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Haki Rules

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Haki Rules Empty Haki Rules

Post by Deviant on June 30th 2016, 10:16

Haki Rules

"Haki" is a power that lies dormant in all the world's creatures... "Presence", "fighting spirit" and "intimidation"... It is not different from the things that humans can naturally sense such as these... 'The act of not doubting'. That is strength!

To obtain haki the user must post up on their character sheet the colour of haki they wish to gain and must start off at novice. A minimum of two mods will have to check the character to see if they are fit for haki and have done enough to warrant the character having haki. Upgrading haki to the next colour will only require one moderator to check over the character once the request is made to advance to the next level of haki.

No characters are allowed to begin with haki unless it is purchased from the black market with RF Points.

With Haki this is the only part that will contain stats to help regulate the usage of it. There are three colours of haki.

Armaments Haki - This allows users to form a hardened form of defense protecting themselves from damage or allowing them to inflict more damage or harm logia users in their elemental form.

Observation Haki - This allows a sense of foretelling an incoming attack given there are indications to the attack coming their way allowing them to move quicker and have a better sense of their surroundings.

Conquerors Haki - A very rare form of haki that only a few can unlock. Each user is entitled to one haki space for free for one character However if they wish to give it to any of their other characters it will need to be purchased from he black market.

There will be three levels of Haki which can be found below:

Novice - Being a novice haki user will allow the user to use the colour of haki they have only when in immediate danger. And it will only be accessible once throughout the thread.

Trained - Being trained within a colour of haki allows the user to use it as may times as they would like per thread, however it must only be at times when they feel that it is a last chance and the threat of danger has increased far beyond what they are able to deal with.

Master - The user who has mastered this haki will have the opportunity to use the colour of haki they have mastered freely as many times as they like per thread for any simple task no matter what it is.

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