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Approved Xanthe

Post by Izu on February 8th 2018, 03:53

General Information

"Who in the world is Xanthia Balis? I go by Xanthe not that horrid name."

Name:  Xanthe (Xanthia Balis)
Epithet: "Two Faced"
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed

Crew: N/A
Ship:  N/A
Occupation: Artist
Rank: N/A
Bounty: 7,000,000
Crimes Committed:
- Attacking Government Officials

- Destroying Government Property

- Petty Thievery

- Defacing Public Property

Bounty Collected: 0

Allegiance:  Revolutionary


- Turn the world upside down (Metaphorically)
- Make her name known throughout the world

-Avenge Timon's death
- become highly ranked among revolutionaries

Character Information

"This is who I am, take it or leave it. I will not change for you."

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.


I haven't drawn her yet, but here is the image I used previously.

Xanthe is a short young woman, standing at 5 foot exactly, though she tells people she's an inch taller. Her skin is a lightly tanned peachish color with a few very faint freckles on her cheeks. Almond shaped green eyes contrast her curly golden colored hair. Xanthe once had long, pretty blonde hair, that was until she decided to cut most of it extremely short, leaving the bangs on the right side of her head longer. The tips of these long locks have been dyed different colors over the years, though most recently they are black. Xanthe has long fingernails and constantly has different colored nail polish on them. Xanthe has her ears pierced, and two extra piercings in her left ear, where she usually wears silver earrings and bands.

Xanthe has a wide array of unique clothing. There are a few consistent trends amongst them, one being the color. Most of them are yellow, green, back or blue. Very few of her clothes are any other colors. Xanthe's favorite outfit consists of a rather short black skirt, thigh high stalkings that have a blue and turquoise diamond pattern. With this, she'll wear a black tank top underneath a yellow top. To complete the odd ensemble Xanthe will wear a pair of black ankle boots that usually have at least an inch of heel, so she'll look taller.

Bling is definitely Xanthe's thing. Accessory wise she might even go a tad bit overboard. First off there are her fingerless fishnet gloves that Xanthe never leaves the house without. With these, she'll wear several bracelets, usually made of thin silver chain or copper beads painted gold. On her right hand, she wears an iron ring that is just an iron band. This ring once belonged to her brother before he died. Finally, she wears a gold chain necklace, with a green glass pendant on it. There are other accessories Xanthe will occasionally wear, like a pale yellow belt with black x's on it or a silver hair clip when her hair is getting in her face too often and bothering her.

Personality: Xanthe is extremely stubborn. She only ever listens to what she herself has to say, and will refuse to work or compromise with anyone if the idea isn't one she agrees with. She is very adamant in doing things her own way and doesn't want her lifestyle to change unless of course, it means her getting stronger. This stubbornness is in reality just a cover-up of her constant self-doubt. Was she really doing what was right? Were her goals worthwhile? Do these people actually like me? Xanthe has grown good at hiding these thoughts of hers through her brash actions.

Xanthe has a bad habit when it comes to lying. She doesn't want people to know the truth most of the time, so she won't tell them. To get the truth and nothing but the truth out of Xanthe would require a miracle of some sort. Unless a person already knows her name, she'll feed them a false name, her favorite being Anastasia. Other things Xanthe lies about is her family life, describing it as 'just peachy' when in reality it wasn't.

Xanthe is a thrill seeker. She loves to party, and do exciting things, like going out in the dead of night to deface government buildings in her city home. This is one of her favorite past times, ripping on the government through her 'art'. By art, she means graffiti. In general, Xanthe does like art, especially painting and its one of the few things about her that aren't deceitful. This is the one thing she will never lie about, her love for painting, and she is actually kind of good at it too. In fact, while painting is when Xanthe is happiest. Sure she acts happy and laughs a lot normally, but while Xanthe is painting, true happiness is what she exhibits.

Other more positive traits of Xanthe include an easy-going friendliness that no matter what she does never seems to change. On the other hand, Xanthe is a hardened criminal, having been involved in all sorts of crime, like thievery, assault, graffiti. There is one thing Xanthe does refuse to do, which is kill. Taking another life is something that Xanthe just doesn't want to be a part of.

Xanthe isn't really interested in romance, sure she'll flirt, but she's not really interested in settling down in a relationship. She still wants to experience all the thrills and excitement life has to offer her first. She's not entirely opposed to having a boyfriend here and there, but once again, she doesn't want anything too serious.

If it can't be figured out through her clothing choices, Xanthe's favorite color is yellow, and she has a love for fishnet gloves as well. Other things Xanthe likes include, money, food, adventure, and fire. Yes, Xanthe has a strange fascination with fire, though she still manages to escape being burned by it. As odd as it is. Xanthe also has a fierce hatred for pirates, thanks to what happened to Timon.

Character Background

"Timon promised he'd never leave me behind, but in the end he did."

Background: It all started with the birth of Xanthia Balis and her twin brother Timon. The twins were the children of the town's drunk. Money was always tight for the family even before the twins, their mother worked constantly, while their father could barely hold a job. The addition of the children stressed things even more. Eventually, after two years of taking care of the kids and their drunken father, Xanthia and Timon's mother left them, leaving their hometown in search of something more.

Being the children of the town drunk, made things hard for the twins, but they managed. At three years old, they already knew the only people they could count on were each other. In fact, they made a promise to one another on their fourth birthdays. That they would never leave the other behind.

Xanthia was always getting into fights with the other kids, often being made fun of by them which Xanthia hated. Timon would always step in and stop the fights before it got too bad. Xanthia wanted to beat these bullies up for making fun of her and Timon, but her brother told her that would never do anything plus Xanthia was always on the losing end of the fights.

Wanting to get stronger, Xanthia took to sneaking into a martial arts dojo, where she observed classes then practiced on her own. She was quickly caught, but the dojo's master took pity on the poor girl and let her join his class free of charge. Timon also ended up joining the class, wanting to be just as strong as his sister when they would graduate from the dojo.

As time wore on, major differences began to shine through from the siblings. Timon was calm and resourceful, while Xanthia was loud, wild and obnoxious. One thing stayed the same though, the strong bond of friendship between the siblings. They balanced each other out. The twins had continued at the dojo as well. While Xanthia excelled at using weapons like the bo staff, her brother was better at taijutsu with the kicks and punches.

By 10 years old, The twins had made friends. Timon had befriended several kids their age who wanted to join the marines, and Timon shared those sentiments. Xanthia, on the other hand, fell in with the delinquents. She didn't like all the rules and regulations the marines had, so she shared no interest in joiningThese were the kids sneaking liquor from their parent's homes to drink. Xanthia resisted this kind of behavior for several years at the request of her brother, but when they turned 12 and Timon left to join the marines, Xanthia got so upset that she broke her promise.

Soon it wasn't just drinking, by 14 Xanthia had broken into and robbed several stores and homes. She and her 'friends' had raided Xanthia's former dojo where Xanthia stole a bo staff which she carved designs into. She quite enjoyed the activity and took to creating more art. Her favorite artistic activity turned out to be painting. Soon her art was scrawled all over many buildings in the town. This graffiti of hers became well known throughout the town. Her father, who had cleaned himself up after Timon left, was so disappointed in his daughter's behavior that he disowned Xanthia and kicked her out of the house. Xanthia promptly changed her name to Xanthe, leaving out the last name completely.

It was around their 15th birthday when Timon returned as a full-fledged marine. He, of course, was just visiting. Timon was livid about his sister's behavior. They spent a long time arguing over it when they could have been swapping stories about adventures. They parted in an angry huff. They didn't even say goodbye. That night, Timon and the other marines that had come with him set sail again, on their way to the base they were stationed at.

That night, things went sour. The ship was attacked by pirates. It was a fearsome battle that ended with the Pirates winning with a heavy cost to the marines. Amidst the marines that died, was Timon. His belongings were sent home. Amongst the was the iron ring that Xanthe made her own. After the death of Timon, Xanthe's behavior only continued to down spiral. She wanted nothing more than to kill the pirates that had taken her brother away.

It was around 18 years old that Xanthe was given her bounty of 7,000,000 beli. It was given to her by the marines as the labeled her a pirate for her criminal activities though, she really wasn't a pirate. It truth, Xanthe had mixed feelings about the bounty. She was glad to be recognized as a criminal, at the same time she hated being labeled as a pirate. Pirates had killed her brother, so she now loathed any and all pirates. What had happened, was that Xanthe had run into a few government officials in town while robbing a store. They tried to stop her, so Xanthe beat them black and blue. Compared to past crimes, this one was a lot more violent which put her on the radar. They looked into her past criminal record after the robbery and discovered she had been the one behind a string of robberies of different stores in the area. Thus the bounty was placed on her head.

For her, this bounty meant she could no longer stay in town. Stowing away on a ship, Xanthe traveled to a different island and stayed there for a little bit. It was here that she ran into a small faction of the revolutionary army. They told her stories of corrupt government officials which ended up pissing Xanthe off, she wanted the government to fall, which in time changed to wanting to turn the world upside down. What better way than to bring the world government to its knees?

She agreed to join the revolutionary army but didn't start traveling with them. As she jumped from island to island, she continued with her criminal activities, but now she specifically targeted the world government and the marines. A little after she turned 20, Xanthe actually joined a revolutionary crew. She stayed with them for the better part of two years, until they were attacked by a ruthless group of pirates on their way to the Grand Line. The crew Xanthe had been traveling with definitely wasn't the strongest. The speed at which they lost to the pirates was laughable. So much so that afterward, on an island the crew split. Going their own ways to train and get stronger. It was a member of this crew that modified the bo staff for Xanthe.

Xanthe didn't really have anywhere to go after that, so she kept traveling. Her bounty grew as time went on, and Xanthe decided she wanted the world to know her name. Sure she had a small bounty, but not enough to get the world to notice her. Xanthe wanted to be noticed. If she were noticed, then maybe more people would see that the revolutionaries were right and the world government was wrong. One of the best ways to become known to the world was to become a big shot in the revolutionary army, so Xanthe decided she wanted that too.

At 23 years old, Xanthe continued traveling and training. She was ready to head to the grand line and cause a ruckus there.


Liquor Holding - Since Xanthe started young, she is pretty good at holding her liquor, though she still isn't the best.
Artistic Touch - Xanthe is really good at painting and other artsy things, though she mainly uses this to scrawl graffiti on the walls of buildings.


"See this bo staff? Yeah, if you don't back off i'll hit you with it."

- Three spray paint cans (Red, Yellow, Blue)

- Extra Bullets

- Gas Mask (for when she is making graffiti)

Weapon: Bo Staff

Weapon Description: This bo staff, is a made of a dark wood. Complex designs have been carved into it by Xanthe, and a friend of hers gave it a few modifications. When the top third of the bo staff is rotated to the right, a small knife blade comes out and the bo staff becomes a spear. It is carried as is, by a sling slung over Xanthe's shoulder.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Spear Point - The bo staff can be used like a spear thanks to adjustments made by a friend of Xanthe's. This can be accomplished by twisting the top third of the bo staff to the right.

Weapon History: This bow staff was made by a master wood carver for a friend of his who ran a martial arts dojo. This was the same dojo attended by Xanthe when she was little. During a string of thieveries, Xanthe stole it from the dojo, and made it hers by adding the carvings. Later she gave it to a friend, who modified it for her.

Devil Fruit Info


Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Progression: Please write up the progression levels here if using a cannon devil fruit if not delete this section.
Current Devil fruit Level: This will be where it states which level of mastery your character is currently at.
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: If using a cannon devil fruit then please write up the powers of said fruit from levels 1 - the last Level like you would if you were creating a devil fruit. other wise just list the level your character is currently at.  
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

"Yeah. The thing is, your annoying. Eat some bo staff."

Unarmed Combat:
Round House Kick - The user takes a step forward than swings around 180 degrees and striking out with the opposite foot. This is a high kick and is usually aimed at the face, though the gut is another target that is pretty good.
Side Kick - The user takes a step back with one foot, and brings the other foot up then strikes at the opponent. This is similar to, but not the same as the round house kick.
Axe Kick - The user raises their leg vertically as high as they can and then bring the leg down against the target.
Hook  Kick - For a right front leg hook kick, the user should bring their foot up and aim slightly to the left of the target before snapping the foot back and hitting the target with the heel of the foot.
Weapon Based Combat:
Bo Head Strike - The bo staff is used to strike the head of the opponent with as much force as can be mustered. Usually the user will jump up into the air before performing this move to add more momentum.
Bo Gut Smash - The end of the bo staff is jabbed into the gut of the users opponent. It is an offensive method used to get some distance by attempting to push the attacker back.
Knife Block - using both hands, the staff is held up to block an incoming knife attack.
Spear Jab - The spear is quickly jabbed in a forward motion at the target.
Spear Throw - The spear is thrown at an opponent that is too far to be jabbed at, usually a last attack to take down a fleeing opponent. Sometimes accompanied by a shot or two from the users pistol.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


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Approved Re: Xanthe

Post by Deviant on February 8th 2018, 04:20

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