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Karris Danavi

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Approved Karris Danavi

Post by Vaetric on April 27th 2018, 21:43

General Information

Name: Karris Danavi
Epithet: Stripe-Eyes. (She doesn’t like it).
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Sabaody Archipelago
Species: Long Leg Hybrid (3/4 Human)
Orientation: Right handed.

Crew: The Anti-Perogative
Ship: Ship #88
Occupation: Captain/Navigator
Bounty: None yet.
Crimes Committed: None yet.
Allegiance: The Public.
• To remove corruption in the Marines, and World Government.

Character Information


Karris: https://i.servimg.com/u/f62/18/10/23/93/natni10.jpg (Drawn by Surrealkatie)
Karris Hybrid: https://i.servimg.com/u/f62/18/10/23/93/vaetri10.jpg
Karris Hybrid (Alternate colour clothes): https://i.servimg.com/u/f62/18/10/23/93/vaetri11.jpg (Both drawn by DannyG)

Appearance:  Karris' main headturner is most likely her startling height. Due to being a longleg hybrid, she is exceptionally tall, standing at 10ft 8in (329.18cm). She does not abide by the fashion practices of the longleg tribe, keeping her legs covered by trousers. She IS capable of wearing shorts should the situation require it, however.  Karris has a smooth face with prominent, high cheekbones. She has two vertical markings beginnign at the bottom of her eyes. She has a clean shaven head, as hair gets in the way of fighting should she be forced to do battle.

Karris has reached the age where the body is trying to convert muscle to fat, which she tries to avoid by building more muscle. The result is a squishy but strong fusion that gives her a full figure. She has a large bust, however she keeps it within a strong bra, thus eliminating any annoyances, as well as keeping her chest to a modest size. She has somewhat of a soft hourglass figure, though her shoulders are somewhat wider than her hips, her hips are still wider than her waist.  Due to being a longleg hybrid, she has long thighs and shins

She tends to wear an officer's suit, although it's debatable as to what kind of officer from what kind of kingdom. She wears a baseball-cap like hat, though it's short at the rim and has a yellow bit of middle at the front and is grey. In fact, most of her outfit is grey or black. She wears steel plating from her neck that covers her upper chest and shoulders. Underneath that, she wears a jacket underneath that which ends at a V at her hips. She wears elastic-like trousers that cling to the figure of her legs as protection from the elements. This is to try and keep to the tradition of the longleg tribe as much as possible without actually revealling her legs.

In her ankylosaurus hybrid form, she fills out further. She becomes somewhat larger, increasing her height to 15ft 2in. Around eight to ten feet of it comes from her extremely long legs. Furthermore, she becomes somewhat muscular, her bust filling out even further, as well as gaining thick, meaty thighs and arms beneath her back armour, which covers the entirety of her hind. She gains reptilians eyes as she merges half into an ankylosaurus, as well as gaining a clubbed tail. She also gains leg armour around her thighs and shins, and some for her arms around her biceps and forearms, albeit leaving the joints so they don't get in the way. The armour is rough, and capable of scraping those whom are ground against it. In her full ankylosaurus form, she is around six feet tall, and twenty feet long including the tail. Most of her six feet in height comes from her somewhat longer legs.

Personality:  Karris beholds a grim demeanour. She believes what she does is right, heavily disliking corruption within the World Government and Marines. She prefers not to have to fight those she knows to be upstanding. However, she's merciless against those she deems unworthy of protecting civilians. Just as much, she tries to keep civilian casualties to a minimum. She is an advocate of Moral Justice, still holding herself to what she believes to be Marine virtues. She is well aware that she is rebelling against the World Government, but its sins are too great for her to handle. She is especially distainful of the Celestial Dragons.

Despite her no longer having to use a uniform, she made her own such is her dedication to order. She'll have no qualms with attacking pirates without provocation if they're notorious for civilian casualties, just like everyone else. When she changes to her ankylosaurus form, her personality changes slightly, becoming grumpy and slower, to the point of dragging out her sentences. She does, however, take self defence much more seriously, tending to break bones rather than give bruises. She is a fan of the concept of quality over quantity, often preferring to field a smaller amount of well-trained troops rather than a large mass that are likely to get slaughtered. Thus, she values trainers, and is more likely to try and sway them to her side.

Character History


Karris had always wanted to be a marine, even with her long-leg ancestry, though she could still join as a hybrid of a long leg, she still preferred to assert that she was human, just long-legged, pointing to the many different body types within the navy at the time. Despite being taller tending to be a detriment in shootouts, she managed to distinguish herself over the years after joining to the captain position. Seeing the sorry display most marines below certain ranks tended to show, she decided to rebuild them, training. Each loss was a disaster to their cohesion, whether it be from promotions, reassignments or casualties.

However, she had always been a thinker rather than a brute. She had gained a devil fruit in a battle, but elected to keep it on display rather than use it. She thought that taking a fruit was a sign of commitment, and hadn’t quite found the right time to finally consume it. There were, of course, recruits and others who thought they had what it took, but when battle came, they were too overconfident in their abilities and each fell, and every time with a heavy heart she put the fruit back on display.
For the first time in her career, a serious blow had been dealt to a Yonko by the marines during the Sometset Hills Battle. Her crew was amongst others whom fought the giant Sea Emperor Heimdall Rokoro, she went with a pincer manoeuvre, capitalising on the confusion created by Arken Jones to cut them like wheat to the scythe- however it was not without fatalities. More than half of her crew perished, or became crippled. Despite the deaths, the marines cosidered it a victory. But at what cost?

Realising morality, Karris eventually found a lover. He died a couple of weeks later, not to a pirate, revolutionary or stray bullet, but to a Celestial Dragon who found him too slow in paying attention. This, of course, angered Karris just a little bit. However, she stayed loyal, despite her tenuous relationship with the world government, to the marines. However, in all their infinite wisdom, they decided to send her to pick up some runaway slaves. Even her crew were disturbed by their stories, and decided to go rogue under the idea that the World Government was simply too corrupt, and by extension the Marines. She gave her official resignation and moved to the blues. She finally ate the devil fruit.


• Longleg Ancestry: Being struck by a longleg has been described as being hit by a steel whip. Despite not being a full one, she is still rather tall, and thus has a lot of momentum to build with each kick. Despite being somewhat of an armchair general, she isn’t afraid to enter battle and user her legs. Due to her tallness, she can also run faster and jump heigher than most average humans in comparison.

• Tactical Expertise: Karris prefers the long game than simply battles, but she is still capable of leading a group of many people, even if they aren’t quite the quality troops she’d like.

• Siegebreaker: Due to her devil fruit and longleg heritage, Karris can do devastating damage to structures such as gates. Regular quality wooden walls tend to fall rather quickly before her will.


Weapon: Leg Cannons

Weapon Description: These are two cannons that can be strapped to both of her legs, they are each twelve-pounders that have a swivel on the joint connecting it to the thigh, thus allowing extra aiming, or keeping it rotated upwards to prevent the cannonballs from falling out. Due to her leg strength, she is capable of holding up one of these for an extended period of time before getting tired.

Weapon Special Abilities: Due to being a cannon attached to a long-leg’s legs, it can be rather deadly in close quarters combat should she elect to use it, even if it does make her slower, and more encumbered. She prefers to use it before close-in fighting, to take out snipers or help attack fortifications or ships. Furthermore, someone can mount her leg to aim for her, though this exhausts her more easily.

Weapon History: These were cast for her several years ago, before the battle of Sommerset Hills. She managed to harm at least two giants with careful aim.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:  Dino Dino no Mi Model: Ankylosaurus

Devil Fruit Type: Ancient Zoan

Devil Fruit Mastery Level:1
Devil Fruit Abilities:  The user gains the ability to become an ankylosaurus and a hybrid version of it. The main feature of the ankylosaurus is its durable and lightweight armour coverings, capable of defending against the penetration of the teeth of predators and resistance to being broken. Furthermore, the user may also gain a tail club, which is capable of breaking the bones of other dinosaurs, or humans. Strength wise, the ankylosaurus is liek a glacier, heavy and slow, but packed with strength.

Mastery Level 1:
-The user is able to turn into an ankylosaurus, or hybrid.
-The user gains natural armour while transformed, capable of halting regular bullets.
-The user gets physically stronger, at the cost of some speed.
-The user gains a tailed club.
Mastery Level 2:
-The user is now capable of turning parts of their body into parts of their creature.
-Stronger natural armour, armour becomes lighter.
Mastery Level 3:
-The user is capable of turning into multiple forms. Each form has extremes of certain aspects of the creature.
-Even more durable light armour.
Awakening: The user is now capable of:
-Awakening their devil fruit, gaining increased stamina, strength, size and recovery at the cost of their intelligence, rendering them unable to turn to any other form.
-Turn into their monster form at will. Exhaustion still applies.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:  Standard devil fruit weaknesses.

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Executioner’s Axe : Karris brings her right leg up, and simply aims to strike an opponent with an axe kick from a high height. Depending on where she strikes (aka the head), this can be fatal or at least damaging. Dislocation may ensue should she decide to strike the shoulders instead.

Soaring Heaven Retribution : A stronger version of the Executioner’s Axe, for more powerful opponents. Her ankles can break through stone in this strike.

Long Flurry : Karris brings one of her legs up, and starts to send a flurry of kicks toward her opponent(s), each one is akin to a steel whip.

Dread Flurry Mandate: Simply a stronger version of Long Flurry, each strike capable of turning stone to rubble.

Heavensea Crash: Often used in sea warfare, but can also be done to war machines, she jumps high into the air toward a ship or building, and does a flying axekick from a great height to try and cripple the threat, often breaking through the haul unless stopped.

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Weapon Based Combat:

Death Execution : Not seen very often due to its vulgar and messy nature, she kicks an opponent against the wall, before aiming her cannon toward their face point-blank, then firing.

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Approved Re: Karris Danavi

Post by Deviant on May 1st 2018, 10:56

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