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Wilkes L. Sparrow

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Approved Wilkes L. Sparrow

Post by Deviant on March 24th 2018, 00:26

General Information

Name: Wilkes | Wilbur L. Sparrow
Epithet: "Widower Wilkes"
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:  Tumbleweed Town
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Bounty: Wilkes L. Sparrow 0mvFA0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Self
• Avenge his family
• Become the fastest gun in the world

Character Information

Flag: N/A

Wilkes L. Sparrow Traditional Attire:
Wilkes L. Sparrow 1hO0aGT

Wilkes stands at a height of 6 foot 9 and weighs 17 stone. Wilkes has blue eyes and long blonde hair that reaches just beyond his shoulders along with a beard that sits mainly on his face and doesn't hang down. Covering his torso he wears a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a black waist coat with a white spiral insignia on the bottom left, he wears a black tie with another white insignia similar to the one on his waistcoat. Strapped on to him is a holster for his revolvers. From the waist down he wears a thin black belt and casually smart black trousers which cover up the top of his cowboy boots he wears over his feet.


Wilkes is a heavy drinker with a grudge and a a gun, well two guns actually. He loved his past life as his family meant the world to him, however due to losing them he has become a heavy drinker and a drunk when he has the time. Otherwise he is always on the hunt for any criminals who dare take the lives of others. A unsung hero Wilkes sees himself as the wrath that has been a long time coming for all who dare take up the life. He misses his family incredibly but this is the main source of his determination. Wilkes is an incredibly manly man with an iron will, a heart of gold and a wrath not to be reckoned with.

He knows his age and his limits, but hates admitting them thus he always tries to push himself beyond them all the time. Wilkes is rarely ever happy and mostly grumpy as his mind is constantly plagued by the emptiness in his life. Wilkes is a man who not many notice and when people do they often tend to sense the sadness in him as he wears his heart on his sleeve. Although despite his major depression Wilkes has a unique ability to spit out a series of egotistical lines which only make him seem more egotistical and others feel bad about themselves.

Unbeknown to Wilkes however, he has multiple personality disorder which rears its head when he either gets intoxicated or is taunted about his family too much. The memories of his family tend to slip through a figmental crack in his psyche that sends him into a much darker place. He will act much more sober when this happens and much more merciless. When Wilkes has slipped over to his darker side he is considered to be a feral beast as opposed to a bounty hunter and has been known to mutilate his foes. Still retaining an understanding of justice he lets the grip it has on him slide a little. Happily harming civilians who've done nothing wrong, he will never place them in a situation where they will be injured life long, but as for criminals and men who've done something wrong be it stealing a loaf of bread to being responsible for the murder of over 100 people he will warrant either one as eligible for an autopsy with a set of keys and no anaesthetic.

The dark side of Wilkes is called Wilbur.

Character History


Chapter 1: The Good

Raised by his father the past sheriff Wilkes spent all of his time watching his father arresting criminals and putting them down, he loved watching his father do his job as it was exciting to watch and made him look amazing, the town's folk all respected him and showed their admiration for him which made Wilkes proud to be his son. Spending every moment with his father he could he even pretended being him sometimes trying on his clothes.

Growing up in such an area though Wilkes was bombarded with justice and took it to be very important. As he hit his teens he quickly stared asking to help out however he could. Unfortunately he was landed with all of the paper work. Taking it in his stride though he did the best job he could. When his father came in one night though he rubbed his head and spoke to Wilkes asking him what he wanted to do in his future.

Wilkes mentioned he wanted to grow be like his dad and follow in his footsteps. Smiling his father reached into his pocket and pulled out a scrap of paper. Ticking it he tucked it away again. Spending time with his dad had been great for Wilkes but also hard on him. But he managed.

Taking him out one day to an old field Wilkes was given a gun and told to practice. Practice he did and he proved to be a pretty good shot too. He took his time and started to practice regularly, he knew it was so one day he could join his father and at the humble age of twenty that day arrived.

Smiling when that day arrived Wilkes arrested his first criminal and it felt great, he spent the next 3 years doing this with his father before his father took a bullet to the shoulder and Wilkes begged him to retire professing he could handle the job. Agreeing Wilkes was appointed the new Sheriff and within 4 months managed to catch the local bandit gang his father had failed to catch. During his pursuits he started to develop a new combat style using his revolvers because he realized citizens were being used in hostage situations too often. All the time he spent practising Wilkes spent practising his new combat style perfecting it until he was certain he had it down.

Eventually that is when he managed to nail it and started using it to capture criminals and astound the citizens.

Chapter 2: The Bad

Receiving admiration from marines & citizens alike Wilkes felt proud as did his father of his son. Continuing to do his job he was offered to lead a marine force for the island but he declined preferring to work alone. Marine rules and restrictions were too much for him and he was just happy making the money he made as it proved to be pretty good, better than that which came from the Navy.

A few months later his father died of a fatal illness and this is when his work begun to drop, barely catching criminals and falling into depression he headed to bars allot where he met a young woman known as Maria. He enjoyed talking to her and spending time with her. Cleaning out his father's home he found an old box and upon opening it he discovered a sheet of paper like the one he'd seen his father carry about before. Reading over it he could see it was a list of dreams he wanted to accomplish. One had been having him take over the job of Sheriff and was ticked off, the next was become the world's greatest gunslinger.

Apologising that his father couldn't achieve this dream he packed the list away in his pocket as a reminder of his father as to why he was still a sheriff. Returning to the bar night after night losing respect slowly Wilkes eventually fell in love with Maria and she started to help him recover from his alcohol dependency and depression. Smiling as he spent time with her Wilkes and Maria after 2 years together were married and expecting children, his career had taken a turn for the worse and now it was time for him to out do himself and catch up on the criminals who'd all escaped him.

Taking to the streets once again and taking down each and every bad guy in sight Wilkes managed to set things right and return home happy without need for the devil's elixir. Regaining the town's folk's respect and admiration of everyone again took a long time but it was worth it when he started to see his actions effecting them and their life choices.

Unfortunately for Wilkes this wasn't the end of all the sadness that would befall him and things would get worse.

Chapter 3: The Ugly

One night whilst out on patrol Wilkes was called to an account of arson down at the harbour and upon arrival he discovered a new ship sitting in the harbour. After putting out the burning home he inspected the ship to discover it was a pirate's. Hearing screams echo from the town he made his way back as quick as he could to discover the town in flames.

Taking down pirates who came to put a stop to their saviour in the streets Wilkes did everything he could to kill the thugs who'd rolled into town and managed to come away from the battle with minor wounds, helping people from the burning houses he managed to miraculously save everyone in the town. Heading on home though he found his home in flames and his daughters outside cowering in fear

Sending them to the local bar to stay with the bartender who he knew would look after them Wilkes headed in to find his wife's corpse on the floor and a group of pirates dashing out. Picking her up he spent time in the burning house with her before carrying her out.

The next day he buried her and held the funeral.

Living with his daughters in the house Wilkes began to drop in his career again and this went on for 6 months, his daughters tried to cheer him up but the drink had gotten hold of him and sunk its teeth in deep. He didn't know how to handle it and the more and more he drunk the worse he got, finally he hit the point of no return when he wouldn't even wake up for work any more and the town was sheriffless. Losing his job as the town sheriff he didn't care. Respect and admiration was gone and would never be returning. During one night though when Wilkes fell into his deepest depression the drink, the deaths and everything grabbed hold of him and threw him into the darkest psyche of his mind.


Waking up he picked up his guns and started to walk the house, he wanted blood for the death of his wife. Hearing breathing in the upstairs rooms of his house he shot the people in the bed.

The next day when he woke up he was in a field 20 miles from home with no memory of how he got there. Returning home he discovered his daughters, at this point when there is no other explanation the brain attempts to piece together ideas as to who was responsible for the death of his daughters Wilkes's brain pieced together what he could remember and placed the pirates who killed his wife as the culprit. Spending days sitting in the house without any alcohol he started to go cold turkey. Every time the memories of the death's started to come back he went to his old practice range and trained his aim.

He started a regime, his daughter's had told him to stop drinking and get back out there as a sheriff, he couldn't do that any more since he wasn't allowed to be the sheriff any more after such a dramatic failure, instead he decided he would become a bounty hunter. However guns alone wouldn't be his best friend, visiting a small merchants Wilkes bought himself a nice new set of toys to use in his adventures of which he instantly begun learning how to use. Spending days at a time to practice his accuracy grew and became better than it had ever been. His moral sense of justice returned to him and nailed itself to his brain securely to a point where even Wilbur had to follow it to a certain extent.

Heading to a local weapon shop he bought his new weapons and had the names of his daughters engraved into them along with a few other things from his daughters he put on them. Checking the paper that his dad had of dreams Wilkes looked at the next dream which had been become the world's best gunslinger. Since he'd failed him in his first wish he decided to complete the second wish for his father in his memory.

Heading out to the open sea Wilkes & Wilbur would attempt to bring the bastard who killed his family to justice and become the world's best gunslinger.


Eagle Eye Accuracy:
Previously being a Sheriff Wilkes had a good eye with weaponry, thus he spent 3 hours every day training and has only improved with taking up the life of a bounty hunter as he has been taking much more time to himself to train with the loss of his family he no longer has anyone to look after and distract him from his training. In the large periods of time he has to himself, Wilkes tends to now push himself much much further with his training and has even taken 3 days at a time to train.

Sparrow Shot/Suzumeshotto:
This is the fighting style created by Wilkes to aid him in his hunting, he created it whilst he worked as a Sheriff to aid in capturing local criminals, but when the time came about that he lost his family and set out to become a bounty hunter he expanded the combat style to allow him the chance to attack with various new techniques and inflict enough agony upon the foes to bring them down and stop them in their tracks but not kill them.

Spending years working as a Sheriff his dexterity only got better and due to the training and how it grew from 3 hours a day to 3 days at a time Wilkes has shown a massive improvement in his control. When dealing with his hands Wilkes is incredibly talented and skilled. He knows how to use his hands towards the best of his ability.


Flask of Whiskey (A real Man's drink)

Annie & Ellie

Weapon Description:
Wilkes L. Sparrow GAXGPIW
Two ordinary black pistols with slightly longer barrels than normal revolvers, these revolvers however have the names Annie & Ellie engraved into them along the barrels in a fancy font. Annie has charms from his daughter Annie's charm bracelet hooked on to this revolver hanging from the barrel. These charms are a silver clover, a golden cross & a silver fang. Ellie has a red bandanna tied around the handle that his daughter Ellie used to wear.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Both Annie & Ellie has an increased rate of fire allowing Wilkes to fire out all 6 bullets from each revolver at incredible speed and empty both guns within a matter of seconds. This also allows a much greater distance over which the bullets are fired and increases the amount of damage that is inflicted upon contact with the foe.

Weapon History:
After the death of his daughters Annie & Ellie Wilkes fell into a deep depression, they had been the last two people he'd had in his life to look after. Wilkes developed a hatred for the men who had taken the lives of his daughters and couldn't handle not being with his daughters. Taking a series of things from his daughters bodies, Wilkes took to the streets as a bounty hunter in an attempt to seek revenge on the men who took the lives of his daughters. What he took from his daughter's bodies he attached to a series of revolvers he had crafted specially for himself. Taking to the streets with these revolvers he uses them in memory of his two special little girls who he can longer spend time with other than in memory.

Dials From Skypiea

Weapon Description:
All of the dials look like sea shells but all have slightly specific appearances ranging from colours to different shapes as well allowing one to tell the difference between each dial.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Osmosis Dial - The Osmosis Dial gives the user the ability to transfer properties unto themself or other items.
Reject Dial - The Reject Dial is extremely dangerous to both the target and the user. The Reject Dial takes in energy, just like the Impact Dial, but releases ten times as much energy as it had absorbed. The backlash effect is capable of blowing the bodies of both the user and opponent to pieces, especially with repeated usage.
Eisen Dial - The Eisen Dial possess an incredible power that is useful for both attack and defense. It emits a stream of "iron cloud" that can form into different shapes, like a cloud, but is as hard as iron. It can lengthen and/or widen without limits and can even form thick defensive walls.

Weapon History:
Bought from a merchant whilst working throughout the West Blue to aid him in combat and capturing his enemies. The game is forever changing between good & bad and Wilkes felt he needed to change up his game too.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat

Sky Hawk
Dropping from above Wilkes slams his heels into his foe's heads knocking them unconscious or in some situations breaking their necks.

Headache punch
Slamming both of his fists into either side of his foe's head Wilkes gives the foe a headache from the double punch.

Dead Man's Breath
Due to his body containing allot of alcohol allot of the time Wilkes has taught himself to bring up the gas from his stomach and thus he can use it briefly for a quick burst of flammable gas in which he uses his lighter to set the burp alight and breath out a quick burst of fire towards his foe.

Weapon Based Combat:

Sparrow Shot: Eagle Turtle Bomb
Hammering the butt of the gun into a foe(s) skull this can easily fracture or crack a man's skull.

Sparrow Shot: Droppings
Leaping into the air after a run up and jumping over the user's foe(s)/target the user directs his gun(s) downwards and fires in an attempt to hit his target like a bird doing his business as he passes by.

Sparrow Shot: Sizzling Unload
Using the butt of the gun the user smacks their foe around the face knocking them to the ground and once empty of ammunition the user empties out the hot casing for the bullets on to the foe which causes minor burns.

Sparrow Shot: Bait
Taking aim at the foe the user makes a point of attracting the foe to the bullet. They do this by making a point of knowing the foe's next movements. They do this by removing their means of movement by shooting the legs, mainly the knee caps then when the foe is at a loss of movement they shoot them in the head or heart.

Sparrow Shot: Vulture
When the foe is in sight the user launches off a series of bullets which clip the side of a previously fired bullet sending it into a spinning projectile which spins as it tears through the body creating a more painful wound and bigger hole as it eats up the insides worse than a normal bullet wound would.

Sparrow Shot: Boomerang Bird
When a foe is hiding behind an object the user uses this technique to curve their bullet with little effort. By swinging the gun from one direction to another and firing the bullet whilst moving as the bullet leaves the barrel and is launched the tip of the barrel clips the back of the bullet and the momentum causes the bullet to take a slightly different path with its trajectory slightly disturbed. If these bullets fail in hitting anything they tend to return to the user in an attempt to complete the full circle.

Sparrow Shot: Roadrunner
Using their firearm the user takes aim and fires 3-5 shots all in rapid succession at their foe allowing all bullets behind the original to press further in and propel the bullets faster and give it more strength behind it too allowing the bullets to pierce through greater defences and cause more damage.

Sparrow Shot: Horus
Taking aim the user makes a point of firing in a triangle one in each hip and finally in the brain for maximum efficiency that the foe will not be getting back to their feet.

Sparrow Shot: Talon Tug
Thrusting forward with barrel facing their foe and pulling the trigger this allows the user to launch an incredibly strong bullet off which has a vacuum to it. This vacuum will cause the bullet to tear a much bigger hole in the foe.

Sparrow Shot: Bottom of the Barrel
Digging the barrel of his revolver(s) into a foe's eye socket Wilbur pulls he trigger.

Sparrow Shot: Lead Star
Using one revolver Wilbur begins to shoot off all of his bullets whilst dragging his arm from up to down, left to right diagonally left to right and vice versa to cause the bullets to clip the edge of the barrel upon exiting it and curving as they exit the barrel also allowing the bullets to shoot off in a variety of different directions and thus take down his foes from different angles such as round corners.

Sparrow Shot: Double Lead Star
Much like Lead Star this is exactly the same expect Wilbur uses both revolvers for this technique just meaning more bullets which get fired out.

Sparrow Shot: Criss Cross Ricochet
Placing both revolves horizontally and firing away the two bullets head towards one another and as they clip each other they both ricochet off in different directions. One heads towards the right whilst the other heads towards the left. Although due to ricochetting the two bullets are now misshapen and heated due to the friction and thus this causes much greater pain as they bullets come into contact with the foes, these bullets are least likely to go through the foe's body and more likely to stop dead in the foe's body due to the speed being lessened.

Sparrow Shot: Repeat
Using his Reject dial to catch an opponent's impact Wilkes casts the reject dial in the direction of the opponent and as it closes in on them Wilkes fires at the apex of the dial causing the impact to be launched out at a much closer range without Wilkes having a need for getting close.

Dials: Repeat
Using his Reject dial to catch an opponent's impact Wilkes uses the reject dial to return the impact.

Dials: Talon Fury
Holding up his Eisen Dial Wilkes generates the iron cloud from it into a series of spears over a large square area which all strike the opponent from different angles continuously.

Dials: Iron Man
Placing his osmosis dial on to his revolver Wilkes absorbs the iron and places it on to his body and imbues himself with the iron.

Dials: Cannon-Edge
Using the Eisen dial Wilkes creates an iron cloud encasing Annie & Ellie in an iron cloud which produces a blade turning Annie & Ellie into gun blades. The blades are like short swords attached on to the end of Wilkes's revolvers.


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