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Approved Roderick

Post by Munchfin on August 4th 2018, 01:54

Roderick 5rX8sA8

General Information

"If I'm a monster then what're you"

Weapon Name: Roderick
Epithet: "Rampant Rabbit Roderick"
Age: 30
Gender:  Male
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Plushie
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: Unstoppable 
Crew: Dog Ear Pirates
Ship:  Playful Griffin
Occupation:  Cook
Bounty: Roderick 0mvFA 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Wants to protect Phiola in all of her travels
• Wants to become the world's greatest cook
• Wants people to enjoy his food
• Accompany Phiola to the places she wants to see

Character Information


Dog Ears Jolly Roger:

Roderick SrgNbuw

Roderick's Human Form Traditional Appearance:

Roderick XDuugQp

Roderick is a light beige coloured plushie, which resembles a bunny. His long ears and little button nose, complete this resemblance. On his arm is and on his ear are a yellow star patch, and on his leg is a pink one, the little star above his eye is of a blue colour.  These patches are places that he has been injured, and would be like a scar to him, but Phiola thought that patches would be cuter. Roderick has a little bit of  brown hair on his head, that's grows in a bit of a spiky way. his plushie body is very furry and soft.

On his arms and legs there are seems that show where he was stitched, Roderick wears a long brown jacket that covers him till his his hips, beneath this he wears a black pair of pants that were sewed for him by Phiola. On the back he has a little fluffy tail.


Roderick is an adventurous plush, never scared of no one and always wanting to protect his best friend Phiola, he has the will to show her the world, and would be happy to make her happy, he is over protective off her and wouldn't easily let her alone.

Roderick likes to cook, and to serve people food he made, he can make the greatest pies and stews, and often makes food quite spicy, but specially for Phiola he makes mild food which is still very tasty, he is not the best cook ever, but he likes to learn a lot more, and is happy when cooking. Sometimes when experimenting he can forget about other things, and once in a while burning things, he is a bit careful of fire since it can set him a blaze very quickly.

Roderick loves to boast, and tell stories way bigger then they are, he loves to be found cool and  can be seen as some sort of macho, he likes to bluff at times and can be found a bit over the top, he mostly lies to strangers to make him look more cool.

Roderick is very reliant, for friends he would do a lot of things asked of him, but he wouldn't let himself be used, he does like to serve friends but he doesn't want to be a butler.

He wants to be treated like a human, since he is one, he hates it when people are scared of him and gets sad a lot over things like that.

Roderick can get excited very easily and would drag Phiola who is really shy along to everywhere which would get them in trouble at times.

Roderick is very proud of Phiola and her skills in playing music, he would tell everyone about it and tries to make her the best musician in the world.

Weapon History: 

Roderick A plushie resembling a bunny, his long ears and fluffy body are loved by children, and so it was loved by Professor Eric Lan's daughter, the 6 year old Masey, who got the plushie for her birthday, the young girl happily talked to Roderick daily, every day she would tell him about school about what she liked and what she disliked, of course at this point he had no idea about that yet, but soon this began to chance, how older she grew the less interested she became, even though she hadn't much friends because she lived far from others she spent most time with her new pet dog, bought for her by her father.

Her father was a researcher and a professor, in his lab he did various tests regarding devil fruits and adding these on weapons, or items to see what the consequences would be, himself he didn't want a devils curse and so he tested, at one night looking for something well enough to test on he found the plushie his daughter had named Roderick, lying in a corner being dusty and all, thinking she wouldn't mind he placed the plushie in a box, after tis he put the fruit in a blender, turning it into mere juice, after pouring the juice over Roderick, slowly the plushie began absorbing it.

The plushie came to live and started walking around slowly. Roderick discovered many things, and the professor in secret taught Roderick many things, from human speech to manners and to fight as well, but the most important thing in his opinion that he had learned, was how to cook, he wanted someone for his daughter who could cook and be a servant and a friend, he taught him basic things, and let him read many cook books, he couldn't make the best dishes, but he could make really tasty things, he could only eat in his human or hybrid form but he didn't care about that, it was something special for him to cook, he loved to cook and to smell all those herbs and spices, he likes to cook spicy things, and to make pies and pastry. The professor had intended for him to be the guard of his daughter, that's why he was trained to fight, fighting using his forms and his fists, learning how to become a brawler alongside a little bit of wrestling Roderick became very quick and could fight quite well, nothing too strong he was trained to be a guardian of the professors daughter, but when after a few months Roderick was shown to the daughter she became scared of him, seeing him talk, the professor had hoped for her to like the plushie again but this was not the case, feeling rejected Roderick wanted to go out, and find someone who would like him, someone who he could help and protect, at night he crept out of the lab and left.

After months of walking around, seeing various places, and lifting on ships as a plushie of daughters of rich merchants, he got to see the world, when the parents would be around he would say nothing, but when he was alone with kids, he would talk, sometimes scaring kids, sometimes making them happy, he never stood somewhere long enough, because he was lost interest in and so the search for a perfect friend continued.

Stumbling up on an island he heard many rumors of a girl, who was never able to leave a house, the house was like a castle and there were many guards, everyone in town was talking about the little girl, who seemed to be a great musician as well, some stated she was sad others stated she was sick, nothing was known and so rumors were found, Roderick now knew who his perfect friend would be, he would look for the girl and show her the world he had seen so far, he wanted to make someone happy with his presence and he hoped that this girl would be perfect for that.

For months he tried to enter the building, for months he tried to see the girl, he climbed in trees and saw her playing piano on the room, eaves dropping to hear her great playing every day he would hear her , he soon got  an idea, when the guards would switch shifts, when goods were brought in and when her birthday was, lots of things were shipped in, including a wagon full of presents, this was the perfect chance, the bunny plushie secretly crept in and waited for the wagon to be brought inside.

As all the presents were lead into the marvelous big house and the blanket was removed, he for the first time saw Phiola up close, the first thing Phiola saw was the plushie as well, her parents were displeased with this , there were giant presents costing tons more then the plushie, she took a liking to, did they even order it, they weren't sure but as long as she was happy with it, it was okay.

When on her room it all began, he was placed on the piano and she was playing, and singing for him she had no idea he was alive, till he began clapping at first she was afraid but soon after she became happy to have a new friend, hiding this from her parents they always were together, she showed him the books, and the great places they wanted to see, the island in the sky: Skypiea, the most beautiful ocean with the nicest fish and corals: All Blue, and many more beautiful places, he wanted to take her along and make her happy, he was happy as well finding the best friend in the world, his duty wouldn't be fulfilled till he had made the young girl happy, and he would always protect her. He knew she was even less acquainted with humans then he was and found it sad, this girl, who was so nice deserved to be outside deserved better then this, he was going to make her happy, and promised this to her.

Special Weapon Abilities: 

Culinary Skills 
Roderick is an adept cook with skills that can match some of the greatest cooks along with the ego as he loves to do it as a way of showcasing his abilities in the kitchen and proving what he is capable of to people as well as making them happy with what he can do in the kitchen as they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Roderick is a firm believer that it is the way to anyone's heart.

Combat Specialist
Taught how to fight, Roderick hasn't been able to perfect his fighting style, but he does know how to fight in general such as a brawler style which is acting upon instinct. Due to his larger forms that he is capable of becoming Roderick is a heavy hitter, however his various other forms due to his devil fruit allow his fighting style to change to accommodate his size, stature & skills.

Devil Fruit Information

"I'm a Human"

Devil Fruit Name: Hito Hito no Mi: Model: Human
Devil Fruit Type: Zoan
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level 1
Devil Fruit Abilities: Allows the user to turn into a human
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Level 1
• The user can turn into a fully formed Human.
• The user can turn into a hybrid version of a Human.
• The user gains a series of human muscles

Level 2
• The user can turn into a fully formed Human.
• The user can turn into a hybrid version of a Human.
• The user gains a series of human muscles
• The user gets stronger
• The user gains three more forms

Level 3
• The user can turn into a fully formed Human.
• The user can turn into a hybrid version of a Human.
• The user gains a series of human muscles
• The user gets stronger
• The user gains three more forms
• The user gains 3 more forms 
• The user gains the ability to turn into their monster form for a short period of time

Level 4
• The user can turn into a fully formed Human.
• The user can turn into a hybrid version of a Human.
• The user gains a series of human muscles
• The user gets stronger
• The user gains three more forms
• The user gains 3 more forms 
• The user gains the ability to turn into their monster form 
• The user may now also turn into their monster form with ease or become an awakened zoan (Forever)

Roderick's human form turns him into a 6ft plushie rabbit with fingers & toes. A human looking face and small bunny type ears which stick up a little bit. Roderick gains allot of muscle and packs on a six  pack. Whilst in this form his stitches now appear more like scars whilst the stars stitched on to him now appear like tattoos all over his body. Roderick loses his tail and his clothing now sits on him fairly snug. His shorts fit on him perfect while his coat remains open exposing his torso. 

Roderick's Plushie form is what he originally looked like. Roderick looks like a simple khaki coloured rabbit plushie toy with stitching over his body acting like seems and on the stars sewn on to him to stop him from losing fluff.  He is very short in height and appears to have a beer belly, mainly due to lack of stuffing and muscles due to being nothing more than a simple soft plushie. Roderick's features are all hardened bears such as his nose & eyes thus no where near as sensitive as a humans however they act in much the same way. 

Roderick's human form is a mixture between his human & plushie form. Roderick gains a little more height over his plushie form but not as much as for his human form. Growing to a height of 5 feet he stands taller, however his ears remain exactly the same as does his features. His clothes hang as they did in human form and instead of a large muscular torso Roderick retains a beer belly from his plushie form. Roderick's hands come more human like and he develops fingers. His facial features however remain the same as his plushie form. Roderick's stitching & the stars all remain looking like stitching as opposed to tattoos & scars. However his skin is more like skin than fabric now.

Combat Information


Unarmed Combat

Hito Hito

Hito Hito: Brawler's Barrel Roll
Charging towards his opponent in any form, Roderick throws himself into a rolled up ball and shoots towards his opponent hoping to crash into them.

Hito Hito: Breaking Bad Uppercut
Due to his naturally small stature Roderick can often get beneath an opponent's jaw quickly rolling into place he thrusts himself skyward in an attempt to land an uppercut on his opponent.

Hito Hito: Brawler's Hammer
Bringing both hands together and gripping tightly Roderick swings both hands trying to hit his opponent.

Devil Fruit Based Combat

Hito Hito

Hito Hito: Human: Brawler's Barrel Roll: Cannon
Exactly the same as Brawler's Barrel Roll the only exception is this time Roderick is a much bigger projectile and capable of causing allot more damage to the opponent. 

Hito Hito: Thunder Drop
Dropping from above Roderick changes from a smaller form into a much bigger form and lands atop his opponent.

Hito Hito: Breaking Bad Uppercut: Transformation
Using his small stature to get under an opponent's jaw Roderick goes to punch his opponent but as he does so he changes his form into a much bigger form putting more strength & speed behind the punch. Sending his fist skywards to uppercut his opponent it is a much stronger version of Breaking Bad Uppercut. 

Hito Hito: Breaking Bad: Jab
Using his small stature Roderick gets close to his opponent and launches a quick short sharp jab towards them. During the duration of the punch he changes form into a bigger form to deal out a bigger punch with greater weight & speed behind it before changing back. 

Combo Techniques

Hito Hito

Hito Hito: Throw of Hope
Holding on to Phiola's hands in his hybrid form Phiola spins him around and finally lets go of him. As she lets go of him Roderick flies in the air towards a target and as he arrives over the target he changes into another form allowing him to attack the opponent.

Hito Hito:Bunny Bowling
Bowling the balled up by Phiola, plushe Roderick rolls like a bowling ball growing into a much bigger form by the time he hits his target.

Character or Crew specific:: Phiola May | The Dog Ear Pirates

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Approved Re: Roderick

Post by Deviant on August 4th 2018, 02:03

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