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Rudy Michaels

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Approved Rudy Michaels

Post by Deviant on July 8th 2016, 01:27

General Information
"You can handle them up close, I'll cover you from here"

Name: Rudy Michaels
Epithet: "Shrieking Shooter Rudy"
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: I 2 I
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Marksman
Bounty: Rudy Michaels 0mvFA0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Revolutionary
• Give the World Government the finger
• Join in the revolutionary war
• Master devil fruit

Character Information
"Here's a sunflower, like it you make the world a little brighter"

Dog Ear Jolly Roger:

Rudy Michaels SrgNbuw

Rudy Michaels Traditional Appearance:

Rudy Michaels VwBdcvG

Rudy is 5ft 8 and weighs 11 stone he has reddish skin and a toned body with a 6 pack he has green shaggy hair and scars over his arms and shoulder. He has blue dopey eyes and the beginning of a green goatee on his chin. Rudy wears a slightly baggy black t-shirt. With a green army shirt which has 3 arrows on the arms which are coloured yellow & orange. He wears the shirt open with the sleeves rolled up exposing some of the scars over his arms. He wears a set of dog tags with his name printed on them and black jeans too along with some black boots which are old raggedy and a bit faded. On his head he wears a green beret with a circle on it which is split into four sections each coloured orange or yellow. On occasions he wears finger less black leather gloves but not often and around his right wrist he wears two wristbands one white & the other black these two wrap around each other. In colder climates he tends to pull a much thicker olive coloured jacket with a hood and a white fur lining inside & mouse ears on either side of the hood. Rudy always wears the hood of this jacket up and closes the hood up allot which leaves only a small portion of his face on display, but he mainly does this so he can avoid getting any colder than he needs to as he detests the cold with a passion.


Rudy is nervous and cowardly he wants to be a feared and powerful revolutionary but is too scared of actual war and harming people. He is socially awkward around woman and even worse in situations in which he is put under pressure. Rudy is the kind of man who would give one woman a flower and after giving her one would then rush around handing out more to stop the other women from feeling left out as he knows the feeling all too well and hates it himself, so he wishes for no one else to feel that way.Rudy has big abandonment issues no matter how long it is he is left alone for, he tends to panic out of sheer loneliness. He does not like being on his own be it for a few minutes or an extended length of time. Even if it has been explained to him, it frightens him. He feels much more comfortable around people, even if he doesn't know them. Due to feel so self conscious Rudy feels like he is being watched when he is alone and tries to act as normal as he can manage but tends to look more awkward when trying as he tries to hard to act normal. Far from confident Rudy really wants to become a ferocious revolutionary to show his parents he is fighting the good fight for the right for everyone to be treated equally, but he knows that he must become confident first and is scared to take the first few steps.

Character History
"Like a rose I will one day grow into something beautiful"


Being born in the East Blue at Tequila Wolf where he was caught in the middle of a war Rudy was straight away sent away from there for his own safety. He was raised by a former revolutionary who had lost one of her legs in the war and as he was raised he had always wondered about the fruit he'd been brought back with. The fruit wasn't ever eaten and looked different to every other fruit he'd ever seen. He didn't know why it was so different but was incredibly curious as to what it was. He wanted to eat it and try some but had been told by his mother or at least who he thought was his mother never to touch it. He had followed these rules all his life all the way up to the age of 14 when he became even more curious.

He had been outside playing with friends shooting his friends with a sling shot full small pebbles, as dangerous as it was they didn't mind since as they all played they used to fight with swords made out of wood and actually hit each other and launched rocks at one another. Nothing too big though. But as he had been playing with his friends doing such things when he arrived back home thirsty and hungry he'd searched for his mom calling out to hear nothing and found no food. Upon reaching the fruit he gobbled it up and spat it out trying to get rid of the taste it was horrible.

When his mom did return he was questioned why he did what he did and he apologized to his mom to have her sit him down and tell him the truth about what she'd been asked to do. His mother explained to him that she had been asked to raise him and let him eat the fruit when she had found out what it was and if it would help. She said that she had discovered how it was the Kōjō Kōjō  no Mi and could give the user the ability to create and control plants. As Rudy heard all of this he was confused and was told about it being a devil fruit and how his parents wanted him to join the battle they were taking part in with use of the Kōjō Kōjō no Mi. He agreed to living his parent's wishes and the next four years he spent being trained by his foster mom. He was told how he should stress his body to hopefully let him do things with his power. As he trained and trained he started to show weakness and that was punished, when he was punished he would use his power to do what he could to stand up for himself and his foster mom was proud of him.

When Rudy was placed on that ship to Tequila Wolf he knew what was coming his way and as the ship drew closer he panicked out of fear and used his powers to run from the war. He fled out of fear wanting to join the war feeling like a coward. He promised himself he would join the battle. When he was ready he would and at the moment he didn't feel ready.


Spending his childhood using slingshots to attack his friends Rudy developed a unique skill with ranged weaponry. Rudy has become skilled with ranged weapons and thus his accuracy is much better than the average Joe which aids him in combat as he is able to incapacitate his targets from afar.

"I'm cursed, I don't need any more worries"


Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Devil Fruit Information
"I'm a Plant Man"

Devil Fruit Name: Kōjō Kōjō no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level One
Devil Fruit Abilities: The user gains control over plant life created by their own body.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
• Sea Stone
• Haki
• Fire

Combat Information
"Don't underestimate me!"

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Midori Boshi

Green Star/Midori Boshi
Midori Boshi is the use of Pop Greens in combat which sprout into a series plants.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Devil
Shooting a Pop Green, Rudy creates a large Venus Flytrap-like plant which attacks his enemies. In addition to being able to eat enemies with its large mouth, it can ensnare those nearby with its vines.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Sargasso
Rudy fires a Pop Green at his target, which then explodes into an array of resilient seaweed, strong enough to delay an avalanche of rock and earth.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Rafflesia
Rudy fires a Pop Green at his enemy, not aiming for them specifically but a place near them. The pop green reveals a rather large Rafflesia flower. The flower then excretes a foul smelling odor, disabling the enemy's senses with its stench. This stench reaches out to a distance of 15ft. This stench lasts for 1 round of posting.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Bamboo Javelin
Rudy shoots a Pop Green and stalks of bamboo shoots up from the ground, stabbing and impaling anyone it crosses paths with.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So
Rudy shoots a Pop Green that explodes upon impact. It releases a large red explosion in the shape of a skull.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Humandrake
Rudy shoots a Pop Green on the ground that only triggers to attack opponents once they step on it, with its living roots it leaps off to the opponent causing them to get off balance.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Trampolia
Rudy shoots a Pop Green on the ground that launches anyone who gets close to it up into the air. It is shaped like a big flower with a bubble at the centre.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf
Rudy shoots a Pop Green into the air which then sprouts into grass that takes the shape of a wolf. The bulb where it came from that shaped like a wolf's nose can release a stunningly powerful shock wave that is three meters in diameter.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Uchiwa Grass
Shooting a pop green at a surface it allows large oar like plants to grow which are strong enough to be used like oars.

Green Star/Midori Boshi: Boaty Banana
Rudy shoots a pop green into the water and upon impact it sprouts into a large banana boat capable of holding 5 people.

Green Thumb/Engei no sai
Engei no sai are techniques in which Rudy extends plant life from his body such as vines, sticks  etc...

Green Thumb/Engei no sai: Vine Limb
Rudy extends vines from one of the limbs on his body to help him reach further away objects/foes and so on to either propel himself up higher, reach things out of reach to him normally. However he must remain in contact with the vines for them to work.

Green Thumb/Engei no sai: Panda Claws
Rudy extends sharpened bamboo from his fingers tips of knuckles and uses them to attack with in slashing motions.

Green Man/Gurīnman
Gurīnman are techniques in which Rudy uses his entire body to help him out with combat such as absorbing nutrients or excretes scents of flowers etc.

Green Man/Gurīnman: Rafflesia
Rudy can now release the foul smelling odour the Rafflesia flower releases from his pores. The odour disables the enemy's senses with its stench. This stench reaches out to a distance of 15ft. This stench lasts for 1 round of posting.

Green Man/Gurīnman: Nutrient
Placing his hands on a plant or into the ground Rudy can steal all of the nutrients the plant had to restore his own energy and even gain nutrients from the sun like plants. However when he steals all nutrients from a plant he will leave the plant dead.


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Approved Re: Rudy Michaels

Post by Okamiro on July 13th 2016, 12:51

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