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Tony McGrave

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Approved Tony McGrave

Post by Mystic on September 5th 2018, 10:39

General Information
"I've saved people, killed people, smuggled people, betrayed people, some of which used to be friends... life is complicated."

Name: Tony McGrave
Epithet: White Mask
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthplace: North Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right handed
Bounty: Tony McGrave 0mvFA1,000,000
Crimes Committed: Desertion, Theft
Allegiance: Pirate
• Crippling the World Government for personal revenge
• Have somebody that he can wholeheartedly trust
• Finding some sort of purpose in life

Character Information
"Yeah no, I'm not telling you anything."

Flag: TBA

Tony McGrave Scp_035__gif___scp_containment_breach__by_bansheeandcrow-dbybaj9

Tony is of a toned build, his face used to having fair features before it was disfigured in the line of duty, he now constantly generates oil on his face along with a smiling white face that covers most of his face as carrying some sort of shame for having such an appearance. The only thing that clearly shows on his head however is his brown hair, as it's seemingly unaffected by the oil that constantly generates on his face.

To the clothing, Tony dresses depending on the occasion but for most casual matters, he has a liking to the colour of orange and mostly wears a plain orange shirt, orange tank top or orange sleeved shirt, to accompany this, he either wears grey, black or blue jeans along with this and his footwear is mostly mundane black boots. His appearance isn't too exciting or fantastic aside from the mask and oil.

Personality: Tony can be withdrawn with those he doesn't know, showing a softer side to people that he believes are somewhat decent, especially showing an odd, softer side to women or love interests as he believes women tend to be kinder then men but if proven wrong on this account if a woman were to take advantage of him or offend him in some way, they'd receive the same cold, harsh treatment like anyone else if they were to trigger Tony.

Speaking of, the reason why he constantly generates oil on his face and has the white mask on is because he's insecure about his appearance, as he gained it as a result from saving a citizen in his mission and his sacrifice in doing was essentially thrown back in his face. It's something that he doesn't like to talk about hence why he hides it away from plain sight, despite the fact that the oil and mask would only garner more attention on him and people would be prompted to ask why he'd have it on.

Though Tony doesn't have too much value of human life, as he's taken many over the recent years of his crime and came to acknowledge the fact that some people simply don't deserve the luxury of life, and has his own complex as to who he decides gets to live or die, believing that he can't be stopped because of the nature of his devil fruit. He does sometimes take remorse in the killings he does, but he feels like at this point, it's the only thing that he's good at doing and despite his deep dreams and longings, he'll never achieve them.

Out of these special parts of his personality, Tony can be straightforward, emotional and calculating. He does what he needs to do in order to live and prioritises his own life over others.

Character History
"You must've read the files, well... whatever, it's not like you'll care in the end either way."

Tony grew up with a history that most would choose to ignore, being born in poverty. His family had barely just scraped by for the first seven years of his life, to a brutal murder that he witnessed which were both of his parents, making him an orphan. He naturally grew up through the system and was raised with his remaining years up to a teenager at thirteen years old in an orphanage, being adopted by his foster father who was rather abusive and tempestuous. He ran away at the age of fifteen and entered a life of crime, nothing that's notably pirate worthy but more so on the level of being a thief, the only time he truly gathered attention is when the World Government set up a deal with a pirate crew to buy a Devil Fruit off their hands, with more money then the average 100 million being paid for the Devil Fruit.

This opened up an opportunity for Tony as he believed that he wouldn't live on petty crimes forever and decided that if he wanted to step up his game, he'd need more power. He decided to go after the fruit and after successfully infiltrating the pirate gang, managed to snatch and eat the Devil Fruit as quickly as possible. This resulted in a lack of control as he would obviously have no control over the Devil Fruit, and as soon as he consumed it, his body melted into oil until he could barely move. It forced him to grow some control over as he managed to get his human form back together properly, though after attempting to leave the pirate's cabin, numerous pirates were right outside the cabin with rifles locked the instant Tony would attempt to go out.

Tony's first time using the Fruit:
After Tony could just barely control the fruit and get his human form back together, he quickly decided to try and bolt it after successfully eating the fruit, reaching for the wooden door to get outside the cabin, only to be met with a dozen pirates with their rifles cocked and aimed at the door, resulting in Tony raising his hands up in a surrender of sorts as he practically has no fighting ability. "Hold on fellas! we can work this out!" Tony had exclaimed, only to be responded to with a barrage of gunfire, piercing straight through Tony as the "sensation" of being shot still felt real, which made him push back into the wooden door. The gunfire was relentless until they finally realised it didn't work, Tony had realised it just in time too as his body started to form back together the holes that were shot with reforming oil, resulting in a hysterical laugh coming out of Tony. "Oh man... this intangibility shit is gonna come in handy..." he clearly said, as he got back off the floor. The marines had finally arrived however and arrested everyone on site, with Tony trying to rely on his newfound power to resist them but was met with the brutal results of seastone, effectively immobilising him and learning the hard way that he isn't invincible.

After Tony's capture, they made him realise his situation that he ate a Devil Fruit that was technically the marine's property, and was met with two choices. He'd either be conscripted into the marines and use his newfound power for them, or be executed and they'd get the Devil Fruit that way to give it off to a marine who would actually use it for righteous reasons. Tony, being apart of the pragmatic mind chose the first choice and through this, effectively became a marine. It was rocky at first as Tony's moral compass was all over the place as a result of his childhood but surprisingly, he made friends and rose up rather quickly in rank as a result of his power, effectively serving the marines.

At the age of 19 however, serving the marines for a few solid years now, he came to a critical point in a mission where he was the highest ranking officer in charge and was forced between the choice of saving civilians or his men, during a rampaging town fire and a crossfire between the marines and pirates. Most of the marines convinced him that the first choice mattered the most, and that's what he did, he left the marines under his command to die to the pirates meanwhile Tony had the most effective forms for transporation with his Devil Fruit power, being selfless in this one mission as he even took on a burning, face injury to save a child in a housefire which was extremely hurtful to him being a Oil Human.

Despite the bravery displayed in this mission, the higher-ups didn't see it the same way as they only saw it as the pirates getting away, precious manpower being lost and didn't even consider the positive aspect that innocent civilians were saved. He got demoted as a result for "horrible leadership" which was essentially spitting in his face the disfiguring appearance he got as a result of trying to save the child back in the mission, and all the marines back in the mission that sacrificed their lives in order to save the citizens.

Before they could worsen Tony's punishment however, he left the marines and decided that instead of doing selfless acts for others, he'll only use his prowess to serve his own curiosity and interests. He grew back into a life of crime and now with combat training and more refined control over his Devil Fruit over the years serving as a marine, he'd use it for more notable crimes such as smuggling, both items and people, killing people, causing public disturbances that led to causalities, doing these crimes for several years up to this point of age 23.


• Marine Terminology: He's operated in the marines for several years before deserting, he knows how they think, what they'd do should Tony ever come across the marines. This knowledge can be useful in attempting to escape them or if bold enough, fight back.

• Criminal Terminology: Before becoming a marine, he was active in the life of crime before and after the line of duty, suggesting that he has a great deal of thinking and predictability when it comes to the subject of pirates, bandits, cutthroats, etc.

"A pistol? cutlass? don't need 'em."


Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Devil Fruit Information
"I can be quite a slippery fellow."

Devil Fruit Name: Sekiyu Sekiyu no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities: The Sekiyu Sekiyu no Mi grants the user the ability to create, control and transform into oil, making the user a Oil Human.

1st Level
The user gains intangibility
The user is capable of merging with the oil to travel between places faster.
The user is capable of generating endless amounts of oil.

2nd Level
The user gains intangibility
The user is capable of merging with the oil to travel between places faster.
The user is capable of generating endless amounts of oil.
The user can now create denser forms of oil, opening up the range for more offensive utilities.
The user can now form oil into complex shapes and hold them together kinetically.

3rd Level
The user gains intangibility
The user is capable of merging with the oil to travel between places faster.
The user is capable of generating endless amounts of oil.
The user can now create denser forms of oil, opening up the range for more offensive utilities.
The user can now form oil into complex shapes and hold them together kinetically.
The user's generation of their oil is now vast, opening up the range for more area/wide-ranged attacks.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

  • Seastone
  • Haki
  • Water
  • Fire, while this is a strength of the fruit should the user be creative enough, it's also a major weakness as the user is a oil human, one spark and they'll light up.
  • Cold Temperatures, at extreme temperatures a few degrees below the freezing point of water, the oil will thicken and as a result, lower the speed of the user's attacks and if cold enough, freeze the user and their oil completely. This can also mean that attacks of lower temperature can bypass the user's devil fruit defences.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Tony is by no means a martial artist, but has received training in the marines to utilise hand-to-hand combat that's more refined and effective then typically flailing around to the average person.

Devil Fruit Techniques
Sekiyu Sekiyu no Mi/Small Oil Wave: A multi-purpose technique that makes Tony turn both of his arms into oil, then pointing them towards a direction to hose down a wave of oil towards a general direction, this can make enemies fall off their feet, covering them in oil and Tony can merge himself with the oil as a transport medium to move around faster.

Sekiyu Sekiyu no Mi/Oil Bullet: A technique similar to oil wave, but instead Tony infuses one of his fingers with oil and shoots out a hosed-refined oil blast towards an enemy, in hopes of coating them in it.

Weapon Based Combat:


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Approved Re: Tony McGrave

Post by Deviant on September 5th 2018, 11:40

Unless stated otherwise

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