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Akiko Fawn

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Approved Akiko Fawn

Post by Sweet Dreams on September 13th 2016, 18:13

General Information

"O-Oh Um…H-Hello"

Name: Akiko Fawn
Theme:Four Seasons
Epithet: Spirit Of The Forest
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Human (Artificial Centaur-White Tailed Deer)
OrientationRight Handed
Crew: None
Occupation: Archer/Musician
Bounty: Akiko Fawn 0mvFA0
Crimes Committed:

  • Find her caretaker

  • Find other Deer Centaur

  • See the world

  • Shoot an apple off someone's head.

  • Be able to play every instrument in the world.

  • Become the best Archer the world has ever seen.

Character Information

"Could You…Please Not Stare?"

Akiko Fawn Rh9uc10

Akiko Fawn Deer_g10

With large green doe eyes that you could get lost in and long chocolate brown hair Akiko looks like any other 14 year old girl...If you ignore the fact half of her body is that of a white tailed deer. Her upper body is that of a human girl. Her skin slightly tan from spending her days out in the sunlight brown freckles dotted on her cheeks and shoulders.  But her lower body and ears are that of a deer.
 The fur is light brown in the hotter seasons, darker and  thicker in the colder ones can always be seen spotted lightly with white. In the late spring and summer antlers can be seen on top her head often seen with small flowers warped in them.The points of her antlers are rather sharp and jagged. She often says they itch and can be seen scratching at the places on her head while they grow in.
Around her neck she wears a long red scarf that was given to her by her caretaker the ends slightly tattered from years of use but otherwise still in very good shape.
For clothing she often wears a small tank top made of leaves and vines or just wraps her chest in bandages.
During winter or when in colder places she wears a dark brown hooded fur coat that matches her fur, it covers her upper body the inside  lined in white fluffy fur. The top of her hood has holes for her ears to stick out. 
On her waist she carries her instrument, a wooden flute tied to a thin piece of rope. On her back she carries a silver quiver full of arrows along with a silver and gold bow.
A sweet and timid child Akiko is, she can be a bit shy at first glance. She gets nervous when people stare at her ears or legs as she gets embarrassed about them. Its even more so with her antlers as she knows how strange it is for female deer to have antlers. If someone were to point out how strange it was that she had them it could easily make her start to cry. This steaming from the bullying and teasing she got when she was younger.
But once you get past the timidness it is easy to say that Akiko is a curious and energetic person, always asking questions and running around trying new things. Unfortunately this brings out her clumsiness, as she often is tripping her own hooves and falling at random times. An easy way to tell her emotions is to pay attention to her ears,if they are laying out to the sides she is often feeling down about something,if they pin back against her head she could be feeling scared or nervous. But if they are standing straight up or twitching slightly she is normally excited or happy!
Other then that her ears seem to be moving, listening for any unseen dangers. Comes with being half deer I guess.
As one would suspect Akiko eats mostly fruits and veggies in her diet but it is clear she favors one item over all others. Apples,sweet glorious crunchy apples. The easiest way to get her to do something for you is to offer apples in return.
 Akiko is a true lover of nature becoming more open towards others then normal if surrounded by trees and flowers. But then when in towns or large settlements she becomes even more timid and jumpy then normal, as the sights sounds and smells can overwhelm her.
A bit of a funny quirk for Akiko is the way she interacts with people she's just met. Once she meets someone now she will get as close as she needs to and she sniffs the air. She does this to take in their scent and decides on that if she should continue to be around them.
 She often says that bad motives give off bad scents and the opposite can be said for good ones. But of course scents mix and twist with each person. An evil person can have both a bad and good scent if they think their motives are pure.

Character History

"I Don't Remember Much.."

The rustling of leaves is what woke Akiko that day,the bright sun stung her eyes slightly when she opened them and looked around. upon hearing the sound of a tweeting bird she felt a movement on the top of her head and suddenly the tweeting got louder! Reaching up her hands she touched her head and found that coming from her head was something soft and furry,and was shocked that at her touch they twitched.
So she did the most sensible thing to her,she started to freak out and tried to think how she had ended up in this place...where this place was. It looked like a forest of some kind..She tried to stand and found that her legs didn't want to move and she looked down to see in maybe she had be tangled in a vine or something...and proceeded to spend the next hour freaking out again. From the waist up she looked like a normal child but from the waist down her legs were that of a deer! She even had a white fluffy tail!
Once her hour long freak out had finished she tried again to stand up. It took many tries and by the time she had finally gotten to her feet the sun was high in the sky. "Alright...now just one erm...hoof in front of the other right? It cant be that har-Ahhh!" She said as she took a step only to fall flat on her face when it gave out from under her.
Thats how she was found struggling to walk as the sun set in the sky. She had only moved a few feet from where she had woken. She finally found her footing and only had taken a few steps before bumping into something and fell back. Looking up she was surprised to see another centaur standing in front of her. This women looked to be in her late 20s and was smiling down at her. But unlike Akiko she had normal looking ears and instead of a lower body of a deer she had the body of a horse, a coat as black as night. She garbed the young girls hand and pulled her to her hooves before slowly leading her away,taking care to help steady her now and then when her legs threatened to give out.
As they walked they talked and slowly the child began to recall little bits and pieces of what she remembered. Her name was Akiko, she was 9 years old,her favorite color was red. But she couldn't remember anything from before she had woken up hours before.
She quickly found that out of all the centaurs she was the only one who was part deer, all the others were horses,different breeds but still horses none the less.She was mostly tolerated by the adults though many would stare but the children would often make fun of her. "Look at how skinny her legs are!" "I heard it took her days before she could walk by herself!" 
On and on they went. But unknown to them Akiko was fast,faster then them all,she could run and jump better then all the kids and even some of the adults. But still their words stung and she would often hide in the woods away from them and the hash words they spoke. But still she was alone,and wondered maybe out there in the world if there was another deer centaur that was all alone like her...One day she would go out and find them and tell them they weren't alone.
It was a year later after they found out antlers growing from her head that Akiko had wandered much deeper in the woods then normal. It was then she discovered a strange structure sitting in a clearing.It looked to be made out of wood logs stacked on top of each other on  four sides. She walked to the side and was surprised to see a square shaped hole in the side. She was confused as to why there would be a hole,wouldn't it let in predators? But determined to find out what this strange structure was she goes to stick her head in to look inside when suddenly something invisible stopped her.
 She rubbed the small bump on her head as she stared at the hole in confusion. Some sort of magic? She turned away from it and continued on getting ready to investigate the front, but backpedaled at the sight she saw. Sitting there staring at a a small square object with strange marking on the front,was a strange creature,his upper body was like a centaur but instead a lower body of a horse or even a deer...
This thing,only had two legs and no tail that could be seen. She peeked out again and stared at the strange square shape in his hands and was shocked to see his hand grip the corner of this object and when his hand pulled away a thin white piece of..something with many more small black little markings on it came away with it.
 She was so engrossed in the strange object that it took her a moment to realize his hand hadn't moved in a while and when she looked back up at his face she saw why and it made her eyes go as wide as dinner plates. He,whatever this creature might be looked right at her,not past her but straight at her. She was caught like a deer in headlights,her legs unable to move as she was forced to stare right back.
It wasn't until he got up from sitting and had taken a few steps towards her that she willed her legs into action,finally getting them to move as she backed away taking one step back for every one step he took towards her. But soon she ran out of ground as the sudden flatness turned into a steep drop of a hill and she was sent tumbling down.
Once at the bottom she shook the fallen leaves from her hair and looked up to see the creature standing up at the top of the hill,and as she watched was slowly starting to make its way down to her. She started to panic but found that when she tried to stand up only to find  a throbbing pain shoot up her back legs. Sprains but still she was a sitting duck like this,and with no way to defend herself or anyone to come and help she could only close her tearful eyes and only hope her death would be quick and painless.
But to her surprise instead of pain and death she found a warm and gentle touch on her head. When she opened her eyes she found the man was petting her a kind smile on his face. Then suddenly she was off the ground and in his arms as he began to carry her back towards the structure at the top of the hill. "My,you are a bit heavy aren't you?" He spoke suddenly but Akiko was so shocked at him talking she could not reply.
He took her inside the structure,which she found out later was called a "Log Cabin",and tended her injuries. She learned many things from him as her injuries healed. The seemingly magic force that hurt her head when she tired to look inside was called "Glass",the hole was a "Window",used to look outside with.
The strange object he had in his hand was called a "Book",the thin white insides "Paper" and the strange markings on them "Words". But the most important thing she learned was about him. This..creature she learned was called a "Human",she learned that they lived all over the world. But back on topic,she learned his name was  Daisuke,he was something called a "Doctor" something very much like the healers in her village.
She found he was kind and surprisingly he did not stare at her legs or ears like all the others,if anything Akiko was the one who stared at him,such a strange creature he was...so kind..For weeks she stayed with him while her legs healed,finding her love for apples in her stay. Lucky he had plenty to spare as many of the trees around the cabin were full of them.
But soon her injuries healed as the months grew colder but Akiko didn't want to go back to the village to the stares and harsh words.So she asked him,if she could stay quickly making excuse about how someone had to keep the house clean and help pick the get the apples off the trees.
Daisuke smiled and petted her head "yeah sure Bambi" he said calling her by the nickname he had given her even after learning her name he had always called her Bambi even if she when she didn't like it.So for a year they lived together and Akiko learned many things from him. The most important Archery and music. At first it was hard the bow was almost impossible to draw at first and music notes made no sense. But slowly she began to understand them and slowly it became easier to draw her bow.
She was amazed at how easy he could draw the bow,in his hands it looked as if he were pulling it without any effort,and his shots were spot on,he was even able to shoot apples from the trees. After seeing this for the first time Akiko asked if she would be able to hit something so small. Daisuke just looked at her and laughed "Bambi,it took me years of practice to be able to hit something this small,I don't think you'll be able to do it any time soon." But Akiko just puffed her cheeks up in anger and shouted at him suddenly "Just you wait! One day I'll be able to shoot an arrow at an apple and hit it and then I'll become the greatest archer the world has ever seen! I'll be even better then you!"Once the shock of her raised voice wore off Daisuke fell to the ground laughing harder then before "Yeah sure!" Once his laughter died down he smiled at her "I look forwards to that day.."
It was only a few days later that she added another dream to her list, after hours of endless tunes and songs on her flute Akiko stopped suddenly. When asked what was the matter she explained how she wanted to play more then just the flute recalling that Disuke had said  there were countless instruments out in the world. She told him how she wanted to learn how to play them all,to create beautiful melodies with them. Without looking up from his book Daisuke spoke "Master the flute first and then you can take on the world of music" There was a moment of silence before the air was filled with the sound of a flute.
Then one day Akiko awake to find Daisuke gone,his beloved scarf warped around her neck and his bow Morning Star and the matching quiver laid on the table parting gifts for her, and nearby sitting in a bowl of fresh apples was a note....
"Akiko...I'm sorry" was the first line of the letter and it surprised her that for the first time he had addressed her by her name,even if it was just in written words. "I had to go,there are people out in the world that need me to help them...But I promise I will return one day and we will go on grand adventures and see everything there is to see! Until then keep training and become strong for me!"
Thats all there was...he left her alone the only one who truly cared for her had left her and couldn't even say goodbye to her face! She would show him she would become the best archer this world has ever seen and when he came back she would punch him so hard he would see stars for days! But unknown to her was the reason he really left,yes it was true that he had gone out to help people,but it wasn't the whole truth. 


The real secret reason he had left was his plan to bring back more Centaurs,he would find people who needed legs and give them what they needed with his powers. He was an Ope Ope user and it was his doing that there were centaurs on this Island,he had created every one all of them had been a person who could no longer use their legs and other body parts. It broke his heart seeing Akiko so upset at being the only deer centaur on the Island and after working so hard to find her what he thought were the perfect ears and legs but he had left planing to bring back some more with his so that maybe she wouldn't feel as lonely...
He had found her the morning after a terrible storm,he almost drowned himself saving her. Her legs were very damaged worst then ever he had seen,the left legs flesh had been striped most likely from shrapnel the right had large chuncks of wood going through it. It was his greatest challenge and she came close to death more then once. It was only by chance he had been able to give her legs as he could find no more horses to use as her legs,and was thinking of giving up sadly when he spotted a small fawn in the line of trees nearby.
He was surprised to see her that day a year later when they would meet again,but she didn't seem to know him and truly seemed to think she was a centaur just like the rest. It seems trauma can make the mind forget many things..Maybe one day she would remember.

So for the next two years Akiko trained hard and as she trained she grew and found her legs were useful for more then just running and jumping. Even at such a young age she could buck hard the apple trees standing little to no chance at her hits.
Then one day two years to the day of when Daisuke left she had been walking home from a long day of training when suddenly a hind leg was pulled out from under her causing her to fall onto her face. Looking back she saw her hind leg was caught in a rope and it was pulled tight in the air just out of her reach. When she tried to pull her leg lose a loud clanging could be heard. But still she tugged but the sound brought strangers calling.
At first Akiko was surprised to see humans on the Island but that quickly turned into fear at the sinister smiles they wore. She could do nothing, her bow and quiver stolen and she could do nothing as they forced her inside a cage and soon she was forced to watch the only home she had ever know vanish as they sailed away. No matter how much she begged and pleaded to be set free they only laughed "No way, you are going to make us all rich!"
So now Akiko sits in a cage on a pirate ship waiting for the day she will be free again...but how long must she wait? Only time will tell.. 

  • Archer: Over the last few years Akiko has become quite skilled with a bow and arrow,now finding it easy to draw the bow.


  • Musician: Over the last few years Akiko has learnt to reed music and play the flute. But it isn't enough so she spends her days looking for new songs and instruments to play.


  • Animal Instincts: Akiko has heightened sense of hearing and smell mostly thanks to her strong nose and deer ears. 


  • Arrow maker: Over the years Akiko has been forces to learn on her own how to make arrows when ever she lost or broke one during training.


"Do you want an Apple?"

A silver and gold bow with matching quiver.
A wooden flute
A long red scarf
Morning Star:
Akiko Fawn F8160210

Weapon Description:
A silver short bow what has golden markings on it and it has a matching quiver 
Weapon Special Abilities: N/A
Weapon History: It has been said that this bow has trades hands for centuries belonging to kings,warriors and even been said to belong to a forest spirit now.
It belonged to Akiko's caregiver Daisuke and was left to her as a parting give as a reason to get stronger.

Devil Fruit Information
Is That A Type Of Apple?

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

"I am not Weak!"

Unarmed Combat:

  • Crown of Thorns: Using her antlers Akiko charges towards the enemy in attempt to spear them or pin them to the ground.


  • Dance Of The Stars: Charging towards the enemy she will turn and raise up her hind legs aiming at the stomach or head or back using the momentum of her charge to add power behind her buck. 


  • Leap Of Grace: Rushing towards the enemy she will jump high trying to land on top of them to crash/pin then to the ground. 

Weapon Based Combat:

  • Shooting star: Shooting a single arrow from her bow towards the enemy aimed at the head.


  • Red comet: Taking a arrow she draws her bow and shoots it aiming it at the leg or arm in attempt to stop them or disarm them.


  • Meteor shower: Taking three or more arrows she shoots all of them at once aiming at multiple spots on the body.



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