhh honey, I've got someone here to help you. He's a doctor."

Lyceum could hear groaning and moved through the door to see a large double bed with a gentleman wrapped up in bandages from head to toe. He had a big build but he looked to be in a bad state. Hanna sat beside the bed on a small wooden chair as she was playing with his hair.

"Oh! This is why you wanted me to come here isn't it?"

Turning to face Lyceum with a sincere look in her eyes Hana nodded.

"I can pay you" Hana said as she revealed an envelope in her hands.

"Just give me a moment and I'll get right to it." Lyceum replied as he headed to pick up his shirt and lab coat.

"Don't worry Jyro, we'll have you back on your feet in no time."


"Do you mind me asking what happened to him?"

"It was a case of mistaken identity. He was shot a couple of times during a robbery. The culprits got away because of this horrible mistake."

"I understand, I'll see what I can do. But I'll need an assistant." Lyceum said as he laid his medical supplies down on a sideboard. Grabbing cotton buds, rubbing alcohol, forceps and some fresh bandages he made his way over towards Jyro.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jyro, I'm Doctor Lyceum Tate and I promise you I'll do the best I can. Last thing we want is you suffering from these wounds any longer." Turning to face Hana Lyceum continued. "Nurse Hana, may I have a hand removing the bandages. I need to see these wounds and how bad they are."


Watching as Eran's hand started placing the fruit back as the price of SHANG! 0mvFA 15 was too much little Ann rolled her eyes. This woman was going to now try and trick her into paying less. When Eran spoke about getting her hands on the fruit for a mere SHANG! 0mvFA 8 Ann looked towards her father then towards the silver banana.

The last thing she wanted was to sell food for less than it was worth, it would hurt her father's business especially if this lady with the eye patch were to seek sustenance at another stall. Pulling a face Ann did her best to ignore the constant shouting of patrons who were eager to pay for fruits from the stall. Begrudgingly nodding Ann agreed to the terms that Eran was giving her.

"Okay fine, you got yourself a deal. But you best get our name out there though. Let the world know Bismelli's is the world's greatest food vendors!"

With that said and done two figures entered the town square with a large sack in hands. Standing as the two looked around at the stalls they questioned where to start.

The two who stood at one of the many roads leading to the centre exchanged a couple of words before one of them pointed towards the far left stall which was the one taking the most money with the most customers grouped up in front. One of the two made his way to the middle of the square whilst the other who approached the stall on the far left gripped a crate and tossed it towards her comrade.

The two figures who'd arrived where Kyuta Bones & Kiera Tiara. Kyuta caught the crate and stepped up on to it raising himself high to raise his voice.


A torrent of disgust and boos came rolling in to which Sauce & Knuckles really couldn't give a single shit about. Raining down over Knuckles the boos bounced off him like he was made of rubber whilst Sauce started opening the sack to the first stall and opened her mouth to speak up about the payment she was expecting from them. Meanwhile Knuckles stuck to raising both hands in the air and giving all who weren't pleased about the increase of protection money the finger.

"DON'T LIKE IT F**KING LEAVE!" he spoke out loud.

Ann didn't like how prices were increasing and as Knuckles started swearing her father placed his hands over her ears to cover her innocence. Unimpressed with the way these pirates were dealing with things Ann's father was more displeased with the language than the price increase.[/b]

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