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The Green Man

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The Green Man

Post by Deviant on August 3rd 2018, 22:56

South Blue, Briss Kingdom:::.
Morning, 8:35AM::.

A chill in the air, darkened clouds high above and a sense of disbelief in the air hung about like a putrid stink from the previous days actions in which the townsfolk had lost a friend and an heir. Prince Jorge who'd been an unfortunate pawn in a little game to save the lives of eight.

The exchange had been damaging to all who'd been involved, eight lives of so called demolition men who'd been working for the revolutionary army for the single life of a prince who'd loved his citizens and who'd been loved just as much. Using the attempt on his life as a distraction the men who were to hang that day were freed. Broken down from their nooses and in un thirty seconds law enforcement had been disarmed and the eight men accompanied by the three who'd been there to free them were on the run.

In the hands of soldiers trained with an eagle eye and dexterity which was second to none, a single shot to each brought them down. The demolition men met a grizzly end with pieces of their head, upper torso and neck shattered from the piercing wounds. Painting the ground red, these men of such destruction would never see their work come to fruition, but the three who dare break the team out were incapacitated after witnessing the destruction eight single bullets could do to the human body in the hands of trained professionals.

Taking on board a few wounds themselves the three of them were thrown into a cell with the key thrown away for the heinous crimes whilst the member who'd assassinated Prince Jorge was never found. Not enough clues let behind, nor any witnesses. Jorge was discovered in his study practicing his cello and discovered still sitting as he had been before, only now slouching with the royal crimson colour that once ran through his body now oozing from the smallest and cleanest of wounds drawing from one side of his neck to the other and trickling down his silk shirt.

Whoever this murderer had been he definitely knew just what it was he was doing.

A breeze washed through the air catching itself in the tussled messy hair of a man in green who looked more militant than he was as a person. Coated with two arms full of scars, an awkward smile and teary eyes from the strong gusty winds that he'd been subject to aboard the banana boat he'd conjured from a single seed stood the wannabe revolutionary with more of a talent in running with his metaphorical tail between his legs than standing up for a cause. As much as we all like to think we're a freedom fighter to an extent, this was the perfect example of a fresh faced young boy with dreams of becoming the badass that takes down a castle single handedly.

It was just a shame he was as pathetic as the beings which came from his hands. Soft, delicate and vibrant. This was Rudy Michaels, the kind of man you'd introduce to you're girlfriend with no fear of him stealing her away as he'd be far too awkward or scared to even attempt such a thing and be more likely to cry at the mere mention of possibly stealing them away.


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