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SHANG! - Page 2 Empty Re: SHANG!

Post by Deviant on April 5th 2018, 04:29

SHANG! - Page 2 JxT7GqA SHANG! - Page 2 TMTTDWb

With a bagful of fruit in hand Wynter was stuffing his face. He'd already eaten his way through three apples and was currently finding his way through a bunch of bananas. Tossing the peels behind him Wynter was just happy to have found himself something to eat. It had been too long. He'd had an interesting few days though. He'd met some cool people and had a fun little adventure which was only a beginning as far as he knew it.

It was just a shame that Lyceum & Eran weren't excited to join him. But none of that mattered. If he couldn't find a crew in them, maybe he could find one in Orange Town. It was a big town full of exciting people and from what He'd already witnessed it had a pirate life going on around here too. He thought about how maybe he could find the pirates of this town and recruit all of them beneath him.

It'd give him a huge head start which would be nice and he would have someone to lead and command to do his bidding, but that wasn't what he wanted. Wynter wasn't the kind to desire underlings. Just people who help him reach his goal in the same way he'd help them reach theirs. Looking at the pirates he'd already encountered Wynter realised even if he was able to convince the current pirates of Orange Town to be his crew mates this wasn't the kind of things he was looking for in a crew.

He had to admit that he wasn't a fantastic person and had even stole some fruit before hand, but that didn't mean he was a bad person right? It was survival.

Shrugging his shoulders and pushing the experience behind him Wynter heard a sound behind him.


The loud sound of a thud was heard behind Wynter as the banana peel which he'd launched behind him met the foot of a courier with an eyepatch and a pocket full of beli. Kumatetsu lay on the ground with a sudden striking pain in his back. Grunting as he picked himself up Kumatetsu looked at Wynter seeing him as the one who had thrown the banana behind him. It was a guess, but at least an educated one. There was a bag of fruit beside the guy in the blue waistcoat.


Turning his head to peer over his shoulder Wynter looked at Kumatetsu and pointed to himself.

"Yea you jackass! What's the big idea!?"

Was this just the attitude of people in Orange Town? Were they all just rude? Wynter thought to himself.

"You not gonna say anything?" Kumatetsu replied as he reached for his baton. He was pissed about the banana peel and more so about the fact that this turd was responsible.

"How'd you get the eyepatch?" Wynter asked curiously as that was where his interest went realising this guy was talking to him.

Kumatetsu was caught a little off guard and paused in place pulling a slightly confused face.

"What? Are you- I'm on about the freakin' banana peel you turd blossom!"

"Oh yea, that was mine."

"No shit! I know that much! What the hell was it doin' on the floor?"

"I guess it was just waiting for you."

"What does that even mean?"

Growing more enraged by the stupid answers from Wynter, Kumatetsu was becoming slightly more animated with each comment which found its way from Wynter's mouth.

"Well I believe that everything which happens, happens for a reason."

"Yea you throw a banana peel on the floor someone is bound to slip on it!"

"Nah, I just think we were destined to meet."

"And what purpose could us meeting provide me with?!"

Wynter shrugged as he reached into the bag removing an apple from it. He offered it towards Kumatetsu thinking it was the least he could do.

"You don't perchance wish to join a pirate crew do you?" he asked thinking maybe this guy could become his first official crew mate.

"You mean like travelling all over the world?"

Nodding Wynter watched as Kumatetsu seemed to be backing down in terms of his aggression and defence a little. He took the apple seeming to have come to some kind of agreement with Wynter.

"Yea, that's one of the things pirates do."

"You asked about my eye patch right?"

"Oh yea! How'd it happen?"

Placing his baton back in place Kumatetsu sat down beside Wynter with the apple in hand and took a bite. Even though this encounter had been weird it seemed that things had quickly calmed down and the two were becoming some weird kind of friends. But who really cared. Weird was good and a friend was a friend.

"Name's Kumatetsu" Kumatetsu said offering his free hand to Wynter.

"Wynter, so about your eye?"

SHANG! - Page 2 LGMhcNx

Attempting to place his arm around Hana as the two made their way through the streets of Orange Town Lyceum could never find the right moment as she kept turning around to peer over her shoulder. This wouldn't work without the element of surprise. Hanna led Lyceum down a narrow alley gripping his hand Lyceum's heart skipped a beat and if it were biologically possible his eyes would be love hearts. His nose had already begun bleeding a little down to sheer excitement.

"Much further my love?" Lyceum asked smitten as could be.

Choosing to ignore the my love part of Lyceum's question Hanna gave him a sweet reply "Not at all, it's just up these stairs and we can get down to it."

With the grin on Lyceum's face widening he was ready to get his old man groove on. Today wasn't just a day of firsts for him, but a day of such gloriousness with Eran's kiss and now this stranger's body upon his own. Reaching a green wooden door Hana removed a key she used to unlock the door. Pulling Lyceum in after her she let go of his hand and turned to lock the door. In this time Lyceum took it upon himself to prepare for her.

Gripping his jacket and shirt he quickly removed them both and allowed them to drift towards the floor. Leaning against a pillar directly opposite the door Lyceum grinned looking dead at Hana who seemed to have taken on a much different demeanour when the door shut.

"Well now that we're alone-" Hana raised her hand with a single finger indicating for him to be silent as she marched from the hallway into a room to the left.

"Shhh honey, I've got someone here to help you. He's a doctor."

Lyceum could hear groaning and moved through the door to see a large double bed with a gentleman wrapped up in bandages from head to toe. He had a big build but he looked to be in a bad state. Hanna sat beside the bed on a small wooden chair as she was playing with his hair.

"Oh! This is why you wanted me to come here isn't it?"

Turning to face Lyceum with a sincere look in her eyes Hana nodded.

"I can pay you" Hana said as she revealed an envelope in her hands.

"Just give me a moment and I'll get right to it." Lyceum replied as he headed to pick up his shirt and lab coat.

"Don't worry Jyro, we'll have you back on your feet in no time."


"Do you mind me asking what happened to him?"

"It was a case of mistaken identity. He was shot a couple of times during a robbery. The culprits got away because of this horrible mistake."

"I understand, I'll see what I can do. But I'll need an assistant." Lyceum said as he laid his medical supplies down on a sideboard. Grabbing cotton buds, rubbing alcohol, forceps and some fresh bandages he made his way over towards Jyro.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jyro, I'm Doctor Lyceum Tate and I promise you I'll do the best I can. Last thing we want is you suffering from these wounds any longer." Turning to face Hana Lyceum continued. "Nurse Hana, may I have a hand removing the bandages. I need to see these wounds and how bad they are."

SHANG! - Page 2 NQaV9BA

Watching as Eran's hand started placing the fruit back as the price of SHANG! - Page 2 0mvFA 15 was too much little Ann rolled her eyes. This woman was going to now try and trick her into paying less. When Eran spoke about getting her hands on the fruit for a mere SHANG! - Page 2 0mvFA 8 Ann looked towards her father then towards the silver banana.

The last thing she wanted was to sell food for less than it was worth, it would hurt her father's business especially if this lady with the eye patch were to seek sustenance at another stall. Pulling a face Ann did her best to ignore the constant shouting of patrons who were eager to pay for fruits from the stall. Begrudgingly nodding Ann agreed to the terms that Eran was giving her.

"Okay fine, you got yourself a deal. But you best get our name out there though. Let the world know Bismelli's is the world's greatest food vendors!"

With that said and done two figures entered the town square with a large sack in hands. Standing as the two looked around at the stalls they questioned where to start.

The two who stood at one of the many roads leading to the centre exchanged a couple of words before one of them pointed towards the far left stall which was the one taking the most money with the most customers grouped up in front. One of the two made his way to the middle of the square whilst the other who approached the stall on the far left gripped a crate and tossed it towards her comrade.

The two figures who'd arrived where Kyuta Bones & Kiera Tiara. Kyuta caught the crate and stepped up on to it raising himself high to raise his voice.


A torrent of disgust and boos came rolling in to which Sauce & Knuckles really couldn't give a single shit about. Raining down over Knuckles the boos bounced off him like he was made of rubber whilst Sauce started opening the sack to the first stall and opened her mouth to speak up about the payment she was expecting from them. Meanwhile Knuckles stuck to raising both hands in the air and giving all who weren't pleased about the increase of protection money the finger.

"DON'T LIKE IT F**KING LEAVE!" he spoke out loud.

Ann didn't like how prices were increasing and as Knuckles started swearing her father placed his hands over her ears to cover her innocence. Unimpressed with the way these pirates were dealing with things Ann's father was more displeased with the language than the price increase.[/b]


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SHANG! - Page 2 Empty Re: SHANG!

Post by Sweet Dreams on April 21st 2018, 06:56

Eran couldn't help at the condition of the sale "You have my word that I will" She says making a cross over her heart. Taking the fruit and giving the money Eran started to peel it, it seems that even though curious about this strange fruit she had gotten her hunger was more on the brain, so without much fanfare she bit into the exposed flesh, chewing for a few moments only to freeze mid-chew,this...this was the most disgusting thing she had ever tasted! She had been about to spit out the fruit out only to stop seeing the small girl still watching, she couldn't do that to her...after everything she had done to get it and then this seeming to be the girl's first sale.

 Eran recalled the first sale she did and how it made her feel seeing how even at the age she had been she could be useful...So with all the will, she could muster she wallowed the now mushy mouthful...and took another bite, swallowed and finished the last bite resisting the urge to run for water.

It was then she heard the shouting from the center of the market, price increase? For what? Turning to the man who seemed to be the actual owner of the stall she pointed her thumb towards the two "whats all that about payment?"

SHANG! - Page 2 Y8KT0Cs

SHANG! - Page 2 7WxbFQW SHANG! - Page 2 HMQaOHv SHANG! - Page 2 51XtC2B SHANG! - Page 2 7se3GxF SHANG! - Page 2 QDaU7X8

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SHANG! - Page 2 Empty Re: SHANG!

Post by Deviant on April 28th 2018, 09:57

SHANG! - Page 2 JxT7GqASHANG! - Page 2 J0pxo3S

As the two sat due to a peculiar turn of events that Wynter would describe as fate and Kumatetsu would hold on to as a grudge in which a young moron was too lazy to find a bin Kumatetsu spoke with Wynter about his eye in which there had been an accident which resulted in serious damage to his eye thus the eyepatch.

"So basically you're kinda like a real life pirate?"

"Dude, I'm a courier."

"Well that's lame"

Dissatisfied with Wynter's response Kumatetsu figured he'd up the anty and impress him by talking about his latest exploit of the day and hopefully he'd take back his words when he heard of the cool things he got his hands on through his line of work.

"Lame? yeah right. This morning I had to drop off a devil fruit to the crime boss of this island. Still sound lame to you?"

"The hells a devil fruit?"

Realising that Wynter was just as clueless as he'd been about devil fruits Kumatetsu couldn't help but utter the same words he'd been thinking when he was told about them.

"I know right?"

"Wait, you don't know either?"

"Well I didn't this morning. But I do now."

"Well what are they?"

"Fruits that are possessed by the souls of demons. When you eat one it grants you amazing powers the likes of which you never could've imagined. But when you eat one you lose your ability to swim."

"What if you get the water fruit?"

Looking at Wynter in shock Kumatetsu started to question the exact same thing.

"That's a really good question!"

"I'm full of them. Anyway you said about a crime boss in this town?"

"Yeah, Shang and his band of pirates what about them?"

"You in good with them?"

"I guess. Why? You want to join them or something?"

"Pfft! No! Don't be stupid. I want to recruit them!"

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really think they'd be up to running under a guy like you."

"Why not? I'm pretty badass. I beat up a good couple of guys in my journey so far. Even robbed some earlier too."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, beat up some Marine Captain back on Hedge Drop Island. Apparently he was part of something called Order 13. Think his name was Runderford."

Recognising the name slightly Kumatetsu looked Wynter dead in the eye and felt a sudden sense of fear from the boy. He'd heard of Order 13 and Captain Rutherford. He'd been on the commanders in the order and proven his strength during the act as it was put in place over the east blue.

"Do you mean Rutherford?"

"I think so. Big beardy guy."

"Yea, that's Captain Rutherford."

"Yeah I beat him up. Met a couple of fishmen and a seaking. Beat them up and then this morning I was trying to get some food and two guys turned up expecting money from the stall owners so as they were on their way I burned a hole in their sacks of money and gave it back to the vendors. What kinda bastards take money from others."

Realising not only that Wynter genuinely had some form of serious power if he'd been able to take down a seaking and Captain Rutherford Kumatetsu begun to fear for his life. More so the one thing which really worried him was he'd been stealing from Shang's pirates. Shang was the only crew on the island who extorted money and if he'd been robbing their sacks of money that'd mean he was now in direct connection with the thief.

"You should get out of here."


"Those were the Shang Pirates you stole from. You should get out of here before they come looking for you."

"I'm not going anywhere. I like a challenge and if they come lookin' for me I'll either beat them up or I'll recruit them."

Smirking at Wynter's optimism Kumatetsu got to his feet.

"Well whichever one it is, I wish you good luck, but I think you should be a little more picky with who you want to recruit. They don't seem much like your type. They're a little more greedy & sinister than you seem to be."

"Where you going?"

"You forget already? I got a job. I need to get back to it."

"Fine. But if you ever want freedom, I'll be waiting."

"Yea, you don't me aboard your crew. I'm not really good at much other than destruction."

Turning and making his way from Wynter, Kumatetsu chose to head back to his employer. He was sure he'd have another job ready for him.

SHANG! - Page 2 LGMhcNx

Laying on the floor before him Lyceum looked over the wounds littered over Jyro's body. Nodding as he examined each on in depth Lyceum looked towards Hana and spoke.

"Okay so from the looks of these wounds, it appears that he's undergone some half assed surgery already."

"Yes he has. I tried hiring a doctor the second he was injured but he wasn't a proper doctor. More a student and he did what he could. But obviously it wasn't good enough."

"Well the kid has done more damage and even gone as far as breaking some cardinal rules. But it's nothing I can't work with. Just give me some time."

"Well he won't be doing any harm to anyone ever again." Hana replied smirking to herself.

Not taking much notice of the words she said Lyceum reached into his satchel removing a few syringes, cotton balls, tweezers and sewing tools ready to unstitch the poorly stitched up wounds. Lyceum begun with cleaning the wounds properly and moved on to stitching up the wounds in the correct fashion. Once he was done with this work he made sure to inject some home made solutions that would help Jyro's body fight against any infections that may have come about from the previous surgeon's work and another to give his body the energy to heal faster.

Removing the syringe Lyceum tossed the two syringes to the side and slid his belongings back into the satchel.

"He should be fine in a couple of hours."

"Thank you so much Doctor."

"It's no problem. A doctor's duty is to make sure everyone is in good health."

"I do wonder though where did you get your training to be able to work so efficiently. I've never seen doctor's using some of the techniques or solutions you used."

"You learn allot when you grow as old as me."

"I imagine you must've seen allot throughout your years."

"A bit of time spent on the battlefield and the past couple of days have provided me with the worst I've ever seen. So things like this are child's play."

"What happened in the past few days?"

"Oh I spent the past few days with a young lad who knows how to find danger. Got into a fight with a couple of marines a little while back because I freed an innocent man."

"Sounds like your a pirate to me."

"You could say that. But I don't exactly have a crew."

"A revolutionary maybe?"

"Nah, but I believe the man I freed may have been. He had the marking of one. The spiralling dragon up his right arm."

"You do lead a very fascinating life don't you mr dear doctor."

"Ha ha Well the kid I been traveling with was something really to be feared. I've never seen anything like him before. He's different. But not a good different."

"Maybe we'll recruit him and yourself"


"Oh sorry did I forget to mention. We're both members of the Shang pirates. We run this town basically and we're looking for a doctor."

"Well if you're looking for crew members, there was this girl I was travelling with as well. A heck of a good navigator and a real pretty thing."

Smirking at the mention of these people Hana looked over her husband Jyro then Lyceum.

"I'll speak with Shang and see what he says. I think he'll be more than happy to welcome a bunch of new comers to the crew." she said as she reached for her den den mushi to make the call.

SHANG! - Page 2 NQaV9BA

As the sack was opened by the hands of Sauce and the first load of beli were dropped in Sauce's face quickly turned to anger spotting the money falling out through a hole in the bottom. She quickly closed the bag and turned to face Bones who seemed too busy to be working the crowd.

"BONES! HERE NOW!" she screamed trying to catch his attention as he was too busy basking in the warm hatred for his role in the extortion. As he could hear her shrieks of frustration Bones turned to face her. Mouthing the words "WHAT?" Sauce pointed to the floor beside her shouting back at him.


Sighing Bones leapt down from the crate making his way over towards Sauce.

"The f**k is it?"

"LOOK!" Sauce saud shoving the sack into his hands revealing the hole at the bottom. This was the moment Bones's face sunk.


"We must've snagged it on something on the way." Sauce exclaimed hoping they might be able to recover it.

"You telling me we've left a trail of Beli from the market!?"

Sauce nodded and turned to look down the way they'd just come from as the stall vendors started chuckling realising the incompetence of the two brutes who'd lost a sack full of money.

"DON'T YOU ALL LAUGH. THIS JUST MEANS YOU'LL BE PAYING DOUBLE!" This was the moment when the laughter stopped and the vendors became enraged enough to pick up a couple bits from their stalls seemingly ready to riot against the two brutes.

As Eran asked the question about who these two were the man at the stall who fought against his daughter of whose ears he was covering turned to face her.

"They're a bunch of no good bandits. They call themselves pirates. The Shang pirates, but they come by every week to extort us. There's nothing any of us can do though. But I won't lie, it'd make things allot easier if people like they weren't around anymore."

Grabbing Bones by the arm Sauce pulled him closer to her own curvaceous body and whispered into his ear.

"You dolt! Forget their payment today. You'll only enrage them further, we can't afford to have a riot on our hands. Look they've already started arming themselves."


Stepping aside and speaking aloud Bones opened up.

"Due to today's problem having occurred. You will be let off free today! No payment required. But don't get used to it! We will be back next week for our pay and there won't be any problems this time!"

Turning in shame and heading back towards Sauce the two of them made for a quick escape. Their next plan would be to return to the hideout with heavy hearts.

Sighing at the sight and sound of the two leaving without taking anything the man at the stall removed his hands from his daughter Ann's ears and looked to Eran.

"I hope you enjoyed your banana today miss, but I'd advise you to leave this town as quickly as possible with brutes like that roaming these streets. The Shang Pirates run this town and for most normal folk such as us it's hard to leave behind our families or even make a new start elsewhere."

"We should beat them up dad. Tell them no and they should f**k off!"

"LANGUAGE!" Ann's father said in shock at her foul mouth. Turning back towards Eran he continued.

"She has some wild ideals of what she'd like to happen, but most of us have come to terms with the fact that no body is about to stop them. But you should definitely leave before things get worse. Not doubt they will after today's display they already looked pretty irritated when they arrived."

"But don't you think it'd be a shame if your protectors left all of the sudden?" a voice came from behind Eran.

SHANG! - Page 2 ZzgCaFW
Tay 'Toxin' Khola
SHANG! - Page 2 0mvFA 6,000,500

Passing their glances towards the voice Tay Khola revealed himself stepping forward he lifted an apple from the stall and tossed two coins towards the man.

Catching the coins the man nodded pocketing the money as Tay took a bite of the apple and continued his speech.

"Just think how bad things could be if we left you all to your own devices and allowed all of you to go about your lives as you choose with no force governing over you all. It allows for anyone and everyone to engage in acts of a criminal nature with no one to fear other than the top dog. With a structure like this in place, you all pay up to a single overlord who keeps the peace by remaining as the top dog and a single enemy you all hate unifying the citizens. Or would you rather be fighting of every sam, sally and Simon for every single one of your belongings?"

Remaining silent the man dipped his head.

"That's what I thought."

Turning with his purchased apple in hand Tay made his way from the stall down the street with a grin on his face.

"At least HE pays the prices." the man said allowing a single tear to slip down his cheek.

SHANG! - Page 2 XfYcfd1

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SHANG! - Page 2 Empty Re: SHANG!

Post by Sweet Dreams on August 4th 2018, 12:37

Eran watched the man leave bearly being able to restrain herself for reaching her sword, she hated people like this, sure there was nothing wrong with paying a protection fee protection but this seemed like extortion like the vendor had said, they seem to be squeezing every drop out of this town as they could, and call her a bleeding heart but Eran couldn't just stand by and let this happen. She patted the vendor's shoulder and gave him a gentle smile as to silently reassure him

She then spun on her heel and headed off, she needed to find out more information on these "Shang pirates" She then was going to find Wynter and Lyceum, she was sure she was going to need their help seeing as they were the only two people she knew for miles. As she scratched idly at an itch at her arm she smirked, maybe it was time to answer the call inside her.

It was time for a Revolution

SHANG! - Page 2 Y8KT0Cs

SHANG! - Page 2 7WxbFQW SHANG! - Page 2 HMQaOHv SHANG! - Page 2 51XtC2B SHANG! - Page 2 7se3GxF SHANG! - Page 2 QDaU7X8

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SHANG! - Page 2 Empty Re: SHANG!

Post by Deviant on August 8th 2018, 15:35

SHANG! - Page 2 JxT7GqA

The words which had been mentioned by Kumatetsu continued ringing in Wynter's head.

"You should get out of here."

If these so called Shang pirates were as bad as he said then maybe Kumatetsu was right. Maybe recruitment wasn't the way to go. But he couldn't just leave these guys to continue taking money from the vendors. But maybe that was what pirates did? Well even if it was what pirates did. It wouldn't be what he did. Nor would he allow it. This was a bastard of a thing to do and he wasn't a bastard.

Getting to his feet Wynter let thoughts run through his head about these Shang Pirates and the two he'd encountered and stole from. One had been female and the other male. Both seemed to have been at it a long time though. It was time Wynter found these two and located their boss. Turning on his heel Wynter headed into the town figuring if these two were still on their rounds he might be able to catch sight of them and get his hands on them.

"Those were the Shang Pirates you stole from. You should get out of here before they come looking for you."

Kid clearly didn't know who he was talking to cause Wynter wasn't the kind of guy to turn and run. He was the type who'd run headlong into danger even if he didn't stand a chance. He was just that sort of guy who didn't care for the rules, nor did he care about survival, as long as there was a chance, he'd take it and this was just another one of those.

Making his way down a slanted street the smell of fresh bread being baked and sounds of raucous laughter filled the air. Hitting his foot on an uneven bit of flooring he was sent rolling down the street crashing into a small set up of table and chairs outside which his body smashed right through. Slamming his teeth together Wynter tried to ignore the pain which came about from his body pounding the pavement and torso sending the wooden table and chairs into nothing but splinters.

The sounds of shock at the sight grew as did the screams for only seconds which quickly dissipated due to his speed. This short trip would meet a grizzly end however when Wynter's head met the strong sturdy door to a building which was soon to be opened.

SHANG! - Page 2 LGMhcNx

"Bring in this doctor and we will see."

"Right you are Shang."

"There any more sexy ladies like yourself part of this crew?" Lyceum asked a little curiously thinking about all the ladies he could have all to himself.

"Only little ole me." Hana replied coyly.

"Then I guess I'll have to work on making you love me won't I?"

"Don't count on getting past me so easily!" a new voice chimed in.

Turning their heads to locate the source Hana's face filled with excitement and joy whilst Lyceum saw that her husband was now awake.

"Jyro, well it's good to see you're alive and well. Normally I'd suggest resting up, but I can imagine you want to get back home."

"Very much so, we've been here a good few days since the first doctor tried his hand at fixing up my husband."

"We go now?"

"Of course honey" Hana replied gently hugging Jyro as he sat up.

"C'mon big man we'll get you out of here."

Reaching down to help Jyro get to his feet Lyceum slid an arm around him lifting him to his feet which Jyro seemed a little shaky on, whilst Hanna got the door. Moving from bedroom down the stairs the sounds of destruction could be heard just beyond the door of something crashing down a street at breakneck speed.

Seconds later the sound ended at the front door.

Pausing and exchanging confused looks Jyro was the one to break the silence.

"Well on you go Hana, you've a weapon if it be soldier."

"Give me a second honey"

Still holding a weakened Jyro Lyceum waited for Hana to remove a morning star from her dress as she pulled the front door open to reveal a young lad in a blue waist coat slumped against the door. Kicking him aside she lowered the morning star and placed it back within it's holster.

Lyceum made his way out of the door paying most of his focus to Jyro. As the two came out the front door and made their way to the left as gestured by Hana Lyceum didn't get a good look at the young lad.

Hana however stood in front of him as the lad lay in a slump to the left of the front door.

The young lad looked slightly battered and beaten up from his crash and even reached up from his slump at the sight of Lyceum calling his name.

". . . Lyceum . . . ?"

As Jyro was on his way back home Hana made a point of turning to face the young lad who was reaching out. Not fully understanding his intentions Hanna leaned down to look over the boy who'd crashed into their front door.

"I don't know who you think you are, but I heard you, he's one of us now. He's one of the Shang pirates, so you best leave him be and stay out of our way! Or next time you won't be so lucky!"

Swinging her morning star into his torso like a pendulum Hana knocked the man in the blue waistcoat, with freckles brown hair and a name of Wynter into a world of slightly more agony than he was already in. Grunting in pain Wynter watched as Lyceum helped Hana & Jyro of his new crew make their way back to what he could only assume was their new head quarters.


SHANG! - Page 2 NQaV9BA

With Tay making his way from the town centre where Eran had been he quickly made his way to Long Wyre street where he'd saddled up a horse. Climbing atop the horse he made a quick and hasty retreat to his next place of business, the docks where he would take inventory of the ships which had arrived today and make note of just whom might be about in town. From merchants to pirates and even soldiers, it would help the Shang pirates maximise their influence or ready themselves for possible battles that might be headed in their direction.

As for Eran in the town square where she had been, a few people were seen marching out of a different street to the one Tay had exited down. As few people rushed out of the street in a hurry all with something to say they turned and looked back up the street to see the destruction which had come crashing down it only to realise it hadn't carried through all of the way.

"What an idiot!" some voices would say whilst others called out. "Oh dear. I do hope he's alright." another lone voice made itself known by reciting. "Leave him alone, he's been marked as an enemy of the Shang Pirates!"

A few of the people at the stalls made their way over to the sight wondering just who it was that was now an enemy of the Shang pirates and who this individual was that had brought such damage down a single street in such a quick fashion.

"Dad can I go look?" Ann exclaimed pointing across at the group of people. Looking uneasily at his daughter the stall owner replied.

"I'd rather you did't. Any enemy of the Shang pirates isn't someone we want to associate with."

"But they're evil dad!" Ann exclaimed before she pulled away from the stall and rushed over towards the destruction to see just what had happened.

SHANG! - Page 2 J0pxo3S

Knocking on the door of his employer and awaiting a response Kumatetsu looked back out at the town he'd been in only moments ago before retreating to the outer edges of it. he thought to himself about the weird optimism the kid he'd spoken to had before turning back towards the door which was now open.

The sight of his boss with a face of anger wasn't one which filled him with much excitement.


"You had one bloody job!"


Grabbing Kumatetsu by the scarf his boss pulled him inside slamming the door shut and threw him against his desk.

"Deliver the devil fruit to Shang take the money and that was it."

"That's what I did." Kumatetsu exclaimed as he removed the money and slammed it down on the desk. "Look it's here. I even counted it. Its every last beli!"


"What? No. Of course I didn't/" Kumatetsu retorted feeling offended being accused of such an act.

"Then where the bleedin' hell is the fruit! That thing cost me a good few favours and now you've just gone and bloody well fucked things up for the both of us!"

"But I didn't even do anything."

"Well you go tell him that! He's sending someone over to deal with this monumental fuck up right now as it is. So you best sort something out! Cause I will not hesitate handing you right over to them."

"Wow, some boss you are."

"I could say the same about you turd bowler!"

It was this moment that Kumatetsu started realising that maybe that kid had been right with all that he'd said about freedom. He'd been in this guy's pocket long enough and by the looks of it he'd been in Shang's. Kumatetsu didn't like the thought of turning into this guy or just another cog in this machine. Maybe freedom was the right way to go.

but that was a problem for another time. For the moment the big problem was how was he going to keep himself out of danger from whoever Shang was sending over.

Little did the two know the Crimson Blade wasn't far and instead he was within sight of the light house and soon he would be there and ready to slaughter them ready or not.

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Post by Sweet Dreams on September 3rd 2018, 15:38

Eran was pulled from her thoughts as she heard both screams of surprise and the sound of destruction. She had made her way towards the crowd but saw no real problem, was about to turn away. That was until she heard a person mention whoever had done this was considered an enemy of the Shang pirates...well this might be helpful, an enemy of my enemy is my friend for a reason right?

It wasn't long before the crowd started to fade and with the trail of destruction left in their wake, it was easy even with one eye to find the culprit, although it was one she hadn't expected. While the battered and bruised form wasn't how she left him but there was no mistaking that blue waistcoat. "Wynter..? Oh, I should have known.." She says rushing over to check him out. "What the hell happened to you hun?"

SHANG! - Page 2 Y8KT0Cs

SHANG! - Page 2 7WxbFQW SHANG! - Page 2 HMQaOHv SHANG! - Page 2 51XtC2B SHANG! - Page 2 7se3GxF SHANG! - Page 2 QDaU7X8

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Post by Deviant on September 5th 2018, 11:20

SHANG! - Page 2 JxT7GqA SHANG! - Page 2 NQaV9BA

The sounds of voices scattered all around him all mashed into one as Wynter tried sitting up. The fall had been quite painful and his body was a little worse for wear after the tumble and initial crash. The bash in the torso had ben just as bad from Hana. If that woman was really from the Shang pirates, the case for them was getting bigger and reasons for Wynter to destroy them was growing.

He'd already seen how they extort people and been unimpressed with their way of life. This was just another disappointment and desire to beat them down. As Wynter started sitting up and rested his head on his hand. He could feel a little blood over the top of his eye and removed his hand to see the crimson colour over his palm.


"He's an enemy of the Shang pirates!" the voices chanted around him to which Wynter raised his head looking around to see and finally hear a familiar voice.

"Wynter..? Oh, I should have known.."


Getting to his feet Wynter looked at Eran as she questioned what happened to him. Reaching up and wiping the blood from his eyebrow over his sleeve Wynter, looked at Eran with a smile.

"It's good to see you again Eran." as she questioned what had happened to him Wynter replied. "Had a couple run ins with the Shang Pirates, met a guy who was delivering stuff to them and he told me they were bad news. I'm starting to think there was a reason the currents sent us this way."

Looking around at the crowds who were staring in his direction Wynter turned back towards Eran.

"What've have you been getting up to?" Wynter asked wondering what it was Eran had been busy with as she didn't seem to have gotten into any mess like he had done so himself.

But looking at the people around him and Eran who stood before him whilst he thought about what had happened with Lyceum Wynter was concocting an idea and hoped if he mentioned it to Eran the two of them could start a revolution.

He was sure that it wasn't just him growing to dislike the bad taste left by the Shang Pirates.

SHANG! - Page 2 LGMhcNx

Carrying Jyro towards the Shang Pirates hideout Lyceum watched as Hanna helped by hoisting up Jyro's other arm and the group made their way back allot quicker cutting through some side alleys and taking a few short cuts. Jyro was already looking better than when Lyceum had first laid eyes upon him.

"So what kind of things does this Captain of yours plan to do?" Lyceum questioned.

"Oh y'know, typical pirate stuff. He likes to keep his crew happy and our pockets full."

"But do you guys do much sailing? Do you travel around much?"

"We've got a good thing going on here in Orange town, so in all honesty we like to stay here. It's comfortable."

"I see"

"You don't have a problem with that do you doctor?" Hana asked looking at Lyceum curiously.

"I'll be honest, I quite enjoy travelling around."

"Guess you won't be seeing much of me if you're travelling around so much." Hana said with a flirty tone.

Arriving at the hideout Hana motioned from under Jyro's arm and knocked on the door.

"Don't tease the fool Hana, just open the door."

Picking himself up from Lyceum's grip Jyro stretched showing that his strength was something to be feared when at full power.

Lyceum turned to look around and back out towards the town. He was thinking to himself about where Wynter & Eran would be at the moment and if he was really happy about joining the Shang pirates.

"Right, lets meet this Shang of yours" Lyceum said turning to face the open door of the Shang pirates hideout. Making his way down the stairs into the hideout he was hit by a sudden wave of heat and soon he would be before Shang himself.

SHANG! - Page 2 J0pxo3S

Grabbing his koneko tsume in hand and watching as his boss pulled the shotgun down from under the desk Kumatetsu started to feel a sense of fear shooting all throughout his body. He hadn't felt such an impending danger coming his way in such a long time and even then it wasn't this serious. He had a man with a bounty on his head who he'd seen massacre a set of Naval soldiers single handedly.

The only thing that was currently going through his head right now was the constant screams of those who'd died at his sword. Shaking at thought of taking on such a pirate Kumatetsu took a few deep breaths and before long he heard a knock on the door to the lighthouse.

Gulping he looked towards his boss.

"Let him make his own way in. I'm going to roll these barrels down the stairs as soon as the bastard finds his way through it."

Seconds later the sound of hacking & slashing was heard followed by footsteps.

Moving the barrels towards the stairs Kumatetsu's boss rolled them down the stairs one by one. Three barrels one after the other. Hoping these would stop the crimson blade and bring him to an end. Turning to face Kumatetsu he was no longer in sight.

"Kumatetsu?!" he asked. The sudden scent of petrol became noticeable and clear. Sniffing as it hit him there was a sudden realisation. Kumatetsu wasn't going to battle the Crimson Blade head on. He was going to let him step into a trap and use his boss as the lure.

Kumatetsu heard the voice of the crimson blade as he spoke.

"You'll rue the day you stole from Shang"

A scream was heard as blood spilled over the wooden floor boards. Turning his head to look towards the movement which came from the backroom, the Crimson blade stepped towards it cautiously with blade in front and caught sight of the beginning of Kumatetsu's trap.

Grinning he put two and two together.

Kumatetsu had used the koneko tsume to abseil out the window and down the light house side after setting a fire which would envelop the lighthouse. Instead of putting himself in harms way, he was getting out of there. Once his feet hit ground he'd turned and fled as quick as he could into the town.

"Nope.Nope.Nope!" he kept saying to himself as he ran. Looking over his shoulder he caught sight of the crimson blade in the light house looking through the window but it seemed there was no fear upon his face and he was confident he could escape this trap with ease.

Gulping as he ran Kumatetsu planned to join the crowds and hide in plain sight. Maybe a change of clothing and a disguise or maybe he'd actually hop aboard a ship that was leaving immediately. There wasn't anyone who would dare go face to face with the beast that was the Shang pirates.

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Post by Sweet Dreams on October 3rd 2018, 22:04

Eran was uncomfortable seeing this many people, that had crowded around them. She raised an eyebrow hearing them saying how he was an enemy to these Shang people. That name kept popping up... "In the time it took me to get breakfast you managed to piss some seriously dangerous people off" She says sighing before she felt others eyes on them enough that she knew they needed to move. Looking around she saw what they needed, a distraction!

Gasping she turned from him to point towards the sky, a large black plume of smoke filling the sky in the distance "Oh dear there's a fire!" Once people turned to look towards where she had pointed she turned back and grabbed Wynter's hand "need to move,theyll be looking for you" She says as chaos broke out around them. With a tug she pulled him through the crowd and down an alley trying to get them away from others.

SHANG! - Page 2 Y8KT0Cs

SHANG! - Page 2 7WxbFQW SHANG! - Page 2 HMQaOHv SHANG! - Page 2 51XtC2B SHANG! - Page 2 7se3GxF SHANG! - Page 2 QDaU7X8

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Post by Deviant on October 4th 2018, 21:51

SHANG! - Page 2 JxT7GqA SHANG! - Page 2 NQaV9BA

As Eran mentioned in this short time she'd only managed to get herself some breakfast Wynter chuckled to himself thinking he really did seem to have some sort of weird knack for finding trouble, but he'd swear it wasn't his fault nor did he go looking for it. It just had a way of finding him. Eran seemed allot more concerned about things than Wynter did and as she pointed towards the sky making mention of a fire even Wynter turned to look wondering where the aforementioned fire might be.

Unable to spot it Wynter opened his mouth to question where.

"Where are you looking?" he asked as the others around him all turned to seek out the fire. The thing which shocked Wynter was when his imbalance returned feeling himself slipping sideways before he realised someone had a tight grip on him and was trying to drag him away from the situation he'd literally rolled into.

Turning his grip the words of Eran & her tight grip got the better of him.

"Oh right yea."

Following suit and running after her to make their escape Wynter looked her over noticing a single feather protruding from Eran's back. Unlike the ones she had originally. It seemed as if she had grown a few from her body naturally. Raising an eyebrow, Wynter asked out of sheer curiosity.

"Hey Eran, y'know you've got feathers on your back right? Not the normal ones, but like. New ones?"

As the two made their way down alleyways, pushing past the crowds and attempted to find a hiding spot Wynter could feel Eran's grip growing tighter and tighter as he allowed his gaze to get a good look at Eran from top to bottom. Returning his gaze towards her face which seemed a butt load more concerned than his own Wynter spotted an alley up ahead and side stepped into it tightening a grip upon Eran which he used to pull her into only upon further actions did he realise just how cosy the alley really was when Eran would wind up opposite him in the alley almost nose to nose.

His stupidity would strike again.

SHANG! - Page 2 LGMhcNx

Arriving before the pirate Captain himself only known as Shang the green haired monster ready to wage war with his small army of crooks Lyceum removed a bottle of painkillers and popped a couple between his lips which he swallowed.

"Shang I presume?"

"And you're the 'Doctor' I presume?"

"The doctor? No. A doctor sure, why not."

Smirking at his cockiness as Hana led Gyro to a separate room to continue resting up. Shang stepped down from a small stone throne he had in place and approached Lyceum. Sniffing him like an animal Shang motioned around Lyceum in a circular fashion inspecting him.

"I see you've experienced allot of loss in your life and have a grave fear of death."

"Not quite death. Just the unknown. I'm already expecting to die soon enough. Good few people still want me dead."

"Than they shall have to go through us. We take care of our own."

Stepping in through the doors and making his way further into the lounge Tay smirked at the sight of Lyceum and slid down on the seat beside him knocking full well this was his induction and started quickly eyeing him up. Another good friend to have on the playing field.

Without saying a word Tay looked Lyceum up and down before getting back up from the seat and turning to make his way out of the room into his own. Before leaving he gestured towards Shang giving his approval. Tay was like an advisor towards his captain and if he approved it usually meant he would be good for the crew.

"Good to hear, but I do have just one concern."

"And that is?"

"Are you guys exclusive to this island or do we have plans to expand?"

"Oh we're already well underway with expansion. One of our men had been arrested by the marines days ago till he was broken free by a stranger and his sister. Why, you don't like Orange town?"

"A change is scenery is always welcome, that's all."

Smiling Shang offered his hand to Lyceum.

"You'll be a welcome addition Mr doctor. I'll have Bones show you the ropes tomorrow on one of his little patrols. I'm sure you could put more fear into these citizens than this puta can." Shang responded as gestured towards a corridor. "Your room is down the corridor and last one of the lest. I hope you enjoy it Mr doctor."

"Yeah, that name is Tate. Lyceum Tate."

"Sure whatever it is you say Mr doctor. I look forward to seeing your work."

As Lyceum made his way past the rooms he heard the sounds of swearing and conversations of extortion. These guys weren't shy around new comers, but he was already beginning to think he'd made a big mistake. Nothing about this place seemed right. Pushing open the door to hi new room, he just found himself even more disappointed.

SHANG! - Page 2 J0pxo3S

Hitting a wall of crowds Kumatetsu quickly found himself fighting to push past them. Uncertain as to why he listened out for the bells which signalled happy hour was about. It explained a few things and before he knew it a final thump pushed him over the edge. The elbow in his side made him grunt in pain. Gripping his koneko Kumatetsu turned to see Bones from the Shang pirates making the most out of happy hour. Biting his tongue Kumatetsu froze for a second and continued to run not giving Bones a chance to recognise him.

Continuing down the street pushing past the drunks who only grew worse he launched the claw tip of his koneko tsume and pulled himself into the sky. Wrapping the tip around a side which hung from the second level of a bar Koneko was a way and into the sky. Arriving atop the roof he looked back for the crimson blade and gulped as he could see the crowds splitting like the red sea at mere sight.

Gulping Kumatetsu hurried to the opposite side of the house where he used the koneko tsume once more to make an escape absailing down the side he figured the best place to hide would be the sewer pipe he'd spotted below and after he landed and made his way towards it Kumatetsu spotted a familiar face with a pretty half blind one and smirked almost laughing out of sheer jealousy.

"What the hell man? I thought you were leaving this island?" he asked Wynter as his eyes worked their over the curvaceous body of the Iron angel.

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