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Post by Deviant on July 25th 2018, 23:59

North Blue, Mendo Town:::.
Afternoon, 4:35 PM::.

The mess was still in the streets, the horses running free a nice new shiny blade hanging from the belt of the arctic bandit, alcohol was flowing and smoke drifting through the air whilst nice hot food was on it's way whilst a large proportion of people were enjoying the beer, banter & music which was blasting throughout the bar known as the Tangerine Talons.

Carrying three plates up their arm and making their way between the drunkards and many many tables which were littered throughout the bar a young lady with hair tied in a pony tail and a single small mole on her cheek arrived at a table. This was the table where a pink bear, a guy cleaning a sword's blade and lastly a man who looked like he'd been a young surgeon's practice dummy sat.

Coughing as smoke billowed before her face she opened her mouth.

"I've got your food here, sorry about the wait" placing the plates down on the table so she could quickly cover her face once more Genzo removed his feet from the free seat and sat forward. Removing his cigarette from between his lips with his left hand Genzo lifted his empty beer bottle with his right and shook it before the waitress.

"Another one o' them thanks!"

Snatching it from his grip the waitress nodded and through gritted teeth replied. "Of course!"

Looking at the waitress as she stormed off angrily Wilfred reached for his own beer and opened his mouth to speak up.

"I hope you've the money to pay for that, cause I ain't got anything."

"Nope, but if they have any arguments they're more than happy to come at me." Genzo replied lifting his new sword and holding it horizontally as he looked down the blade examining it to make sure it was nice, clean and shiny.

Turning his head towards Annie, Wilfred rolled his eyes gesturing towards Genzo and how ridiculous he could sometimes come off.

"This guy am I right?"

Exhaling from his cigarette out of the side of his mouth Genzo watched as a new bottle of beer arrived upon the table with a thud. Turning to see the waitress he could see he'd clearly pissed her off as she'd already made her way back to the kitchen. Shrugging Genzo reached for his new beer and looked towards Wilfred who was eyeing up the crowd.

As his eyes scanned over the lot of them he was trying to figure out if there were anyone else here worthy of joining his crew. But chances were, that all those who would've been were after the same sword that had been added to Genzo's armoury which hung from his belt.


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Re: Cogs!

Post by Sweet Dreams on August 4th 2018, 13:02

Annie shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she had been like this since they had entered having seen so many people in one place. She hadn't said much besides ordering her food only to get a strange look as she orders a steak, bloody, not exactly raw but very nearly.

She had been about to start carving up her food before she was brought out of her thoughts by the voice of her new captain. Her captain..boy that would take some time to get used to...

"Hmmm?" She says looking from one man to the other, or what looked like it from under the bear hood. After a moment of mental rewind shed turn to the swordsman with a huff "Sweetie the least you could do is be a bit nicer you know...There are enough asses in here without you adding to them" She says before stabbing a piece of her meat with a claw before it disappeared into a hidden hole where the mouth would be. There was a pause as she chewed then she gave a shutter and reached into her bag resting at her feet pulling out a bear-shaped jar of honey and with a spoon drizzled it over steak...

"As for money, don't worry about it I got us covered as long as you don't plan on drinking the town dry.." She says in her ever bubbly tone as she stared into her food again.

Sweet Dreams

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Re: Cogs!

Post by Deviant on August 5th 2018, 00:11

At the mention of Annie having money to help pay for the food Wilfred grinned watching as Annie slipped the chunk of meat into her mouth hole beneath the hood. As for Genzo he sat with his new drink in hand and removed the cigarette so he could take a swig.

"Nice Annie, knew I'd found the right person in you. Just no raw meat for me if that's alright with you" Wilfred joked. As the simple joke left his lips A few words from Genzo escaped carrying the scent of his beer.

"You can call me an arse all you want pinkie, but bottom line, demons never got anywhere being kind."

"You telling me I've a demon swordsman aboard the crew? Or that you're just an asshole?"

"I can be, just get me the swords I'm after and I'll give you what you want."

"Heh, all I want is to become the pirate king. But I'll help you guys along the way with your dreams too."

Raising his bottle into the sky Wilfred decided to make a quick toast.

"To the beginning of our nice little crew we've got here. Should we see each other through thick & thin  and carry one another from the deepest of pits into the sky of gold."

Genzo reached for his bottle raising it half heartedly as he exhaled from his cigarette one more time.

"Onwards into the face of destruction and dismay" Genzo added attempting to describe his own steps. Ever the dark one with a sick sense of humour and a self obsessed mind.

As Wilfred made his toast and awaited for Annie to either add something of her own or just raise a bottle to the beginning of something potentially beautiful there were a few patrons who got to their feet making their way out of the front door. By the looks of them a rival pirate crew but time would tell.

One tall and muscular with large meaty arms like those of a cow's leg and hair so wild it'd give a lion a run for their money. Whilst the accomplice was the opposite. Short and slim only coming in at about 5ft tall with arms similar to ropes with thick knots for the joints.

As the two made their way through the door Wilfred spotted the jolly roger on the back of the jacket. Choosing to keep the appearance in mind Wilfred figured it'd be best to keep an eye out for them in case they got in their way on his journey to the top.

Well the name of the place was definitely spot on. This place really was full of junk. Every piece of the island was a pretty horrendous piece of junk or at least had the putrid effects of it such as the smell or appearance. In all honesty this junker of an island really wouldn't have been Maka's first choice as a place to stop off, as if her depression wasn't bad enough to deal with.

Sighing Maka slipped her fingers between one another and bent them backwards cracking her fingers. She couldn't be expected to just sit around and wait here for her client to turn up on this junker. All she knew was he was going to turn up at the Trash Panda bar sometime today. That was all the information she'd been given and that wasn't good enough.

Heading out of the front door of the bar into the streets Maka took it upon herself to indulge in a favourite past time of hers.

Five Finger Flex.

She would give herself an hour to pick as many pockets as she could. The aim was to beat her record on how many she could pick in an hour and beat the amount she could take in that hour. Her current record was thirty pockets and one hundred and twenty beli.

Looking towards the clock outside which hung from the bar she'd just left, Maka waited for the bell to ring signifying the current hour ending and the next beginning.

Seconds later her game had begun and her victims laid before her in the street. It was go time and her first few willing victims were already closing in.


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Re: Cogs!

Post by Sponsored content

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