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Vaetric Epoch

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Approved Vaetric Epoch

Post by Vaetric on March 14th 2018, 11:31

General Information

Name: Vaetric Epoch
Epithet: "Lardarse" (By Alexis Fisher)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Crew: Whirlpool Marines
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Seaman Recruit
Bounty: Vaetric Epoch 0mvFA N/A
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Marines
Dream(s): Nothing in particular yet.

Character Information



Appearance:  Uncomfortable and uneasy, Vaetric stands at 5’7” (173.73cm). He has somewhat curly blonde hair that curls forward at the sides. His facial features are somewhat feminine and androgynous. His eyes are somewhat large, and are blue. He wears prescription glasses and a slightly upturned nose. His body isn’t exactly in peak physical condition. He has a somewhat full frame, not quite fat and neither skinny. His skin in smooth and hairless, save for the ones on his head. He has a rather bottom-heavy frame, with thick thighs as opposed to his less impressive upper half.

He wears the standard marine uniform, a white short-sleeved shirt with the Marine emblem on the back, a blue neckerchief, dark blue trousers that cling tightly to his legs due to being a little small, a baseball cap with “MARINE” across the front. He wears tough boots that are uncomfortable for his feet. Overall he seems unused to the military life, soft and pudgy.


Personality: Vaetric is overall rather shy. He is of two minds when it comes to fighting, he doesn’t like it before, loves it after. He’s hesitant to start a fight as he doesn’t like what happens to him during it, where the exhilaration gets to him and starts to enjoy the thrill. He’s very self-conscious and doesn’t like making a fool of himself, often beating himself up over it mentally after an embarrassing situation. He’s rather indecisive, which ties into his hesitant nature. He often mumbles or speaks quietly. He immensely dislikes getting into trouble, which causes him to constantly second-guess himself. He prefers to be nice to people, often helping through he can find himself trapped in the bystander effect at times, unsure of what to do.  He doesn’t particularly like his body, finding it embarrassing especially in the clothes he has, preferring baggy clothes instead.

Character History


Vaetric was born to the Epoch family, an infamous family of fighters in North Blue. He was one of three brothers and two sisters. At a young age, they were dropped off on a different island each, to be raised in different environemtns and to eventually fight eachother for supremacy over the others, and garner the respect of their father. Each island disliked the family, and usually did their best to outcast them, however, the island Vaetric was dropped off on did something different. They coddled and treated him well, which wasn’t what he expected at all, and grew to become soft, and much, much weaker than his brothers and sisters. Even worse, he had morality, and lost all traces of his family's special ability. When the time came that they were to fight, Vaetric was soundly beaten. His father, angered that such a weakling came from him, cast him out to the marines, where he hoped Vaetric would become stronger, and thus be worthy of the family again.

Of course, Vaetric didn’t thank him for this,but neither did he particularly want to become like his brothers and sisters, plus he had to spend his life doing something, even if it was a choreboy position, due to his lack of combat experience. Cleaning decks, and peeling potatoes, extremely boring work that Vaetric doesn’t seem to mind, yet, due to his shy nature, much to the chagrin of his father when checked upon a few weeks later.  Eventually, his marine ship set sail for other blues, and crews, away from the North.

After some skirmishes in which Vaetric hid in the closet, he was eventually found upon by a Warrant Officer by the name of Alexis Fisher, who took a (dis)liking to him due to his shyness and thus made him her chewtoy to make him grow stronger, even getting him promoted to seaman recruit. Vaetric did not, and does not appreciate this. He'd much rather not have to fight.


Undying Anxiety: Vaetric can store an overwhelming amount of stress without snapping, much like a box that bends and creaks, rather than snapping or breaking. This, mixed with his hesitant nature, makes him more of a tranquil fury kind of person, rather than a rampager when provoked. HIs sheer consideration for those around him allows him to will himself through mortal wounds, worrying about how inconsiderate of him to die, or other smaller worries such as people having to expend effort to bury him and the like.


Weapon: Standard Marine kit.
Weapon Description: A standard marine rifle.
Weapon Special Abilities: It shoots. Bullets.
Weapon History: It is the standard for marine rifles, and found its way into Vaetric's hands after his forced promotion to recruit.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information


Unarmed Combat: None yet.

Weapon Based Combat: None yet.

Haki: None yet.

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Approved Re: Vaetric Epoch

Post by Deviant on March 14th 2018, 11:47

Unless stated otherwise

Vaetric Epoch XfYcfd1

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