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Colton Ryker

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Approved Colton Ryker

Post by Deviant on September 11th 2016, 13:24

General Information
"Slow & easy wins the race"

Name: Colton Ryker
Epithet: "The Lazy Dragon"
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthplace: South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidexterous
Theme Tune: The Lazy Song
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Soldier | Musician
Rank: Seaman Recruit
Bounty Collcted: Colton Ryker 0mvFA0
Allegiance: Marine
• Cleanse the world of evil & make it safe
• Become an Admiral
• Relax

Character Information
"If napping was running I'd win every race"

Navy Flag:

Colton Ryker 4157

Colton Ryker's Traditional Attire:

Colton Ryker SFFG8XJ

Seaman Recruit Appearance
Colton stands at a height of 6 feet and weighs a grand total of 10 stone. His skin has a dark tone to it and his face is narrow. With a series of long brown dreadlocks hanging from his head, they reach down his neck to his upper back. With a pointed narrow nose & thin lips Colton is considered to be a handsome man by many. He appears very skinny, but this is due to the main fact that he has next no fat upon him whatsoever. He wears his classic Marine Attire as a Seaman Recruit with pride. However when it comes to casual clothing he will often be found wearing black tightly laced boots, red skinny chins & a purple t-shirt which only extenuates his skinniness. Sometimes around his neck he will wear a necklace which will consist of a silver cross and a silver chain with a circular pendant that hangs on it.


Colton's personality can be described in one word. He is a Bohemian. Colton enjoys relaxing and doing things his way, even if commanded not to do so. He is a loyal Marine who puts man's safety first. If there is no need for casualties he won't attempt to bring harm to others. Colton is the type of man who will only bring harm to people who need to be harmed. 

Taking an overall lazy approach to life Colton very much so approves of his devil fruit and considers it one of the best things he chose to do. It allows him to be just as lazy as he wishes and at the same time cause incredible trouble for his foes with such ease. Colton loves to lay back and watch things unfold before getting involved as he feels he is a quick fix solution and can get the job done quicker than most others could. He doesn't believe he is better than others, he just believes everyone has different skills and his are more useful for the job than those of the others. Always there to offer support to people hes more than happy to help people with problems. 

When he is bored and has nothing to do Colton enjoys playing his acoustic guitar, he feels that it allows him to break lose and dream. As he is a dreamer he tends to drift off from reality mentally allot, he tries to avoid doing it as much as he can when on a mission but sometimes it just strikes at the wrong time. 

Around women Colton plays it cool as a cucumber by acting like the guy whose not interested, mostly for the part because he isn't interested. Colton is asexual and doesn't actually care for relationships as he feels there are much greater & more important things to focus on in life. He likes to pull away from the pack and do his own thing which he succeeds in doing. Spending allot of his time alone, Colton likes the solitude and dislikes loud, obnoxious people especially those with a big ego. They just rub him up the wrong way and make him more likely to day dream just to escape. 

Using his Hai Hai no Mi powers, Colton happens to spend allot of his time drifting to high points in the world just so he has a nice quiet places to enjoy that only he has access to. It makes him feel special and unique.  Colton is a merciful Marine mainly due to his laziness, if there is no need for it, he won't do it. As he says 'Whats the point?'

Character History
"What's the rush"


Born in the South Blue into a family of highly strung Marines, Colton was born with the hopes of being just like the rest of his family. Marines who would give 110% 100% of the time. Marines who wanted to truly cleanse the world of piracy & make it a beautiful safe place. Feeling obligated to live in his families footsteps Colton took up the tradition of becoming a Marine. He liked the idea of a beautiful safe world. However although his brain thought it was a great beautiful thing, his body didn't so much. 

Colton's desires spent allot of the time being just that as he just in a word, couldn't be bothered. Colton proved that he was a useful recruit in terms of strategy and getting the job done, but he never seemed to want to bring down anyone else who wasn't the main objective which albeit wasn't a huge problem, didn't help much either. Whilst other officers brought in big arrests he would only bring in the person he'd been sent to catch. 

During a patrol in the local town he walked into a shop currently being held up. After a yawn he asked the criminals to drop their weapons and was shot in the shoulder. Arriving at the academy he was patched up and disciplined for not, stopping the robbery, however was fortunate the next time he was on patrol as he ran into said criminals enjoying a day out in the town. 

Recognising their eyes & scars since masks covered the bottom half of their faces Colton quickly took them down with a series of kicks to biological weak points on human beings. Returning them all to the academy his superior wanted to release them as Colton's only proof it was these three who robbed the store was his memory, Colton asked if they could keep these three in prison for 2 weeks. His reasons were that robberies from these bandits happened at least twice a week and if there was none in two weeks it was these guys if there was one free them. 

Agreeing his superior waited and after one week & 4 days a bandit spilt everything, including their hideout of treasures. Pleased with Colton he was sent to catalogue the haul. Counting up all of the gold Colton knew he'd be there the entire day. Taking 5 minutes to nap, since he just couldn't be bothered to do it any more without a quick break, Colton allowed himself time to snooze. During his nap however he discovered a chest with a fruit inside and before he knew it he was chowing down on said fruit. The putrid taste awoke him. Spitting to get rid of the foul taste, Colton got back to his work. He didn't know anything about the fruit he'd just eaten or its horrid taste but figured it had gone off in the box. 

Once they'd brought all of the academy, Colton returned to training which was mandatory for everyone. During hand to hand combat he was most surprised when he threw forward his fist towards a fellow marine who stumbled backwards screaming in agony as burns begun to appear over his forearm and volcanic ash settled on the ground. His superior who had been watching and noticed this strange occurrence, removed Colton and asked him to touch a pair of sea stone hand cuffs. Upon doing so he asked him how he felt.

Colton replied.

"I feel weak." nodding the superior asked him to stay still and close his eyes. Complying the captain took the chance to throw a bucket of water over him and Colton hit the floor. It was clear he had a devil fruit. Colton's superior opened up the devil fruit user training facility and explained to him what a devil fruit user was and what he was. Along with the greatness he could reach with this at his arsenal. Understanding Colton decided to aim for the aforementioned goals from his superior. These goals were becoming an Admiral which intrigued him. With that rank he would surely stand a chance in achieving his family's dream. From this point on Colton realized he was no longer an ordinary marine, but a logia devil fruit using marine, but it didn't stop him being lazy, only encouraged it when he found out what he could do.  


Basic Training
Whilst serving in the Marines Colton has taken quickly to learning the basics of being a marine. This is mostly the simple tasks such as loading, firing & repairing firearms. Sword training, unarmed combat and much much more.

Eidetic Memory
Colton was born with an Eidetic memory which aids him in his line of work as he tends to remember everything. His memory allows him to remember specific things about people making them much weaker opponents against him as well as remembering structural weak points or even maps of places allowing him to travel easily in conjunction to his Hai Hai no Mi, this stops him from getting lost allot of the time and even failing in fights twice if he should fail once.

Being a man with allot of energy that goes unused Colton uses it on thinking. He is a great strategist as he can often quickly think up plans of how to get the most from an ambush and even the best ways to attack someone due to his Eidetic memory which allows him to remember an incredible amount. He uses his strategist's mind & eidetic memory in conjunction with each other to allow himself to complete jobs with ease precision. 

When joining the Navy Colton found he needed something to give him a release from the days when he found the job too difficult or demanding. A way to escape the perils in the world and with his first pay check came the first chance to release himself fully in the form of an acoustic guitar.

"All I need is at my fingertips"

Object Description:
The acoustic guitar is used with a yellow colour to it and two red stripes which are patchy in terms of paintwork that are parallel to one another and go horizontally along the guitar towards the top of it. The lines go the same way as the neck of the guitar. The guitar also has a strap.

Object Special Abilities:
Guitar: N/A

Object History:
The acoustic guitar is one he got from Mishi for offering to work doing some protection work for her when the two met during Colton's holiday from the Navy.

BROKEN Object(s):
• Acoustic Guitar

Object Description:
Colton has an acoustic guitar with an ash themed pattern over the body and a black neck to it. The guitar hangs from a strap which is black & orange and hangs from Colton's torso. The plectrum is held in Colton's wristband.

Object Special Abilities:
Guitar: N/A

Object History:
The acoustic guitar Colton sports is an old guitar that he bought for himself with his first marine pay check. He finds playing it relaxing and enjoys the task of learning to play it. As he reached the rank of Warrant Officer he paid for a new design on the guitar which is the current ash themed design due to his devil fruit powers and known epithet of the lazy dragon.

Devil Fruit Information
"I'm an Ash Man"

Devil Fruit Name: Hai Hai no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level One
Devil Fruit Abilities: The user of the Hai Hai no Mi is turned into an ash man which allows the user to create & manipulate unlimited amounts of volcanic ash to their will.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses
• Sea Stone
• Water
• Haki

Combat Information
"Lets no recreate Pompei"

Unarmed Combat

Weapon Based Combat:

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Serpent Spit I
Casting his hand forth Colton launches a small spurt of burning ash towards his foe which bursts out like the blast of a shotgun in all directions. The range is poor however due to the fact that it spreads the damage is colossal, especially if it enters the foe's body. 

Serpent Spit II
Launching off a smaller but much more compacted ball of volcanic ash Colton sends out a blast much more similar to that from a sniper rifle. The projectile holds much greater range and although the projectile is much larger in size the further it has to travel the more this ball breaks down and the less damage it will deal be able to deal out, but the lasting effect of burning will remain.

Serpent Spit III
Launching out a large ball of ash shaped like a cannon ball, Colton shoots out a cannon ball type projectile of scorching ash similar to a cannon ball.

Serpent Uprising
Sending out ash to line the ground around him he quickly forms serpents which shoot up from the ground where the ash lines it towards his opponents to burn them all over. The serpent opens wide and swallows the opponent and as it shoots up the body spreads over them scorching them all over until the serpent reaches the end of & bursts apart falling back into the ash lining the ground.

Serpent Shed
Allowing his body to drift apart like ash Colton becomes volcanic ash and pulls apart into various pieces.

Dragon Claws
Launching an open hand towards his foe Colton turns his hand into pure volcanic ash anything that comes into contact with this will be burnt due to the heat. This will also choke them & obscure their vision. Colton however slashes at his foe with ash made claws, the heat causes greater wounds from the claws.

Dragon Scorch
Placing a hand over his foe's face Colton forces ash into his foe's body where in it burns their insides suffocates them & slowly hardens becoming earth.

Dragon Rain
Launching large projectiles of ash into the air Colton allows the ash to fall apart in the air and spread. Spreading out over the range of 25 feet the ash rains down as either collected heavy pieces like small stones or ash simply ash. All of this falls down and simply burns the foes where ever it touches.

Dragon Whirlwind
Unleashing a horrendous amount of volcanic ash from his body Colton begins to spin it around his foes creating a large whirlwind made from volcanic ash. Inside this whirlwind the heat increases, as does the difficulty to breath & see. Upon attempting to escape the whirlwind the foes will be burnt with at least second degree burns.

Dragon's Petrifaction
Using the power of of ash Colton creates unlimited ash and coats everything in volcanic ash. This will burn everything, suffocate all living things & obscure all of their sight. The ash will burn them from the inside out & vice versa as well as petrify everything. It will take 10 posts to petrify living creatures unless they are able to clean themselves of the ash inside & outside. If they are unable to do so the ash will burn inside & outside so badly that there will be no living being left, but merely a stone hollow of the being that had previously been there. Due to this being an incredibly dangerous technique, Colton rarely uses it as it takes allot out of him and there is rarely any real need for techniques such as these.

Reptilian Tongue Lash
Creating a long thick compacted whip of volcanic ash, Colton uses this like a reptile's tongue attempting to grab his foes whilst also burning them in the act of having them caught in the whip.

Reptilian Grasp
Launching out a large fist made of ash which expands in size Colton uses the fist to grab hold of his foe's due to the thickness of the ash Colton is able to grab them and grip his foes tightly whilst also burning them, making breathing more difficult along with obscuring their sight.

Falling Lizard
Falling from the sky Colton throws himself into a flip as he coats his foot in volcanic ash. He attempts to kick his foe in the face with a burning foot.

Dragon Draft
Generating ash around his body Colton holds it in place around him as a form of defense which he can use at will quickly to attack his opponent(s)

Dragon Scale
Allowing ash to escape through his feet, Colton covers the ground around him in a radius of 5 feet. When an attack comes his way however Colton condenses the ash around him in a specific location forming a shied of thick lumpy gooey earth which catches the projectile/weapon and slows its momentum down. 

Dirt Dragon Charge
Generating ash in his hand Colton quickly condenses it to form lots of small pieces of earth which he then send spiralling towards his opponent(s) in the form of a dragon.

Serpent Wave
Cracking his arm as if it were a whip, Colton sends out a wave of flaming serpents which leave a black ashy trail behind them. This technique stretches out to a total of 15 feet wide and 20 feet tall. There are a group of snakes formed out of ash which rush towards Colton's Opponent(s) and as they reach the target. These serpents swarm over the opponent(s) and as they wrap around the opponent(s) the snakes become hardened earth leaving their head on display however leave the insides of the cocoon made around the opponent is still burning hot ash.

Ash Strike
Generating a small ball of ash, Colton coats it in a small ball of earth before covering that ball in ash and Colton launches it towards his opponent(s) this small projectile acts like a grenade as it burns through the air and even emits ash which makes it hard to breath but when it comes into contact with anything it explodes sending out scolding hot mud and ash in all directions reaching out into a distance of 5 feet.

Mud Bunny
Generating ash in his hand, Colton condenses it together quickly forming a series of small rabbit shaped pieces of earth. These muddy rabbits hop towards his opponent(s) or can be fired towards Colton's Opponent(s) upon reaching their destination they explode turning back into ash burning all they come into contact with as well as making it difficult to breath due to the ash in the air.

Dirt Tunnel
Surrounding his opponent(s) with ash or earth Colton quickly reforms the earth or condenses the ash around his opponent(s) as he does this, Colton creates a large cylinder reaching skyward around his opponent(s). The earth is hardened so it stays in place.

Black Trail
Colton launches off an endless trail of ash towards his opponent(s) which will consist of intense burning & ash floating around the area.

Black Trail: Black Bruiser
Colton launches off an endless trail of ash towards his opponent(s) which will consist of intense burning & ash floating around the area. However as this ash reaches the opponent Colton condenses it into solid pieces of earth which are scolding hot.

Black Trail: Black Parasite
Colton launches off an endless trail of ash towards his opponent(s) which will consist of intense burning & ash floating around the area. For the ash that is breathed in however, Colton condenses it within the opponent(s) body creating large chunks of earth within the opponent(s) body causing intense burning and parts of the opponent(s) anatomy being stretched.

Combo Combat:


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