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Alexis Fisher

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Approved Alexis Fisher

Post by Vaetric on March 14th 2018, 11:25

General Information

Name: Alexis Fisher
Epithet: "Many Armed" (Formerly "Monkey Girl")
Age: 20
Gender:  Female
Birthplace: North Blue
Species:  Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous
Crew:  Whirlpool Marines.
Bounty Collected: Alexis Fisher 0mvFA 40,000,000

Occupation: Marine. (Warrant Officer)
Allegiance: World Government
Dream(s): To get her own 'fancy cloak'.

Character Information



Appearance:  Alexis isn’t really all that tall, standing at 5’6. She has slightly curly black hair that drops down to rest on her shoulders. She’s fairly tanned as well, her face having a few freckles and full red lips, either through lipstick or they’re natural, no one knows. She's rather tanned, as well as having a slightly upturned nose.

Outdated Clothing = Petty Officer:

Since becoming a Petty Officer, she's allowed to wear what she wishes. Thus, she goes with blue baggy overalls with a white shirt underneath. However, she still wears a marine shirt, and thus has the words "MARINE" on its back. She also wears a marine cap. She regularly holds her seastone knuckles, and is rarely seen without them. Just in case, she also has a shirt dress that's white during the shirty bit, and brown at the dressy bit that reaches her knees. It does not have marine insignias, and she doesn't like it.

Since becoming a Warrant Officer, she has ditched the overalls, having true creative freedom over her own outfit, she has decided on an ol' western theme from her home Blue. Now she wears a white shirt with the Insignia for Justice on the back. She has also tied up her hair into dreadlocks, with one dangling in front of her face, and a long ponytail behind her. She has woolen trousers kept up by a series of belts around her waist, shoulders and so forth which carries ammunition and other various weapons, like her tomahawk axes. She has also filled out a fair bit in terms of figure, though a far cry from being impressive.

Old Appearance:

Warrant Officer Appearance:

Personality:  Alexis likes to confuse people to get reactions from them, to tell bad jokes and leave people wondering what the hell she just said with her weirdarse accent. She speaks a “weak” mix between Cockney and a Manchester accent: “PropAh posh m’nAme is inni’?”  One has to wonder how she even got into the marines in the first place with that kind of… Weirdness. Unlike a while ago however, she can now reign in her accent to understandable levels after being subjected to a vocal coach. Now she just does it for fun.

She likes to climb and jump around, preferably across houses to which earns her the name ‘Monkey Girl’. Coming from a slums,  she knows most tricks of the street thieving trade. She generally uses the skills once used for stealing to good use, such as taking an opponents’ flintlock out of their belt without them noticing using various methods, i.e. sneaking up behind them while they’re talking to someone or giving them a kiss on the cheek and taking the gun away as she walks off.

She loves brawls. Punching, kicking, gouging and pinching; it’s one of her favourite pass-times. She keeps herself well-rounded with her body functions. She’s not the strongest fighter on the block, neither is she the fastest, nor the smartest, but she can take advantage of people in their respective weakness. If they’re slower but stronger than her, she engages in hit-and-run attacks. If they’re faster but weaker, she tries to use brute force. She no longer holds the belief that using weapons is cheating, due to the sheer amount of cheaters in the world, cheating is the new rules, therefore she has no qualms with using a weapon now. She keeps her seastone knuckles on her at all time,

She is also surprisingly stubborn. If she encounters something she can’t solve, she would impatiently try any trick in the book to figure it out. It could be days before she finally gives up with it or finds out the secret. She finds almost everything clean, even a muddy street, probably due to her living in more than muck as a child. She’d only seen pure white a few times, and that got her hooked on the marine life, despite her being more suited to one of piracy. It isn’t quite the riches she was after, but the cleanness.

Character History


Prior to joining the marines:

“Oi ya wot mate, you hav’n a giggle?!” the boy, taller and bulkier than the rest roared at the malnourished youth. “I sweers sers, they ‘frett’nd me sirs!” the child cowered. He had let slip information regarding their den’s whereabouts after getting captured by a rival gang. He escaped, but he barely made it. “’Ey cogged me n’ all!” he squeaked. “A’ll give yah a cog n’ a mino!” The first one shouted, before coughing and resting back against the chair he sat on. Charlesworth, that was his name. Alexis sat on one of the broken pillars, munching on a moldy piece of bread. Each gang in the sewers had their own kind of ‘thing’. The Flint Gang had scavenged guns, the Blunteers hammers, and them? Well, they simply had fancy names, and were numerous. Though, they did have a little of each thing. Charlesworth had his own flintlock. They lived under the city of Menestrel,  It was extremely large, and as such; required a large sewer. The policemen and guard drove out the beggars and the poor, so they placed themselves underground.

“Blimey s’ a lil’ stoffy n’ ‘ere innit?” Alexis mumbled to the two sitting behind her. They formed a triangle, each facing outwards. “Wot, ya’ gonna go pop up?” one of them said. Alexis nodded. She could take care of herself. She was sixteen after all. Or was it fifteen? She couldn’t remember. Some guy always scratched the numbers for how long they’ve lived up on the board, but she hardly ever gets bothered enough to check. “See yah’ haggets!” she jumped off the broken pillar, and walked out the entrance, leaving the gang to toil around in it’s own politics with Charlesworth foaming at the mouth. There was a pecking order in this town. The Sewers/Slums/Homeless
She took a glance at the age poster, and she counted out.. No, she can’t count very well. In fact, counting at all was a miracle. She simply remembered how many there was and indicated it with her fingers, in case someone asks. She turned the pipe, and crawled out. She blinked. She gasped. She saw. The outside world. It was… Clean. In the sewers, it was lined with grime. This… There was mud, but nothing much else. The air was clear, it smelt glorious, the sweat, sweat air. She heard drumming . When you live in the sewers, you know a thing or two about a couple of things. One such would be, of course; climbing. Hey, they were large. She climbed to the top of a house, marveling at the bright blue sky, the green tufts of grass and trees. She heard weird sounds, and there she saw it. It was a parade. A parade of people dressed in pure white. Her eyes became discs as she glazed upon it’s radiance, the sun practically reflecting off the cloak of the man at the forefront that made it oh so hard for her to even see.

The man stood upon a banister, he declared himself a ‘rear admiral’, or something. He said that the recruitment for the mah-reens had begun in the city.  He spoke weird, not really what she was used do, but she could catch most of the things. She practically jumped down, landing on other banisters to cushion her falls. She ran up to one of the booths, and slammed her hands down upon the table, dirtying up the blue cloth. “I wonna up n’ go wif ya;! Whoight clathes!” she said, never minding the wrinkling of noses and the wondering of where the policemen were. After giving her age through tapping on the table, she was tested with her skills, though they noted she was probably more suitable for running away, but they let her in.  … It was as easy as that, to get out of the sewers? Why didn’t the others do it? She looked around, before noticing more people. Oh. She noticed some of the elders. So that’s why most of the people in the slums were less than twenty five years of age.
She looked to the rear-admiral, he was addressing some nobles, but that didn’t matter. She didn’t want to see his front, only the great, shiny white cloak behind him. That;’s hwat she wanted, and that’s what she’s going to try and get.
Since joining the Marines, she has continuously proceeded to confuse and infuriate the higher ups and those who work with her. After her first year in which someone with an ancient zoan tried to eat her, she was thus given a year underneath a similarly rebellious captain, Kate Windset (Epiphet: "Deadeye") Unfortunately, Kate didn't have a shiny cloak, but what she did have was coolness. That was alright with Alexis, so she followed her. Kate put her through speech therapy first, which took up a few months, then beat some of the stubbornness out of her, so it wasn't nearly as bad as before. Alexis can now use weapons. Which Kate taught her, primarily the pistol, however Alexis likes the double barreled shotgun.

Two more years later, Alexis looks nearly completely different, however she still keeps her attitude. She has taken to a more West-Blue theme, as well as a transfer when Kate felt her work was done. Thus, off she went, along the way however, she noticed something. Most marines were lean, strong, even the choreboys looked normal. This one was fat. No, not completely fat, just fat in the lower end. His hips were massive. She couldn't even believe her eyes at how weak the guy looked. In fact, he looked like a girl. It annoyed her, thus, she would look after him. And by look after him, she meant train him. By train, she meant bully him until he grew stronger. Even his shyness was a source of annoyance to her. She swore she'd make a man out of Vaetric Epoch, and thus, she took him under her wing. Forcefully. And gave him a promotion so he'd have to fight. Forcefully.


• Parkour: Alexis, due to her street urchin background, is able to jump, skid and climb easily, as if second anture to her. She can effortlessly make her way through a crowded environment, and is a near master at evasion and fleeing, not that she makes much use of the latter.

• Sleight of Hand: Alexis, due to her street urchin background is rather proficient at stealing from a person without them noticing, though obviously not a master, she is good enough that seven times out of ten she can take an object out of someone's hand while talking to them without them noticing.

• Weapon Proficiency: Rather than the sense that she is trained with most weapons, due to her ability to make almost everything around her a weapon, actual weapons come much more quickly to her, however her finesse can be somewhat lacking, The weapons she knows how to use properly are her pistol, shotgun and seastone knuckles. She has a tendency to break her tomahawk axes, thus carries spare heads.

• Quickdraw: As a recipient of a wild-west themed training, Alexis can pull out a pistol quick as a flash, or her shotgun (albeit slower), or a tomahawk to throw, which she has some good amount of accuracy at short range, which begins to fall off at medium to long.

• Heat resistance: Due to her training under the sun, as well as trying to beat up a certain person with powers relating to heat, she isn't as affected by the sun, or harsh hot environments, barely breaking a sweat. She is, however, still affected by flames, lava and so forth, so burning to death is still a possibility. Or dehydration. This also means however that she is particularly vulnerable to cold environments.


Four Tomahawk axes, sheathed in her belt. Two on her left side, two on her right.
One doublebarreled, long barreled shotgun, usually slung on her back.
One standard marine pistol, sheathed on her hip.
One small pot of red paint, suspended on one of her many belts.
Ammunition for her weapons, stored on one of her many belts.
Spare tomahawk axe heads, stored on one of her many belts. (Four)

Weapon: Seastone Knuckles

Weapon Description: A pair of brass knuckles that are made of seastone, with ridges that make them comfortable in her hands as well as delivering more hurt to those on the recieving end, fruit user or not.

Weapon Special Abilities:  As they are made of seastone, they are able to nullify devil fruit users. However, as they only affect the actual users, substances made from devil fruits are not affected as much.

Weapon History:  They were given as a gift by her then captain when she had been made a Master Chief Petty Officer.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Alexis generally uses a wrestling style, with the environment to give her an edge. However, she does have a few notable attacks which are named. Every attack she does can be upgraded with her seastone knuckles.

Epic Flailing: Alexis, in all of her proficiency in beating up people, simply lays down a beating upon an unfortunate recipient, utilising chain punches (Right jab, left jab, right hook, left hook, continuous right and left hooks.)

Dirty Tricks Alexis aims to kick someone in their private parts right her right foot, then spin-kick them in the face while they're doubled over with the same leg.

Bumrush Alexis leaptackles someone, often her arms, however it can be used with other parts of the body. Like the legs in a sort of dropkick, her shoulders in a kind of shoulder barge, stomach in a bellyflop, or her arse to make good use of the name, though she rarely does the latter to actual enemies.

Ultimate Drop Alexis climbs up on top of someone, and then executes a flying dive onto a prone opponent, the kind of dive varies, but it usually involves her stomping someone's stomach.

Scissors Her favourite form of holding down someone, she runs to them, then does whatever necessary to get their head betwen her thighs so she could squeeze down on their neck or head. Often she grabs a hold of a punch, then uses its momentum to swing up, though she may combine it with Ultimate Drop.

Weapon Based Combat:
Like above, she often simply uses weapons when convenient, however she does have a few moves which she likes enough to name.

Ultimate Entry of Death Alexis runs toward a victim whom she doesn't like enough to not injure mortally. She skips, then jumps into a cartwheel, spinning three-sixty then slamming her tomahawk toward their neck. Should it catch anything, she uses enough force to break the tomahawk head.

Ultimate Entry of Death (Continued) Should she have buried a head of her tomahawk in the person's neck or whatever the person used to to defend themself, she then moves onto the next person, somersaulting around the first victim, jumping up into the air with her arms and legs sprayed to then slash the next person. This doesn't usually result in the loss of a tomahawk head for some reason.

Punch Punch Surprise Sometimes combined with epic flailing if she actually uses it against pirates, revolutionaries and the like, she flails at someone, then when they're too busy blocking her flurry of attacks, she pulls out her pistol and shoots for their chest.

Fatal Scissors If Alexis really wants someone dead, she puts them into a scissors hold, then simply uses a weapon to finish them off via a head blow. Although she has to make sure she's facing upward with the scissors, either pulling out her shotgun, pistol or using a tomahawk.

Death to Rights Alexis does a few punches,then spins and leaps backwards to give time for her to pull out a shotgun or pistol to fire at them. She may alternatively throw a tomahawk.

Haki:  None yet.

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Approved Re: Alexis Fisher

Post by Deviant on March 14th 2018, 11:44

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