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Maka Risin

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Approved Maka Risin

Post by Deviant on March 25th 2018, 04:36

General Information

Name: Maka Risin
Epithet: "Klepto"
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left Handed
Theme Tune:  Stolen
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Navigator | Thief
Bounty: Maka Risin 0mvFA0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Herself
• Find a place she is wanted
• Stand against the Navy

Character Information

Flag: N/A

Maka Risin Traditional Attire:
Maka Risin JwYahBJ
The character of Maka Risin is a short arse. Only reaching a tiny height of 5ft 2 with a small frame Maka knows she is very petite and uses this to her advantage. Maka has short pale blonde hair with parts that are pink. She has pale skin  with blue eyes and a very narrow chin. Maka wears a baggy white tank top over her torso which has a simple traditional bomb on the front with the fuse lit poking out of the top left. The bomb has an evil looking face on it whilst around her waist, Maka wears a thick dark purple studded leather belt around her waist. Over her legs she wears a pair of skinny denim jeans which reach half way down her calfs. Over her arms and wrists Maka wears bracelets and ribbon etc. Over her feet she wears a pair of purple canvas shoes much like converse. In colder climates she wears grey beanie hat and a grey jacket over her torso with brown fluffy boots to keep her feet warm and dry.


Maka the Joker
Maka is a joker always the first to crack a joke regardless of the people around her or how serious the situation is. She doesn't really know how to take a serious situation head on as she's always get another joke waiting in the background to be fired out. She doesn't always consider her audience but its partly due to the fact that she uses her humour to deal with her depression. Playing off the company of others she prefers to be around people she can make laugh instead of alone because she can't laugh at jokes she already knows the punch line to.

Maka the Navigator
knowing full well she is a pain to be around Maka hates being on her own so much she put her dedication in to learning how she can be of use to someone one day and took it upon herself to learn how to navigate so someone would want her around. But it's been difficult for her as she has to take things seriously and is just looking for someone to accept her as not just a navigator but also a friend.

Maka the Thief
Spending allot of time as a child using her small structure Maka quickly learned the art of theft and as her confidence grew so did her skills in the art of theft. A cheeky little thing she is happy to plunge her hands into the pockets of others and fill her pockets with whatever gains she can get hold of. She uses this as a way of keeping her mind busy and staying away from depression which she has struggled with her whole life. It gives her some excitement in life.

Character History


Born in the west blue to a single mother Maka has had her struggles growing up on her own as her mother spent the longest time working two jobs to keep their family afloat. Spending so much time neglected and alone Maka had a very lonely childhood which led to her finding stuff to do on her own in the town. She quickly started to learn that she had a talent for theft in her youth when she was able to snatch food from the stalls in the town when she was hungry with no one noticing due to her size. Maka started to grow more confident as months progressed and within time she was snatching things from people's pockets and bringing home money on par with her mothers. This is where she learned how to steal things.

It was only when she was caught pick pocketing a marine that things went wrong. Maka was taken home and upon conversation with her mother Maka overheard how the Marine wanted to see the child rot in a prison cell for a week for her actions to teach her a lesson, but instead Maka's mother paid the marine to avoid this as he was willing to plant more crimes on them for the actions of Maka. That night Maka received a stern talking to from her mother where she understood the trouble she was bringing about.

During her teenage years Maka like most females took to the idea of boys. She wanted to find someone for her and whilst she managed to make a few friends Maka always still felt a little odd around them and didn't fully understand why nor like it. Still sticking to her guns that she had friends Maka made joke after joke because it made people around her laugh and enjoy being around her. She hadn't been at stealing in a little while, but she did occasionally take little things from the boys she liked to try and keep them around mentioning how they'd dropped it.

Her humour pushed a few people away from her which hurt, but when she was able to produce something they'd lost in the hopes of bringing them back to being friend she failed miserably. The last straw for her was when she overheard her friends talking about her and how she made unfunny jokes and how they'd noticed her stealing their things to keep them about. She didn't fully understand how to confront them or even make them life her. Deciding to put it all behind her, she continued to push forward and work hard at being the best friend she could be. However she wound up misreading a signal and leaning in for a kiss with one of the boys she really liked.

The result was a string of insults directed at Maka who reacted in the only way she knew how. She punched him in the face knocking the boy on to his ass. The words used were the following: rotten, scumbag, thief, bitch, whore & one last word which shall not be repeated.

Maka understood that people didn't like being around her and she quickly took to finding a reason people would want to keep her around. She didn't have much tying her to this town or even this island other than her mother and she as sure as shit not going to join the marines after her childhood or protect people who cared for her so little.

Taking some of the money she'd got her hands on from theft Maka purchased some books on navigation and set out to become the best navigator she could. Spending her days doing a little pick pocketing here and there using a schedule on which areas were most profitable she spend her nights studying and learning more each day. But on the day of her twenty first birthday Maka decided it would be time to set out and make a name for herself as a pirate. Someone to work for herself and stick it to the Navy and all those people who didn't want her around.


Navigational Prowess:
Maka has a good skill when it comes to navigation as she has spent a long time reading over the book she purchased and learnt enough to be able to navigate a ship from island to island. The only things she has a little trouble with in terms of navigation is navigating around currents, but she is still learning.

Proficient Thief:
Having been in the theft game for a long time Maka has learned allot about stealing and knows how to use her physique and structure to the best of her ability when it comes to hiding and squeezing into smaller spaces. She isn't a natural but she's pretty damn close.


Flintlock Pistol x1
Knife x1

Weapon Description:
Flintlock Pistol:- This is a standard flintlock pistol
Knife:- This is a standard knife with a wooden handle

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:
The history of these weapons is plain and simple. They have spent years sitting on the shelves sitting in the blacksmiths and currently now sit comfortably on her hips tucked beneath her belt

Combat Information

Weapon Based Combat:


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Approved Re: Maka Risin

Post by Scarecrow on March 25th 2018, 04:44

Unless Stated Otherwise

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