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Lorlo E. Gawk

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Approved Lorlo E. Gawk

Post by Grim on August 2nd 2016, 16:20

General Information


Name: Lorlo E. Gawk (Edwin)

Epithet: N/A

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Caper Island - South Blue

Species: Human

Orientation: Left Handed

Crew: N/A


Occupation: Captain
Bounty: 0

Crimes Committed: Theft (undocumented ) 

Allegiance:  Pirate

• To Become the post powerful pirate.

Character Information


Flag: A black skull with tar dripping from the mouth.

Appearance: Lorlo is an average sized human, only standing out in his above average height. Lorlo has dark red shaggy hair that drops to his shoulders. His eyes are a deep black, when peering into them that seem "blacker" than others with black eyes. Loro wears a white blouse like shift with several brownish straps on it. He has black pants with boots, which both have buckles. His skin is slightly tanned from large periods of sun exposure. He has a small scar that sits diagonally just above his eye, even cutting out a small portion of his eyebrow. Another larger sized scar sits on the left side of his chin.    

Personality:  Lorlo is rather a rather calm person, never getting riled up over simple things. Though he is calm, he always feels that the way he see's things are they way they should be, and will always defend his opinions. He feels that making friends with his crew is pointless, although he is not in any way rude or mean to them, he just doesn't feel it to be necessary to make strong bonds with people who may die or diverge from him. When feeling emotional towards someone he will sometimes attempt to make as little contact with the person as possible to stop the feelings. 

Character History


Background: Lorlo was born on Caper Island in the South Blue, raised by his father Gon and mother Pastca. As a child he enjoyed playing with others, even having a group of friends that go by Isska, San, and Wali. Each of them had the dream of being a high ranking Marine officer and stopping all the pirates. Day by day he grew and played with his friends, going into the forest, playing on the ship junkyard. Making trouble in the town. Every year his town and the neighboring town would have a meet. Where they talked of polemical issues and agreements. When Lorlo was 12, the two towns has a disagreement somehow. Lorlo till this day still doesn't understand why, but a week later he was shifted off to a military camp to train for the war.

Lorlo wasn't sad at all, his dream of becoming a Marine would be even closer now due to this training, and all of his friends and father had accompanied him to the military camp, as all the other men from the village. Lorlo went threw rigorous training, learning how to use both sword and pistol from the academy. Lorlo underwent all of this proudly, though he friends didn't seem to be to happy with it. Even when they would sleep Lorlo took extra time to practice on his swordsmanship, even creating his very own technique. He only showed it to his friends, but due to there lack of disciple weren't able to use it. Lorlo's father didn't really talk to him much at this point or seem to be taking this ordeal well. Lorlo on the other hand was ready to go into war, looking forward to it.   

Soon enough they had been moved to the front lines of battle.There he saw most of his friends die. He saw both his Farther and best friend die on the first day of battle and felt like he had no power to stop it. Lorlo fought through crowds of enemies to get to his dying father but by the time he had got there, his father had already bled out. Lorlo began to become bitter and cold, his vibrant smile turning into a permanent  glare. Still devoted to his ways he ranked up in his local army rapidly, reaching the rank of Captain in only a month. Lorlo even lead most of the battles on the enemies. Ultimately they had won the war. Lorlo was thanked by everyone, saying he was the bravest and most powerful man they'd ever known, all while he was still 14 years old. They had awarded him a Devil Fruit they had pillaged from one of the villages, for all of his efforts in the war. With the war over he returned home. Though he was a well known solider now, all of his friends and his only father had been killed at war, this gave him a dreadful feeling that he truly had no control. His plan was to go home and sell the Devil Fruit for a small fortune so him and his mother could live happily.  

Once he had returned home, he got word that his mother had died 3 years ago from an unknown sickness, saying that no doctor in the village knew how to treat it or how she even contracted it. The feelings of no control over his life started to consume him from the inside out. He began to drink at a young age, even getting into bar fights with his own town members. They soon enough lost all respect for him, and he'd lost respect for him. Knowing that his village didn't care for him anymore, he decided that power was the only friend he would ever need. Turning his attentions to the army of the village where he knocked the guard out and stole a sword and pistol before fleeing the island. With the idea to join the Marines, he had an epiphany. The Marines were just dogs following orders. He wouldn't become truly strong, but just another puppet following orders. The only other way to obtain power he could think of was to become the most powerful pirate. But he needed an edge, something to give him an advantage over all the others wanting to be strong. While on the small boat he used to flee, he remembered what he had stored away in a small chest with him. The Devil Fruit. Selling the fruit would give him the wealth to buy a crew and a ship, but they would not directly give him power. The only way to truly obtain power from it, was to eat the devil fruit. In a single gulp, he ate that devil fruit. It tasted like how roads smelled, enough to make Lorlo gag. Before long one of his arms began to form into a black substance, thinking he was dying Lorlo began to panic.

He quickly noticed that it was the powers of the devil fruit, with his new powers and ambitions he set out to gather a crew and a ship by any means necessary, he decided to become the worlds most powerful pirate, no matter what. 

Abilities: Lorlo is a trained solider, both his body and mind and been trained for harsh conditions. He can withstand far more physical pain and mental torment than the average human. Besdies this Lorlo has basic survival skills if he is ever stranded in wilderness. He knows how to skin animals, make fires, craft hunting weapons from stone and wood, find shelter, and tell the time of day and his directions by just looking at the position of the sun/moon.



• Pistol (Single Shot)
• Cutlass Sword
• 20x Bullets

Weapon Description: Pistol - Stolen From the army on his home town, it is a generic single fire pistol. The barrel is crafted with fine iron and the pistol has no ware, it is more than likely never been used.

Sword - A Sword stolen from an army on his home town. It's hilt is crafted with strong wood and the hand protector with brass. It gives one the upper hand in close range duels

Bullets - Basic lead bullets, when fired they are able to pierce most surfaces. Lorlo carries these in his right hand, second down pocket.

Weapon Special Abilities: None.

Weapon History: Both weapons were in the towns army, only constructed for the up and coming war. Every time Lorlo looks at either of them his heart burns with the memory of his loses.

Devil Fruit Information


Devil Fruit Name: Taru Taru no Mi

Devil Fruit Type:  Logia

Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1

Devil Fruit Abilities

 Taru Taru Hand : Lorlo forms a large hand with his Tar powers, functioning similar to a regular hand but with tar properties. Can be propel'd.

Taru Taru Blast : Lorlo blasts a glump of tar from his hands.

Taru Taru Shell: When touching something either threw his hand or the Taru Taru Hand, Lorlo begans to generate tar upon it.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses• Sea Stone
• Haki

Combat Information


Unarmed Combat:

Military CQC: Being a solider, Lorlo learned to how to fight if his weapons had ever failed him. He has knowledge of several different submission holds, take downs, and also how to disarm an array of weapons ranging from pistols, swords, and rifles.

Weapon Based Combat:

Swordsmanship ~

White Fang Killing:  A Sword Technique Lorlo invented himself, using the focal point of the blade to increase his slashing power. This technique can easily be used to cut and opponent deeply, even so to where they could bleed out if the wound is untended.


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Approved Re: Lorlo E. Gawk

Post by Deviant on August 2nd 2016, 16:42

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