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Heartly Hayes

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Approved Heartly Hayes

Post by Deviant on August 23rd 2016, 23:32

General Information
"The scent of death stains my sinuses"

Name: Heartly Hayes
Epithet: "Hell Hound Hayes" | "Killer Canine"
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue, Orange Town
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune: Greet Death
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Marksman
Rank: Captain
Bounty Collected: Heartly Hayes 0mvFA: 15,000,000
Allegiance: Marine
• Become Fleet Admiral
• Master His Devil Fruit
• Serve & Protect 

Character Information
"This nose has smelt some foul, foul things in its time"


Heartly Hayes 415710


Heartly Hayes Yv1fbOo

Standing at a height of 6 feet tall with a weight of 11 stone, Heartly is an incredibly slender man with a well toned body. His skin is rather pale. Heartly has ice blue eyes and dishevelled brown hair that hangs down just below his eyes and reaches further down the back of his neck. Heartly tends to wear a brown and amber coloured scarf around his neck along with a beaded necklace. On his left wrist Heartly wears a red ribbon. Heartly has a pencil thin moustache, the beginning of a goatee and sideburns.

Heartly often wears a shirt with the top few buttons undone and a thin outer lining of a different colour ranging from brown to blue. Over the shirt he tends to wear a thin black blazer with the sleeves rolled up revealing the white insides. Around his waist Heartly wears a thin brown belt and dark grey trousers with a white paw pattern around the bottom of his left leg.  Hanging from his waist Heartly wears a loosely hanging brown leather holster which holds his revolver the 'Heart Stopper'. Over his feet Heartly wears a pair of grey boots with steel toe caps. On occasions Heartly wears a fedora and sometimes a tie, but this is a rare occurrence. As for the ribbon on his wrist when things get serious Heartly will tie it around his head as a bandanna.  Over his left forearm Heartly has a tattoo signifying the tribe he became a part of during his time with the infamous pirate 'Turtle Shell'.

Captain Hearty Hayes lives life for today, tomorrow & next week. He knows how to have fun and enjoys having fun in moderation. He knows his limits but isn't above attempting to go beyond them. When a person is able to go beyond those boundaries it just means that their limits aren't set in stone. Hayes feels his devil fruit powers are less of a curse and more of a gift. This is mainly due to the fact that he is capable of sensing death. He feels this helps him in his assaults as it allows hi to alter his tactics to stray from anyone dying at all.  

Proud of his skills, Heartly sees himself as quite the important asset to the Navy which means he's accomplished a goal of his, but he feels that despite his past which was a trivial struggle it has made him stronger than most others who would've been in the situation as he was able to adapt and continuously survive as well as pick up a vast number of skills which allowed him to do an incredible amount. Thankful for the past that has given him this array of skills, Heartly is also a little annoyed that he had to endure such troublesome times whilst others are promoted above him with less unique skills and having gone through a simpler easier life than himself. 

Hayes is the kind of man who wants to prove himself to his fullest by showing that he is fully capable of not just capturing pirates, but also stopping disasters such as narcotic rings, kidnapping, serial killers & even theft. Using his vast knowledge as a detective, Hayes is a smart individual who often manages to see what others do not thanks to his incredible observation skills.

Fuelled by a desire to do right, Hayes only wants to make the world a nicer place and is fully capable of forgiving someone within reason given they have fully changed and cease to be a criminal any longer. However a man who saves his life then commits a crime is not a changed man and deserves to be locked behind bars. Hayes tries to take his opponent's alive all of the time as he feels death is too common for some people and considering he senses it allot he tends to dislike meeting new people as he can often sense roughly how long they've got. 

Looking for that all important person for him to love, to care, to protect and spend his life with, Hayes is a true romantic at heart. He is picky with women and tends to always fall for a woman who is less than savoury. But love makes fools of us all. When something bad happens between himself & a lady he'd fallen for, he uses that anger and rage in combat. It often fuels him to become much more violent during combat. But once he has found that right relationship or what he thinks it to be, Hayes tends to fight like a saviour doing everything he can to protect everyone from any and all dangers which present themselves. He believes life is important and shouldn't be wasted nor lost because of the selfishness of others. So if it is possible he will do all he can to keep everyone alive.

All in all Hayes is a nice guy seeking that special someone who has fun in moderation knows his limits and tries to beat them, with the ability to forgive a person who has given up in the life of a criminal.   

Character History
"Follow the scorch marks"


Raised in the East Blue in Orange Town, thirty years ago in a small home by his mother, Heartly was brought into the world kicking and screaming. Never having any proper male influence in his life he grew up as quite the little rapscallion. Always causing trouble, making a mess and wanting more of whatever tasted or felt good, Heartly gave his mother a hard time. Even whilst at school she was always getting information as to how disruptive he was in lessons. This lead to Heartly being home schooled. It was a nice expense gone with the school no longer needing to be paid for, but Heartly's education suffered as he could only be taught what his mother knew, which wasn't nearly enough to compare to the other children. By the age of 16 Heartly questioned his father's whereabouts. 

His mother mentioned that he had been in the Marines when they met and he had been the result of a one night stand. Understanding this but feeling anger he told his mother he wanted to join the Navy and hopefully find his father or discover what happened to him. Joining the Navy Heartly proved to be a more than competent recruit from the very start. Quickly excelling in all of the training he was quickly promoted from the bottom cleaning up corridors to seaman recruit where it was his duty to be a pawn for the Navy. Fully understanding his role he begun to search through documents and awards when he got the chance to try and find any evidence of his father. His father proved difficult to find. 

Working patrols in the local town Heartly started to catch sight of murder scenes. Entering the alleyways the bodies were found in he quickly put all the clues together and after some research found clues to whom the killer may be. Narrowing it down he realized that there was no way of catching the killer but waiting for him to strike again. 

When he did Heartly found the next body and more clues with it. His observation skills was a natrual gift and were quickly proving him as a useful asset to the Navy. Following the clues this murder provided, Heartly managed to figure out the location the killer was hiding out at. Breaking the door down Heartly discovered the killer on a farmyard. In his fright of being discovered the killer made haste in escaping and managed to reach the harbor where he stole a ship. Now knowing the image of the killer and which crew he ran with thanks to the tattoo on his arm, Heartly took his time researching the crew. After 2 months of research he managed to not only discover the name of the crew and all its crew mates along with the bounties, but the crew's exact location. 

Pleading with his superiors to head out and arrest the killer and the pirate crew, he was granted access and promoted for all of his hard work. Setting out with a small crew they struck in the dead of night. Assaulting the ship in the dead of night the raid was discovered too early thanks to an anonymous tipster. Also known as the seagulls which flew alongside the crew that hadn't been sleeping. A wild battle ensued in which the leader of this raid was murdered and the rest of the naval crew including Heartly were captured. 

Cursing his foul attempt to capture the killer Heartly fell into depression aboard the ship until he realized why the serial killer had been on his killing streak. The previous two murders had been those of the crew. They both had been running towards the ship and had both been trying to contact the captain. They'd both been killed before getting the chance to speak to their captain. The killer who recognized Heartly even tried killing him, but the captain always stepped in just before he got the chance. When asked about the other crew members the killer had even mentioned that they'd been gunned down by marines. 

This was all lies, those men had been hacked to pieces by the tomahawk hanging from his belt. 

Heartly's brain begun to put all the pieces together. Unfortunately by the time these clues were all together the killer was making his move. Attempting to break free with the other naval prisoners Heartly found himself watching the killer & his former captain fighting ferociously. Pinning him against the bars of the cell they were in, the killer held his blade against his former captain's neck. 

The Captain offered him a deal. The killer could take his crew, the ship and leave him abandoned with nothing, he could even take all the riches, as long as he let himself and the prisoners go free. Agreeing the killer kicked his former captain over board along with his prisoners. Refusing to be left on the abandoned island as a marine all of the prisoners chose to live life as a pirate aboard a ship. All except Heartly who had too much pride for his career choice. Realizing it was just him & the pirate captain Turtle Shell on the island they knew they would need each other. It was work alone to escape the island, or work together and stay sane. 

Spending the days building their home and trying to catch food, Turtle Shell started to teach Heartly how to hunt. Even if they had been Marine & Pirate and he'd gone to arrest him, Heartly knew that he needed Turtle Shell to look after him and teach him and Turtle Shell needed Heartly for company. Turtle Shell managed to teach Heartly how to fish, build and look at the world in a different way, taking each and everything in the world for something other than what it was. By doing this he leant about using leaves for cups to catch water. Using bamboo for blow pipes and much much more. Everyday he learnt more and eventually he even discovered why Turtle Shell became a pirate in the first place. 

He understood it was because he'd been raised as a pirate and it ran through his veins. He wasn't to blame. He'd been brought up in the life. He told Heartly how he was stuck in the life by the time he realized what he really wanted to do and had just rolled with it. Wanting to give him a second chance at life to do what he really wanted Heartly told Turtle Shell when they returned home, he would rip up all of the bounty posters and remove his name from the databases. Thankful for this promise Turtle Shell gave Heartly the revolver he'd been carrying around for years. Taking it Heartly kept it as a keepsake from one friend to another. 

The two of them spent seven years on the island. During these seven years however they discovered a tribe. The island had been so big though, they'd never met them until their third year when the tribe was moving to find more plant life. Joining the tribe and being part of it for four years, Turtle Shell & Heartly worked as part of their community helping out and enjoying their years among them. However Turtle Shell took a far great liking to it than Heartly. He was getting older and Heartly could understand him loving this life style more than the complicated one back home. The fourth year living with them Heartly mentioned how he enjoyed his time and wished he could stay, but mentioned how it wasn't for him and he best return to the life he missed. As he turned to leave the tribe offered him a special fruit to protect him. They told him when he finds himself in danger to eat the fruit as it would protect him. Taking the fruit Heartly set off sailing into the blue on a wooden raft. 

This raft was shattered by a naval ship after one week at sea. Heartly felt weak and tired as he'd spent a week trying to find his way home and only failing miserably. The ship however made him feel spectacular as he was now safe. Brought aboard he was given a warm bed and meals to get back his strength. 3 short weeks later he was back home in Orange Town. Explaining what happened Heartly was given the task of hunting down the pirate crew he'd failed to and capturing the marines turned pirate he'd been responsible for. Understanding this he took the ranges with his new revolver. Spending every day for three months in the range Heartly proved himself to be a proficient gun slinger and wanted to become the best. 

Heading out to bring down the men who'd become traitors, Heartly quickly found the ship thanks to their notoriety. Docked in Logue Town, Heartly set explosives on the ship and watched it go up in flames. That was their escape hindered. Heading inland Heartly came across 3 of the marines turned pirate and took them down with his new weapon removing their ability to walk. Arresting them and tying them to plumbing pipes Heartly continued his journey through Logue Town until he discovered how hard becoming the world's best gun slinger was. Realizing he was in danger being pinned down with only two bullets left, Heartly did as the tribe had told him and ate the fruit in his bag. Eating the fruit he found himself throwing it up. Whatever the fruit was, it was foul. Turning back around he could feel something in his head telling him the gun slinger who had him pinned down would die soon. Peering around the corner he saw what it was that would be killing him. 

Falling from above would be construction bars. Steely thick bars fell down from the top of the construction site and impaled him. A gory sight but one that Heartly was thankful for. Charging out he ran into the killer and was knocked down by his meaty fist. Picking himself up and staring the bastard in the eye, Heartly placed his gun back into his holster and clenched his own fists tightly. Without realizing, Heartly's skin had turned black and body covered in fur. The killer glared terrified at him and started to question just what was going on. The rage running through Heartly however told him one thing only. He would win this fight. Beating the killer into a bloody heated pulp, Heartly then realized just what had happened. Looking in the mirror he cried. The people of Logue Town thanked him for bringing down the infamous pirate crew and with this he understood his job as a marine was to protect and serve, not be the best of the best. 

Taking the criminals in Heartly managed to amass a total of 15,000,000 beli captured by this one crew. Proud of himself he returned home to Orange Town to see his mother. Taking a week's holiday to rest and make sure he was fit for duty Heartly had a heart to heart with his mother about how he'd never found his father and just wanted to give up on trying. He realized that he was grateful for what he had instead of looking for what he never had, he'd show all that love to his mother. She told him to be the man his father wasn't. Find a nice young woman, settle down with her and be a father. Agreeing with this Heartly added it to a list of goals. As he left her house she told him one last thing and that was to reach for the stars. 

Looking through the Marine ranks he discovered the highest rank he could achieve was Fleet Admiral and set his sights on it. Heartly went back to work for the marines with a whole new mind set. He would become the Fleet Admiral. He would Master the Devil Fruit his commanding officer told him he'd consumed. Serve & Protect people of the world & lastly, he would find his one true love and be the father his wasn't. Upon discovering he had consumed a devil fruit Heartly was placed in a devil fruit training facility which would teach him to control his powers with greater ease. During his years training and going on more missions mainly as a detective to catch thieves, killers & kidnappers he proved himself as a seriously valuable asset and earned himself the rank of Captain. Now he only needs to take a few more steps, until he is at Fleet Admiral.


Spending time studying cases in his youth, Heartly used this as an attempt to discover the most effective and least messy forms of assault. He figured these would aid him in combat and pushing himself to become a more useful asset to the Navy. However whilst studying these cases he picked up a natrual ability for deduction and started to realize he could figure out most of these crimes down to sheer examination. His observation turned out to be far greater than any of the other marines around him.

Taking a liking to firearms Heartly wished to become one of the world's best marksmen and proved to be good with a gun in his hands. Unfortunately he discovered his chances of becoming the best were next to none as he watched others advance far past himself. This one time passion for firearms passed and Heartly moved on to realizing he was good with firearms and could use them well enough to take down an enemy at great distance which was good enough for him.

Whilst stranded on a seemingly deserted island Heartly managed to grow and learn from the pirate Turtle Shell he was stranded with. It was learn or die. Learning from him, Heartly discovered a large variety of different tactics to use to capture food and survive. Discovering that everything could be used in a multitude of ways, this put a smile on his face as he started to look at the world differently thinking not of how all of the tools we have in life are used, but how else could they be used to benefit himself. This has helped not only with combat, but also surviving.

"Stopping Hearts is all he knows"

Silver revolver built with two extra slots giving it eight rounds instead of six. Also referred to as the 'Heart Stopper'

Weapon Description:
The heart stopped is a simple silver revolver with a heart inscribed into the left side of it which has an arrow poking through it. The Heart Stopped is of average size with eight slots for bullets as opposed to six which means the revolver requires custom made ammunition rolls to slide bullets in easier. 

Weapon Special Abilities:

Two Extra Bullet Slots
The Heart Stopper has two extra bullet holes in it as opposed to an ordinary revolver with six this revolver has room for eight. 

Stronger Kick
The mechanisms in the Heart Stopper cause bullets to launch out at double the average speed of a revolver causing far greater damage from the bullets. 

Weapon History:
The Heart Stopper was created by a blacksmith known as 'Hank The Gun Slinger' a former cowboy esque bandit. Hank used to make special weaponry at his shop for the bandit crew he was a part of and created the Heart Stopper for himself. using the weapon throughout his years as a bandit to have one over on each an every one of his enemies, Hank proved himself to be a notorious bandit thanks to the extra two bullet advantage he held over his enemies. Gunning down law man after law man he managed to escape their clutches into the great East Blue. 

The cowboy however wound up wandering into the wrong person's compound. In the dark of night he'd broken into a compound to seek a place to sleep. Waking up he discovered he wasn't as safe as previously thought. Held at gun point by the Moonshine Pirates, Hank handed over his belongings including the Heart Stopper. In return he was let go. 

Not knowing his crimes had been registered on a bounty poster, Hank headed to the local Marine Head Quarters to report the mugging he'd undergone to find himself cuffed and thrown in a cell. This is when it hit him, he was a documented criminal with a bounty of 11,000,000. 

As for the Heart Stopper the pirate this gun now belonged to was that of the Captain of the Moonshine pirates. Taking a liking to the weapon the pirate headed out on his journeys with it becoming a scourge. During these journeys however The Moonshine Captain Harlong was abandoned on an island with a young Marine named Heartly Hayes. During their time on the island he handed over the revolver to Heartly realizing he had no use for it. Instead he spent this time teaching Heartly how to survive in the wilderness as life was important. During this time however the two were found by a tribe who Harlong took a liking to and within a matter of weeks he became a member of the tribe and gave up on his pirate days as he'd found what he'd been looking for all his life. The tribe life wasn't for Heartly though. Leaving the island aboard a hand made wooden craft Heartly sailed on to civilized life with a new weapon attached to his hip. 

He called it the Heart Stopper as that was exactly what it would do. But only when it was called for.

Devil Fruit Information
"I'm a Hell Hound"

Devil Fruit Name: Inu Inu no Mi: Model: Black Dog | Hellhound
Devil Fruit Type: Mythical Zoan
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level One
Devil Fruit Abilities: The ability of the Inu Inu no Mi: Model: Black Dog is that the user gains the ability to turn into a black dog with non reflective fur. The dog reaches to the size of a horse with scorching red/yellow eyes, thicker than normal fur, saliva which stinks of sulfur & no footprints.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses
Devil Fruit Forms:

Inu Inu: Hybrid Point
The user turns into a hyrbid form of a Hell hound. This causes Hayes to grow in size so he is now eight feet tall. His skin turns black and his body is now coated in thin black fur. His eyes turn a yellow colour which glow. From his coccyx he sprouts a tail and from his fingers his nails grow long like claws. His body also becomes capable of withstanding incredible heat and causing scorch marks upon contact.

Inu Inu: Black Dog Point
This turns the user into a fully formed Black Dog | Hell hound.  The user gains the ability to turn into a Black Dog | Hellhound with non reflective fur. The dog reaches to the size of a horse with scorching red/yellow eyes, thicker than normal fur, sulfur saliva & leaves no footprints.

Black Dog | Hellhound:

Heartly Hayes Attachment

Combat Information
"Beware of the dog"

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Pacifists Murder
Taking aim with the revolver, Hayes fires off bullets in an attempt to render the opponent harmless by shooting the opponent's knees or elbows. This renders the opponent virtually harmless due to removing their ability to move properly.

Eight Shot Eclipse
Firing all 8 shots off into his opponent, Heartly attempts to shoot from head to groin in a perfect line with 8 bullets.

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Inu Inu: Draco Paw
Using the Inu Inu no Mi's powers Hayes sprints towards his opponent and swings his paws towards his opponent in an attempt to hit them with his open palm and burn them. 

Inu Inu: Draco Roll
Charging towards his opponent Heartly throws himself into a roll and speeds towards his opponent whilst spinning at great speed towards his opponent. The impact will deal out a painful crash of Heartly into his opponent followed by a scorching burn.

Inu Inu: Hybrid: Draco Wrap
Attempting to wrap his tail around his opponent, Hayes attempts to burn them where his tail is wrapped around them. 

Inu Inu: Draco Lash
Attempting to whip the opponent with his tail Heartly burns the opponent along with the whip.

Inu Inu: Draco Slice
Attempting to use his claws to slash his opponent as well as the scorching ability of his, Hayes attempts to easily slice through his opponent with the aid of intense heat.

Inu Inu: Drop Down Draco
Propelling himself into the air and throwing a single foot around to throw himself into a foot, Hayes uses the momentum of the kick to spin him around. As the foot comes back down towards his opponent a heated projectile is launched down towards the opponent which will scold & slash.

Inu Inu: Draco Stamp
Propelling himself into the air above the opponent Hayes spins himself around rapidly in a flip before launching a foot downwards like a kick and dragging himself downwards whilst still spinning keeping up the momentum. This causes Hayes to crash down into the ground releasing a flush of heat over a varied area which he leaves scorched and denting it due to the force of the kick built up and the heat weakening the structure. 

Inu Inu: Draco Roundhouse
Using his devil fruit abilities Heartly performs a roundhouse kick unto his opponent which scolds them badly as the foot comes into contact.

Inu Inu: Draco Jab
Using his claws, Heartly jabs towards his opponent in an attempt to pierce them with his heated claws. 

Inu Inu: Draco Face Plant
Often used when attacking an opponent from behind, Heartly towers over his opponent in hybrid form slams his hand into his foe's head and drags them down with momentum from gravity forcing their face into the ground whilst burning the back of their head and neck. 

Inu Inu: Black Dog: Sulphur Scent
Hayes emits a sulfuric scent which covers up all other scents

Inu Inu: Black Dog: Devil's Trail
Hayes leaves behind a trail of scorch marks which weaken the structure making it much easier to break

Inu Inu: Black Dog: Little Doggy's Bite
Biting an opponent Hayes scorches his opponent making the portion of body much easier to bite through as it sets it alight.

Inu Inu: Black Dog: Fire Starter
Touching an inorganic object Hayes places his paw against it and begins to either melt | or set it alight.

Inu Inu: Black Dog: Blazing Boulder
Heartly in Hell Hound form charges towards his opponent and casts himself into a roll which leads to him rolling like a large blazing boulder.

Combo Combat:


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