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Lyon Tsubio

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Approved Lyon Tsubio

Post by Deviant on July 8th 2016, 01:40

General Information
"Just wait till they get a load of me"

Name: Lyon Tsubio
Epithet"Tsunami Tsubio"
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Grand Line, Fishman Island
Species: Fishman | Clown Fish
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme TuneWolf Blood
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Deep Sea Diver
Crimes Commited
• Relation to his Grand Father who attempted assassination on the Royal Family of fishman island
1st BountyLyon Tsubio 0mvFA 37,000,000 - (Only applicable in Fishman Island)
Allegiance: Pirate
• Explore the surface world
• Master Fishman Karate

[size=18]Character Information
"Fly beneath a flag of colours"

Dog Ears Jolly Roger:

Lyon Tsubio SrgNbuw

Lyon Tsubio's Traditional Attire:

Lyon Tsubio NbBEcHI

Standing at a height of 7 ft & 2 inches Lyon is a tall guy with a full weight of 15 stone behind him. Although Lyon is very slender and pale skinned. His skin is darted with red dots and from his elbow he has a few fins sticking out. Lyon has a rather narrow face with grey eyes and small nose which barely sticks out much at all. His eyebrows are black whilst his hair is a mixture of red & white. With a rather long neck, Lyon tends to wear a head band around his neck that he moves on to his head to hold his hair back occasionally.. His torso is quite muscular and well toned, mostly due to his dedication to fishman karate and swimming. Being a fishman both of his feet & hands have webbing between the fingers and toes. Lyon's skin is very pale with mixtures of red in it due to his clown fish heritage along with the gills on his neck which are quite prominent. 

Lyon wears a green sleeveless red vest shirt with a few stripes at the bottom as way of a pattern. The pattern looks similar to black & white gills over his clothing. Lyon wears a pair of shorts the same colour as his top with the same pattern towards the bottom again and brown sandals over his feet. 

Driven, mature, & absent minded are the three best ways to describe Lyon. As twenty eight year old he acts much older, uses his brain and actually enjoys it. Lyon feels that there is so much more for life to give just beyond the confides of fishman island and knows for a fact the dangers that would await him if he were to dare step foot out there. He is a dreamer with an iron will, even though it could result in his death he still wants to do it and see what its really like elsewhere instead of growing old in fishman island. 

Lyon struggles with his driven sense of wonder as he finds it tries to constantly push him forward towards what he really wants, but his maturity makes him worry about the future and what he doesn't have if he does try and achieve his goals. Lyon is very absent minded and this plays a big part of his struggles in making up his mind sometimes as he feels a burning desire to do something, but can get quickly distracted and suddenly forget what he was talking about. This has happened a few times and always seems to be the result which stops him from carrying out some tasks. Lyon tends to get distracted as a subconscious act of his psyche. Whenever its something he badly wants hi maturity kicks in distracting him making him forget what it was he was doing. 

Lyon's short attention span often leads to allot of awkward situations as he tends to get distracted and winds up staring off into the distance or starts playing with things to keep himself focused. He focuses heavily on training and spends allot of time working on his body perfecting his fighting styles and enjoys pushing himself to the next level, he never sees himself as strong enough yet though as he feels he can always be stronger. Lyon acts very modest about his accomplishments around people as he does not like to brag about them. Lyon will most likely be seen swimming along side the ship allot of the time or even working out in whatever way he can. 

Around alcohol Lyon likes to take his time and doesn't want to rush it, he'd rather drink when it suits him instead of down a drink and rush on to another one. His ideal good time would be spending time socialising with friends instead of a piss up. He finds company of friends more important than pumping himself full of toxins. But he doesn't judge those who do as he knows that their life leads to their own choices in much his lead him to where he currently is. Lyon however prefers non alcoholic drinks over alcoholic drinks given the choice and is more likely to chose a drink such as tea.

Character History
"Fishman Island is a prison"


Born on Fishman Island all those years ago, Lyon Tsubio was born to a clown fishman & a goldfish mermaid. He was born in Fishman District. During his early years Lyon didn't remember much, but what he did remember was seeing his father spending allot of time by the door whilst his mother spent allot of time looking after him. Their home wasn't exactly the greatest and beyond the walls he could hear screams allot of the time. But this was one of the worries of living in the Fishman District. As it was so dangerous people needed to take great care. 

During one night their house was the target of thieves and as two fishmen entered their house Lyon didn't see them, but he heard footsteps approaching his room. The next sound he heard though was that of grunting spitting and then something slamming into the ground. As his mother peered out into the hallway, Lyon saw the shock on her face and figured it wasn't nice. At the age f 11 Lyon's father started to teach him fishman karate. He didn't know why his father suddenly seemed so obsessed with teaching it to him, but indulged him. Doing what he could to learn it, he discovered his father was a strict teacher. Making sure he it right, he would hit Lyon if he got it wrong. He claimed it was to make sure he was proficient in it. 

Spending 5 years of his life training this martial art, Lyon had proved himself as proficient in fishman karate and managed to beat his father in combat. Proud of him, Lyon was asked on his sixteenth birthday to join him one night keeping watch over the door. Agreeing to do so since he'd never really had much of a chance to spend time with his father, Lyon spent that first night trying to learn more about his father. Spending the night exchanging answers and questions, Lyon loved the first night he'd spent with his father and couldn't wait till the next night. They spent night after night together keeping watch and guarding their home. During the days they would train their fishman karate. They repeated this for a good few years working alongside each other keeping their home safe for years.

Their lives weren't hugely exciting but neither were they boring as they both got just what they wanted. A friend to spend time with. As an illness fell upon Lyon's mother he was asked to head to the local store to collect medicine for her and obliged. Heading out to collect medicine, Lyon caught sight of pirates from the surface world and various other fishmen rapscallions who belonged in prison. Shrugging this off he collected the medicine he'd been sent for. Heading back he caught sight of a group of fishmen attempting to beat up some human's. Hearing the sounds of a fight begin to break out, Lyon put the medicine down and turned to the fishmen. He'd had enough of this. They were taking it too far. 

"Why are you doing this?" Lyon asked the fishmen who simply replied. "Because their human." this reply angered Lyon as it meant nothing. "SO?!"he asked enraged. "They're scum" "Have they ever done anything to harm you?" "Then why do they deserve this?" "Because they're not like us." this is what broke Lyon and sent him over the edge. Using what he'd learnt from his father, Lyon beat up the fishmen with relative ease. Saving the humans he offered them his hand and led them to his house to make sure they would be alright. 

Bringing the medicine and humans home, Lyon was asked by his father why he'd done this. When he explained that he saved their lives because he felt that they were being treated unfairly his father smiled. He was proud and happy to see his son knew the difference between right & wrong. Something many fishmen seemed to lack. Speaking to the humans, Lyon learned they were pirates journeying from the Grand Line to the New World. Never hearing of thee places, Lyon started to ask the humans what they were talking about. Explaining it to him however, just drew more questions. 

Starting at the beginning the Captain, Captain Pothorst told tales of his journeys from the West Blue. Telling him the wonders of such a simple ocean and then his tales as he traversed through the Grand Line. Battling sea kings, naval soldiers and even encountering other pirates. He spoke of islands such as Skypiea and even showed him a few of the dials found there. Each story only intrigued Lyon further and he wanted to see it all. After spending a week looking after his mother and these human Lyon was asked to send them on their way and make sure they got out of fishman island safely. Agreeing, Lyon led them to their ship and followed them swimming upwards alongside the ship. As the ship started to climb into the New World, Lyon halted and looked onwards towards the surface. Frightened to enter it, Lyon remained still and just looked onwards with a grin on his face. He was excited to head towards the surface world. 

Turning and returning to his home, Lyon was ambushed. With a sack thrown over his head he woke up feeling rough. With blood coming from his nose and eye bruised, Lyon had the bag removed and looked around at his attackers. It was the fishmen from before and they started to beat him one by one. Finally another man entered, possibly their leader. Sitting opposite Lyon he started to speak. 

"Human Sympathizer." "No, I just don't think that being human results in a beating." "You ain't seen how they treat us have you?" "They treated me just fine. Me & my parents." "Yea well, they're probably scared." "Scared of what? Fishmen?" "No, who your family are." "What do you mean who my family are?" "Your traitors!"

This is when Lyon discovered about his grand father. Lyon argued with these bandits about what his grand father had tried and Lyon was branded as a traitor by these bandits. Beating him up further, Lyon was then kicked to the curb and left for death in the middle of the street. Thankfully his father found him and brought him home. Looking after Lyon nursing him back to Health Lyon's mother spoke with Lyon about what had happened to him and this is when Lyon spoke about what he'd been told by the bandits. His father heard about this and once Lyon was back on his feet again he sat him down. 

"Lyon, I'm sorry to tell you this, but our family will always be deemed as criminals because of your grand father." "Was what he tried doing true then?" "Yes, and because of him we will always suffer." "But no one knows we're related to him." "Some people have found out by putting pieces together, but the way things are seeming now, our rent has been increased to keep our secret, but we can't pay it any more. Its only a matter of time till we're arrested." "But thats not fair, we're not guilty we've done nothing." "They don't care, the same blood that coursed through his veins coarses through ours."

This conversation with his father worried Lyon and surely enough after three more weeks their home was raided by royal guards under order of the king. As they raided his home, Lyon's mother was arrested and his father too. Lyon however managed to escape. Escaping fishman island he took refugee in a shipwrecked ship just outside of Fishman island. Looking back towards the island he felt guilty for running but knew it's what his father would've wanted. Searching for any proof of Lyon as the guards had no physical evidence they searched the entire island for anyone who had any, this is when the bandits who'd captured him and beaten him up handed in a picture and collected on some reward money for allowing them to rustle up a bounty poster for Lyon Tsubio for the acts of his grand father. Realizing that this was no longer a place for him, Lyon swam upwards towards the surface hoping he might find someone who would accept him. He knew now that he would have to master fishman karate. He wanted to prove he was a better man than his grand father who had tried to assassinate the royal family.


Fishman Karate
Taught by his father Lyon learnt all about the discipline of fishman karate from a young age. Lyon adopted the style with pleasure, he knew that he would need to know it to protect himself as well as his family and when it came to him losing his right to be a citizen in the fishman district, he only had one choice now. Being that he would need to work on his martial arts more so he could protect himself. 

Fishman Anatomy
Born as a fishman Lyon has been gifted with greater properties due to his anatomy such as webbing between fingers & toes which allows greater control over water and great speed whilst in water. The ability to breath whilst underwater and even far great strength, size & speed from birth.

"Hands are deadly weapons too"


Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History

Devil Fruit Information
"Clown + Demon = ???"

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information
"If I hadn't believed my father that I would need this out here, I wouldn't have learnt it"

Unarmed Combat

Fishman Karate

Fishman Karate: Harpoon
Whilst underwater, Lyon darts forward and uses the momentum to deliver a brutal side kick to the opponent's stomach.

Fishman Karate: Dry Path
Using a karate chop this technique depends on the strength of the user, but the user gains the ability to displace the water momentarily by using the karate chop to push water to either side.

Fishman Karate: Drip
Using water droplets which hang from his body Lyon can launch these as if they were bullets by using his strength to throw them, these droplets act like bullets due to the tremendous speed, however depending on the strength depends on how much damage these droplets are able to cause.

Fishman Karate: 100 Ton Whirlpool
Performed underwater, Lyon spins and hits his opponent with the heel of his foot using the momentum of his spin.

Fishman Karate: 100 Ton Dry Whirlpool:
Lyon spins numerous times and attempts to hit his opponent with the heel of his foot using the momentum of his spin.

Fishman Karate: 200 Ton Whirlpool
Lyon spins numerous times and as he directs the technique and stretches out his leg, Lyon sends out a projectile of the kick towards his opponent built up with tons of momentum.

Fishman Karate: 100 Ton Tsunami
Lyon delivers a hard punch that can send an opponent flying given there is enough force.

Fishman Karate: 1000 Ton Tsunami
This is a much stronger version of 100 Ton Tsunami in which the user increases the strength behind the punch, it has been rumored these punches are strong enough to break through 1000 tiles and even kill a human with a single shot.

Fishman Karate: 4000 Ton Tsunami
This technique is a much stronger version of 100 Ton Tsunami. It is a very powerful straight punch that may only be performed when Lyon's feet are in the right stance to make him an immovable object and depending on the strength depends weather or not it is stronger enough to send an opponent much bigger than themself into the air.

Fishman Karate: 5000 Ton Tsunami
This is an ever greater version of the 100 Ton Tsunami in which Lyon upper cuts his opponent using his own momentum & weight to attack the opponent causing even greater damage.

Fishman Karate: 500 Ton Tidal Wave
Charging towards his opponent Lyon launches his foot towards his opponent's chest following through on his kick with easily enough force to crack a few ribs as Lyon's body weight is carried through with it.

Fishman Karate: 1000 Ton Tidal Wave
Charging towards his opponent Lyon leaps into the air and begins to kick his opponent in the upper region of his body such as the face, neck & chest delivering strong enough blows to weaker areas that are easily strong enough to break the opponent's neck given they haven't got strong enough resilience.

Weapon Based Combat:


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Approved Re: Lyon Tsubio

Post by Okamiro on July 13th 2016, 12:50

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