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Otoko Kaen Shisui

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Otoko Kaen Shisui

Post by Raizen on August 21st 2016, 08:42

General Information

Name:  Otoko Kaen Shisui
Epithet: None yet
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous.

Crew: N/A
Occupation: Pirate/Navigator
Rank: N/A
Bounty[/color][color:c30c=Dodgerblue: 0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Bounty Collected: Only applicable to characters who collect bounties.
Allegiance: Pirate
Dream(s): Above all else, Retain absolute freedom.
Become the right hand man of the pirate king.
Become a Titan/Supernova.
Take down the world Goverment.
Experience what all  the world has to offer.

Character Information

Describe or put an image of the crew's flag here.

Otoko is a Caucasian man standing at 5'11" With Olive colored skin and short, Spiky Jet black hair and Aqua colored eyes. He tends to wear loose clothing, Preferring to wear nothing more than some blue skinny jeans and a loose fitting orange vest with no shirt underneath, Often donning sandals. Due to the numerous sparring matches he has engaged in with his brother whilst growing up, And being force to endure intense training and punishment from his father whenever he'd run his  mouth off (Which he often did), Otoko has amassed a large amount of scars  all across his entire body, The most prominent of which being a scar that follows across his body from his left collarbone down to his lower right abdominal area, Stopping just before his  hip, Having been put on his body during a rather intense sparring match with his brother in which they'd chosen to use real blades. He also has a variety of other scars across his body, Such as a deep one going horizontally across his eyebrow, A small one on the palm of his hand right hand in a cross shape, And a slight physical deformity in his Pinkie finger due to when his father broke it as punishment one time. He has a small  frame overall with not many muscles, But a very toned form, And is rather skinny, Only weighing about 10 stone.

Personality: Unlike his brother and father, Otoko Is usually quite laid back and generally cool headed, Until provoked that is. If one were to invoke the undying passion that burns within his soul, Otoko can almost instantly switch moods and mannerisms, Leading some to believe he may suffer from mental illness at times, Though in truth he is just quite passionate. He will fight to the death for what he believes in, And refuses to betray his morals under any circumstance, Unless  necessary to the wellbeing  of others. Though, At most times, Otoko Is not serious. He's often very clumsy, Tending to screw up even the simplest of tasks at times, Though he has an amazing sense of humor and tends to try laughing off his mistakes. He's very lighthearted and welcoming of most individuals, Regardless of things such as race or past history, Showing that he is not Judgmental in the slightest. Though he has everyone's best interest in mind, Otoko, Like all men, Make mistakes. At times he has difficulty picking up on subliminal speech cues or sarcasm, And isn't always able to tell when he may be irritating to someone. He also finds it hard to relate to a large majority of people, And Has has little chance to explore the world and doesn't fully grasp the idea of authority, Hence why he's  a troublemaker at heart. Otoko does not care for romance very much, If at all, As he believes romantic interests may sway him away from one of his true goals of bringing down the world Government. While he has a lot of mental barriers to overcome due to his rough upbringing, Such as tending to underestimate himself quite often, And generally not viewing himself as a capable leader, Which is precisely the reason he prefers a position such as the pirate kings righthand man, As he doesn't believe he harnesses the necessary capabilities to lead such a crew, And he would prefer a position such as supernova due to the freedom it grants along with notoriety.  Otoko can be a kind and caring person once one comes to understand him for who he is. Upon fleeing from Dokkingu island and adapting to the rest of the worlds function for a few months, Many of his more serious mannerisms and personality traits  did not disappear, Yet instead chose to conceal themselves unless he is reminded of his past, Or get's serious for whatever reason such as a life or death situation. He's  quite often thinking about many things, Namely where his brother may be, And what's happened at Dokkingu island since he'd fled, Though he would be quite unlikely to speak of his past unless it's with an individual who's proven themselves trustworthy to him. He holds freedom above all else due to being trapped and confined for his entire life.

Character History

Otoko was born and raised in his hometown of Dokkingu island in the west blue, A rather adequately sized Port town where a large amount of foreign and local trade occurred, Trade ships regularly leaving the island's docking ports as soon as they'd trade their wares. Otoko is the younger of two siblings, His brother being three years eldest to him, And his mother passing away upon giving birth to him due to various birth complications and Illness, Leaving him and his brother under the watchful eye of their father, Who was an ex marine. Growing up, Otoko Had quite a rough childhood. His father, Being a former Vice Admiral in the Marine's and attempting to Indoctrinate his children into the marine lifestyle and the idea of absolute justice, Would quite often train Otoko and his brother rather intensively. He'd force them to spar with each other, The result of which was almost always Otoko receiving a new scar or bruise. He'd also put them under intense training regimens, Ordering them to perform inhuman tasks such as ripping large tree's directly out of the ground, In which only Otoko's older brother had ever been successful at doing. While his father also employed a large amount of other foreign and rather brutal training techniques such as but not limited to, Sparring with his own children, Demanding far too many superhuman tasks from them, Taking them out into the sea on a small boat and forcing them to swim against powerful currents and back to shore, And Barring them from returning home until they'd completed training for the day. Though, That wasn't even the worst of it.

Otoko's father held a deep searing hatred in his heart for any and all forms of piracy, And had a very strong belief in a system of absolute justice. He valued the the sanctity and legacy of the world Goverment above all else, Even his own children. This being the case, Led to any Ill word disrespecting the Marines or Promoting piracy led to very strict punishment. Whilst Otoko's sibling was successfully indoctrinated into the lifestyle of becoming a marine in the future, Otoko himself fought voraciously against the Idea of dedicating his life to what he considered to be a flawed, Corrupt Goverment. Otoko, Being the outspoken soul that he was, Would often speak out against the marines and praise pirates for being free. This, In turn, Led to severe punishments from his father. He'd often Physically or verbally abuse Otoko, Or command his older brother to beat him to the point of severe physical injury, Though oftentimes the punishments would be even more severe. He'd lock Otoko In the basement of their residence, And not allow him to eat or hydrate himself until he renounced his words. Otoko, Of course, Never did so, Which led to many near death occasions. His father would only let Otoko out due to him believing that Otoko's will would be an invaluable asset to the marines. One could consider it a miracle that he lived past the age of 13. If he didn't lock his son in the basement, His father would discipline his son in other ways. He'd mock him relentlessly, Mock him being the cause of his mothers death, And even compare him to his brother. Otoko's father would also relentlessly insult the man who had spoken of these pirate tales to Otoko, Even prevent Otoko from visiting him. An ex pirate in his 80's now taking residence on the opposite side of the island, A man by the name of Kishida Omaru. Otoko had come to respect Kishida a great deal, And would grow quite angry when his father spoke Ill of him. He could listen to Kishida's tales for days, Of all the adventure's his old crew had gotten into, The good times and the bad, And the freedom of being a pirate, And what the lifestyle was like. Otoko's father had come to hate the man, But merely told Otoko to no longer visit him. Which, Of course, Otoko did anyway.

Otoko eventually grew to be 14, Upon which was the time he decided to flee and become a pirate. Many things happened leading up to his decision, Which held many regrets for, But one of the biggest factors In why he chose to leave was when Otoko returned home after a day of training with his brother one night. He walked in on his father In the dining room of the family residence, And due to the strong scent of rum in the air it had been obvious he'd been indulging in alcohol that night. Supposedly, As the other residents of Dokkingu had whispered amongst themselves which Otoko had caught wind of, Otoko's father had begun to drink quite heavily after the death of his wife. Many citizens didn't think he was fit to raise his children, And for the most part they were right, As Otoko and his brother had grown up raising and caring for themselves, Otoko's brother often preparing food for both Otoko and his father. It had surprised Otoko how deeply impacted his father was by the death of his mother, Which he'd only found out about due to his brother, But perhaps that's why he was so strict on his children. Perhaps he truly feared for their safety and just wanted the best for them, Or perhaps he was now a delusional alcoholic who cared for nothing more than the well being of the marines and the world government and not his own two children, For whatever reason. Immediately upon entering, Otoko could smell the strong scent of alcohol in the air. He had decided not to question his father about it, But he couldn't stop sniffing due to how strong the scent was, A small snarl of discomfort coming over his face. His father had noticed, And after a heated argument amongst each other, Otoko's father had beaten him to near death and left him lying on the floor in the living room. He instructed Otoko's brother to leave him, Which he reluctantly did. Otoko remained unconscious for nearly three hours before awakening. Upon regaining consciousness, Otoko knew he could no longer take residence with his father and brother, And so it was at that moment he had decided to flee. His brother had headed to bed already, And His father had passed out in a drunken stupor in his bedroom, So after affirming that he would be able to escape without waking his father or brother, Otoko slowly and weakly made his way around his house, Packing what food and other forms of nutrition they had into a large sack and flinging it over his back, Which wasn't much as Otoko's father hadn't had him and his brother pick purchase any grocery items for quite awhile, And they had begun to run low, But Otoko took what he could. But, At the last minute, Something struck his mind. That peculiar fruit that their father kept well hidden, Which he only knew the location of due to observing his father place it in a small box with padding on the inside after he'd been staring at it and sliding the box under the bed during one of his father's drunken states. He was quite grateful he hadn't been noticed, As if he had his father would have probably beaten him. He didn't understand why him and his brother weren't allowed in his father's bedroom, Or why he kept that fruit so well hidden, But he didn't have time to think at that moment, He had to flee. He figured the fruit would be at least one bit of extra food were he forced to stay out at sea a day longer. Upon creeping his way into his sleeping fathers bedroom, Otoko had climbed under his father's bed and grabbed the box, Which had been placed under a panel within the floor so as to hide it from anyone whom may have been snooping. He pulled the box out and upon opening it was greeted with the sight of a small round orange fruit, With many almost flame shaped components and swirls all over it, And a swirled stem at the top of it. He quickly took the fruit, And due to it's size and compactness, He decided to place it in one of his pockets rather than the sack, As he didn't want it being squished by the other items in the sack he'd chosen to carry over his shoulder. The reason why his father had kept that fruit so hidden had escaped his mind, As did the fact that it could be a devil fruit, But unbeknownst to him, He was planning on giving that fruit to Otoko's brother upon his enlistment in the marines. He soon closed the box and after returning it to it's original position under the floor panel and snatching a small compass from his father's bedside drawer, He left and made way for the coast. When he had any bit of free time, He would read many books at the towns local library, Nearly exclusively consisting of books written about pirates, And books on navigation, As he had been planning to escape for quite a few years, And all that knowledge would sure come in handy soon, Especially seeing as there was currently a raging storm going on. He had chosen not to say goodbye to the one who had shared the knowledge of piracy with him, For fear of his father discovering he was missing a short time after leaving the house. He would miss Kishida deeply, But he'd be sure to make him proud and become a very notorious pirate. As Otoko eventually neared the shoreline and caught glimpse of the tide and waves, He had decided to take refuge in a large nearby empty cave. He wearily entered and upon resting his back up against one of the cave walls near the entrance, He quickly fell into a state of deep sleep. Only a mere 2 hours later was Otoko awoken by large tremor like movements traveling through the ground he was sitting on, He barely had time to react before a large burst of ocean water had come rushing in through the entrance of the cave and some of the foundation near the entrance had begun to break off due to the severity of the storm and what almost would have seemed like a small tsunami, Beginning to block the entrance. In his haste to get as far away from it as possible, Otoko left the sack containing just about all of his food near the entrance, And when he finally made it to higher ground within the cave, It had been too late as the sack had been swept away by the flooding water. When the final piece of limestone had fallen and blocked the entrance, Only then did the water stop flowing. Luckily for Otoko, The cave had many cracks and areas where water was able to fall through, And at it's deepest point the water was no more than two feet deep. After realizing what happened, Otoko Had begun to hastily search for his sack to no avail. He would continue doing so for a period of nearly half an hour before climbing up onto a rock, Laying down and giving up. He was trapped now, The food inside of the sack surely hadn't stood up to the water and had already probably spoiled or been diluted, And he had no way of contacting anyone outside of the cave. He waited for nearly two days within the cave, Before succumbing to desperation and deciding to eat the fruit in his pocket. He removed the fruit from his pocket, Took a large bite, And was absolutely repulsed at the horrid taste, But he forced himself to swallow down every last bit of it. Now that the cave was nearly drained of water, Otoko made his way toward the cave entrance and had begun pleading out loud for help, A form of rescue, Anything, He was going to die if he didn't find his way out of the cave he had found himself now trapped in.  He allowed his fists to pound against the limestone, For hours upon hours until he collapsed due to sheer physical and mental exhaustion. Awakening a few hours later, He felt very close to death. His mind had begun to wander, He wondered what would happen if he perished in the cave. His father and brother wouldn't probably bat an eyelash, They could care less if he was around. On the other hand, Kishida would miss him, And above all, He would not be able to fulfill his many, Many dreams. He would die, Trapped, And confined, The exact opposite of how he wished to live. He wouldn't let that happen. He had suddenly been filled with an uncontrollable surge of energy, Inspiration to get up and keep moving. He clenched his fist ever so tightly, Gritted his teeth, Pulled his fist back as far as it would possibly go before closing his eyes tightly and giving everything he had into one punch. He hadn't noticed it, But upon making contact with the thin piece of limestone that separated him from the limestone, His fist had momentarily taken the shape of a flame, And completely obliterated the piece of limestone it had come into contact with, Leaving behind only a brief orange glow as signification to what had happened. Upon opening his eye, Otoko was in absolute disbelief. He had a way to exit the cave, He'd saved himself, He was absolutely astounded at the power in which his fist possessed. Wasting no time, He was quick to exit the cave and was fortunate enough to come across a large amount of palm tree's at the coast line where the beach met the ocean. The leaves of the palm trees held a large amount of rainwater, Which he greedily gulped down due to him being severely dehydrated. Being so close to the coastline, And with night almost befallen upon Dokkingu island, Otoko knew he had no more time to spare. He made his way down the shoreline, And with a large amount of luck, Most of which could be attributed to the fact that it was night time, He managed to steal a small one person sailboat from the island's main harbor, He slowly sailed down the coast until he was nearly three miles away from the harbor. He docked on the beach to momentarily gather a few coconuts which had been growing on the beach's palm trees. He had gotten quite lucky with the calm weather conditions, And he planned on wasting no more time. Just as he was about to exit the island, A familiar voice would call out to him from behind. Otoko was shocked to see his own brother behind him, A mere few meters separating them from each other. Approaching him slowly, Otoko's brother spoke no words. Otoko himself was too shocked to utter a single syllable. Before Otoko could speak, His brother swiftly kicked him directly in the temple with his foot, Nearly felling him in one blow. His brother would not stop his assault, Instead stomping on and landing several more vicious blows on his helpless brother who laid upon the beach. Otoko's brother beat him to the point of near death, Wrapping his hand around Otoko's throat and squeezing with an iron grip. Otoko couldn't see it, But the windows to his brothers soul reflected sheer rage. Otoko's brother went to lift his hand to deliver the final blow to his horribly beaten and bruised brother, Who was now uncontrollably coughing up blood, Something odd happened. Upon his attempt at punching his brother directly in the stomach whilst simultaneously crushing his throat, The punch went through him, And in place of Otoko's flesh was fire. His brother had quickly retreated in shock, Standing up and backing slightly away in disbelief, Being absolutely speechless which gave Otoko plenty of time to stand. Once Otoko stood upright, His brother rushed towards him once more and released a barrage of attacks upon his brother, Each of which just continuously passed through him, Which also shocked Otoko. It was at this time that they both realized it, The fruit that had gone missing, The one he had consumed, It was a devil fruit. And not just any devil fruit, But a logia no less! His brother did not stop attacking, Throwing several hundred punches in vain. It was only when a large amount of anger awoke within Otoko, Realizing his brother had the intentions of ending his life, Which enraged Otoku. Snarling in anger and clenching his fist once more, His fist took on the form of flame once more, And just as when he had escaped the cave, Otoku threw a punch and gave it his all, His fist connecting directly with his brothers sternum and expanding to singe his face even. The blow had caused Otoko's brother to cry out in pain and be knocked back several meters. Being quite off balance, Otoko wasted no time, Quickly boarding the sail ship he'd stolen from the harbor and uttering a soft farewell before fleeing Dokkingu Island, Never to return until He had fulfilled his dreams.

Basic navigational knowledge: Otoko picked up Navigational knowledge from studying at Dokkingu Island's library whenever he could.
Combat ability: Due to the intense training He'd been put under as a child and all the sparring matches he'd had with his brother, Otoko is more than capable of handling himself in combat, And possesses exceptional hand to hand skill.
Photographic memory: Otoko possesses photographic memory, The likes of which most things he experiences are firmly embedded into his long term memory. Even with above average memory, Though, Otoko still tends to forget lesser details if he doesn't pay attention.
Can blend in with society... To an extent: Due to his odd mannerisms and rather carefree manner, Otoko tends to attract a bit of attention wherever he goes, Yet he can hold himself in and carry on a reasonable conversation.


Weapon: N/A

Weapon Description: N/A

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: N/A

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Advanced
Character Speed: Advanced
Character Resilience: Advanced
Character Dexterity: Advanced

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Flame Fruit)
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Progression:
Level 1- 2: 3 Threads
Level 2- 3: 5 Threads
Level  3-4: 8  Threads
Level 4- 5: 10  Threads

Current Devil fruit Level: 1
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities:
Level 1 - The user is able to generate and turn their body into fire at will, And Is able to melt metals with a slightly higher melting point than lead if they are able to heat themselves up completely.
Level 2 - The user is able to do what was able to be done at previous levels, But now the fire the user produces Is generally at a higher temperature. As the user is able to tip the scales of the temperature at this level, The flames can reach temperatures great enough to melt metals such as Titanium and Magnesium. The user's body also Turns into fire when the user is attacked effortlessly and by itself. At this level, Fire manipulation is also more versatile, And the user can generally utilize the fire in a few different ways such as forming them into medium sized weapons which dissipate if they find their way out of the users grasp. The user may also now create and manipulate beast like incarnations made out of flame, Though they are not actually sentient and are instead controlled by the user. Overall, Small Flame structure creation is just starting to be explored at this level.
Level 3 - At this level, The user is able to control the fire with great versatility, And can control the temperature at will, Upon embracing the pinnacle of this levels latent potential, The flames the user can generate are quite Immense in temperature. Being able to melt alloys such as cobalt, And Exceeding the melting point for Titanium by a mere .3 degrees ℉. They can also easily form the flames into larger weapons that will generally remain in for a decent length of time, Even if the user does not focus on them maintaining shape or structure. Theoretically, One could form weapons such as large lances, Axes, And even tridents out of flame.
Level 4 - At this level, Complete mastery is seen as a goal within reach. The thermal energy contained within the flames is of such Extraordinary Proportions that the user is quite often able to melt Metals such as Iridium, Ruthenium, And Molybdenum when heated to a moderate degree. Generally the user can create complex structures such as miniature pyramids or prisms for trapping an opponent in combat. One can even create more complex animal and beast like incarnations using flames.
Level  5 - At this level, The user holds  absolute control over the flames they create and are made of. They can control the shape and size of any and all flames they produce. As well as Form rather complex structures made out of flame, And bring the temperatures of the searing flames to an Absolutely Cosmic Magnitude, Melting Tungsten and Kairoseki with surprising ease.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Standard devil fruit weaknesses
Is inferior to the Magu Magu no Mi in terms of devil fruit hierarchy

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat: Otoko  will often use a very kickboxing based unarmed fighting style, Preferring swift movements and attacks over anything else. Otoko will mostly utilize his hands, Elbows, And shins in combat, But has also been known to utilize his forehead, Knees, And feet.

Weapon Based Combat: N/A

Devil Fruit Based Combat

Mera Mera no Mi

Level 1

Heat haze: Okoto fires a stream of flames from the palm of his hand, He can use both of his hands to generate a larger torrent of continuous flames or merely settle on a short, Temporary burst of fire.

Fire fist: Okoto turns his fist into flames and launches it as a column of fire towards his target, He can also use this attack at close range for increased effectiveness, As when his fist makes impact with a physical target there is a small explosion of flames where the target is struck.

Fire gun: Okoto can use his fingertips into flames and shoot bullets made of fire. He's able to manipulate the shape and density of the 'Bullets', Though generally the larger the bullet the less he can fire it in rapid succession.
Fire pillar: Okoto shoots collected flames straight upward, The flames taking on the shape of a straight pillar, or when using both hands, A  shape resembling a spiral  staircase.

Firefly light: Okoto creates a large amount of small glowing green colored fireballs that float around an opponent,Possessing the ability to slightly blind or distract his opponent.  Used in preparation for Fiery doll.

Fiery doll: Okoto sends  the fireballs created from firefly light into the opponent all at once to burn them. He often takes advantage of the surprise factor of using such an attack, And tends to follow up upon using it.

Sacred flame: Sea fire: Okoto creates lances made of fire and throws them at a target, Piercing and burning them at the same time. At the lowest level of mastery, Otoko can only create up to three lances at once. At higher levels, He's able to create more.

Cross fire: Okoto puts his index fingers together in a cross shape and launches a cross shaped column of flame at the opponent. Often quite effective at close range due to the instantaneous launching of the flames towards the target.

Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor: Okoto amasses a large amount of spiraling flames before amassing it at a focused point on his body, Which he then uses to mold into a large ball of fire which he then throws at the opponent.

Flame Up Net: Okoto creates a a circle of fire around an area as to prevent an opponent from entering or exiting. He often uses this to either subdue an opponent or trap them as to allow time for the charging of a more powerful attack.

Mirror Fire Flame: Okoto creates a wall of fire to block an attack. The size and density of said wall can vary depending on the attack that Otoko needs to block.

Multiple Fire Fist Barrage: Otoko will unleash a flurry of multiple fast paced punches after allowing his fists to morph into flame.

Twirling Hellfire: Transforming his entire body into bright orange flames, Otoko shapes himself into a funnel like shape and expands out before starting to spin rapidly. Able to suck an opponent inside and burn them quite badly.

Miniature Flame Tornado: Forming a small funnel shaped mass of flames in the palm of his hand resembling a tornado, Otoko causes it to spin around in circles quickly and then guides it towards an opponent. With it quite expanding and growing the further it travels, Though it's quite unlikely to get any larger a barrel of rum.

Crescent Flame Gale: With his fingers outstretched and his hand open, Otoko brings his arm up while keeping it in the form of a blade of sorts as if he were going to perform a sideways chopping motion of some sort, Before swinging his arm forward and releasing a razor sharp crescent shaped flame structure capable of causing cutting damage. Though due to the intense heat this move is likely to close the wounds after opening them.

Flame Gale Barrage: Otoko fires off several flame gales towards an opponent, Which he can also control and cause to break up into smaller crescent shaped pieces as the flames are flying.

Flame Gale Firestorm: Generating large amounts of fire, Otoko hurls several flame gale's at an opponent whilst simultaneously manipulating the expanding flame into a small fire tornado of sorts, Which often sucks up the gale's and causes the tornado to shred anything so unlucky to find itself inside of it.

Flame Shuriken: Concentrating flames into the palm of his hand, Otoko creates a small circular star shaped bundle of flame and compacts it closely together, Before causing it to rapidly spin. The appearance of these creations highly resemble shuriken, And the sharp flame points on the end of the structures give it the possibility to pierce certain things, Also able to inflict cuts but usually due to the heat the wounds are cauterized. There is also a slightly explosion and expansion of flame as these shuriken strike their target, Allowing for them to slightly knock an opponent back or faze them due to the small concussive force.

Flame Shuriken Hurricane: Allowing a large amount of flames to be generated and expand out around him, Otoko takes his time and focus's in order to create a large number of flame shurikens, Before simultaneously sending every last one of the shuriken towards the opponent.

Combo Combat: N/A

Haki: N/A

RP Sample: N/A

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Re: Otoko Kaen Shisui

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• You need to read this Devil Fruit Ruling

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