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"Mother Time" Mizuki

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Approved "Mother Time" Mizuki

Post by Sweet Dreams on August 4th 2016, 10:01

General Information

Name: Mizuki
ThemeCruel Clocks
Epithet: "Mother Time"
Age: 102 (looks 18)
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Android
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: None
Occupation: Doctor/Mechanic/Historian
Bounty: "Mother Time" Mizuki 0mvFA0
Crimes Committed: None
Allegiance: Revolutionary
Dream(s): Find and free her "Siblings"
Be able to eat organic food
Become human and gain a soul
Cure the world of diseases and illness
Learn more about humans and their history

Character Information
"Introductory Files"


"Mother Time" Mizuki 17376711

Standing at 4'11 and at 350 pounds (all that metal can give a girl a few extra pounds) Mizuki was created to look like a human complete with synthetic skin and hair,she can even cry fake tears.With short black hair and bright green eyes along with her pale skin this doll like girl could make just about anyone take a second glance at least. Her eyes seem normal at a first glance but if you were to look closer you would see that instead of a black pupils she has a white ones,this allowing her to scan her patients for any injuries they may have as well as to create and store a record of them. She even had the ability to project her memories from them and show them like movies if she wishes.
She almost always is seen wearing the same outfit a light blue one piece dress with a black ribbon tied around her middle. Under this dress she wears a pair of dark blue shorts that end just below the dress. On her feet she wears a pair of light brown leather boots finding they are easy to move in.

On her head she wears a hat the same color as her dress with a white trim warped around the middle and three dark blue ribbons on one side. The strip and ribbons are actually a solar panels of sorts which she uses as one way to charge her internal battery. She often carries multiply copies of this hat should it gets damaged or she somehow loses it.On her left shoulder she had a tattoo of sorts,but really its her production number. 007 in red ink,making her the seventh and last android of her line made.

If you were to remove her skin and hair instead of a human skeleton made of muscle and bone you would find a body of metal,coils and wires,a artificial brain for memory and program storage, bones made of metal protect the more sensitive parts like her internal battery,a glowing blue orb hidden behind a steel rib cage much like a human rib cage would protect the heart. Even an artificial stomach for turning oil and metals into energy if needed.

Personality: Curiosity,is one word to describe Mizuki,curiosity for humans more then anything,the way they act,the way they can fight each other one moment and then helping save each other the next. So she wishes to learn more about humans,So she studied them,their history the cultures, there is more then one time you could find her nose deep inside a book the somehow relates to humans or humanoid beings.

But this doesn't mean she is a timid and shy book worm,in fact it Mizuki is a very out going and energetic though she has a bad habit of scanning people without their consent,often leading to some awkward  situations.When angered or upset Mizuki's voice can take on a slight robotic sound,switching or even mixing with her normal voice.

 Because Mizuki is an android,a robot made to look and act like a human she doesn't need to sleep,sure she needs a few hours every couple of days to recharge her battery when it gets low,although she finds that entering a sleep mode slows the drainage of the battery greatly,and often puts people at ease...no one really likes to be watched while they sleep..She doesn't like when her battery gets low,because  she tends to act very drunk or tired until she gets more energy.

Another strange thing that Mizuki does around humans is watch them eat,she would just stare at them while they..try and enjoy their meal,sometimes asking what the food tasted like. She will then make a list of the foods she think she would like to try if she can one day eat normal foods.

Thanks to spending countless years in a small dark room alone even if she was asleep the entire time Mizuki would develop a fear of sorts for small or dark places.

Character History
"Memory Banks"

Mizuki's first memory was of her creators face,a young man,staring right back at her. He seemed do happy when she opened her eyes to see him for the first time. Mizuki found  that she was created with a purpose,to help people. She found that this man had built her to help others,he knew there were many people out in the world,countless illnesses and diseases that had no cure,and he was only one man with only a set number of years of life. So he decided to create a way his work could live on,Androids, robots made to look and act like humans,but what he hadn't planned was how much this last android seemed fascinated by humans,even more so then she should have in her programming,she even gave herself a name, Mizuki.

Unlike her predecessors who were currently all over the world helping where they can,Mizuki stayed with her master,studying and learning about humans,although she wished to study more then just medical uses and the human body.She could be found reading and researching books on the cultures and histories they had. This was how she learned of a soul,the very essence of what makes a living being truly alive. When asking her master if she had a soul. The man hearing this question laughed and explained how because she was not truly alive but only a machine she could not have a soul.

At those words something seemed to boil inside her and before she knew it,she was shouting "I want a soul so I can feel not just Joy but Pain and Sadness the real things not just some program!" The man was shocked,he hadn't programmed her with anger yet! He was always checking her programs for glitches or bugs when ever something like this appeared,but no errors ever came up.Her fascination with food and her longing for a soul being just a few of the strange things he discovered about her.

Time pasted,slow for her,days blended together but soon she noticed changes in her master...how tired he looked,his youthful face had turned wrinkled and weathered with time. It was around this time she found what had become of her siblings,apparently the government had found out about the other androids and took them,planing to turn them from healers to killers,planing to wipe their programming and start from scratch. It wasn't long before they attempted to take Mizuki. 

But they did not know of her Masters trap. Knowing the men would come the man sealed his last creation away hidden in the darkness of a secret room suspended in sleep stopping the drain of her battery to a complete crawl. The last thing she remembered was his order as she was pushed into the darkness. ''Sleep Mizuki, Sleep until I come to get you!" She had no choice but to obey,it was in her programming to follow the orders of her master. But what she didn't know is what happened after she was forced in her sleep. Her master was forced to sacrifice his life,to protect not only her but the people that would die if she was turned into a weapon,the now old man blew up half his lab and home to stop them.

So days turned into months and then slowly turned into years and still she slept waiting for the day she would awaken to see her master,all the while her home is slowly decaying around her.

Abilities: Mechanical Doctor: When you are made of metal and wires instead of flesh and blood it is best to know how to maintain and fix her own body.This also gives her an added bonus of being able to work with other machines.

Doctor of the Flesh: Thanks to not only her programming but also to her love of learning and years of study,Mizuki knows many ways to help and heal the human body.

Quick study: Thanks mostly to her large memory storage Mizuki has a very good memory being able to remember anything she reads or sees but she often prefers to write somethings things down to save on storage. This also allows her to learn new things quickly.

Robotic eyes: Mizuki's eyes,allow her to not only to scan people and create a record of them but also project memories and information she has like a movie or a slideshow.


A light pink bag containing:
A picture of her "Family"
Multiple books both medical and non medical
Small juice boxes filled with oil
Extra hats
Change of clothes
Various tools for working on machines/herself
A first aid kit
Two notebooks and pens- One for medical plants and another for her food list
Weapon: Will be gained in future rps

Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities

Weapon History

Combat Information
"Emergency Protocols"

Unarmed Combat:Bend!-Warping her arms around the opponents neck from behind and pulls back forcing them to bend back towards her.

Snap!:Used after Bend! She brings up her knee to connect with their spine forcing the already stressed spine to bend more breaking it in half.

Trip up: Dropping down low Mizuki sweeps her leg out to knock the opponent off their feet,before making a few well placed blows to knock them out.

Back off!: Swinging her leg from the side she tries to hit the opponent in the chest or rib cage often trying to hit the same area over and over to break their bones.

Weapon Based Combat:

Sweet Dreams
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Approved Re: "Mother Time" Mizuki

Post by Scarecrow on August 4th 2016, 10:06

Unless Stated Otherwise

"Mother Time" Mizuki 18n1LM1

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